The number of recipes also include private recipes.

This list contain flavors that may break/crack/melt plastic tanks. It contains flavors suspected to contain diacetyl and other unhealthy ingredients such as oils and other non-water soluble ingredients. Also to some extent there are artificial colorings. Each type is marked differently. Do you know of flavorings that should be on this list? Contact me, and I will put them on!

394 flavors
Flavor Recipes Rating
Tahitian Vanilla Cream (WF) 172
Tangerine (MBV) 0
Tangerine Oil (LA) 21
Thug Juice (MBV) 110
Tiki Roar (FW) 24
Tiramisu (TPA) 284
Toasted Almond (FW) 124
Toasted Marshmallow (TPA) 11930
Toffee Dream Cream (FW) 301
Tres Leches (FW) 1439
Tricks Cereal (Flavorah) 95
Tropical Punch (FW) 125
Tutti Frutti (LA) 152
Twin Mint Gum (MBV) 52
Utheblanding (UG) 0
Vanilla (LA) 5
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (FW) 7429
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 62991
Vanilla Butternut (FW) 254
Vanilla Butternut (LA) 253
Vanilla Cupcake (Cap) 7950
Vanilla Cupcake (TPA) 11678
Vanilla Custard (Flavorah) 4129
Vanilla Custard (FW) 1998
Vanilla Custard (TPA) 37068

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