addy's Yogurt 

Gravatar - by freshepies, Jul 13. 2015, 15:00


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
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Shake and Vape, this one is excellent!

#1 by BIGBROWN, Jul 13. 2015, 22:09
Can I sub the kiwi and strawberry for TFA ones?
#2 by Castaway, Jul 14. 2015, 07:14
Just ordered up the ingredients I am lacking and give it a go.. sounds to good not to try
#3 by freshepies, Jul 15. 2015, 07:30
BIGBROWN: You can but you won't get the exact flavor of the juice that went for, I'd imagine it would still be tasty, but FA Strawberry and FW Kiwi are hard to beat in my book.

If you're going to use a TFA Kiwi I'd probably go with Kiwi Double if they still make it.

Heck, what am I saying, use what you've got on hand, lol, it's a tasty combination!
#4 by raniatreadwell, Jul 16. 2015, 16:32
This recipe is so good!! Perfect combo of sweet and tart. I vaped 30mls in 2 day and gonna make a big bottle as soon as I get more FW kiwi in!
#5 by J. Baity, Jul 17. 2015, 18:47
Fresh, What have you heard about FW yogurt?
#6 by Castaway, Jul 20. 2015, 10:34
Just got my ingredients in and made up a small batch... humm, not bad at all. I'm liking the Greek yogurt's tang. Not getting much from the strawberry, smell, yes, taste, not so much. Hint of blueberry and the tangy yogurt is very good :-) Not to sweet at all, just right.

Thank you fresh very much for all the vids and hard work that goes into making them!
#7 by juicyd, Jul 23. 2015, 01:19
Mix master fresh water a recepie this is
#8 by agent orange, Jul 23. 2015, 23:00
Struggling to find FW Kiwi in the UK - can I sub FW Natural Kiwi? Never tried either of them! Thanks.
#9 by juicyd, Jul 23. 2015, 23:45
Chefs vapour in UK have natural kiwi f w
#10 by agent orange, Jul 24. 2015, 00:20
Yeah - this recipe doesn't use natural. I wondered if it was similar to the standard kiwi?
#11 by sfiducio, Jul 24. 2015, 01:27
This is amazing, Thanks fresh
#12 by juicyd, Jul 24. 2015, 02:19
I used the natural instead is still tasting great,tatse exactly like hubba bubu to me
#13 by Bongo, Jul 26. 2015, 09:51 have fw kiwi for £1.99 for 10ml, also free first class delivery if you spend more than £10.
#14 by m12coppick, Aug 3. 2015, 02:22
Wonderful vape! This recipe will be a staple for sure. Thank you for sharing!
#15 by raniatreadwell, Aug 3. 2015, 02:32
I posted his peach yogurt on my page. It's also delish!! Check it out
#16 by juicyd, Aug 3. 2015, 09:14
Is anyone else finding in clogging there coils real quick
#17 by Crago44, Aug 5. 2015, 00:40
Not clogging coils on my end but I didn't use the specific brands that this calls for. Real really good tho. Been n alldayer for me this week
#18 by m12coppick, Aug 5. 2015, 01:28
I mixed a 40PG/60VG batch so its easier for tank coils.
#19 by Crago44, Aug 5. 2015, 01:33
Yea soon as my pg comes in I'm going to cut it down a bit. I know my atlantis coils can't handle vg for shit
#20 by J. Baity, Aug 7. 2015, 21:03
Fresh, Finally had what i needed to make this. Only difference is I used Sweet Strawberry (Cap) but I dont think that will break it. Thanks so much for sharing. I will let you know how it is when it gets out of crock pot. Thanks bro
#21 by Crago44, Aug 7. 2015, 21:16
J. Baity, so u been using the crock pot method? I need to invest in one. This waiting a week shit just ain't doing it
#22 by J. Baity, Aug 7. 2015, 21:18
I had to cheat and try the shake and vape... OMG Fresh!! Tell Addy this stuff is amazing. I love how the kiwi and yogurt combine for that great exhale. The exhale kind of reminds me of Space Jam Starship. IN FRESH WE TRUST. Thank you and Addy
#23 by J. Baity, Aug 7. 2015, 21:47
MyMirror, I have this small one used for taking lunch with you. It has removable bowls (stainless steel) and the casing is made of heavy duty plastic. No settings, just plug it in and it heats food, water, etc. They had them on sale at for like $15 but normally only $20. They come in a few different colors. You will not be disappointed and can use it to take leftovers for lunch the next day. Pays for itself IMO.
#24 by Crago44, Aug 7. 2015, 22:00
Yea I'll check those out. Thanks for the info
#25 by m12coppick, Aug 8. 2015, 01:18
As much as waiting for flavors to steep, it's been my experience that the crock pot bake weakens the flavors. I stopped doing it and my juices taste much better now.
#26 by J. Baity, Aug 8. 2015, 17:01
m12coppick,How long was you leaving your mixed e-liquid in the crockpot for? I usually on leave them in for 3 hours or less and shake them every 15-20 mins.

MyMirror, You are very welcome.
#27 by freshepies, Aug 16. 2015, 03:12
Glad you all are loving this one as much as I do, time to run off and make and then subsequently vape the entirety of another batch!
#28 by Garrett, Sep 11. 2015, 23:11
Made it with TFA kiwi double, strawberry, and blueberry wild. Awesome!
Great mix, thank you!
#29 by tonysrecipes, Sep 16. 2015, 03:44
Love this stuff. Thanks fresh03 you da man
#30 by Adren4line, Sep 28. 2015, 14:19
This is hands down the best yoghurt vape ive tried so far. Thanks for the recipe.
#31 by Crago44, Oct 5. 2015, 14:05
So I tried 1hw rocket man amd was completely underwhelmed. I'm so confused on why people love it so much. This recipe right here trumps rocket man.
#32 by Joe, Oct 18. 2015, 02:28
Hey "agent orange" I got my Kiwi Flavor West Concentrate from Vapable UK...
#33 by agent orange, Oct 23. 2015, 21:02
Thanks @Joe - I got it from there. It's actually much better than the natural which was clogging my coils and burning really quickly.
#34 by Dio, Oct 23. 2015, 22:16
Really creamy fruity yogurt.
Thanks alot Fresh.
#35 by freshepies, Oct 26. 2015, 03:38
Glad you're enjoying Dio!
#36 by burt jonson, Oct 26. 2015, 10:32
I have the same issue as Dave-DC i suspect the FW kiwi as i had the exact same problem with a FW plum concentrate excess sugars caramelise the wick.
Working on a fix.
#37 by rohin7, Oct 28. 2015, 19:04
This is fantastic mate. Thanks for sharing.

As a shake and vape this tickled my throat and gave me very phlegm-my coughing fits. As it steeped it became very enjoyable. One of the better recipes I have found on ELR.
Still tickles my throat a bit but its far smoother than initially.

Thanks again! =)
#38 by burt jonson, Oct 30. 2015, 00:46
Ok Tried the juice in an rta with a spaced coil vapes real good this juice vapes better with a cooler build great recipe thanks for sharing.
#39 by Gulliver Foyle, Nov 2. 2015, 18:47
very good shake and vape.. A week of steeping makes this awesome.
#40 by RealDrZee, Nov 4. 2015, 08:36
I want to try this, but only Kiwi what i have is FA.. How much you think i have to use that?
#41 by rohin7, Nov 4. 2015, 09:01
I'd go with 1.5-2%! The kiwi is quite prominent in this recipe
#42 by RealDrZee, Nov 4. 2015, 10:08
Thank you for quick respond. I make this with 2%, try it and taste is good. I leave it steep for week and try again. I steep EVERYTHING :D
#43 by rohin7, Nov 4. 2015, 13:32
Most welcome. I have the next 2 weeks off so I've got time for everyone and everything.. including steeping :D
#44 by illitirit, Nov 11. 2015, 08:07
Does anyone else get a weird type of throat hit with this recipe?
I mixed @ 6mg nic 50/50 and I am getting the weirdest throat hit. Its like its lightly scratching my throat rather than actually hitting it. I get almost no throat hit on the inhale, then has a weird tickling sensation on the exhale. I only use MTL inhales using gennies, any thoughts?
#45 by juicyd, Nov 11. 2015, 09:38
Maybe the fact you have mixed it 50/50 try st 35/65 see if that helps
#46 by Crago44, Nov 11. 2015, 11:19
@illitirit could possibly be the nicotine you are using especially if it's pg based nic.
When I first started vaping I couldn't vape without my throat tickling and coughing like crazy. Try going with 70vg 30pg mix and see if that helps
#47 by rohin7, Nov 11. 2015, 12:04

Yeah I do man. It's either the kiwi double or the greek yogurt. At a vape meet I gave it around for people to try and a lot of people said the same thing about this recipe. It tickled my throat and I got really phleghmy. I let it sit for a while and tried it again and I don't get that feeling anymore.. but after mixing a fresh batch I still didn't get it.. so maybe there's something in there that requires your throat to readjust? IDK. All I know is this is one of my favourite recipes now =)
#48 by rsimmy, Nov 11. 2015, 17:27
This is super good, but at the same time sometimes the Greek yogurt is really stout and tastes like soap, it's very strange. My coworker agreed on this, as I gave her the last half of my bottle since she liked it so much. But she said it started to taste like soap. It seems to taste better at higher wattages, which is the first juice I've ever had that experience with.

I'm thinking of trying this with a different blueberry, although Extra is all I have at the moment.
#49 by Crago44, Nov 11. 2015, 17:32
Rsimmy I really like FW blueberry and FA bilberry . Capella blueberry to me is like a spicy blueberry flavor and I haven't found a place for it.
#50 by illitirit, Nov 12. 2015, 02:17
@ rohin7

I am glad to hear someone else has gotten the same weird results as I have. How long did you let it steep before not having that phleghmy feeling? Does steeping this juice actually turn the throat hit into a normal feeling throat hit rather than that gross tickling / scratchy sensation?

I am almost 100% positive its the greek yogurt, i mixed up a 8% batch of just the single flavor and reproduced the same weird throat hit. I made another batch with 4% greek yogurt and it was the same albiet a tad different. So I would imagine for the throat hit to be completely normal, the most I can probably use of TPA greek yogurt in any recipe is probably near 1% max.

It really blows since I like the flavor so much, but i cant live without a normal throat hit. I bought 120ml of the greek yogurt flavoring, kind of regretting it atm.
#51 by illitirit, Nov 12. 2015, 23:38
I just wanted to update my situation with my weird throat hit from this juice. I made batches of all different % of TPA greek yogurt and indeed 2% is the max I can use without it changing the throat hit. While 2% is extremely toned down vs the original version, it still tastes pretty good. Maybe ill up the fruit %'s to compensate.
#52 by rohin7, Nov 13. 2015, 08:04
I started to have that same problem.. No idea why but it suddenly started to taste like dishwashing liquid lol. Wasn't the worst experience as I still managed to finish the bottle but I might have to give it some time before I mix this one up again.. Real shame because I really, REALLY liked this mix initially.

To be honest man I'm not even sure it's just this juice. Around the same time this started tickling my throat I had another juice that was doing the same thing, and when I went to try that one again a few weeks later the feeling was gone (around the same time I was able to enjoy this one). If it was due to steeping then it took around 2 weeks before it became vape-able. But I have a feeling it's a case of throat irritation due to some molecule used in the yoghurt due to the other juice + the fact that it never truly went away; it just became easier to deal with and less irritating + phlegm-y. Thanks for your report on the yoghurt btw. Try capellas greek yoghurt maybe? Or if you don't mind diketones (diacetyl) try flavour west yoghurt. Not the new Greek variation but the original version. It's by far the best yoghurt I've tried.
#53 by MrsDarthDuckie, Dec 1. 2015, 03:24
I made this 2 days ago, and I am impressed. I am trying to not use too much right now, so I can seep it longer, but I am not too sure that it will happen.

Right now, I can definitely taste the yogurt and strawberry, and a hint of kiwi on the exhale. I cant wait to see how this juice develops overtime.
#54 by eFlavourFlav, Dec 9. 2015, 10:20
This stuff is ridiculous, the fruits work together in a way I never would have imagined to make a nice light refreshing all day vape. Many thanks for bringing it to us, Fresh!
#55 by ThePzy, Dec 13. 2015, 20:56
Before tasting this recipe i always thought : "yogurt vape is not for me..."
But this one changed my mind.
I've tried many Yogurts recipe here, this is the best one, seriously !

Thanks for sharring !!! 5/5
#56 by freshepies, Dec 14. 2015, 04:27
Thanks Pzy!
#57 by DaltonVapes, Dec 16. 2015, 18:48
please help me! how to substitute rred touch? cant find it ://
#58 by rohin7, Dec 17. 2015, 02:35
Try 3% ripe strawberry TFA and 3% sweet strawberry CAP
#59 by DaltonVapes, Dec 17. 2015, 13:53
@rohin7 ty a lot for your fast reply.. only prob is, im about to make 1L of this..i dont want to waste 1Lof juice
#60 by ThePzy, Dec 17. 2015, 14:44
if u make 1L,... best way is to make the recipe as it is & buy FA red touch strawberry ^^
or try before with the substitutes with small amounts
#61 by ThePzy, Dec 17. 2015, 14:47
Making 1L of a recipe u never tried before....loooool
#62 by DaltonVapes, Dec 17. 2015, 16:50
@ThePzy its not for me my friend, actually i might keep 30-60ml for my self as well..a good buyers of mine asked me to make for him a yogurt based e-juice..and since we live in a small island without any supplier around i have to order ingredients for at least 1L
#63 by DaltonVapes, Dec 17. 2015, 16:51
btw i can only find red touch e-juice from FA.. i use
#64 by rohin7, Dec 17. 2015, 19:36
Should never make such a large amount of a juice that you haven't tried, or in your case, that your friend hasn't tried..
What if one of the ingredients don't agree with his/her throat or tastebuds... That's 1L of ingredients wasted
#65 by rohin7, Dec 17. 2015, 19:36
Oh and you're welcome =) always happy to help haha
#66 by freshepies, Dec 19. 2015, 03:35
Red touch is Flavour Art Strawberry for those looking for it. They sell it over on ECX fairly cheaply, but if you see Strawberry by Flavour Art it's the exact same flavor.

Hope that helps!
#67 by Crago44, Dec 19. 2015, 03:42
Fresh pies out ina bout!!
#68 by freshepies, Dec 19. 2015, 03:57
Dats Right! Getting ready to be in an interview with Fluffy McMuffin, should be awesome!
#69 by Crago44, Dec 19. 2015, 04:05
Yes sir!! You got it man!! Top five of the utubes!!
#70 by rohin7, Dec 19. 2015, 07:57
Who or what is a fluffy mcmuffin
#71 by freshepies, Dec 19. 2015, 15:59
He's a youtuber, great guy, terrible name originally, but he kind of makes it work for him.
#72 by Crago44, Dec 19. 2015, 16:35
Didn't he just make up that name, and it kind of just stuck with him?
#73 by freshepies, Dec 20. 2015, 02:42
He made it up and inflicted it upon himself, but he rocks it like a champ now. He never intended to actually start a channel, just made something up to post on vids.
#74 by Chris, Dec 21. 2015, 16:34
Very nice! Could become my all day! Love it, Thanks!
#75 by freshepies, Dec 22. 2015, 20:54
Glad you like it! It's one of my adv's for sure!
#76 by TitusV, Dec 24. 2015, 08:37
Created this recipe and switched Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) by Woodland Strawberry (LOTJ). This recipe is awesome!
Very simple to do and it's a true Shake&Vape! Straight from the mixer to vaping :)
Loving it and going to use it as DV for sure so thnx for the recipe!!
#77 by freshepies, Dec 25. 2015, 03:24
Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it! This one is just beyond awesome!
#78 by rsimmy, Dec 27. 2015, 19:04
I think I was wrong before, the FW Kiwi is giving the soapy taste. That stuff is potent, at least for me. Using just 1% FW Kiwi seems to work a lot better.
#79 by freshepies, Dec 28. 2015, 17:17
You're getting a soapy taste from FW Kiwi? Odd, are you using Natural Kiwi or straight up Kiwi? I've never gotten a soapy taste out of so I'm fairly curious.
#80 by Melodycd, Jan 2. 2016, 18:24
It is Kiwi for sure. I used it in another recipes, and several times got the same result. But here i still doesn't taste Yoghurt here. I don't know why...
#81 by Crago44, Jan 2. 2016, 21:53
I don't get any soapy taste from this mix or from kiwi fw, fa, or kiwi double from tfa. Perhaps you got a bad batch mate
#82 by Crago44, Jan 3. 2016, 15:18
I posted this on reddit diy_ejuice for my favorite flavor of 2015. Hope you don't mind Fresh
#83 by freshepies, Jan 4. 2016, 08:53
Oh wow! Thanks Crago! That's an honor to even get put into contention!
#84 by Crago44, Jan 4. 2016, 18:41
Hell yea man. I was surprised that it wasn't nominated before I posted it. This is the recipe that really got me into diy'ing ejuice so I appreciate the heck out of that. You The Man Fresh!!
#85 by DRTMI, Jan 5. 2016, 01:57
I just made up a 30ml and this is really good.
#86 by freshepies, Jan 6. 2016, 06:14
Glad you like it Dr. TMI! You're the man Crago!
#87 by S3po, Jan 8. 2016, 18:30
This is absolutely heavenly, used sweet strawberry now and its the BOMB so increadible good
#88 by Soulpole23, Jan 21. 2016, 22:36
Made this 3 days ago and just tried it out and it is delicious! I subbed Strawberry Shisha (INW) for Red Touch Strawberry (FA) and it turned out VERY nice! Will make again!
#89 by enolja, Jan 24. 2016, 06:04
I was really skeptical of this but with all the reviews I had to try it. I bought some greek yogurt and the smell was AWFUL.

I mixed it up anyway and this is fucking delicious.
#90 by freshepies, Jan 24. 2016, 06:22
Greek Yogurt smells like glue, lol. I wasn't sure what to make of it initially either, but when I started using it I was a believer, there isn't a better yogurt going today.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Warms my cold little heart up, lol.
#91 by Gizzard Stew, Feb 5. 2016, 12:05
I finally was able to mix a recipe... using all of the ingredients that it called for... only took me six months to get to this point, and just in time to find out I can buy it as a concentrate from Fluent Vapors. If I love this I will be buying the concentrate because that would make it SO easy!! Thank-you Freshy!!

I have over 100 flavorings now... and still it seems I never have the exact flavorings for most of the recipes that sound good to me. I know you can swap things out and it may still be good... but it always leaves me wondering what the exact recipe might taste like. Typical DIY I suppose.
#92 by Nuvolone , Feb 8. 2016, 22:06
Wow, smoothest juice I've ever mixed! ADV for sure, thanks for sharing
#93 by toad118, Feb 11. 2016, 11:25
Could Watermelon be used instead of Blueberry?
#94 by Melodycd, Feb 11. 2016, 13:39
Toad118, you can use any other fruits. But not sure if watermelon will work here. Try Strawberry
#95 by Willvapes21, Feb 12. 2016, 05:57
Fresh this shit is so good I just made my first batch and I'm kinda mad that I only mixed up a 30ml lol.
#96 by freshepies, Feb 12. 2016, 06:40
Glad you're digging it! Luckily it's a simple one to mix up!
#97 by SS, Feb 20. 2016, 23:15
Love it. It tasted blah right away, although i could sense something there. Thought it needed steeping but it really grew on me. Seemed to subtle at first-used to vaping Vanilla Custards, but 2 hours later has really grown on me, Subtle but great.
Did mine at 70vg/30pg - but this is great on subohm, although i am not sure how it would be at 50/50 on MTL....5 stars! Will make more. Thank you!
#98 by Slinki, Feb 26. 2016, 20:33
For information purpose I know this will help someone...I tried using sweet strawberry and strawberry ripe and both fell flat on their face. Finally used flavour art strawberry and now it's come alive. No substitute for this one don't waste your time. It's a great recipe!
#99 by John Saye, Mar 7. 2016, 03:49
Man this is one I just can't get enough of. I've been Vaping batch after batch for months now, and it is still sooooo good.
#100 by socratesthecabdriver, Mar 9. 2016, 20:15
i just finally got my hands on tfa's kiwi double and made this freshepie to the exact-T finally :) i am alas a real freshepies head !!! HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :)
#101 by trebor, Mar 12. 2016, 04:28
Nice recipe. In my daily rotation , thanx for sharing.
#102 by trebor, Mar 12. 2016, 04:28
Nice recipe. In my daily rotation , thanx for sharing.
#103 by jasen22, Mar 13. 2016, 18:50
Im a skeptic with most peoples recipes and overal opinions u see in the comments. But i will say this recipe is fire. If u like sweet and fruity vapes this shits great. Id highly recommend. Fyi i subbed in tfa strawberry (ripe) and tfa kiwi double cuz im lazy. Very very good
#104 by Britten422, Mar 22. 2016, 07:28
Made a 50ml batch of this stuff, exactly as outlined. Found it to be very......Meh. Very bland, none of the fruits seemed to be there, all Greek yogurt. Gonna try halving the yogurt and make up the rest with the fruits, see how it goes
#105 by freshepies, Mar 22. 2016, 14:37
Interesting, you should have gotten kiwi straight away.
#106 by troy noh, Mar 25. 2016, 23:31
Fresh, I mixed up 30ml using the recipe, but I dropped the greek Yogurt to 2ml, and the FA kiwi to 1ml. I was getting a tickle in my throat when I vaped it using the recipe as you wrote. The minor changes I made is just insanely good :)
#107 by Uncaged, Apr 4. 2016, 12:14
Won 30ml of this concentrate on fresh's show recently, just mixed up 50ml @ 20% and it is lovely stuff.
#108 by W0WZA, Apr 10. 2016, 16:01
Would it be ok to swap TFA Greek Yogurt for FW Greek Yogurt?
#109 by Reaper83, Apr 18. 2016, 13:11
Great recipe, 10/10 mate 👍🏻
#110 by HoneyGram57, Apr 23. 2016, 11:50
@#3 by freshepies,"Heck, what am I saying, use what you've got on hand, lol, it's a tasty combination!"
With this in mind my favorite Greek Yogurt flavor is CHERRY! It has the tartness of the yogurt with the sweetness of like a Cherry pie & oh God it's good! I don't know who makes a sweet cherry though, anyone have any thoughts???
#111 by Uncaged, Apr 23. 2016, 12:33
Whatever you do, don't ever bother with tfa black cherry, its rancid. I think completely changing a fruit here makes it a completely different recipe
#112 by HoneyGram57, Apr 23. 2016, 19:08
All the yogurt recipes ive looked at thus far have one thing in common; they all use Bavarian Cream along with their yogurt of choice, Greek or Creamy, and usually at a ratio of 1 to 8. I was hoping to find this so I could make a "recipe master" for a yogurt that would allow me to swap fruits as I felt the urge to do so.
Unfortunately cancer treatments aren't letting me focus clearly ATM.
Anyone wishing to perfect such a recipe is welcome to take the wheel here.
#113 by freshepies, Apr 26. 2016, 15:38
I've used this particular mix in a ton of recipes. If you dig what this iis doing stick with it.

#114 by socratesthecabdriver, Apr 30. 2016, 12:22
just mixed another 120ml :) i'd say i made about 800ml of this till now hahahaaaaa only had the hart to give 10ml away to somebody to try... it's mine all mine ... make your own says I hahahaaaa
#115 by SS, Apr 30. 2016, 18:40
I mixed mine up with Kiwi Double and haven't stopped vaping it for a month or so now but it is a fantastic subtle vape
#116 by N, May 4. 2016, 18:34
ive never seen a nicotine on VG before
#117 by freshepies, May 6. 2016, 00:51
You can get it from mosta anywhere, I prefer myfreedomsmokes myself.
#118 by iCGM, May 7. 2016, 23:37
This is a damn good recipe! First day the strawberry was very prominent but after a week all the flavours really melded together and it's terrific.
#119 by HoneyGram57, May 11. 2016, 11:44
I make homemade gourmet greek yogurts such as key lime, brown sugar cinnamon apples, lemon cream cookie, fresh strawberry jam, fresh peach, pumpkin custard & my favorite - cherry pie to name a few. I'm serious about my yogurt! lol I'm hoping to take the base yogurt recipe here & duplicate my homemade yogurts. Fingers crossed!
#120 by Joe, May 17. 2016, 17:16
Can't find Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) in the UK...When I have found a link always says "Out Of Stock"...😢
#121 by drob420, May 19. 2016, 14:40
Just so everyone knows, the irritation you are experiencing is coming from butyric acid. It's used in tfa Greek yogurt and in other v2 or diketone ffree reformulated flavors. It's an irritant and is the compound responsible for human body odor, and the characteristic smell of human vomit. In my opinion it is much worse than trace amounts of diketones and is in no way a good substitute.
#122 by SS, May 20. 2016, 01:47
I can't get enough of this recipe, although I did use Kiwi Double. Only thing I notice otherwise, is that it dehydrates me a bit more than other DIY's so I just have to drink even more water. Great Recipe. Thank you!
#123 by W0WZA, May 21. 2016, 16:40
Did anyone try it with a different Blueberry?
#124 by Hustle, May 31. 2016, 18:36
guys,can i swap Kiwi (FW) for Double Kiwi (TPA),Blueberry Extra (TPA) for Blueberry Wild (TPA) and Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) for Strawberry or Strawberry(Ripe) (TPA)? anoyone do this? In Russia we have problem with FA and FW :(
#125 by tonediary, Jun 1. 2016, 17:23
Thank you for this one @freshepies. I've been vaping this for long i can't taste kiwi and strawberry flavors anymore .. So that's why I wanted to share a recipe that was influenced by this one's base (yoghurt and cream) but turned out even better for me as an overall flavor. It's my ADV now , just can't praise it enough :)
#126 by noshadowkick, Jun 15. 2016, 18:51
I really enjoyed my 10ml test recipe so I made 100ml. Then I realized that I used Blueberry Wild instead of Blueberry Extra. Oops. I hope it turns out ok... @W0WZA, I'll let you know.

Either way, this recipe is really great.
#127 by Vaper60's, Jun 28. 2016, 14:16
I used Shisha Strawberry and WOW!!!!! Thanks fresh😉😉😉😉😉
#128 by socratesthecabdriver, Jun 28. 2016, 17:52
i think i have made 2000 ml of this juice by now hahahaaaaa it is goooooooooooooood
#129 by Matt9285, Jul 21. 2016, 18:26
I just made this and substituted the TFA with CAP Greek yogurt and it seems off. I'm new to this DIY, was that a bad substitute?
#130 by freshepies, Jul 21. 2016, 21:44
Unfortunately it is, TFA Greek yogurti s unsubstitutable
#131 by Michael305, Jul 25. 2016, 03:14
Just made a slightly altered variation of this, and it is absolutely delicious!
#132 by car147, Jul 30. 2016, 13:37
This is my new go to yoghurt! Absolutely the best I have tasted so far!
#133 by VASHTA NERADA , Aug 6. 2016, 21:51
I mixed up a 30ml batch of this as 2nd attempt At DIY, wow it's wonderful. I didn't have Red touch so I subbed CAP sweet strawberry which probably takes away from the original recipe but if it's this good now, I can't wait to mix it with all of the proper flavors. I've never met a yogurt I like, until now. 10/10 will mix again (probably tomorrow at the rate I'm going)
#134 by VapeJeezus, Aug 7. 2016, 08:11
I think I'm going to try this without Kiwi. That shit wrecks my throat.
Otherwise looks Delicious and can't wait to mix this one up tomorrow before work.
#135 by 45 CALIBER JUICES', Aug 15. 2016, 21:17
Thank you, much fresh! for this! I have FW natural kiwi will that be OK?
#136 by freshepies, Aug 16. 2016, 02:25
NO, do not use Natural Kiwi in this recipe! It turns out tasting like a bad diet soda, I'm not sure what the deal is with it.
#137 by oooNaSuGamisooo, Aug 18. 2016, 07:42
i didn't have FW Kiwi so i used 2% (tfa) Kiwi double and 0.5% (fa) kiwi.
came out great! 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars from me!
#138 by mthafknjones, Aug 18. 2016, 10:27
one of the best shake and vapes I've tried.

very dense vapor/flavor and it isn't overly sweet.
#139 by Machinist2, Aug 25. 2016, 23:53
Dang well worth it
I don't like many recipes that i have tried here but this is awesome great job if you have had a hard time finding a worth while recipie look no further
Thanks Fresh Pies
#140 by Machinist2, Aug 25. 2016, 23:53
Dang well worth it
I don't like many recipes that i have tried here but this is awesome great job if you have had a hard time finding a worth while recipie look no further
Thanks Fresh Pies
#141 by freshepies, Aug 27. 2016, 01:58
Glad you enjoyed it Machinist!
#142 by Kalpesh, Sep 8. 2016, 01:58
Wow my first DIY effort that Ive actually been able to try as the other 2 mixes are still steeping. This is delicious! Im not sure what wattage I preffer it at as Im getting a different sensation at higher temps. Lovely whatever temp I use it at tbh. I think 50W at 0.5 ohm is probably the sweetspott for me. Out of interest is anyone trying it over 80Watts and finding it tastes even better? If so I may have to invest in a mod capable. Thanks for shriang Fresh!
#143 by M.M., Sep 10. 2016, 16:05
First recipe I've tried that someone else made + that's more complex than 2 aromas + boosters like creaminess etc.
Made 100ml out of laziness with the measuring.
Tried it because I discovered that a yogurt elevates boring fruit flavours to a whole new tasty level... however this TPA Greek was extremely bland right after the shake compared to my favourite so far FA Yogurt. After a couple hours it's shining through a bit more, as what I would call a mild and pleasant meringue taste, but I don't think this juice will ever develop that deep milky flavoured exhale that FA Yogurt gives.
I think the fruits blend well in this recipe, the strawberry is maybe a little bit undetecable and sadly I used FA Kiwi cause of acetoin in FW - that was a bad choice, as it's a tiny bit too dominant with a perfumy cactus/kiwi flavour.

I think this recipe will be a great initiation for ppl who are wary of yogurts and/or for people loving those tutti frutti fruit blends.
But for rich milky yogurt lovers, go FA Yogurt + 1 fruit flavour.
#144 by 45 CALIBER JUICES', Sep 10. 2016, 18:55
hear hear, I agree that's what I did with this recipe! and it turned out just great! Just gave Fresh his Props, and turned into Daddy's Yogurt.
#145 by pbucks, Sep 15. 2016, 02:54
All I taste after shaking is kiwi. Not bad though just reminds me of one of my noob attempts at strawberry kiwi right now. I'm sure it will get better with a 14 day steep. Thanks for sharing it. I'm sure I'll be tweaking this one. Thats what it's all about though.
#146 by rodneyb972, Sep 20. 2016, 05:26
This tastes exactly like the "blue machine" naked juice. Perfect amount of sweetness.
#147 by asdf, Oct 23. 2016, 16:01
So this was pretty good. First off, i made this exactly as described and i can't taste any resemblance to yogurt. I also can't taste any of the flavors listed. All i know is this ejuice tastes pretty good.
#148 by pbucks, Oct 23. 2016, 17:25
It never really starts to taste like yogurt. It's not bad at all but tfa Greek yogurt definitely misses the mark on a yogurt flavor. Still turned out to be a good mix that I vaped maybe once per week or so until the 30ml was gone.
#149 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 13:30
one of the best vapes I've tried.
#150 by BpalfZ, Oct 29. 2016, 22:53
I don't know why but this smelt like Elmer's glue to me I tried it anyway and it was amazing vaping it now. Yogurts haven't always been distinguishable to my palette but this one shines through well and is balanced definitely a will make again recipe and a 5 star grade juice.
#151 by benjy337, Nov 9. 2016, 16:37
Just made this as my first ever DIY juice, it's quite mild flavor as a shake and vape, but I'm sure it will get better after steeping if it lasts that long!

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