Sugar Rush 

Gravatar - by ThirdWorldOrder, Jul 8. 2016, 04:02


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

I felt the "Cuttwood leak" base would be better suited for a Graham/cinnamon flavor profile. This one goes great with a cup of coffee in the morning!

Optimal aging time is a week+

Misc Notes:
This is not a Sugar Bear clone and probably doesn't taste anything like it. I apologize for picking a similar name.

#1 by Dio, Oct 13. 2015, 15:34
sounds so good..i just make this..need steping?
#2 by ThirdWorldOrder, Oct 13. 2015, 17:13
It's pretty good right off the bat, but it's much better after a week or more
#3 by Dio, Oct 13. 2015, 19:47
╬ťan...i dont know what about after steping but as shake and vape its so DELICIOUS!
Many thanks Bro!
#4 by Dio, Oct 14. 2015, 08:00
i vape this right now with my morning espresso ...
A W S O M E !!!
#5 by UncleMike, Nov 8. 2015, 00:47
Delicious, thanks for the share
#6 by 1Se7eN1, Nov 9. 2015, 18:26
good recipe bro, just mixed up a batch and its perfect!
#7 by Just Mixing, Nov 14. 2015, 04:22
Can't wait to try this one. Will be making a small batch tomorrow and I'm expecting it to be delicious. Right up my alley. Thx
#8 by Just Mixing, Nov 16. 2015, 05:03
Still waiting to taste mine but it seems to have the properties of a sugar bear clone
#9 by sir-racha, Nov 18. 2015, 04:27
Delicious!! My first diy project and I can't believe how easy it is to mix your own... This and the third world custard are top notch, thank you so much for the recipes!
#10 by ThirdWorldOrder, Nov 27. 2015, 03:44
Hey all, I've never had Sugar Drizzle before so please don't expect this to taste like that. I'm glad you all are enjoying this one though.

@lawngnome I've never had Boss Reserve either but the flavor profile looks interesting and perhaps worth delving in to.
#11 by Phlopalopagus, Nov 29. 2015, 14:51
Em going to take the base and try and mix in cap's new blueberry jam and stuff it in Cap's glazed donuts. I hope they blend well because a blueberry jelly filled donut sounds great. Im new at this so if anyone's got some pointers im all ears. I was thinking of making 3 base's and blending them. Is that sound right?
#12 by Phlopalopagus, Nov 29. 2015, 20:33
This community kicks ass! Thanks to the both of you. Qbert. I was thinking the same thing with the graham cracker as much as I love it it doesn't belong in a donut all that much. Beautiful_Tits, I am new to this but I am a huge diy kind of guy with endless hobbies. I need all the advise I can get so thank you very much for the lead. Im going to head over there now and make new friends, Thanks Guys!
#13 by ThirdWorldOrder, Nov 30. 2015, 20:59
@Qbert I'll try that out next time I mix this up!
#14 by Nuvolone , Dec 2. 2015, 20:55
Fantastic recipe, never tried the original thing but damn this is good juice
#15 by Vaper Steve, Dec 4. 2015, 18:14
Just mixed this recipe up and gave it a ultrasonic bath. Put some in my dripper and WOW.. Beautiful. Gonna let it sit for a week now.
Cheers ThirdWorldOrder.
#16 by 1Se7eN1, Dec 4. 2015, 20:24
he didnt do much to the recipe lol just altered the unicorm milk leak to his liking
#17 by Nuvolone , Dec 4. 2015, 20:49
That's irrelevant it's still a banging recipe
#18 by Just Mixing, Dec 8. 2015, 22:46
Woohoo. Vapemail finally arrived putting on my lab coat and mixing baby!
#19 by Kitsune, Dec 14. 2015, 02:42
Mixed up a batch of this yesterday and steeped in an ultrasonic for a few minutes. Dripped it today and it's excellent! Sweet and slightly creamy vape - thanks so much for sharing!
#20 by ADV_search, Dec 14. 2015, 16:49
this sounds good gonna give this a whirl will respond in a week
#21 by Vaper Steve, Dec 15. 2015, 21:55
After a two week steep thought i`d give it a whirl...... it`s fantastic but i may up the Cinnamon Danish Swirl to 2% just for my personal taste.
Great recipe Thanks.
#22 by Ogamy, Dec 27. 2015, 14:22
This is beyond sweet it becomes sickly, might drop sugar cookie down quite a bit, and increase Cinnamon Danish Swirl from there.
#23 by ThirdWorldOrder, Dec 27. 2015, 22:23
Well Og, it is called "Sugar Rush" after all :)
#24 by TitusV, Dec 30. 2015, 09:19
I love this recipe!
The cinnamon could be tweaked a little more, but overall this is a great DV! thnx for this great recipe :)
#25 by Bigliu , Jan 3. 2016, 06:01
As many have already said, great right out of gate! Made a 10ml and almost instantly made a 30ml right after trying it. Was low on some flavors or I would have went bigger. I don't think I will be able to comment on the taste after steeping because I can't put it down. As always thank you for the post!
#26 by Kigger, Jan 6. 2016, 00:55
Hello TWO.
I was just wondering if I could use tfa Danish Cinnamon dx insteed of the CAP version, and TFA Cinnamon Sugar Cookie insteed of the CAP. And now that iam asking have you tried the unicorn milk leak whit tfa strawberry ripe insteed of sweet strawberry ^^?
#27 by kompressaur, Jan 6. 2016, 00:58
could you sub Cap Butter for Butter Cream? thanks
#28 by ThirdWorldOrder, Jan 6. 2016, 01:03
@Kigger, go ahead and try, I can't promise you anything! I've havent used Cinnamon Sugar Cookie much and can't honestly even remember what it tastes like. Strawberry Ripe will be fine in the UM Leak.

@kombressaur, don't use 1.5% butter. You might be okay with a few drops.. but you may want to make the recipe first (without the butter cream) and see if it even needs butter in it.
#29 by Alisa, Jan 6. 2016, 05:55
Very well done. Thank you for sharing!
#30 by Cc9fingers , Jan 6. 2016, 07:43
Thanks for thinking this up.... For me on a limited budget...
I can order the flavoring all from Capella...
And have a Unicorn milk and this tasty desert vape that share a lot of the same ingredients!!!
#31 by Bandmn, Jan 6. 2016, 19:19
after it steeps is this similar to the sugar bear clone?
#32 by ThirdWorldOrder, Jan 7. 2016, 22:11
@Bandmn, I don't know anything about Sugar Bear unfortunately, so most likely not.
#33 by greymatter352, Jan 9. 2016, 18:40
just mixed some up. took a taste right off the bat and its good. stuck it in the cabinet to steep. thanks!
#34 by Vape413, Jan 13. 2016, 21:57
This is so good great job just made a 10ml tester and loved it making a 120ml of it now!
#35 by Maureeenie, Jan 14. 2016, 00:20
Loving it. Steep it! I upped the Graham Cracker a little. It's a damn cookie without the calories.
#36 by authormichellehughes, Jan 17. 2016, 08:03
Okay mixed this with a vortex and vaping now and let me just say YUMMY! Thanks so much had to make an adaption to sub out for flavors I didn't have but it worked GREAT!
#37 by Vapingrammy , Jan 17. 2016, 10:26
This is so good. Vaped it all day today, had to make myself put it away so I wouldn't run out. I need need to make 120 mls so I won't have to worry about that. I appreciate all of your hard work and end enjoy many of your recipes. (VapinGrammy)
#38 by swanseajack1234, Jan 25. 2016, 16:24
@TWO what would you suggest instead of the danish. What do you think about cake batter or vanilla cupcake?
#39 by Dan the Man, Jan 28. 2016, 05:47
@kigger I have messed with the unicorn milk leak quite a bit. and though you can change out cap for tfa or any other it truly is better using all cap. I have tried every conceivable way. Of course it is all subjective. Vape on and make it the way you like it.
#40 by Cc9fingers , Jan 28. 2016, 06:21
I think the Unicorn Milk Leak is better with TFA strawberry!!!
Just my opinion!!
#41 by Dan the Man, Jan 28. 2016, 06:40
right on @Cc9fingers I personally have a sweet tooth the size of Texas:)
#42 by Cc9fingers , Jan 28. 2016, 06:53
@Dan the Man yeah I think the TFA strawberry gives it a kick in the exhale... The Capella strawberry is just there...
#43 by Dan the Man, Jan 28. 2016, 07:21
@Cc9fingers I believe you are correct. I am not much on strawberry so that is what I like about the capella sweat strawberry. I have the tfa strawberry and i do not use it much. Though I do have a recipe I call warning waffles i use it in. It needs a strong strawberry to punch through.
#44 by Maureeenie, Jan 28. 2016, 20:58
I made this two months ago and forgot about it. Holy crap! This is delicious!
#45 by truekey, Jan 30. 2016, 19:54
I didn't have butter cream so I added vanilla bourbon at 1% just to add something else to it. Probably a mistake. A bit too much on the cream/sweet side for my tastes without enough cookie/toasty notes. Overall, this IS good with a cup of black coffee though.
#46 by ThirdWorldOrder, Jan 30. 2016, 19:56
@truekey, buttercream really helps sugar cookie in this recipe. Give it another shot when you get the right ingredients
#47 by authormichellehughes, Jan 31. 2016, 21:42
vaping on it again today and even better because it's been steeping :)
#48 by tobiturbine, Feb 1. 2016, 18:32
hmmmmm, so yummy. My missus and me both loving it. LOVING it!! Thanks ThirdWorldOrder , gonna mix some of your other juices soon
#49 by Upinsmoke , Feb 6. 2016, 22:26
Wow love it ThirdWorldOrder this is now my adv, had to join just to leave you a comment... Keep posting them yummy recipes... Bless
#50 by Nuvolone , Feb 8. 2016, 22:12
After two months this is still my fav recipe on the website :) tried other recipes and I really don't get how this is not at the top of the list
#51 by ThirdWorldOrder, Feb 9. 2016, 16:22
Thank you everyone, I'm glad you all enjoy this recipe so much!
#52 by MrCessna, Feb 9. 2016, 21:51
really love this recipe. I use a touch of hot Cinnamon instead for a bit of a kick to go with all that sugary goodness. one of my favourites!
#53 by Jbird77, Feb 12. 2016, 08:26
I didn't try this earlier because I wasn't fond of the unicorn leaked recipe. Then I figured out that I just wasn't able to taste strawberries anymore. It turned out to be the best thing for me. This was the first recipe I mixed, after crying over my strawberry affliction. OMG this is it! This might be the best juice I've ever tasted. Hats off to you! Thank you for this and all the time you have taken to help the diy community.
#54 by Mich86, Feb 12. 2016, 12:22
i like it thank you
#55 by Ohm Society, Feb 16. 2016, 07:06
Hey, just wanted to off by thanking you. Your contribution to the diy community has tremendously helped expand our collective consciousness.

So I have an itching suspicion, given your choice of recipes, that you are also love custards. And since every one of your custard recipes I try I love, I need to finally make this.

Have you tried using CDS v2 and Graham Cracker v2 as I've never tried their originals
#56 by yiana, Feb 24. 2016, 20:23
I made 30ml. It's been steeping five daya now. I'm having urges to break into it! I think I will after reading all these comments.
#57 by HC2S, Feb 26. 2016, 04:02
This is a very good cinnamon vape. Let it steep and it really shines. For hoots I subbed Cinnamon Danish Swirl with Cinnamon Crunch (FLV) and it is really nice. The Cinnamon is still there, but not nearly as bright. And the Cinnamon Crunch brings a bit of cereal to the flavor. (think the sweet coating on Cinnamon Toast Crunch). TWO you are a master of the mix!
#58 by KoreanMoB, Mar 2. 2016, 02:59
I had to let it steep for about 3 weeks for it to REALLY shine~! Tasted perfumey at start. Now this is my breakfast vape!! I mixed a 30ml at start. Now making 200ml. Thank you ThirdWorldOrder
#59 by tlc221981, Mar 10. 2016, 21:10
Just whipped this is and oh my goodness this is yummy thanks for the share
#60 by Drinkmilk, Mar 10. 2016, 21:50
Awesome! instant win if you're new to mixing
#61 by Juicy Jade, Mar 17. 2016, 16:17
@ThirdWorldOrder Hi I just started DIY last Saturday and this was one of the first recipes I mixed. I love it!! I may just want a touch more cinnamon-y flavor. Any suggestions? Should I add more CDS or maybe some of FA's Cinnamon Ceylon? Also, can I add it to the already mixed bottle and if so, how much? Thanks so much! :)
#62 by ThirdWorldOrder, Mar 17. 2016, 16:31
Go ahead and add more CDS, maybe up to 2%. Some people may even like it higher, but I get this weird aftertaste anything above 2%.

I'm not too sure about FA Cinnamon Ceylon. That's a pretty strong ingredient.. also it burns my throat pretty bad!
#63 by yiana, Mar 17. 2016, 17:59
I just wanted to let you know I really like this. I'm going to make more later today. Maybe I'll bump up the CDS a little this time as well.
#64 by Bulldawg166, Mar 21. 2016, 16:12
@HC2S, what % did you use the Cinnamon Crunch at? I just got some and am contemplating substituting CDS with it as well. Since you said that the cinnamon wasn't as strong, maybe 2% to get the same cinnamon flavor?

@ThirdWorldOrder, any recommendations for substituting Flavorah Cinnamon Crunch for CDS? Should I reduce the sugar cookie as well or leave as is? Overall I LOVE this recipe, it's just that CDS can sometimes taste a bit dry/burnt for me and I'm hoping to eliminate that aspect to find a new All-Day-Vape. Thanks!
#65 by Andy Miller, Mar 22. 2016, 22:57
This is most excellent! I'm too much of a noob to suggest improvements. As usual I had to make a substitution, but only LA Cinnamon Roll for the Cinnamon Danish Swirl (Cap). Shake and vape and it's delicious as is..
#66 by Mmh1972 , Mar 25. 2016, 02:26
I wonder if the cds at 1.5% and dropping the sugar cookie to 3% and upping the graham cracker .5% would give it more of the sugar bear flavor. intriguing recipe I'll probably mix as stated then maybe tinker with it
#67 by Mmh1972 , Mar 27. 2016, 23:18
decided to make as posted and didn't use a milk frother to mix. I'm gonna take others advice and not force steep and just shake and wait. ill rate once it's fully steeped, maybe 2 weeks
#68 by ThirdWorldOrder, Mar 27. 2016, 23:45
If you used a milk frothier before, then I bet that's what's muting your flavor
#69 by Maureeenie, Mar 28. 2016, 17:57
I finally let this steep for a month without breaking into it. This recipe is phenomenal. Thank you so much for posting it.
#70 by Charlie, Mar 30. 2016, 23:31
It isn't custard, you can't taste cinnamon at all - it is something in a league of it's own - perfectly sweet, perfectly smooth - it's simply a perfect vape. Thank you so much for posting such a quality recipe.
#71 by IamI68, Mar 31. 2016, 21:03 Good Job!
#72 by ThirdWorldOrder, Mar 31. 2016, 21:14
@laml68, it's strange that they thought this was a clone. I'd never even heard of Sweet Tooth Sugar Rush before today. Apparently that's a berry cereal vape so it's not at all the same thing. It's also a coincidence that my butterscotch recipe used to be called Sweet Tooth"!
#73 by Byter, Apr 2. 2016, 05:39
Gawd this is good! Admittedly, I've got a sweet tooth but to me its perfect. To me, the cinnamon swirl is just right. I gave it four 30 minute cycles in the ultrasonic with about 80 shakes between each cycle and its good to go without steeping.
#74 by Mmh1972 , Apr 3. 2016, 06:01
maybe my taste buds are still messed up from the flu last week but honestly I'm disappointed in this. I let this steep a week and put a fresh clapton occ in the tank and its just bland to me. I won't rate this yet and maybe wait another week and try again.
#75 by mindtrapper, Apr 4. 2016, 16:23
This is one of the rare recipes I have found that really changes from week 1 to week 2 and even week 3. I made some 2 weeks ago and tried it after one week and it was bland like you said. But week 2 really helped it and changed the profile. Now I am waiting till end of week 3 to start using it. :)
#76 by Mmh1972 , Apr 4. 2016, 20:24
I appreciate that information @mindtrapper I guess I won't give up on this quite yet
#77 by yiana, Apr 5. 2016, 02:21
I like it alot around the three week mark as well.
#78 by builtnotbought, Apr 7. 2016, 03:28
What can I sub for New York Cheescake? Trying to make a diketone free version. Thanks
#79 by BunnyT, Apr 20. 2016, 15:56
I mixed this for my husband. He likes it. The cinnamon is forefront. Can't quite put my finger on what this taste reminds me of. Thanks for sharing. You definitely have a knack for mixing.
#80 by Mmh1972 , Apr 20. 2016, 21:30
I give up on this, I made it on 3-26 and it's not bland anymore but just doesn't do it for me
#81 by Sanchez, Apr 23. 2016, 00:53
Can I use Cinnamon Danish v2 (CAP) instead of Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP)?
#82 by RuntDastardly, Apr 23. 2016, 02:12
SooooOoooo damn good. Mixed on 3/7/16 and it's a quietly scrumptious little masterpiece. Really benefits from a good steep. Thanks for this. Delish.
#83 by HukIt, Apr 23. 2016, 03:41
I dont have everything for this, so i replaced with what I do have. Its so good!!

Golden Butter (CAP)
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (TFA)
Graham Cracker Clear (TDA)
New York Cheesecake (CAP)
Sugar Cookie (CAP)
Sweet Cream (CAP)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TFA)
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)
#84 by Debbiej, Apr 27. 2016, 07:57
How could this b bad?
#85 by tonediary, Apr 27. 2016, 16:52
"#68 by ThirdWorldOrder, Mar 27, 23:45
If you used a milk frothier before, then I bet that's what's muting your flavor. "
Do you think doing this mute flavors? I do that right after i mix anything. What makes you say so? Thank you!
#86 by RuntDastardly, Apr 27. 2016, 18:21
#85 @tonediary: When I bought my first wave of DIY supplies, about 7 months ago, you bet a milk frother was one of the things I considered essential. I liked knowing my mixes were fully emulsified. However, I noticed a lot of people raving about the flavor of some very subtle recipes that were just way too muted for my tastes. I assumed my olfactory sense was still healing, and I just needed bigger flavors. Then I mixed up two test batches of a juice that I considered "too light". One I whipped up with a milk frother, the other one I mixed, capped & shook the living daylights out of. I let them both steep the same amount of time, and then I filled two clean tanks with each version when they were ready. The difference was night and day! The frothed version was nice, but I had to hit it several times increasing the wattage each time to really taste it. The shaken version was just balls-out incredible, and had a spectrum of notes that I never even knew existed at even the lowest watts. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself. Milk frothers aerate your flavors too much, which, in turn, causes all of the subtler top notes to escape much more quickly before they ever have a chance to homogenize into the mix. I didn't want it to be true, but, it is. Nothing beats mixing, capping, shaking, then putting it away somewhere cool and dark and giving time a chance to work its magic on those flavors. It *sucks* having to wait a little longer, but, in the end it's worth it.
#87 by Dan the Man, Apr 27. 2016, 19:15
@RuntDastardly you have got to be kidding me! how is it I am only now hearing this? Man...that chaps my ba!!$. It makes sense though i was wondering why all of a sudden my mixes were not tasting the same, why i needed more flavoring. It started after i started using a wire mixer on my drill and aerating my juices. I can't believe it is something so simple. I am going to have to test this for myself, not that i do not believe you, but i have a need to know for myself. Thank you, thankyou thankyou.

#88 by tonediary, Apr 27. 2016, 19:53
@RunDastardly Ty very much for an in depth answer to a simple but a crucial question :) I am not touching that frother again.
@DantheMan Can you please let us know the outcome after you test it?
#89 by tonediary, Apr 27. 2016, 20:17
@RunDastardly What about hot/warm bath after mixing? What are your experiences on that? Should we just mix , shake and store it for steep and do nothing else at all?
#90 by Dan the Man, Apr 27. 2016, 20:31
@tonediary will do
#91 by RuntDastardly, Apr 27. 2016, 21:05
@Dan the Man & tonediary: You guys are very welcome, but I can't even take credit for that little informational nugget. It's great sites & good people like the ones found here, on and the DIY_eJuice subreddit that have been responsible for every real breakthrough I've had in terms of becoming a better mixer, I'm just passing it on.
@tonediary: The way I mix is this - Sometimes I pre-heat my VG bottle in a bath of hot tap water to make it a little easier to mix with, because New England winters are a bitch, and my cabinets all have drafts. I likely won't have to do this now that spring has finally sprung. I mix by weight, so, I drip the flavors in first, and when I'm done dripping and tare-ing, I swirl them gently around in the bottle to mix them. Then I add PG and swirl that until it's combined with the flavors. Then I add the Nic and VG, cap it, shake it until it's uniform in color or no longer streaky with VG "legs", then I put it in a dark cabinet and (try to!) forget about it for the recommended aging time. This method has worked better than the many things I've tried to rush things. Heat is hard on nicotine and flavors, so I tend to resist the urge to put the bottles, (even capped) in a warm bath. If I could change ONE thing about this method, it would be to introduce some option that would allow me to put my closed bottle into some kind of machine that shakes it for me. I've heard a Sawzall works great for this, but, I don't do enough woodworking to justify picking one up.
I know people that set their bottles in heated ultrasonic baths after mixing and swear by it, but I'm not getting one myself, because I've already spent a ton on DIY supplies this year and I really need to reign in my spending. I don't think it would give me the results I'm looking for anyway.
Also, people that un-cap breathe-steep their mixes make me cry real Jesus tears. This is always, always, always a bad idea.
#92 by tonediary, Apr 27. 2016, 21:16
@RuntDastardly Even passing the information on is worth appreciation in this case IMO. People usually don't bother sharing such things. Especially this detailed. Thanks once again. I guess i am done with both milk frother and hot bath after today. I will be trying my older mixes with the natural steeping way and see how it compares.
#93 by RuntDastardly, Apr 27. 2016, 21:21
@tonediary: Haha! Thanks and sorry, I do get carried away! Good luck with your experiments, I think you'll be really pleased with the results. I mixed Enyawreklaw's "Cereal Milks" with a frother, gave it 3 weeks, and was brokenhearted when I tasted it. THAT was the recipe I re-made side-by-side, because I wanted so badly to love it, and I did. :-)
#94 by Dan the Man, Apr 28. 2016, 00:47
@RuntDastardly why is letting your mix "breathe" a bad idea? have not this either
#95 by RuntDastardly, Apr 28. 2016, 01:09
#94 @Dan The Man: Some people like to "air-off", "breathe" or "vent" mixes that seem alcohol-y or perfumy. Turns out there are very few flavors that actually benefit from this process, and most of the time, it just ruins a good mix by allowing the smaller volatiles to escape before they have a chance to blend into your recipe. Plus, introducing air will oxidize your nicotine faster, making it harsher. There's a great post that goes into it in more detail here (as well as lots of other useful information):
#96 by Dan the Man, Apr 28. 2016, 01:24
@RuntDastardly thank you. I can't believe I have not figured out why my mixes were muted.
#97 by Ken O'Where, Apr 30. 2016, 06:57
Dayum, this is fantastic, TWO. Started and finished a 10ml tonight, that i made last month. Mixing 240ml in the morning. Thanks for sharing!
#98 by N, May 4. 2016, 18:34
what is that warnings about flavor?
#99 by Ken O'Where, May 4. 2016, 22:35
@N: If you click each flavor it tells you what each warning is about, for these flavors it warns you that they contain diketones. (Contains Acetoin and/or Acetyl Propionyl )

Some people choose to avoid these as a couple workers in the popcorn industry may have developed bronchial obliteration, popcorn lung, as a result of working with raw diacetyl powder.

Personally i dont worry about it and ive done quite a bit of research but some people choose not to use flavorings with these chemicals.
#100 by Jay, May 5. 2016, 03:30
Mixed up the recipe exactly, put it on my hotplate stirer for 30 minutes, vaped it on my sense herakles v2 at 90 watts. Very sweet cinnamon danish, closest thing you can get to eating it . Perfect!!! Thanks.
#101 by pdog88, May 14. 2016, 17:11
great vape. for me it was best after 23 days. I all so did a hot plate / stirer, I thing it was longer than 30 min. Any great e-juice. will make more. Thanks for sharing.
#102 by SS, May 15. 2016, 22:13
One of my few ADVs-Fantastic recipe. I steep mine naturally. Dk Cupboard and it was fine from the 10th day onward....Now making another 150mls. Thx again. Keep these great ones coming!!
#103 by illitirit, May 17. 2016, 03:19
This is really great. thank you for the recipe!
#104 by Dan the Man, May 17. 2016, 03:53
@tonediary ok i mixed two exact recipes. one of my favorites. It is as they say. the one i frothed and breathed was most definatly muted, the one i stirred was awesome,
#105 by tonediary, May 17. 2016, 17:38
@Dantheman By "stirred" you mean you only shaked the bottle after mixing right? Thank you very much for testing and reporting this. Much appreciated.
#106 by Dan the Man, May 17. 2016, 19:00
#107 by Ken O'Where, May 17. 2016, 21:14
Yeah, breathing is almost never needed, only with very heavy alcohol based flavors. Even then i wont do so, i just mix, shake and shelve it for a month. If it is still bad ill find a different flavoring from a different company. This mix is awesome after a month curing.
#108 by Debbiej, May 19. 2016, 18:29
I do the old fashion "let it sit for awhile"..... If I can. I couldn't with this. It was good the next day. Gotta mix another. I did omit the cinnamon. I don't care for it. It was still a great vape.
Another question though......I've noticed my VG not as thick. Even runs out my afc's on my rta's. Does it really get that runny in spring/summer.i started vaping late August last year. my VG going bad? I don't refridegerate it. How do people store VG?
#109 by PaulyyyEM, May 30. 2016, 05:57
@thirdworldorder I know Cap sugar cookie V1 is better dan V2 but my vendor only had V2 for a couple of months so im stuck with 15 ml V2 and its not bad or annything but im wondering if i have to up the %. Anyone can help me.
#110 by Ken O'Where, Jun 11. 2016, 23:48
@ PaulyyyEM, you should be able to swap them at the same %. Ive not tried V2 but the site says most people use them @ appx the same %.

@TWO: Vaped though almost 240ml of this, so fracking good. Wish that i could 5* it twice. Fixing to make enough base for a liter. Thanks again.
#111 by altneurose, Jun 13. 2016, 15:54
This recipe is so good. It's so good that after 6 months of trying, I'm finally convinced to move on trying to perfect a cinnamon roll vape myself. This one is not an authentic cinnamon roll, but it's plenty enough to satisfy any tooth for creamy cinnamon pastry type stuff.
#112 by brotheomen, Jun 22. 2016, 03:30
Thanks for the recipe. On shake wasn't to impressed, but after a week of steep time I am loving it. Thanks again and keep it up!
#113 by Loud N Cloudy, Jun 27. 2016, 08:11
Just dropping by to say Thank You!, @ThirdWorldOrder - I fell in love with this recipe the first time I made it a few months ago, and it's one of those magical flavors that I just *have* to have a bottle of on the go at all times. It's just an absolutely fabulous vape!! Two thumbs WAY up, and the Vulcan salute to boot. Thanks again, and Cheers! :D
#114 by Ahmed Odeh, Jul 2. 2016, 23:58
I second @HukIt. Did it exactly the way he did and it turned out amazing!
#115 by BigLew, Jul 8. 2016, 10:03
Got everything except which I think is the main ingredient sugar cookie do you think I could use something else instead for now @ThirdWorldOrder? My flavour stash is public.. Thanks in advance
#116 by Danish, Jul 12. 2016, 21:12
I am loving this one, definitely going to be a long term ADV for me. I had sub sugar cookie with v2 and vanilla custard for TFAs version, can just imagine how great it could be with the v1's. Thanks for sharing.
#117 by Danish, Jul 12. 2016, 21:15
Quite like FA joy these days so going to add some in my next batch @ 0.5% and see how it turns out.
#118 by ozric, Aug 18. 2016, 23:12
Just mixed this up and tried it on the dripper. It tastes great off the bat but I'm gonna stick it in the cupboard and wait at least a week .Still new to DIY but this tastes right up my street. A friend tried you third world custard and rates it highly and I noticed I had all the ingredients for this. Thanks for another great recipe! Keep them coming :)
#119 by SessionDrummer, Sep 5. 2016, 14:43
Just got into DIY, and glad I not only found ELR, but this recipe. Have mixed up more than a few of the top mixes here, and this one is staying on the "keep" list. Didn't try it S&V, but after 1.5 weeks was beyond perfect. Thanks for your time in sharing this.
#120 by Howard Hughes, Sep 19. 2016, 21:15
Very nice indeed. My batch only has a 4- day steep on it, but it's quite good so far. Another great recipe from you- I also enjoy your Third World Custard.
#121 by NaKiLLo, Oct 16. 2016, 14:58
I was going to do this recipe but my Vanilla Bean Ice Cream from CAP has a red-ish color that is think didn't have before, can anyone confirm what's the color of your CAP VBIC? Im just worried the concentrate turned bad.
Thanks in advance
#122 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 13:40
great !!! it is my favourite for now
#123 by SimonD, Oct 30. 2016, 16:33
After reading all the positive comments , I jumped right in and mixed up 150ml. I love this forum , thanks for the share. Vape on people :)
#124 by igottasrt8, Nov 5. 2016, 06:20
I didn't like it at first but after 3-4 weeks I loved it. Thanks!
#125 by Corvape, Nov 6. 2016, 17:05
Very nice!! Reminds me of eureka grahambies a little. Thanks for sharing.. this recipe is a keeper!
#126 by JMak642, Dec 6. 2016, 15:31
Definitely going in my rotation, this is excellent stuff. Thanks for sharing.
#127 by DougC, Dec 11. 2016, 06:36
Mr. Order, well played sir. This stuff is great! Thanks for sharing this incredible recipe.
#128 by vinnyfraser, Dec 13. 2016, 05:27
If I don't have butter cream what would you recommend switching with?
#129 by Sovereign, monday, 02:57
Hey guys i can only reach V2 versions of Graham cracker vanilla custard and sweet cream, what do you think and know about differences between V1 and V2 any info will be great

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