Wagon Wheel 3 

Gravatar - by dynamix, Jul 15. 2016, 01:31


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


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Adapted from this recipe

#1 by dynamix, May 20. 2016, 05:24
This is nice, but a bit of a muddled mess.
I'm aiming for a dark chocolate covered cookie base, with a layer of marshmallow and some strawberry jam.
I think FA chocolate + FA cocoa will give the dark choc I'm chasing. The TPA chocolate at 3% isn't giving much.
Can't really taste the cookie, so need to go higher with that.
Can just taste the marshmallow, so need to go higher with that too.
I know that real wagon wheels have plum in the jam component, so I'm thinking lessen the strawberry, and either buy some plum flavour, or add harvest berry to the strawberry to give some darker berry notes.
Not sure what the creams are doing for the mix.
choc 4-5% (or an FA choc/cocoa blend up to 5%)
biscuit 2-3%
strawb 4-5%
harvest berry 0.5-1%
mallow 2.5-3%
#2 by dynamix, Jul 15. 2016, 01:29
So I've given up for now, but blended all 3 attempts together, added 2 versions of failed berry mixes to it, and it tasted pretty damn good, but nothing like a wagon wheel. The crust from the apple pie is the bomb after at least a 1 month steep.
I will eventually have another crack at this.
Chocolate is sooo hard.
#3 by Wpg_Vaper, Jul 15. 2016, 04:23
FW Yellow cake works well to boost the cookie flavor. Chocolate IS hard. I have had good results with FW Double Dutch Twister. Tastes a bit like a swiss roll IMO and blends well with the cakey flavours. I agree that the strawberry looks a little high for this application. Vanilla Swirl at 1-1.5% may give your creams a bit of a marshmallow edge.
#4 by dynamix, Jul 19. 2016, 09:24
@ Wpg_Vaper
Thanks mate, I really appreciate the helpful notes and tips that you've given above.
When I come back to this recipe, I will be referring to them and taking your advice.

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