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Recipes by kreed

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I’m 48 years old and have been a vaper for just over 2 years and mixing my own eliquids for about a year and a half. Before that I was a 20 a day smoker for 30+ years.

What got you into mixing?
Initially, it was a desire to be self-sufficient.
I'd tried juices from all over the place and found a great deal of them to be overpriced, over-hyped and very unsatisfying. I tried lots of so-called 'premium' mixes and for the odd few I found that were good.....I would find a dozen or more that were not.
I also have a tendency to want to take any hobby to the ‘nth degree and after getting to grips with the mechanics of vaping (complex coils etc) wanted to try my hand at the creative side and make my own eliquids. The recipes I create now are my way of giving back to the vaping community and encouraging others to start mixing for themselves too.

Do you have a favourite flavour manufacturer?
Actually, no. I use flavours from lots of manufacturers when creating recipes now. My early mixes though were mostly with Capella and The Perfumers Apprentice as these were the most readily available. It's now far easier to get concentrates from Inawera, Flavor West and FlavourArt.

Whats your favourite (DIY Recipe or recipes) and why?
I like recipes that bring something new and different to the table....something that makes you think along different lines than you're used to. I'm very lucky to work with some incredibly talented mixers on our Facebook group - Vaping Home Mixers:
and hopefully we inspire each other...and our members to experiment and push a few envelopes when creating.

Have you got any advice for anyone getting into DIY?
A year ago I would have said to find a recipe you like the look of and has good feedback and buy those concentrates and make it.
Now, it's different. There's been a huge shift into one-shots ....and the availability of great recipes readily available in one bottle has increased tenfold. Even our group has recently had some of our own recipes professionally produced as one-shots by Chefs Vapour -
That's where I would encourage people to start now. Yes, I know it isn't creating recipes...but it's a great place for the novice to begin and experience some great tasting, tried and tested recipes. Hopefully, this will then inspire them to start experimenting with their own creations.

Have you got a recipe(s) you think the group should try?
One of my favourites is Kreed’s Krissmass Eggnog.
This one will probably be produced too as a one-shot for the Christmas season…….but give it a try. It’s not just for Xmas :smiley:
Easily accessible concentrates…all CAP and TPA but packed with flavour and warmth.

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