Blueberry Cheesecake (shreduhsoreus) 

Gravatar - by David28470, Apr 29. 2015, 08:04


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

Adapted from this recipe

#1 by David28470, Apr 25. 2015, 12:55
Adapted from shreduhsoreus's (Thanks for sharing) original. Mixed till frothy, hot water bath for 3 hrs then put in the dark to rest and breath for 8 hrs. Capped and shaken put up for a couple more days. Came out very tasty. GOOD ADV!
#2 by RorschachPt, Apr 25. 2015, 18:30
I'll try this with Lorann's Cheesecake because i like it better and graham cracker the dark one (cause i haven't got the clear version).
Looks promising.
Thanks for the share
#3 by shreduhsoreus, Apr 25. 2015, 20:19
I actually ordered some of the dark graham cracker flavoring because WL was out of the clear when I placed my recent order and I kinda like it better. I've also been meaning to try the cheesecake flavoring as well so I'll have to give this recipe a shot when I do. Thanks for sharing and giving credit, collaboration is often the key to success! :)
#4 by David28470, Apr 26. 2015, 01:32
You are both welcome. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing and trying any tweeks yall make. I make all the bakery/custards for my daughter Shay and our good friend Shannon.
#5 by Alisa, Jun 27. 2015, 00:10
I've tried to make a Blueberry cheesecake before, but it just never turned out well. Vaping this recipe right now and I have to say... Wow... very nice Blueberry Cheesecake! Really spot on flavor. You nailed this one, David. Thank you!
#6 by Theonetheycall, Oct 13. 2015, 23:31
I was skeptical of this because I haven't had much luck with tfa cheesecake but I just got graham cracker and I'll be damned if it don't make that tfa great! Thanks.
#7 by wvsanta, Oct 17. 2015, 23:12
David28470 Thanks for a great blueberry cheesecake I hope it ages well. Warm water bath a few good shakes and let it sit overnight vaping it now about 24 hrs old ( just had to try it) and taste great I adapted this to Max VG but used the same %'s and it is a very nice smooth flavor using a single coil TC dripper set up I will try it in a tank later tonight.
#8 by David28470, Oct 18. 2015, 04:01
@Theonetheycall, @wvsanta thanks for trying the recipe and I'm glad you are enjoying it. It does get better with a week or so of steeping, just give it a good shake before you vape it.
#9 by CallMeTut, Nov 5. 2015, 00:09
@David28470 Nice recipe, originally thought it was just so-so, after steeping for a month it is excellent. Made a change to the original this time around by using LA Cheesecake instead of TPA (only because I already had it out from making a different recipe), used the same percentages and will see how this turns out after it steeps.
#10 by CAGE RATTLER, Jan 8. 2016, 08:06
wanting to give this recipe a try. I don't have the TPA Cheesecake or Graham cracker clear but do have the TPA Cheesecake (Graham Crust).

Is that pretty much the same as using the 2 individual ingredients? Or will it not be the same taste?
#11 by David28470, Jan 8. 2016, 23:12
It won't be quite the same but it will probably still be good. The combination of the TPA Cheesecake and the Graham Cracker clear is a little more balanced .
#12 by Brian Benham, Jan 14. 2016, 03:20
Oh my, this is really good. Made 120 ml and only pulled 30ml out after a two week steep to test. Going to give the rest a bit more steep time to see how much more it develops. DEE-LISH!!!! Thanks for sharing.
#13 by David28470, Jan 14. 2016, 03:42
You are very welcome! Glad you are enjoying it. If you like strawberry, try my strawberry cheesecake. Its been my ADV for a month or so.
#14 by iLVal, Jan 20. 2016, 23:38
I've tried so this recipe so many times now, steeped for like a month, I can't taste any cheesecake, all I get is a earthy taste, really dry flavor coming out hit after hit, I've tried so many batches that I'm thinking about to give up. I will probably try with cheesecake graham crust.
#15 by David28470, Jan 21. 2016, 00:42
@ iLVal sorry you're not getting the flavor you are after, definitely try the Cheesecake ( graham cracker crust) or maybe try LorAnn cheesecake if you have it.
#16 by Zugmaschine, Aug 15. 2016, 22:58
Iam new in DIY! Can i sub Blueberry Extra (TPA) with Bilberry (FA) or Blueberry (CAP)? And if yes, with how much %?

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