Classified "KEEN" Clone V5 

Gravatar - by dynamix, Jul 15. 2016, 14:07


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

Version 1 overpowered by Bilberry at the 3 week mark.

Version 2 has the same amount of Bilberry, so I'm expecting the same to happen, although tasting good at the 1 week mark.

So for version 3 I have-
- halved the Bilberry.
- Dropped Blueberry extra down to 3%
- Added Cotton Candy at 1%

Version 3 is better, still a little too much blueberry, but the other flavours starting to come through as blueberry is reduced.

So for Version 4 I have-
-Dropped Bilberry from 0.5 to 0.4%
-Dropped Blueberry extra from 3 to 2%
-Increased Cotton Candy from 1 to 2%

V 5 - bilberry back up to 0.5%
- cotton candy down to 1%.
tinker tinker tweak tweak

Adapted from this recipe

#1 by flairbrtndr, Aug 3. 2016, 05:44
sounds like it'll be good... keep posting results
#2 by dynamix, Aug 3. 2016, 11:58
Thanks, it is delicious and my ADV. Messing around with the percentages has got the balance just right IMO. It is definitely a 90%+ clone. You get apple/kiwi sometimes and blueberry other times. It also tastes creamy at times too.
I am very happy with it, but will still play around with it using FA Fuji mixed with, and instead of the FA Apple(Red apple), and also blueberry wild instead of blueberry extra.
But for now I'm just vaping the shit out of it.
I just wish someone would make this and give their opinion/feedback.
Thanks for reading and commenting.

#3 by flairbrtndr, Aug 4. 2016, 01:56
I"ll make some up this weekend and see how it goes... I taste right after i make it, then a week later and so on...I generally let things go for about 4 weeks before I pass judgment...
#4 by dynamix, Aug 5. 2016, 07:09
I appreciate that. Hope you like it as much as i do.
I find 2 weeks and onwards until flavors all balance out, even though it's a simple fruit recipe.
#5 by flairbrtndr, Aug 5. 2016, 22:04
I just whipped this up as written except I used Circus Cotton Candy (TFA) because i thought it would taste better than just EM and I made it at VG/PG 85/15... so far its pretty delicious in my dripper on clapton coils reading .36 ohm and 70watts... I will check back in after I steep it for a week so I can see how the flavors develop

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