Apple Fritter 

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Cinapple Fritter [DIYorDIE: returnity] -- Please rate on ELR
CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl - 5.00%
FLV Rich Cinnamon - 0.33%
FA Fuji - 4.00%
TFA Dragonfruit - 0.67%
TFA Bavarian Cream- 3.00%
FA Joy - 0.50%
FA Almond - 0.50%
MaxVG4lyfe, 86% VG / 14% PG.

Recipe Notes:

This is the recipe I bought FA Joy to make: a legit apple fritter. Granted, it's had a long and tortured birth process, when Joy was not what I expected, but I adapted and reworked things, and after 2 complete-restarts & 7-8 versions, I've got something really close to amazing. Here's how it all comes together:

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl's doughy pastry notes get drawn out to the forefront brilliantly by FA Joy & FA Almond together, and the TFA Bavarian Cream adds a moist, textured mouthfeel and decadence to it.

FA Fuji delivers perfectly on the Apple notes, as expected. I've considered several ways to enhance the apple component, including TFA/FA Apple Pie, TFA Pear, and TFA Dragonfruit (components list). I ended up going with TFA Dragonfruit for two reasons.

One, it has a high % of triethyl citrate, which has emulsifying properties that are particularly useful in a mix like this, which has natural cinnamon flavors in it (ever notice how CAP Cinnamon Danish tends to separate in its bottle?). The second reason is basic Deeper DIY -- ethyl butyrate & isoamyl acetate, both found in TFA Dragonfruit, are complementary to FA Fuji, as both compounds are often used in apple and similar flavors themselves. Therefore, a touch of TFA Dragonfruit not only adds some extra juicy tartness to the apple filling flavor, it helps the cinnamon blend into the apple flavor, creating "Cinnamon Apples" instead of "Cinnamon + Apples", so to speak. FA MTS Vape Wizard can also help with this -- My DIYorDIE partner @wayne.walkerr once likened MTS to 'putting your ingredients in the blender' in his Boardwalk milkshake recipe, and I think that's fairly accurate.

Speaking of cinnamon, Flavorah's Rich Cinnamon is unmatched by any other cinnamon flavors, and it really shines best in a bakery mix like this one. There's no substitute, so if you don't have it, get it -- but you can make this recipe without it. I feel that dropping it works better than trying to substitute FA Cinnamon Ceylon, which is painfully lackluster beside the FLV. My only regret? I can't use more Rich Cinnamon without overwhelming the balance of the recipe...

Modifications & Tweaks:
No FLV Rich Cinnamon? Increase CAP CDS by 1-2% and leave it out, or substitute FA Cinnamon Ceylon at same %.
Too many ingredients? TFA Dragonfruit & FA Almond are highly-recommended but not strictly required.
Want even more doughy pastry? Add 1% FA Apple Pie or 2-3% TFA Apple Pie.
Swap CAP Cinnamon Danish for TFA Cinnamon Danish or FW Cinnamon Roll to get a different character of cinnamon-pastry.
Swap TFA Bavarian Cream for CAP Vanilla Custard - 2% or FLV Vanilla Custard - 1% to experiment with an eggier, fluffier type of pastry dough, instead of the gooey rich type.
Diketone-free version: This will clear the recipe of any unwanted baddies, but I haven't mixed it myself, so I can't promise it will be equally delicious, but it should still be good.
Swap CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl for CDS V2, same %.
Swap TFA Bavarian Cream for new CAP Bavarian Cream (no A/P or DA) or TFA's Bavarian Cream DX, same %. FLV Vanilla Custard at 1% might be an interesting sub too.
If you do mix it up, with or without variations, please let us know! I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as I enjoy this community.

I've been compiling a bunch of my best recipes to post on DIYorDIE, along with a series of articles about DeeperDIY flavoring science & some other cool material I've put together over the years mixing. I promised to do this a while back when @wayne.walkerr and I started our DIY project together, but I've been lagging, but I'm not gonna let some NJ punk who goes by "YungLungz" outmix me!

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