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Location: Moline, IL

Started DIY in March 2016. I'm active on Reddit, Facebook here, and VU, and lurk everywhere under different profiles to see how others are mixing to sometimes get ideas of what I may make that is not available to craft. I'm on DIYORDIE the Facebook closed group several times a day or weekly which I really enjoy the group for it's welcoming and friends.

Still learning like all of us, you never stop to gain that confidence and keep it. Gaining more experience in all my testing and batches. It takes time and is an investment in all the concentrates, equipment, research and even new concentrates. Artisan Premium Juice takes time, and can be done by anyone that invests the money and time into it to make advanced or simple recipes that are enjoyable for everyone to save some money in doing DIY, or selling juice in your stock as a vendor.

I've been Smoke Free since October 7th 2012. Vaping has become a hobby, and my goals are to get as many people possible off of smoking, and joining the vaping world. As of writing this I've converted 31 people so far since I started vaping.

On Reddit and Vaping Underground I'm: aerobroken

Note: I do use a lab grade magnetic stirrer and equipment for running all my batches and making all of my recipes by weight, so when I release a recipe of mine to the public take that into consideration for the steep time unless I state it's a S&V recipe in the notes.

Also all of my public recipes can be placed into your stock if you are a vendor to help you out and to help others stop smoking which has always been my main goal other than making reserve ejuice that I can enjoy for it's high quality. I sometimes may forget to include the additives I use regularly which are ACV(Apple Cider Vinegar), WDV(White Distilled Vinegar), or CLJ(Concentrated Lemon Juice). I won't explain why I use those since others already have and what to use them in and the ratios which I do try and include if I remember. If you really like one of my recipes feel free and follow to not miss new ones, and leave a positive comment and rate it.

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Recipes: 40
Recipe Time Rating
Voodoo Brew HDH
yesterday, at 22:37 (1)
Risque Belsnickel HDH
Feb 12, 09:16 (1)
Cannoli Maraschino HDH
Feb 7, 09:31 (4)
Encore HDH
Feb 7, 09:18 (1)
Lahia HDH
Feb 7, 09:08 (1)
Pink Cow HDH
Feb 7, 08:56 (1)
Insanity HDH
Jan 3, 03:42 (2)
Georgie HDH
Dec 10. 2016, 08:31 (1)
Iron Mountain HDH
Dec 5. 2016, 19:38 (1)
Sammy HDH
Nov 23. 2016, 06:11 (1)
Star Power HDH
Nov 23. 2016, 05:57 (1)
Yuicide HDH
Nov 17. 2016, 05:27 (1)
Money Shot Ale - HDH
Nov 5. 2016, 05:43 (1)
Burley a Peach - HDH
Nov 5. 2016, 05:41 (1)
Holy Cannoli - HDH
Nov 5. 2016, 05:39 (1)
Legalized - HDH
Nov 5. 2016, 05:38 (1)
Macarena Apidae - HDH
Nov 5. 2016, 05:35 (1)
Funky Chicken - HDH
Nov 5. 2016, 05:32 (1)
Pound Patch - HDH
Nov 5. 2016, 05:29 (1)
Castle Long - Five Pawns Private Reserve - Clone V3 HDH
Nov 5. 2016, 05:27 (2)
Captain Spaulding's Funnel Cakes - HDH
Nov 5. 2016, 05:19 (1)
Banana Nut Raisin Pecan Bread - HDH
Nov 5. 2016, 05:18 (1)
Rudolf's Knotty Posenberry - HDH
Nov 5. 2016, 05:16 (1)
LaChocha Sapien - HDH
Nov 5. 2016, 05:13 (1)
I Fink I Puncha Sucker - HDH
Nov 5. 2016, 05:10 (1)

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