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My clone of beantowns oh-face, my adv.

#1 by Cjvapes, Dec 7. 2015, 02:32
How did this turn out how long of a steep time
#2 by Johnwannamaker, Dec 24. 2015, 04:50
Absolute love it. Ridiculously simple but has Been my adv for months love it as a shake and Vape and also good after a long steep.
#3 by Drip Kingz, Jan 24. 2016, 07:54
This is juice is very good, mixed 30ml tried and cant put it down ,mixed another 50ml to steep a couple of weeks and see how it turns out. Thx for sharing.
#4 by Justin L. Franks, Mar 5. 2016, 09:16
This works much better for me than Mustard Milk. I get a grainy flavor from TFA VBIC at 4% or higher, and it also becomes peppery for me at 6% or higher, so I dropped it down to 3%. This recipe is a bit high on the total flavor (18%) because of it using 12% TFA Strawberry (Ripe), so I dropped that down to 6%, not just to get the total flavor down to my 10-12% preference, but also because I like the creams to be more prominent in my fruit + cream juices.

So 6% TFA Strawberry (Ripe), 3% TFA VBC, and 2% TFA Bavarian Cream is what I ended up with, and it is great.

Thanks for sharing!
#5 by vGeno, Mar 12. 2016, 15:06
This was really good just overnight. Made a 30ml and will definitely make more. Thanks for the recipe. BTW, it's better than oh face and I used vanilla bean gelato instead of vbic
#6 by vGeno, Mar 12. 2016, 21:55
You know, I've been vaping this all day today and I've used sweet strawberry cap and vanilla bean gelato instead and it tastes closer to mothers milk by suicide bunny than the other clones I've made. That's great too since mothers milk is one of my all time favs. Thanks for this recipe. It's awesome. Will be posting my version soon.
#7 by Jeremiahspace, Mar 14. 2016, 00:29
I mixed up a 30ml bottle and Vaped some right away, i loved the amount the ice cream stood out, the strawberry at this point was pretty subtle but I'm a sucker for cream Vapes.
After maybe 3 days of steeping the strawberry ripe is a lot more present. I'm so used to TPA strawberry, Cap Sweet strawberry and FA red touch that this particular strawberry struck me by surprise, but it is very good. Definitely will be incorporating Strawberry ripe into some of my mixes now. Good job on this though!
#8 by dalek67, Jul 10. 2016, 22:40
Well done. My favorite strawberries and cream to date.
#9 by hamist, Jul 21. 2016, 06:24
Hey, thanks for sharing, I'm concerned about the vbic/vbg issue, I've been getting that black pepper thing. Anyone got any suggestions on how to avoid this? Thanks
#10 by Johnwannamaker, Jul 23. 2016, 05:01
I've never had the black pepper issue with vbic. I think some peoples taste buds pick it up and some don't. You could try using another vanilla ice cream, I think either fa or fw makes a good one or look into vanilla ice cream stone (like milk stone or cake stone I.e. A recipe to make an ingredient) as it basically tells you how to use vanillas and creams to mix up your own ice cream. Hope u find something that works out for you.
#11 by hamist, Aug 5. 2016, 23:26
I get a lot of black pepper from both vbic and vbg. Very disappointing. Is this the case with all vanilla ice cream flavours?
#12 by DrFrankensteep, Aug 6. 2016, 14:46
Peppery taste usually means bad nic
#13 by Justin L. Franks, Aug 7. 2016, 08:24
@DrFrankensteep Some people get a peppery flavor from TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream itself.
#14 by hamist, Aug 7. 2016, 09:21
Interesting, so what makes bad nic?
#15 by Justin L. Franks, Aug 7. 2016, 13:07
#16 by dalek67, Aug 7. 2016, 13:16
Petroleum based nic extraction will often taste peppery.
#17 by truvader, Sep 25. 2016, 21:57
just made a batch. first impressions are good
#18 by falcon, Nov 10. 2016, 18:58
First impression is good but too much shugar...
#19 by guizai, Dec 3. 2016, 00:36
Never had the original, but I really like your recipe. Good job!

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