Cereal Marshmallow Strawberry Milk [ENYAWREKLAW] 

Gravatar - by ENYAWREKLAW, Dec 27. 2015, 03:59


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

MIX AT: 70VG /// 30PG
STEEP: SHAKE & VAPE CERTIFIED (Best after 2 weeks)

This is flavor is Sugary and Sweet Cereal Marshmallows sitting in a nice rich bowl of Strawberry Milk. Think of the left over milk, with a touch of strawberry, from a bowl of lucky charms marshmallows. This is one of my favorites as its richness of "the milk" is balanced perfectly with the and sweetness of the "strawberry and marshmallows".

This is a very delicate recipe and you SHOULD NOT substitute any flavorings. Especially INW's Marzipan because it is such a vital ingredient. I'm working on a variant using FA Marzipan since many will not be able to find INW's Marzipan, but if you must use FA Marzipan, please report your findings in the comments, or in the forums on my website. Hope you enjoy!


(This recipe is the creation of [ENYAWREKLAW]. If you find any recipes claiming they are from [ENYAWREKLAW] not posted under this account and are unsure of its authenticity, please head to diyordievaping.com where you will find all of the creators orginal recipes)

#1 by CoilArchitect , Dec 28. 2015, 01:55
I have all of the ingredients besides Marzipan and FA Almond. I figured I would substitute FA Almond for FW Hazlenut, nut what should I substitute Marzipan for? FA Torrone? FA Cookie? Should I delete it? What's your opinion Wayne?!
#2 by Shroomalistic, Dec 28. 2015, 05:10
Your a dick, I just had to order marzipan. Bull city has it n stock
#3 by Baphomet, Dec 29. 2015, 06:53
Used CAP Sugar Cookie V2 and FA Marzipan, both in the original percentages -- I do think you could be right about dropping the FA Marzipan a touch, but I'm really enjoying it as is; Mighty tasty!

I tried and enjoyed your SVBIC but felt like this is definitely an improvement over the latter. Initial tasting kinda reminds me a little of Frankenberry Cereal back in the day, so much so that I may try this with Blueberry for a BooBerry type...

Props, Sizzletits! ;)
#4 by vapdarma, Dec 29. 2015, 10:02
HI, i dont have marzipan!!! can you give us options to substitute this flavor? i just spend $600 in DIY supplies because of you! and i dont have marzipan. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
#5 by Shroomalistic, Dec 30. 2015, 20:43
Got my marazipan today and whipped up a quick batch without the almond. Very yummy. The marazipan is extremely strong and the promident flavor here. When he says don't leave it out he means it. It definitely needs to steep. I can not taste the strawberry at all but with a little steeping I think the marazipan will fade and the rest will break through.
#6 by Mfloyd73, Jan 1. 2016, 02:36
Thanks! Another amazing recipe!
#7 by Kitsune, Jan 2. 2016, 07:02
Can the sweetener be omitted? I'm about to order a couple of flavors that I don't have so I can make this...sounds amazing! I'd rather not use sucralose, though.
#8 by KGuardian, Jan 4. 2016, 23:54
@Kitsune... yes, you can omit the sweetener. Wayne has it as an optional ingredient in the recipe on the DIYorDIE web site. I used half of the sweetener of what the recipe calls for and it was way too sweet for me, so I'll also be omitting it in the next batch that I make.
#9 by Kitsune, Jan 5. 2016, 05:10
@KGuardian: Thanks for answering! I still need those flavors but once bull city has them in stock, I'm going to try this, minus sweetener
#10 by Jasetheace, Jan 5. 2016, 22:53
Wayne, you are the man... Loved everyone of your recipes to date, just ordered the missing ingredients i didn't have to mix this up. However, couldn't find FA Almond but i do have TFA Toasted Almond, do you think that will work ok? Not sure how these flavourings differ.... Keep up the good work bro : )
#11 by Shroomalistic, Jan 5. 2016, 23:06
On diyordie he states you don't need the almond. It's only there if you want the almond milk taste
#12 by Jasetheace, Jan 5. 2016, 23:18
Good shout Shroomalistic, just checked Wayne's website... Think I might even prefer it without the Almond, I will omit it for one mix and add it to another, see what I prefer.... Cheers mate! 👍🏼
#13 by probywan, Jan 12. 2016, 07:25
Can't find the marzipan anywhere. Should've ordered as soon as he released the recipe. I thought to myself "meh it won't sell out that fast" :/
#14 by DIY_IZZ_LIFE-57, Jan 12. 2016, 19:13
Is bull city the only place in the states who has INW marzipan ?
#15 by Shroomalistic, Jan 13. 2016, 00:24
#16 by DIY_IZZ_LIFE-57, Jan 13. 2016, 00:51
Looking for INW marzipan
#17 by probywan, Jan 13. 2016, 00:56
Yeah me too. I think bull city is only place in USA with it. It hasn't been in sick for like 2 weeks though
#18 by DIY_IZZ_LIFE-57, Jan 13. 2016, 01:06
Ya I emailed bull city a week ago and they said they were gonna place a order with inawera in the next day or so and that it doesn't take long for them to ship to them I just don't wanna order directly from inawera again cuz for 1 I don't wanna pay shipping from Poland and for 2 last time I did I ordered biscuit and shisha strawberry and it took 3 weeks to get here
#19 by Shroomalistic, Jan 13. 2016, 02:32
Crap I thought that was. Sorry was half awake when I posted that
#20 by DIY_IZZ_LIFE-57, Jan 13. 2016, 03:45
Ya Nicotine river only sells flavor art flavorings but it's cool no problem
#21 by RuntDastardly, Jan 18. 2016, 20:17
Mixed this up about 2 weeks ago, keeping the recipe exact, save for omitting the sucralose. I've been vaping on it for about an hour now, and just wanted to pop in and say thanks. I was already a fan of Cereal Milks, but the addition of Almond and Marzipan in this version is some next-level deliciousness. Yum! Getting ready to mix up my first batch of Misty today, too!
#22 by Kitsune, Jan 27. 2016, 06:10
Didn't like it much after mixing so I set it aside and have come back to it about 10 days later. Really, really good juice! Can't stop vaping it - excellent flavor and everything has meshed together perfectly. Just needed a decent steep...will be making this again. Thanks!
#23 by probywan, Jan 29. 2016, 09:43
This is the best recipe on this entire site in my opinion. Fucking brilliant, Wayne. Thanks so much for sharing it
#24 by jasenrm, Jan 31. 2016, 20:25
Man I've been working on a dr crimmy honey hump clone since the day I started diying(6months). So I took this recipe and subbed a 10% FA honey solution, added small amount of tfa rice crunchies and tweaked a few other things and I'm soooooooooooo happy with the results. I think honey humps is the best juice I've ever had. So being able to clone it is why I started diying because I go through it soooo fast. Now I can make endless amounts. Thanks Wayne!
#25 by probywan, Feb 1. 2016, 05:35
@jaenrm I've been trying to find something close to honey humps for a long time. let me know if you decide to post the recipe!
#26 by WVS1980, Feb 6. 2016, 13:48
(Had to use FA Marzipan) The Marshmallow and milk note comes through incredibly smooth and with the right amount of sugar behind it. Been enjoying this at 2mg Nic, and though I'm dealing with less of a throat hit, it's flavorful profile definitely comes through and helps with my Nic reduction plan. I'm looking out for that INW Marzipan to become available and mix this recipe properly. Thanks Wayne.
#27 by Dio, Feb 13. 2016, 22:58
After 2 weeks i just fill my tank with this juice and ....
Holy juice dude....holy juice..
Just like the description.!!!
My new ADV
Many many thanks man!
#28 by dw117, Feb 16. 2016, 12:38
Used FA Marzipan instead of INW (at the same 0.5%) and it comes through really well. Obviously not sure how much of a difference it makes but with FA it is delicious. Right after mixing the marzipan and strawberry are very prominent but after a day or two to settle down it all gets very well rounded. The marzipan is still a strong flavour but you get more of the creamy and cereal notes. I might try lowering the FA marzipan to 0.25% next time to see what it's like but as I really like the taste of marzipan it works great for me at 0.5%. Hope this helps people who can't find INW.
#29 by mrloqqe, Feb 19. 2016, 15:28
what setup are you guys running with this juice? better with hot/warm/cold build?
#30 by Dio, Feb 19. 2016, 16:05
@mrloqqe I use dual clapton. 4 ohms 50 watts not hot not cold for me. Just a little warm as I like
#31 by mrloqqe, Feb 19. 2016, 16:24
thx! nice i have pretty much the same build in my tugboat at the moment.
#32 by Dio, Feb 19. 2016, 16:25
#33 by mrloqqe, Feb 19. 2016, 22:30
it's amazing
#34 by Ctheseicecreams, Feb 29. 2016, 23:53
bull city vapor has inw marzipan in stock. i just got it today.
#35 by auTONYmous, Mar 3. 2016, 21:13
I also made this with FA Marzipan (lowered to .5%), and personally added .5% of TPA Strawberry Organic for just a tiny bit more strawberry on the exhale. So good! (also running dual SS316 claptons at .4ohm, 50-60w, 450f TC.)
Been my ADV for a month and no signs of changing.
#36 by Theonetheycall, Mar 4. 2016, 15:57
I have to admit this stuff is good a wk in.
#37 by Gooch, Mar 8. 2016, 15:11
Had high hopes for alot of waynes recipes after svbicc, but everone of them has let me down tremendously. This one is no different, cant even stand to vape it. Svbicc is the bomb though only recipe I like of his.
#38 by nuno, Mar 11. 2016, 19:16
made today, looking forward to vape it in a few days :) thanks.
#39 by 4 rings of fury, Mar 16. 2016, 10:49
@Gooch I agree. I'm going to bite my tongue here on the topic of overrated recipes but Rhodonite was okay too. It's not even a matter of "not to my personal taste" because I like the flavor profiles but think they'd be even better if they weren't so over complicated. I feel like he uses all these minute percentages of random things to give the impression of the recipe having a "complex" flavor or that he has fines when it comes to flavorings. But I feel you end up with a recipe/juice that tastes like its not quite sure what the heck it wants to be and that so many of those minute percentage flavorings aren't even perceivable in a vape. In an actual dessert, absolutely.

FWIW, I have rated this and any other recipe I've tried of his 5 stars since I think they flavors work well together (despite my failure to taste any of the nuances he describes). These are just MY personal opinions.
#40 by Eric404ATX, Mar 25. 2016, 01:20
Made 120ml and smells amazing! Has a great marshmallow smell without any "marshmallow" flavoring! Great job Wayne!
#41 by HoneyGram57, Apr 20. 2016, 05:03
@#29; SO glad i read all the comments before mixing, I'll still mix it but only a 10ml. bottle till I see how it hits my taste buds. I really try to like fruit flavored vapes but haven't found one I like yet!
Your comment about "over rated" made me remember the last time I jumped on the band wagon..cost me $22 with shipping & i have 120ml of JOY that doesn't taste like the funnel cakes sold at county fairs to me; it smellls & taste like rotten potaroes to me!!!
#42 by N, May 4. 2016, 18:40
who can do that and ship to my adress ?
#43 by Edwinmenten, Jun 17. 2016, 12:01
First comment on a recipe because this shit is amazing!
Best recipe on the first page of highest rewarded recipe's!
The marzipan is so subtle but good in this recipe.
Love your recipe's! Keep up the good work!
The juice is on the second day of steeping, i'm curious how it will taste after a few weeks :D

Btw i only used the half of the flavourings, and i didnt add the sweetener.
#44 by Vespanye, Jul 2. 2016, 22:33
I substituted the Marzipan for FW and nixed the almond and it tastes great. I also had to substitute CAP Sugar Cookie for TPA. I mixed, steeper, and stored in an empty Gallery Fresh Prince bottle and it tastes almost EXACTLY what came in the bottle originally. I'm going to make another batch once I get some more CAP Sugar Cookie and maybe buy some almond to see if it can be improved upon but all in all I'd still five this recipe a solid A. I know of two shops that sell Gallery Fresh Prince for $45 for 30mL. Tastes dead on. Thanks Wayne
#45 by ACOMA, Jul 27. 2016, 16:49
Amazing vape. My favorite recipe so far!
#46 by paper_boat, Jul 28. 2016, 01:52
If I am correct in assuming this is the 'Rosky Milk' concentrate on e-cig-express then I love this recipe. Every time I vape this mix it seems to change and evolve. Depending on which wattage, coil, and tank I use this recipe tastes more like lucky charms with extra marshmallows or a delicious strawberry milk that had been soaking in cereal. Wayne's creations seem to be hit-or-miss for my palette, but this one is spot-on.
#47 by Beth, Jul 28. 2016, 06:20
Seconding the commenter above me... is this the same as Rosky Milk? I bought the Rosky conentrate from ECX and I love it. I've been searching high and low for the actual recipe so I can mix it up myself! Wondering if this is the same one.
#48 by SenseiKensei, Aug 4. 2016, 14:19
mixed 100ml exactly as directed, i only have 3 words to describe this: YUM FUCKING YUM! it has only been steeping for 5 days and its amazing already, dont think my 100mls are going to see the full 2 week recommended steep :D but ill just make more
#49 by Rickw57, Aug 20. 2016, 22:40
@paper_boat and @Beth : Yes, this is the Rosky Milk which you find online. I got mine from chefsflavours and the label also says "cereal marshmallow strawberry milk". Rosky is just a nickname for this juice since the title of this recipe is a tad long to put on a label in big letters.
#50 by A.D.V., Aug 26. 2016, 04:09
made exact. let steep 1 week and tastes great! exactly like lucky charms cereal. opted to add the 1% sucralose and like the extra strawberry it brings to the front. 5/5
#51 by Danish, Aug 26. 2016, 15:55
Love this stuff! Currently in my top 5 ADVs
#52 by Moegirl, Sep 13. 2016, 01:19
Very good!!!!
#53 by igottasrt8, Sep 27. 2016, 16:36
Good stuff! Thanks for the recipe!
#54 by hardknox_, Oct 1. 2016, 03:55
Subbed in FA Marzipan and even after a 4 week steep I don't get much flavor from this at all. Not Wayne's fault, I was warned.
#55 by luisfe83, Oct 11. 2016, 18:09
This recipe is just amazing, and it comes from someone that HATES strawberry milks and strawberry creams. It is subtle, not that in your face flavor you get in juices like Cuttwood's Unicorn Milk, it is smooth, creamy, milky and it has that delicious marshmallow exhale that I keep craving. Thanks so much for the recipe, BTW I mixed exactly as intended without subbing any ingredient, let it steep for 13 days before testing it. Enjoy!!!
#56 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 13:15
very good!
#57 by Travapor, Oct 30. 2016, 03:48
Left out almond and used marzipan fa and it's pretty delishious recipe.
Almost tastes like a light strawberry pezz to me
#58 by Travapor, Oct 30. 2016, 03:50
Note I used 1% marzipan fa
#59 by jimr, Nov 4. 2016, 00:45
Im definitely making some more of this. Where does the marshmallow flavor come from though? Is it in one of the other ingredients?
#60 by vapordude, Dec 26. 2016, 07:18
Very good recipe reminds me of teet by lung candy very premium quality
#61 by karen, Dec 27. 2016, 03:39
was awesome after a 2 week steep and just as awesome 6 weeks later , am going to have to make a big batch up , thanks
#62 by MissVixen.Vapes, Dec 28. 2016, 03:02
Looks really good!
To all the people asking about subbing marzipan; read his notes. This recipe is delicate. Should not substitute. Especially marzipan....
#63 by ClintVapes, Dec 30. 2016, 00:43
This is so damn good that it ruined my other ADV's.... Just as a shake and vape alone... Haven't had a chance to let it steep yet.

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