The number of recipes also include private recipes.

This list contain flavors that may break/crack/melt plastic tanks. It contains flavors suspected to contain diacetyl and other unhealthy ingredients such as oils and other non-water soluble ingredients. Also to some extent there are artificial colorings. Each type is marked differently. Do you know of flavorings that should be on this list? Contact me, and I will put them on!

403 flavors
Flavor Recipes Rating
Absinthe (MBV) 1
Acai Berry (FW) 132
Afternoon Delight (MBV) 15
Almond (LA) 71
Amaretto (FW) 140
Amaretto (LA) 112
Amaretto (MBV) 1
Anise Oil (LA) 45
Apple (Green) (FW) 988
Apple (Tart Granny Smith) (TPA) 1407
Apple (Twoj) 3
Apple Cider (WF) 26
Bacon (Cap) 17
Baked Cinnamon Roll (LB) 400
Baker's Touch (LB) 211
Banana (MBV) 69
Banana (TW G/S) 31
Banana Cream (LA) 11839
Banana Cream (TPA) 24441
Banana Foster (MBV) 127
Banana Nut Bread (FW) 266
Banana Puree (WF) 77
Banana Split (FW) 277
Banana Split (MBV) 0
Banana TW Red label 1

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