strawberry fog 

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#1 by DirtyDeVoe, Sep 18. 2015, 00:29
pretty good shake and vape, even better after it steeps for 3-4 days
#2 by Jake1191, Oct 5. 2015, 06:50
Decent shake n vape, tried it after 5 days and was even better. Going to let it steep 2 weeks and see how she goes.
#3 by Bledzepplin, Nov 25. 2015, 01:06
Thinking about making this juice and was wondering how it turned out
#4 by Jake1191, Nov 25. 2015, 04:55
It really good at 3 weeks. Btween week 1 and 2 it gets a little weird but good as a shake n vape up til that time and then after. I've gone through 500ml of this in about a month
#5 by Vapingbad , Dec 30. 2015, 21:33
This is a really good recepie deserves more credit than it has been given
#6 by Bledzepplin, Dec 30. 2015, 21:35
I totally agree it is a strong 4.5 out of 5
#7 by Vapingbad , Dec 30. 2015, 22:48
I wish people would stop posting less than impressive recipes if they did ones like this would get a lot more attention
#8 by WelshV@pe, Jan 8. 2016, 01:02
Great as a shake and vape. Just made 100% vg and 0mg nic and its a delight straight off the bat. Will have to make a bigger batch as mine will run out before any meaningful steeping has taken place.
#9 by dlplfc, Feb 10. 2016, 22:59
very good shake and vape. heated in boiling water for 3 mins. Used normal cheesecake as did not have any graham crust.
#10 by Tamachicken, Feb 24. 2016, 14:25
Fantastic. I really enjoyed it. Made a 2nd batch with 9% ripe and 2% strawberry - as I expect the strawberry flavour will mute heavily during steeping.
#11 by Jadadahut, Feb 24. 2016, 21:51
Just made 2 x batches of 30ml using 72 nic base, one to vape now n one to leave steep for a few days. Have to say very good as a shake n vape.
#12 by vGeno, Mar 8. 2016, 12:14
one of my favorite diy's. i just started mixing. at 0mg this thing is a gem! with nicotine added though, it just doesn't have the same shine. what can i do to fix my nic problem? its messing up my recipes. got 100mg/ml from ecigexpress a couple weeks ago. i diluted some of it down to 60mg/ml but it has the same problem.
#13 by iavp, Mar 15. 2016, 16:37
George, low quality nicotine mutes flavor. I use vapertek nic or vape clarity nicotine. It costs more but worth it.
#14 by Facer, Mar 21. 2016, 00:47
This is the single best shake-n-vape I have tried to date! Awesome work!
#15 by Mk1ne, Mar 28. 2016, 14:32
I aint even tried this yet but i made a 100ml of it already
#16 by DCM8, Mar 31. 2016, 04:01
Nice and smooth. This will be my morning vape for a while.
#17 by AR, Mar 31. 2016, 05:57
Can I sub Bavarian cream with tfa sweet cream ???
#18 by EdgeKrusher187, Apr 16. 2016, 03:38
Really awesome vape! Great shake and vape, time just makes it better.
#19 by GTManiK, Apr 16. 2016, 14:02
Very good! In my all day vape list now
#20 by RavenHairDoll, Apr 19. 2016, 15:19
#21 by Sanchez, Apr 23. 2016, 00:50
Can I use strawberry (TPA) instead of strawberry ripe (TPA)?
#22 by EdgeKrusher187, Apr 23. 2016, 01:42
@Sanchez yes but drop the amount by a percent. Let it steep for a couple days as the strawberry (TPA) is a bit strong at first. JmO
#23 by skeppy, Apr 23. 2016, 01:56
Sanchez; yeah that will work out fine mate, I don't see why not. It might not be as sweet but i usually favour the plain strawberry personally! the Ripe is more of a bendable flavour by the looks of things. it might bring the strawberry forward abit, have ago and let us know!

Have mixed this up with the custard at 3%, have to say it is really nice and smooth, the cheesecake is a nice mellow cheesecake and you can really taste the graham crust. tastes more like pastry crust to me, is that what graham crust actually is, something we call Pastry over here in England?

Tastes like a light creamy cheesecake with a touch of light strawberry. This is a nice change to all the strawberry creams about! Must mix a decent batch of this. How long does it keep, anybody know?
#24 by skeppy, Apr 23. 2016, 02:13
It actually tastes like I'm eating some sort of pastry dish, abit like them cheese and bacon pastry melt's just without the bacon! The strawberry ripe in this after a shake hot bath n vape tastes more like a tangy tomato to me! Yum yum :-)
Not sure why it's named strawberry fog though lol as I ain't tasted any strawberries like this heh great flavour bending here according to my palate! I suppose strawberries and tomato's are the same colour? nevermind ;-)
#25 by Tony, Apr 23. 2016, 19:09
Can i sub vanilla custard v1 cap
#26 by Ken O'Where, Apr 25. 2016, 02:43
@ Tony, you can always sub flavorings but it will not taste the same. No flavorings from different manufacturers taste exactly alike. Just some information as you go forward. =)
#27 by Zaboo, Apr 27. 2016, 17:24
this looks great think il try it out thanks for sharing
#28 by Zaboo, May 3. 2016, 00:43
5 stars! thanks for sharing
#29 by SplifD, May 3. 2016, 10:50
Would this benefit from sucralose or EM? Maybe to bring out the strawberry a bit
#30 by EdgeKrusher187, May 3. 2016, 14:04
@SplifD My last batch of this stuff was great, but after about a week it started to go flat, so on a whim I added 2 drops of MTS Vape Wizard. The next morning it was much more rounded, and all the flavors had more definition.
#31 by SplifD, May 3. 2016, 18:20
@EdgeKrusher187 wouldn't that kind of make the strawberry disappear. As far as I understood, MTS VW boost base notes (in this case the custard/cream/cheesecake) and since many report the strawberry to be very subtle already, wouldn't it just make it disappear almost completely.
#32 by N, May 4. 2016, 16:45
dangerous flavours again :(
#33 by EdgeKrusher187, May 4. 2016, 17:31
@SplifD You would think, but it doesn't it almost made the other flavors taste more supportive and complimentary to the Strawberry...maybe it's just my taste palette.

@nodayef Use the DX versions of the flavors if these concentrations of Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl concern you.
#34 by JacktheVapor78, May 5. 2016, 14:48
I made this three weeks ago. Let it steep. Shook every other day or when I remembered to. Lol. This juice is the BOMB!!!! Love it bro. Thanx for the share!!!💨💨💨💨💨💨
#35 by SplifD, May 6. 2016, 23:12
Just mixed this up. My coil still taste like the old flavour I had in there, but'll I'll tell you my thoughts when it has burned through
#36 by octave nine, May 7. 2016, 20:28
Just bona give this a try guys but I don't have any cheesecake graham crust, would cake (yellow) by FW or Cookie by FA be a decent replacement?
#37 by JacktheVapor78, May 7. 2016, 21:22
Not at all @octave nine. The graham cracker cheesecake is what makes it so dam yummy. I don't know how cake would be. Do you have graham cracker clear and cheese cake?
#38 by SamehCena, May 9. 2016, 03:02
can i use Strawberry and Cream instead of (Ripe) and my Flavors by TFA and FA , please tell me what prec, to add and thanks a lot
#39 by EdgeKrusher187, May 9. 2016, 15:36
@SamehCena - Strawberry and Cream is a much different flavor than Ripe Strawberry. It already has a cream profile so I'm not sure how it'd change this flavor.
On the Brands, TFA (The Flavor Apprentice) is the same as TPA (The Perfumer's apprentice).
#40 by SplifD, May 9. 2016, 15:40
I mixed this up, doesn't taste very good at all, but it might be because I need new coils. I'll report back in a month time
#41 by Briggs, May 11. 2016, 01:30
What would u guys say this tastes like??? A strawberry crew or like more of a strawberry cheesecake???
#42 by Bigliu , May 11. 2016, 15:31
For a fun twist put 1 drop of FA lime tahity per 10ml. It's brings out the coconut in the cheesecake graham cracker crust. Some hits are creamy strawberry with a slight coconut undertone and other hits are like a creamy strawberry limeade. Probably sounds funny and lime is definitely not overpowering at all. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!
#43 by djalpha, May 12. 2016, 05:00
i used everything but the custard i used FA.not tfa. about 19 drops and this is a bad ass made it like 4 min's ago. made a 30 mil with 4 nic its good and yummy.
#44 by Bigliu , May 12. 2016, 05:50
I usually cap vanilla custard. I prefer it over tpa
#45 by mikhask, May 17. 2016, 21:02
Made this up today but subbed the custard for Cap's version 1 and made at 30/70. First drag was extremely tasty. Can't wait to let it sit for a few days to see how it all comes together.
Thanks for the share.
#46 by SplifD, May 17. 2016, 23:38
I might have messed it up in the breathing process (left it for too long without cap), but I made the exact recipe except I added 2 drops of MTS Vape Wizard. It really does not taste good at all! I'm not sure where I messed up, will maybe give it ago when I get new coils and then I will leave out the VW and I will not mess up the breathing/steeping. I was just so surprised it tasted that bad, considering so many people liked it.
#47 by SplifD, May 17. 2016, 23:47
Actually, I did make it with 4 or 6 mg nic (can't remember), might try without nic og at least low nic next time.
#48 by Ken O'Where, May 18. 2016, 02:56
@ SplifD: There is no need to breath this nor 99% of other flavorings. The only time one would do so id with alcohol heavy flavorings and they are very few. Some of the flavor aromas in this mix are very volatile which means they break down quickly when you breath them, most fruits break down quickly.

Try making it again and just letting it sit, closed, for a couple weeks. If you still dont like it perhaps Strawberry Ripe (TFA) is not a flavoring you enjoy, there are some people who do not like it as it contains Butyric Acid to give it the ripe smell.

Hope this information helps you in the future.
#49 by sadlerm, May 21. 2016, 05:01
I've been using this recipe for about two months now. I found it after trying apwroblewski's Mother's Unicorn Milk recipe and I noticed that recipe is the same one except without TFA Sweet Cream. Without steeping I believe the Mother's Unicorn Milk tastes better. With steeping, I believe the Strawberry Fog juice will taste better. Also, in my opinion, neither of these flavors are shake-and-vapes. I would hold off about 3-4 days before vaping.
#50 by SplifD, May 22. 2016, 19:44
@Ken O'Where thanks a lot, I'll mix it up today then let it sit for 1 week (cap closed and shake it daily) then test it, see if that makes it better. I really want to make this work as it seems like something I'd like.
#51 by MarlDaeSu, May 23. 2016, 23:18
Delicious! Cooked up a batch yesterday and it kicks ass. Thank you for the recipe sir.
#52 by artutot, May 26. 2016, 21:41
I must say this recipe is the best recipe to date from all the recipes i tried from here. The only thing i did different i used Vanilla Custard from Flavorah at .08 % this custard puts all the other vanilla custards to shame.and mixed my strawberry's 3 % ripe 3 % Inawera and 1 % Flavorah Flavorah is becoming one of my favorite ejuice company.
There are more expensive but you use alot less.
#53 by MarlDaeSu, May 28. 2016, 02:23
I have to agree with art6969, this is my favourite juice of ELR bar none, forgot to add that to my original comment above
#54 by Vectïon, Jun 3. 2016, 05:38
I love this recipe! It earned its spot in my monthly rotation! Thank you kindly for the great recipe spectrometer
#55 by TheFlavourShop, Jun 5. 2016, 23:32
this is very tasty, knocked one up of 30ml and put bottle in hot water and let breath for a couple of time, absolutely love it
#56 by 66hertz, Jun 9. 2016, 13:49
Goddamit, i just CANT believe it has THAT taste after only 12 hours. Delicious, will do 100ml)
#57 by Captain_Vapor, Jun 11. 2016, 13:59
6% strawberry ripe is were I made mine, I don't notice any difference after 6% of ripe, it just seems to gas out after 6% in my experience
#58 by stylesuxx, Jun 12. 2016, 17:11
Wow, this is awesome. Made a sampler a couple of days ago. Just remembered and started testing. Unfortunately I can not make more right now since I am out of Graham Crust.
#59 by TheFlavourShop, Jun 14. 2016, 12:32
this stuff is amazing, it gets better with age so i would recommend a steep of about 7 days or so
#60 by tyeman, Jun 16. 2016, 07:16
This is really good right after making it! This site has really helped me in past few weeks, Thanks to the site owner! If this gets better after steep it's going to turn into one of my ADV.
#61 by Jthectic, Jun 18. 2016, 07:52
Awesome mix really. Made 100ml and it's been tasty from shake and vape through to steeping for a week+. Probably my favourite strawberry creamy vape. I used CAP Vanilla custard v1 at the same percent and it's even better imo.
#62 by spectrometer, Jun 23. 2016, 08:48
Thanks for all the great comments! I'm really glad you lot all like this as much as I do! Definitely an ADV in my rotation; I've gone through a LOT of this.
#63 by Jthectic, Jun 24. 2016, 03:02
To add, cap sweet strawberry is not as good in this recipe. Tfa ripe is so much better!
#64 by paleface vaper, Jun 25. 2016, 22:39
This stuff is the bomb! Really good smooth strawberry cream that has some good weight and mouth feel even at the 70\30 ratio I made it at. I usually vape 4.5-6mg nic, but I made this at 9mg and it's still as smooth as can be. If you like strawberry & cream, you'd be an idiot not to try this mix.
#65 by Scottes, Jun 30. 2016, 00:30
Absolutely delicious. I made a 15ml bottle as a trial, but it didn't last very long, so I immediately made two 60ml bottles. Fantastic.
#66 by rheaa, Jun 30. 2016, 01:13
How do you think it would be if use 3% strawberry and 3% strawberry ripe? Would the ripe help bring out the strawberry or would it be pointless?
#67 by paleface vaper, Jun 30. 2016, 17:30
You could give it a shot rheaa, taste is subject and people prefer different things. I'd go with a 4/4 or 5/5 with CAP sweet strawberry and TFA strawberry ripe instead of a 3% if I were you, especially if your having trouble tasting the strawberry. Strawberry Ripe contains EM, so one of the reasons this recipe is so tasty to people is due to the sweetness gained from %10 strawberry ripe.
#68 by Bledzepplin, Jun 30. 2016, 18:02
Try adding sweet raspberry to the mix to help the strawberry pop. 0.50.
#69 by rheaa, Jun 30. 2016, 23:11
Thank you! I just may try both those suggestions. In some juices I csn tell there may be a hint of raspberry and it really does help it shine. Some I can tell there is a mixture of strawberry so who knows both may work well! Thanks again:)
#70 by rheaa, Jul 1. 2016, 00:37
which one is sweeter strawberry ripe or regular strawberry? Wondering if I put in blueberry jam and take out the custard and put in catalan cream in its place how would it be. I will make the original with the mix of strawberries since it sounds so good but I love cream brulee and the blueberry jam. Thoughts?
#71 by rheaa, Jul 10. 2016, 20:39
I just made the exact recipe and let it sit unit now and it is amazing. I need to get a little more strawberry flavor out of it so how would I go about doing that or maybe to make it a little sweeter? I love the creamy taste of it and would like it to be a little more creamy for me but not taste like cheesecake full on. Any suggestions? But the way it is now is amazing!!
#72 by Vaping souljahhh, Jul 11. 2016, 07:02
@Rheaa, you can use ripe strawberry at around 4-5% and still get the same outcome as using it at 10%. So if you want more strawberry, use ripe at 4% and throw in some sweet strawberry (CAP) to bring the strawberry out more. If you dont like the cheesecake alot, lower the % of it and throw in some sweet cream (like 1-2%) that will help it get more creamier. Make a few small batches and take notes!! Thats a must. Then you will see which one works for you. Steep for a week and try, then take notes again! You could also try meringue (FA) instead of sweet cream. The best way i would do it is make a few 10ml batches and experiment and if you find something that works, comment back and show notes for the original poster to see, and us :)
#73 by rheaa, Jul 11. 2016, 11:40
Sounds like a great idea. I took notes for myself when I made a 10ml to rey of the original and definitely was good! Thank you for your advice and helping suggest ideas. I definitely will try that and write back :)
#74 by yuriev, Jul 11. 2016, 21:33
i made 100ml 2 weeks before. not tried yet.waiting for 3.week.but what i can say,smells good for now.i will update next week after try it
#75 by sami2k, Jul 13. 2016, 01:53
made 50ml yesterday and its my best vape yet not steeped, this recipe deserves more. Its a must try, all 5 starts dude thanks for sharinf
#76 by Timmis, Jul 13. 2016, 03:39
Darn fine recipe! reminds me of Mech Sauce Empress Milk which was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
#77 by Tony, Jul 18. 2016, 07:39
Love this recipe....made it with FW Bavarian Cream also and
It's really good like that too...been thinking of dropping the Ripe
A few 3 or so and adding that much % back with
TFA Strawberry...just for some added flavor...
Anyone done this?
#78 by Monkey Man, Jul 20. 2016, 18:18
This is the first recipe that I made. I made 1 batch of 30ml, and it tasted great, right out of the gate!! Now its a day later, and I just made another 60ml's. By far, this is the best juice that I have ever made. Even though its my first one. hehe - Thank you Spectrometer, for making my life a whole lot tastier!
#79 by Vaping souljahhh, Jul 20. 2016, 23:06
@Monkey Man, if you like this, go search for Internal Leak Of Cuttwoods Unicorn Milk by cuttwoodspy. That is some tasty juice right there. If you like this, you will love that juice.
#80 by Monkey Man, Jul 20. 2016, 23:13
@Vaping - I saw that. Looks delicious! But, I can't make it until I get more supplies in. But that is the plan. Thanks for the heads up!
#81 by Vaping souljahhh, Jul 20. 2016, 23:40
@Monkey Man, no worries at all bro. Defo check it out once u get the supplies. You will defo love it if this one is nice for you.
#82 by QB's, Jul 24. 2016, 21:54
Waw after reading all the reviews here, i must say im in blindly, though have you tried or do you think blueberries will work with this recipe ingredients?
#83 by Taji, Jul 25. 2016, 00:59
made my first 30ml of this....really really like this, lots of flavour, not overpowering, nice full texture/mouth feel. 10/10. steeped for 2 weeks. going to make some more when supplies arrive and try a longer steep. Thank you for the great receipe.
#84 by seekerom, Jul 25. 2016, 08:19
thank you very much! very good one!
#85 by Timmis, Jul 25. 2016, 15:15
I love Strawberry Fog! You can also try this recipe for another strawberry juice. It makes a nice compliment to Fog. It's "Adirondack Vapor - Saratoga clone" on e-liquid recipes. Slightly more graham cracker and still creamy strawberry.
#86 by IndigoOwl, Aug 11. 2016, 23:24
I used Cap NY Cheesecake, and Cap Vanilla Custard, and this is an amazing shake and vape. Can't wait to see how this steeps...
#87 by FourForty, Aug 17. 2016, 21:18
This is my all day and all night recipe!
It's just a great vape :)
enjoy & thank you @spectrometer for sharing
#88 by JacktheVapor78, Aug 17. 2016, 22:19
I made a new batch and brought the strawberry ripe to 3% and uses Cap strawberry taffy at 7%. My tounge has an orgasm every vape!!!
#89 by Monkey Man, Aug 17. 2016, 22:32
Jack - by doing this, was there a steep time, or no?
#90 by rheaa, Aug 17. 2016, 23:08
I was wondering the same. Also if the cheese cake was bumped up how would it be or is it not needed when do taffy at 7%
#91 by JacktheVapor78, Aug 17. 2016, 23:18
Don't need to bump the cheesecake. It's great as a SNV but, does get better as it steeps. Check out my recipe. It's strawberry cheesecake fog. Leave some comments on it as well.
#92 by rheaa, Aug 18. 2016, 01:06
What would you suggest for steeping time JacktheVapor78 so it brings out the taffy? I really am wabeing to make a wonderful taffy. I saw you have many things and keep wondering what are your favorites! Definitely will have to try them. This recipe on its own has been this far the best shake and vape I have had! I love taffy done right so can't wait to add it and have two kinds
#93 by Vaping souljahhh, Aug 18. 2016, 04:04
If any of you like strawberry cheesecake, feel free to search mine up. It took me weeks n weeks to nail it and its been my best recipe yet. I have just nailed the Bad Drips Farleys Gnarley Sauce clone too!
#94 by JacktheVapor78, Aug 18. 2016, 08:57
A week steep is good. Also the taffy cheesecake is the bomb!!!
#95 by SpanChie, Aug 31. 2016, 16:42
Many thanks dude I was about to give up on diy since I wanted mine own recipe but those flavorah flavors are just bad. So I ordered TPA and made this. And have to say after the mixing it's already a good vape. Thanks a lot
#96 by drelambo, Sep 17. 2016, 18:32
Brilliant recipe, my go to now when I need to whip something up sub the strawberry for any other top note and it just works!
#97 by Timmis, Sep 17. 2016, 19:25
What other top notes do you recommend besides banana, blueberry, and raspberry?
#98 by drelambo, Sep 17. 2016, 19:31
I've tried different strawberries, different blueberries, cap vanilla custard, tfa apple pie. You could also mix a couple, like banana and strawberry. I haven't made a juice using this base that I didn't enjoy.
#99 by johnny hotsauce, Sep 21. 2016, 08:10
Made this per the recipe and threw it on the magnetic hotplate stirrer to speed up steeping and it came off the stirrer super yummy. Thanks spectrometer
#100 by Timmis, Sep 21. 2016, 11:21
I love this recipe and can't say enough about it. Another easy one that's super tasty and similar is ripe mustard milk.
#101 by peterk1, Sep 27. 2016, 18:20
I love this juice. I just started DIY and this is one of the first ones I tried. It's a dead ringer for my favorite premium juice (Cosa Nostra by 3 Monkeys).
#102 by cigetbudi, Oct 3. 2016, 11:13
i swap the TPA Vanilla Custard with CAP Vanilla Custard v1 with same percentage. it's smells good after 2 weeks steeping but the taste was not strong. how much percentages better if using Cap VCv1? thanks :)
#103 by KuKe, Oct 8. 2016, 10:39
Fantastic.Very very good recipes.
#104 by Harsesis, Oct 12. 2016, 07:20
Don't have tpa van custard. Can I sub either FW or CAP v1? at what percentage?
#105 by yasirzxc, Oct 17. 2016, 07:30
this is my first diy success.. toooo good!
#106 by Dashmeister, Oct 25. 2016, 15:18
Made 120ml today of this smells nice. Gonna try some after a shake and bath. Then steep the rest
#107 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 13:01
best flavour! great!
#108 by Dashmeister, Oct 27. 2016, 08:29
Strawberry started to fade after day 2.
Any suggestions ? Up it to 9% and add inwera at 2% ???? Please help
#109 by Eyebrowse, Oct 29. 2016, 22:28
This is spectacular after a two-day steep. Initially - as a Shake-and-Vape it didn't particularly strike me as anything too exceptionally different from any of the spur-of-the-moment Cheesecake GC + Ripe Strawberry mixes I had tried of my own in the past; but that is by no means a drawback. It's a five-star flavour once it's had a little time to "marinate" if you like.
Although I'll admit I was initially motivated to give it a whirl because of how it was praised as a strong shake-and-vape recipe since I needed something quick & immediately to vape at the time. I'm just glad I made 100ml of it (which I did with confidence thanks to the number of high-praise & feedback - all deserving) and set 75ml of it aside in the cupboard.
#110 by fabmendez, Oct 30. 2016, 01:26
I have found that the Cheesecake GC after the 4th day takes on a realy nice cinamon note
#111 by fabmendez, Oct 30. 2016, 01:57
I have to concur with Eyebrowse The longer you let this steep the better it gets. I mad a Litre of this and smoked it before I put the nicotine in and it was out of this world
#112 by fabmendez, Oct 30. 2016, 02:36
it would be nice if anyone could update there review of this - I am loving this after 4 days steeping cant wait t see what it tasts like tomorrow
#113 by Eyebrowse, Oct 31. 2016, 17:49
After tasting it again this morning I just went ahead and made another 100ml of it, so I've got plenty in reserve (that's had time to steep) to last me plus if I ever feel like putting aside a few 10ml bottles for friends to try! (NB: this is the first single "batch" of juice I've made over 50ml in one go)
#114 by johnny hotsauce, Oct 31. 2016, 17:54
Back in September I made a 480ml batch of this, did Shake N Vape on a 60ml bottle which was great from the start and left the other 420ml's to steep and just recently vaped the first of that batch and this stuff just keeps getting better with age. Love this juice, it's an ADV for me.
#115 by Max, Nov 8. 2016, 19:11
100th! * 5/5
I'm always ready to mix a bottle of this.
It's great as a S&V because TFA's Cust.
is light and really pairs well with the SB
& cohesively with BC and CCGC to be
balanced out... Very simple to mix,
and very delicious. Appreciate it
#116 by Sig226/2022, Nov 10. 2016, 22:01
It's pretty good I just made it in 10ml

Nicotine= 0.3
Bavarian Cream= 0.3
Cheesecake graham crust= 0.5
Strawberry ripe= 1.0
Vanilla custard= 0.2

%100 V.G. = 7.7 All is done with signature (TFA) flavoring
#117 by Cloud Chaser, Nov 16. 2016, 00:22
I had to come back and comment on this one ... it's really amazing! I don't like custard flavors as my taste buds pick it out and immediately make it taste bad! I subbed the custard to vanilla bean ice cream and this is something I am going to make 100ml of right now!!!
#118 by cracked, Nov 20. 2016, 13:56
Hey guys im new to diy and vaping in general but i seem to get a real cheesecake taste from this but not so much strawberry like all the recipes ive made on this my first attempt i dont seem to get enough fruit my question is should i just double the straw ripe or maybe and another 10% tfa strawberry i also tried a sucker punch clone and it was great but weak so i was gonna x1.25 all the ingredients in that thoughts opinions by experienced diy would be appreciated i think smoking has killed my taste buds lol
#119 by johnny hotsauce, Nov 20. 2016, 20:25
@Cracked, this recipe is a decent shake n vape however let it steep a week and you'll see the strawberry start to really come out. I wouldn't recommend going x1.25 on all the ingredients on this particular one.
#120 by Diyhome, Nov 21. 2016, 02:26
Very good!
#121 by bigzmn89, Nov 21. 2016, 22:44
Not one person who i have had try this dislikes it.
#122 by jambo1986, Nov 23. 2016, 00:21
I put less C(GC) in than was advised but it's still really overpowering at the moment, I've only made a 15ml taster to start with. I'll let it steep for a week and hopefully the strawb will start to show. From reading some of the recent comments it seems that this should hopefully happen. First proper recipe I've made, very much looking forward to seeing time work it's magic.
#123 by Maco0124, Dec 1. 2016, 04:17
Hi tour recepy realy Intrigues me but y canot find the chese cake graham crust un my country. But i can get the graham crust clear and the cheaecake as separate flavors can i add both?? If i do con what % should i use????
#124 by benjy337, Dec 1. 2016, 05:03
Excellent, thanks.
I too used CAP Vanilla Custard v1.
#125 by Cloud Chaser, Dec 1. 2016, 05:13
@maco0124 do half and half .. I did that when I was first starting out with a couple flavors and it worked out pretty good ;)
#126 by Maco0124, Dec 1. 2016, 05:26
Thank you for your reply. Would that be. 2.5% of each to make 5%. Or 5%. Of each??? And reduce the vg acording???
#127 by Cloud Chaser, Dec 1. 2016, 05:29
2.5 of each ...
#128 by Maco0124, Dec 1. 2016, 05:33
Thanks will do so
#129 by Maco0124, Dec 2. 2016, 00:39
holy cow amaizing shake and vape cant hardly wait for the steping time
#130 by krafoe, Dec 10. 2016, 15:08
Great, thank you. I'm a newbie and this is my first ADV.
#131 by reczero, Dec 11. 2016, 14:52
yes nice flavor thx for share.
#132 by Cloud Chaser, Dec 11. 2016, 18:16
Glad it turned out alright :)
#133 by Tony, Dec 30. 2016, 00:10
Its good but its turn out weared after 3days, i will give it a hot bath now and i already shake it every day cpl of times , , i guess its will be good after steeping time , but will it take more than 14 days ? As im planing to prepare anotheelr patch and i belive it will be good if i add the strawberry after some days any body try tha ? As strawberry never came out in the past 3days
#134 by peterk1, Dec 30. 2016, 00:19
@Tony - The strawberry starts out almost overpowering in this one and if anything, the steep time is to allow the strawb to mellow a little. Really strange that you're not getting the strawb right out of the gate.
#135 by Tony, Dec 30. 2016, 01:45
@Peterk1 Thanks , I don't know why I can't find any strawberry taste only graham cast and some bavarian cream are there onlu some sweet creamy taste but not strong one ... i also used 1/2 ml cotton candy when i was preparing this ! is that the issue ?!
I just finish preparing 120 ml patch and use only 6 ml strawbery rip and will add the other 6 ml later with no cotton candy . But my issue is that I'm running out of juice and the firest 60ml only steeped for 3 days lol ... So I give it hot path and good shake today and will see if any thing will happend soon , should I add more strawberry rip ?
#136 by Matthai, Jan 7, 14:08
Mixed 60ml and aroma was gone after a few hours. Waited two weeks hoping the aroma will come back. Mixed another 60ml thinking I might have made some mistake the first time. Same result. Just no aroma at all. In the comments here several seem to have the same problem. Today I found the problem. I was using max VG base. Just added 20% PG and the aroma has come back! Really good!
#137 by Tony, Jan 7, 19:13
Another update After a week the strawberry came out , very nice mix and i guess another week will even make it better but i cant wait and vape around 1/2 of my mix , i will prepare anothe batch but thinking about adding sweet vanilla
#138 by srgz, Jan 12, 19:53
This is good but the strawberry doesn't pop -- maybe it will after steeping. Any ideas though to boost the strawberry? Maybe add some ethyl maltol or maybe some Capellas sweet strawberry? The Cheesecake GC blends very well with the BC.
#139 by Tony, Jan 13, 13:32
@srgz yes adding sweet strawberry will help thought , i will do that or i will try strawbery tpa in the next patch; beside based on my experience 1 week + streeping will help the strawberry to pop out .
#140 by Denbo, saturday, 04:06
Mixed a 15ml per recipe @ one day steep it's wonderful!

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