Elf crack 

Gravatar - by noodlerz, Dec 22. 2016, 12:55


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

Props to smyrfette

#1 by micah, Dec 22. 2016, 17:08
Will have to try this, looks sweet :) Actually surprised you didn't use any marshmallow or DX Bavarian Cream.

Haven't tried the FLV white chocolate yet, have a hard time spending 3+ times as much on a flavor compared to TPA and CAP when IME it's usually not any better.
#2 by noodlerz, Dec 25. 2016, 23:58
Micah...flv is much stronger than tfa or cap so you get more bang for your buck and in my opinion and I think flv flavors are very good. I don't use any DX flavors I myself don't worry bout chemicals. I hope you enjoy it
#3 by micah, Dec 26. 2016, 13:42
I use a lot of FLV fruit flavors and IMO they are stronger but not 3 times stronger. I just wish they had small cheap 10ml testers like CAP and TFA to test more flavors. DX Bavarian is by TFA and is vey good.
#4 by noodlerz, Jan 3, 12:09
Yeah ..I'm not sure why they don't?? I am a huge fan of tfa Bavarian cream,I have never tried the dx versions for the only reason that most people say they aren't as good...maybe I should get a small bottle and try it

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