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Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

Nicotine fuild is "traditional" from FlavourArt.
It's a great 24 mg 10 ml every-day-vape.
Leave out the nicotineless VG, and you have a great vape for a night on the town ;)

Source: guanomo of ecig-forum.dk

#1 by Berlon Burch, Mar 14. 2012, 21:42
Very nice vape! I prefer a stronger flavor so I increased the flavors per by 2 percent.
#2 by s3r3nity, Sep 8. 2014, 15:14
i now quit smoking for about 1.5 months, i wish i would of found/been offered this as my 1st ejuice, it's the closest tobacco tasting recipe i have tryed yet! way closer then what they had in the local stores.
i made this recipe @ 40PG/60VG 10mg
#3 by eliquid.taster@gmail.com, Sep 24. 2014, 18:52
((Removed non-relevant comment from company seeking employees))
#4 by Coldmantis, Dec 3. 2014, 04:03
I just started DIY juice, I made at least 10+ some clones some on this site, this is by far the best recipe I have made. They should sell these in stores lol. Great Job Lars!!
#5 by Lars, Dec 3. 2014, 04:53
I'm happy you like it - The recipe is not my invention though, it was made by a dude called "guanomo" on the Danish e-cig forum ecig-forum.dk :) It is a great tobacco though. I find myself adding Shade from Flavour Art into ALL my tobaccos!

If you want a lighter tasting tobacco, I can recommend trying this one: e-liquid-recipes.com/r/9n :)
#6 by Coldmantis, Dec 3. 2014, 05:07
Thanks for the recommendation Lars, I looked at that recipe before. Unfortunately in Canada we don't have access to all the flavouring and American red is one of those flavours I can't find. This Tobacco taste is perfect for me though I like the stronger stuff. How Long do you recommend steeping this juice though? my first batch was a test 3ml :( I finnished it in an hour.... I steeped that one in a crock pot for like 3.5hrs but this 30ml I just made I don't have a glass bottle so I'm steeping it naturally, I hope this 30ml doesn't take months since it's a tobacco flavour.
#7 by Lars, Dec 3. 2014, 16:43
Bummer with DV and Canada :/

With Flavour Art, long steeps is a must. Ideally I'd say at least 14 days. A week is fine (that's what I did, I think), but the longer FA steeps the better it seem to become! No idea what the crock-pot-equivalent time is :)
#8 by wigglewiggle, May 18. 2015, 23:09
Hye there...
can i havr your email please ?
Just want to know more about your juices..
#9 by Charlie, Aug 15. 2015, 11:39
Spot on tobacco !
#10 by Yannis2810, Feb 8. 2016, 11:03
This is one of my favorite recipes. A very nice tobacco-like flavor, which goes well with coffee or with a drink.
#11 by Jose, May 3. 2016, 22:15
I just found half a bottle of this from 10 months ago, it is still tasting pretty good :-)
#12 by amarula11, Aug 16. 2016, 22:22
Hi Lars thanks for the recipe. Mixing this up-how long does it need to steep? Thanks
#13 by Lars, Aug 17. 2016, 01:48
I would steep this for a couple of weeks! :)
#14 by Nik420, Aug 28. 2016, 22:09
Made this with max Vg, 6 mg strength, now after 2 weeks steep really enjoying it, perfect substitute, especially with cravings that I still experience, since it has been a bit over 2 months without analogs, after 22 years. Thanks for sharing.
#15 by Little Blue Screwdriver, Oct 17. 2016, 06:49
I want to make this to use in a Kayfun Lite Plus @ 1.2 ohms which means I can only go up to 60vg . I'm going to drop the nicotine to 6mg but I don't want the flavor to be overpowering. Should I drop the percentages?
#16 by Lars, Oct 17. 2016, 10:02
You can drop the % a little, but it is supposed to be a good strong tobacco :)

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