Classified "KEEN" Clone V4 

Gravatar - by dynamix, Jun 18. 2016, 11:06


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

Version 1 overpowered by Bilberry at the 3 week mark.
Version 2 has the same amount of Bilberry, so I'm expecting the same to happen, although tasting good at the 1 week mark.
So for version 3 I have-
- halved the Bilberry.
- Dropped Blueberry extra down to 3%
- Added Cotton Candy at 1%

Version 3 is better, still a little too much blueberry, but the other flavours starting to come through as blueberry is reduced.
So for Version 4 I have-
-Dropped Bilberry from 0.5 to 0.4%
-Dropped Blueberry extra from 3 to 2%
-Increased Cotton Candy from 1 to 2%

Adapted from this recipe

#1 by dynamix, Jun 18. 2016, 11:06
Tis pretty damn close to wot I'm aimin for. nice.
Bilberry takes 2 weeks to steep and be full flavour IMO.
#2 by dynamix, Jun 18. 2016, 11:08
comments etc welcome.
#3 by robin, Jul 16. 2016, 04:25
This looks good. I guess i need to place another order. Thanks for posting. How did V4 come out ?
#4 by dynamix, Jul 16. 2016, 05:54
V4 tastes pretty awesome.V5 is current version, but just a tweak. Bilberry back up to .5%, cotton candy back down to 1%.
I'm keen for someone else to make and try this. Everyone I've given a taste to liked it.
Finding new recipes is fun, but always involves more bloody orders.!!

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