Third World Custard 

Gravatar - by ThirdWorldOrder, Jul 8. 2016, 03:50


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

1 drop Capella Golden Butter per 10ml. If you use Butter and don't let this age for 2-3 weeks, you will have a very buttery custard (which may be okay for some people). Just a heads up, Capella renamed "Butter" to "Golden Butter" so everything is pretty much the same as before.

Feel free to sub marshmallow with whatever brand you have. I've made this with cap and tfa before and didn't notice too much of a difference in the overall flavor.

If you prefer your custards to be a little less sweet or plan to age this for an extended period of time, just change the Vanilla Custard and French Vanilla Percentages at a 4:1 ratio. (ex. 8% VC & 2% FV or 6% VC & 1.5 FV)

Give this one at least a week to age but your sweet spot will be around week 3
Jan 29:
Hey ELR, here's an alternate that I enjoy just as much as what's posted here.

#1 by Ken O'Where, May 6. 2015, 01:26
Without even trying this i know its a WIN. Im going to make 4oz of this tonight, so it can start curing right away. High % VC V1, thats perfect for me. Ive got a similar recipe that i use Cream Cheese Icing (LA) instead of butter and MM. Cake batter is a good idea, i tried Vanilla Cupcake (CAP) in my mix, yuck. That stuff is awful.

Arent most of the good things in life bad for us? ;)

Thanks for sharing,
#2 by ThirdWorldOrder, May 6. 2015, 18:16
Haha, I tried Vanilla Cupcake as well, and as you said, it just wasn't that good. Too much vanilla. I hope you enjoy the recipe!
#3 by Ken O'Where, May 7. 2015, 00:33
Excellent as a S&V, i mixed 30ml to test and then mixed another 4oz for curing. I can tell you right now it wont be curing long.. Had to skip the butter, didnt realize i was out.

Thanks for sharing TWO!
#4 by Taz, Jun 2. 2015, 22:21
Can u use French vanilla tfa? I don't know if that's as good never use it.
#5 by ThirdWorldOrder, Jun 8. 2015, 04:54
Yeah it should be fine Taz although Cap is probably better
#6 by Alisa, Jun 22. 2015, 06:41
Oh my! Another one I've GOTTA try soon.
#7 by ejexe, Jul 25. 2015, 04:58
I might try this one later.. I am missing some ingredients but I will be ordering some new flavors tonight or tomorrow. Ever since I tried graham cracker in a custard, I haven't made it any other way. So I will probably have to do that too lol. I will update with my results! Thanks for the great recipes!
#8 by ThirdWorldOrder, Jul 27. 2015, 05:15
ejexe, you could always replace Cake Batter (the main variable ingredient) with Cap Graham Cracker. Of course it wouldn't be the same, but I bet it would be good
#9 by JohnZena, Aug 2. 2015, 15:50
I just mixed 300ml and put it up to steep. Your recipe reads like my ultimate juice. I'm not messing around. I stirred up a big batch. I'll be back with your stars in a couple weeks. Thank you for sharing.
#10 by RebornLincoln96, Aug 4. 2015, 03:19
I ended up replacing butter with sweetener as I'm not a fan of anything butter and didn't have any to begin with. Hopefully this doesn't kill the flavor. Will let you know what I think. I'm hoping this will be the end all be all of flavors.
#11 by Kelleyjo333, Aug 4. 2015, 18:23
Other than a few brand changes due to not having the right one, I stuck to it best I could. It is very very good just a few days in.
#12 by Kelleyjo333, Aug 11. 2015, 18:40
I made a big bottle of flavor base, this stuff is superb!
#13 by ejexe, Aug 29. 2015, 08:39
Trying this with LA butter and TFA Custard. I don't have cake batter so I will add a tiny bit of FA vanilla classic (~1%) for some extra vanilla flavor. Will post my results later.

Thanks TWO!
#14 by ejexe, Aug 29. 2015, 08:42
Oh TFA French vanilla too.
#15 by ejexe, Aug 29. 2015, 08:57
I have yet to try CAP custard, but shake and vaped, the TFA custard is a bit overpowering. I will see what happens after a hot water bath.
#16 by DarthVapor, Sep 7. 2015, 22:35
I didn't have the butter so I subbed some of TFA's vanilla custard because to me it has that butter note to it.
I did lower the total custard a little bit to suit my personal taste but this is a great custard recipe, thanks for sharing!
#17 by aura, Sep 8. 2015, 00:46
I didn't have butter either but damn this is custard for sure! me likey :)
#18 by Alisa, Sep 8. 2015, 03:03
This is an excellent recipe. I subbed vendors too, but it was still wonderful. Used French Vanilla (TPA) and Marshmallow (FW) instead of the CAP and FA brands. Wonderful! Thank you.
#19 by OhMatt84, Sep 8. 2015, 06:17
yea this is excellent just made 60 ml of this
#20 by nnorm, Sep 8. 2015, 19:02
Can I use CAP custard v2? For now I only have access to this one, is it ok?
#21 by ThirdWorldOrder, Sep 9. 2015, 19:28
I've never tried it with v2, feel free to try it out! I'd use it at 7%
#22 by spinner, Sep 12. 2015, 15:40
Darthvapor told me to try this because I'm a custard nut and I love this like it is! Thanks! Nice and simple custard mix!
#23 by MCA, Sep 26. 2015, 19:41
Not want to wait for steeping time every time you make a recipe?
Just steep your flavors!
For example,let's say you buy a 10 ml cap custard,just poor it in a bigger bottle and ad 10 ml base and let it steep the whole bottle and after making recipes you can vape it right away.
Since you diluted it just use double percentage.

I do this with all my flavors that need weeks of steep works like a charm!
#24 by jzerba2013, Oct 1. 2015, 00:27
I didn't have all of the right flavors but this is great! I'll have to get the correct flavors and make it again. I used all the percentages but used vanilla cup cake (tfa) instead of cake batter, and used FW French vanilla and vanilla custard and I substituted marshmallow for toasted marshmallow (TFA). It's really good this way like I said but will try the original once I order the flavors. Thanks a lot for the recipe!!!
#25 by Kebabzi, Oct 18. 2015, 22:51
Is it possible to add marshmallow TPA instead of FA?
#26 by ejexe, Oct 19. 2015, 05:14
I haven't messed with TPA marshmallow but I would assume you need more percentage-wise.

I like mine with extra marshmallow :)
#27 by Dio, Oct 21. 2015, 15:55
Very nice custard buddy!!!
Thanks a lot.
#28 by RebornLincoln96, Oct 21. 2015, 23:40
Totally forgot to comment from like forever ago, but this recipe is cash money!!! Have made about 12 30ml's of this and can NOT put it down. Bravo!! Going to try some of your other flavors now :)
#29 by MysticRose, Oct 29. 2015, 09:18
Thank you for such a delicious offering. I believe in steeping custards, so I lowered it to 8% VC & 2% FV. I also subbed LA Cream Cheese Icing for the cake batter as I didn't have it. Such unbelievable flavor, and it has an amazing thick pudding like mouth feel, that I haven't been able to achieve in my other custard recipes. I've been comparing them to figure out the secret, but no luck. Mine didn't have FV, but I have a plain FV and caramel recipe that doesn't have the mouth feel, so can't be that. Maybe just a chemical reaction with the blend? It's driving me crazy. However, this custard is now my base to create every other flavored custard. I just add whatever additional flavor I am in the mood for. I can't thank you enough!
#30 by Kebabzi, Oct 29. 2015, 13:37
@ThirdWorldOrder; I mixed this 22nd of October, just filled up my Kayfun. Three letters for you; Piss Off Mate. HAHAHAH JUST JOKING.

OH MY GOD! This custard is now my favorite. It's super creamy and contains explosive vanilla (which I love) and at the end, just this cakey-ness. Superb m8!
#31 by Facer, Nov 2. 2015, 18:44
That was quite a ride. Have been eyeing this recipe for a month. Ordered the aroma, took two weeks to get thru customs in Norway. Finally mixed it up, hot bath for 2 hours, breath over night. The morning after, settling down with a cup of coffee to enjoy my third world custard. Sharp and horrible, very sad.
But! Left it for a week or so, picked up the bottle thinking "but it got good reviews". Heaven! people HEAVEN!!! This stuff is incredible, but don't cheat on the steep.
Thanks OP!!!
#32 by KGuardian, Nov 2. 2015, 22:49
@Facer, it's even better after a couple weeks :)
#33 by Uncletattoowhat, Nov 15. 2015, 19:37
Fantastic vape. The first 30ml didn't last 2 days after a shake and vape, the second 30ml lasted another 2. I have a 120 steeping now.
#34 by KGuardian, Nov 16. 2015, 00:39
@Uncletattoowhat Just got done priming a new coil in my Atlantis with a batch I let steep for 3 weeks. It's Freakin delicious.
#35 by VapingLady, Dec 13. 2015, 10:44
have u tried this with a cinnamon note? maybe a drop of rich cinnamon by Flavorah?
#36 by BoyHowdy, Dec 14. 2015, 07:00
Wonderful flavor , thank you for sharing!
#37 by Vaper Steve, Dec 15. 2015, 20:29
Made 30ml batch on 03/12/15 gave it ultrasonic bath and then let it steep for a while. The wife used it all in two days grrrrrr she says its fantastic will have to take her word for it. Making large batch now.

#38 by ThirdWorldOrder, Dec 18. 2015, 01:06
Seems a lot of you have a problem aging this recipe! Thanks for all the kind words and let me know if you all come up with any cool adaptations. I'll put them up with the main post.
#39 by Spacey, Dec 20. 2015, 11:32
I mixed some of this up a few months back. I have to let custards steep for at least 4 weeks as otherwise (to me) they just don't deliver. After waiting the required time I tested this and have to say that as it's written it's a really, really great custard recipe (and I'm so fussy about custard it's untrue!) So thank you very much :D
P.s - I've found that adding TFA Graham Cracker (clear) to custards works wonders (I've been chasing my ultimate custard mix for over a year. One day I'll get there...), So I went ahead and tried adding some to pre steeped ThirdWorldCustard, then let that steep for a further couple of weeks to blend it. For my tastes it made TWC even better! Can't rem the % off the top of my head, think it was 3%.
#40 by john70, Dec 21. 2015, 22:54
Pg sensitive and newb mixer, any chance I can sub FA custard to reduce pg?
#41 by Tr1xxy, Dec 21. 2015, 23:36
Made this with a few tweaks ;) thanks for sharing TWO! If you want to check what I've done to this recipe it's on my profile
#42 by SixFiveLive, Dec 22. 2015, 03:15
john70, I'm just now about to mix this up for the first time, but I can tell you subbing FA custard would change it a lot. FA custard is an Italian custard with citrus in it. Mixing as is would still give you around 85 vg. You could probably lower the VC to 8 or 6, and french van to 2 or 1.5, keeping them in the same ratio to each other to get a little more vg in there.
#43 by TRisin, Dec 22. 2015, 03:28
I just made this with a few subs and its horrible 1 star, hang on let me log into my other accounts to rate this lower!
Haha no seriously I can't wait for my cap order to get here and mix this one up! Your recipes all look excellent I just never have the right ingredients to try them out! FedEx has my package for now so soon ill be mixing this one sadly I didn't even think to get butter but we'll make it work! Much thanks for the recipe TWO and I guess ill just go with a 50ml to start since it sounds like ill be dripping into it early than week 3!
#44 by ejexe, Dec 22. 2015, 06:00
FYI, this has been my ADV for awhile now, and I don't even have the French Vanilla lol.

Also, the butter isn't 100% necessary, I skip it from time to time. I also bump the Marshmallow up to ~2% most of the time, cause I lovee me some marshmallow flavor. I am interested in subbing marshmallow for the toasted counterpart, has anyone tried this?
#45 by MysticRose, Dec 22. 2015, 06:20
I personally feel the butter is integral to the flavor, richness, and thick mouthfeel. This recipe is excellent as is, all these changes are significant enough that it is completely changing the flavor, and the juice ends up being a completely different flavor and recipe. People can't change 2+ of only 5 ingredients and then offer an opinion on THIS recipe, because it's no longer THIS recipe and shouldn't be judged based on the changes, it's incorrect and misleading to others that are looking for accurate reviews. Not trying to be mean, just honest.
#46 by ejexe, Dec 22. 2015, 06:43
I am not saying omitting two ingredients is the same recipe, nor am I telling others to "run out of a flavor" as I have done. I am saying that in my experience of mixing THIS recipe while missing ONE ingredient, tastes the same to me with/without the ONE DROP of butter. Don't get all butthurt. I have made the FULL RECIPE before, I just ran out of French Vanilla and have been making it without it..
#47 by Castaway, Dec 29. 2015, 09:51
Hey 3rdWorld. Do you happen to play world of tanks? Just saw a guy on WOT with a user name like yours. Just wondering, what are the odds?? :-)
#48 by ThirdWorldOrder, Dec 30. 2015, 23:56
Never tried World of Tanks :(

I'm an old Starcraft player from back in the day though! Only game I've played lately is Clash of Clans
#49 by Castaway, Dec 31. 2015, 00:05
Thanks for the comeback 3rd. It sure is a strange coincidence.
#50 by Jmpinks, Jan 3. 2016, 07:15
I thought I remembered a caramel custard recipe that I got the ingredients for but I don't see it anymore? By chance did you take that one down?
#51 by ThirdWorldOrder, Jan 3. 2016, 07:17
Sorry I took that one down because I only like to keep the ones I actually vape up! I'll pull it back out of retirement
#52 by Jmpinks, Jan 3. 2016, 07:25
Thanks so much I'm just starting diy and haven't had much luck just mixed up some third world custard and starting the steep! Thank you for sharing
#53 by ThirdWorldOrder, Jan 3. 2016, 07:28
Awesome, man. Let me know if you have any questions or need any advice. Feel free to PM me through ELR forum or on Reddit.
#54 by Jmpinks, Jan 3. 2016, 07:40
At the risk of looking super dumb I can not figure out how to pm on here!
#55 by BoyHowdy, Jan 3. 2016, 08:26
@Jmpinks I am 99.99% sure you have to click on the forum tab on the top left.That should take you to the forum where you can type in any members name in the search box and p.m.
#56 by TRisin, Jan 3. 2016, 22:18
@Jmpinks ya, the forum is separate gotta make a second log in for it I believe. Then you can search or check the posts to find a user.
@TWO sadly didn't get the cake batter either, not sure how I've been wanting to get that one to try with the custard, an old juice I use to vape regularly was described as cake batter and custard, V2 had peanut butter as well but never tried the V2. I'm still aiming to give this recipe a go but not til I have everything down to the drop of butter. Also just figured I try clash of clans, seems to be pretty popular. Just started couple days ago though. Miss running age of empires figured this might be similar feel. Not bad but see how it goes, the time things kind of put me off on games these days.
#57 by Woodman, Jan 7. 2016, 01:21
I used this for a Rhubarb Custard vape...only changes were I used 7% vanilla custard v2 instead of 10% v1...and added 1.5% Inawera Rhubarb..after 3 days...really coming together..Thanks for the awesome custard the man!!!!!!!!!
#58 by DIY_IZZ_LIFE-57, Jan 16. 2016, 06:20
So in your recipe you say .2% of Capellas golden butter and then in the description about the recipe you say one drop of Capellas butter per 10 ml my question is ... Is that on top of the .2% or does the .2% cover that ?
#59 by ThirdWorldOrder, Jan 16. 2016, 06:23
.2% covers the 1 drop per 10ml (as long as you are using the original Capella bottles). Don't sweat it, 1 less/extra drop will work just fine
#60 by DIY_IZZ_LIFE-57, Jan 16. 2016, 06:38
Alright thanks man I'll try it out (: !
#61 by SthrnMixer, Jan 21. 2016, 01:14
I'm mixing this tonight but I'll have to sub the vanilla (will use Medicine Flower) and I will use CAP Butter - the original stuff. Dude this looks great. @mordred, you're a silly shit and I would expect your account will get closed sooner or later. One star? You're a silly shit. Let's see your winning recipes.

Sorry, I never act up on here but I can't stand that crap. Non retards UNITE :)
#62 by whitefire78, Jan 21. 2016, 08:07
Really good recipe. I added the graham cracker clear at 2% and 2% ripe banana. Both tfa. Awesome taste!
#63 by ThirdWorldOrder, Jan 21. 2016, 16:21
Hey @SthrnMixer, I hope you enjoy it. FWIW, the original recipe called for the original CAP Butter anyway so that won't be a problem. Daath changed all recipes with CAP Butter to CAP Golden Butter since the original isn't being sold anymore. Not sure if there's even a difference.

French Vanilla is one of the core pieces of the recipe so I'm interested to know how it comes out with some MF subbed.
#64 by SthrnMixer, Jan 21. 2016, 16:29
MF Vanilla is the absolute best I've had. It's so good it puts all the vanillas I've had to shame. I have been subbing it for my own recipes that call for French Vanilla and Vanilla Swirl with outstanding results. FYI - I used 0.8% MF in place of the FV. Will let this steep a couple weeks or so and report back here, but like Ken_O_Where said I know it will be great. I made 80ml and can't wait to blow through it in 2 days time :)
#65 by Neil., Jan 21. 2016, 23:16
First post after lurking for a while and mixing for 2 months. I am a Custard fiend (three years on GVC) and I wanted to post to just say thank you and to show my appreciation. This is OUTSTANDING, even after 5 hours! I am already 8ml into my first 30ml mix. There is no chance this will ever get to see its potential at 3-4 weeks. AMAZING!!!
#66 by MysticRose, Jan 21. 2016, 23:17
@ThirdWorldOrder Mixed opinions are out on the Golden Butter. Butter was in process of being reformulated to be diketone free, so since Golden Butter is listed on their website as "new", I'm assuming it's the new formula? Doesn't list it yet on the AP Status page so not sure though. I haven't been able yo verify, mixed comments are all over the different forums. I sure hope not, I'm ok with the small amounts I use anyway. I'm waiting to see reviews from people that have actually tasted it ;)
#67 by jsurda, Jan 29. 2016, 02:30
Already mixed a few 60ml and 120ml bottles. Great custard.
#68 by SthrnMixer, Feb 2. 2016, 23:57
I did have to sub the Marshmallow with TPA and instead of French Vanilla I used MF Vanilla. I know the Marshmallow makes no difference and the MF Vanilla is, well, just fantastic. So I feel I've come close enough to be able to comment without being a douche. And let me just say, this is some good vapin man! I'm going to stick with my adaptation and make a base of these flavors, then I'm going custard crazy. Like Bubba on Forest custard, pineapple custard, chocolate custard, blackberry custard, custard with nuts, cookies and cutard.....

Thanks for the share brother. Excellent mix. 6 stars if I could.
#69 by Jimithybee, Feb 4. 2016, 23:22
Is there any other flavoring I can use to substitute Golden Butter and Cake Batter? I saw that graham cracker could work, but is there anything else I would need in order to replace the buttery flavor if I did go that route? I'm debating trying Yellow Cake, but here are a few that have that sound like they could work:

-NY Cheesecake (Cap)
-Butter Cream (Cap)
-Sweet Cream (Cap)
-Marshmallow (Cap)
-Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Cap)
-Vanilla Cupcake (Cap)
-Greek Yogurt (Cap)
-Cinn. Danish Swirl (Cap)
-Meringue (TFA)
-Dulce de Lece (TFA)
-Cheesecake Graham Crust (TFA)
-Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
-Whipped Cream (TFA)
-Cookie (FA)
-Marshmallow (FA)
-Yellow Cake (FW)

Sorry for the huge post but I thought it might make it easier to help if I listed what options were available. Thanks!

#70 by ThirdWorldOrder, Feb 4. 2016, 23:26
Go ahead and use 0.5% NY Cheesecake in place of butter. There's no sub for cake batter but I suppose vanilla cupcake would be the closest. FYI I have tried the cupcake route before and didn't like it as much.
#71 by Jimithybee, Feb 5. 2016, 01:15
Alright, I'll try it with NY cheesecake :) and yeah, i saw some posts earlier, and it seemed that the vanilla cupcake version was not so favored lol XD

But I may try a small batch of it, to see for myself.... and possibly a small batch with yellow cake, since I saw someone say it was sort of similar to Cake Batter.. not sure how reliable that is, haha, but I'll update with the results for anyone curious.

But thanks for the quick reply man! I'm sure when I get all the correct flavors it will be just as good as everyone has been sayin :)

#72 by juicy4me, Feb 10. 2016, 19:29
i must have vape tongue flavor is muted for me ........but im stuck never having any custards work for me,,,,,,thanks for post vape tongue help needed
#73 by john70, Feb 10. 2016, 20:30
@juicy4me quit vaping EM I haven't had Vape tounge since I quit store bought
#74 by ThirdWorldOrder, Feb 10. 2016, 20:34
Juicy4me is actually an alt of ADV_Search (gambit clone recipe) giving out his seasonal "one-stars" to all the top recipes. Pay the troll no attention.
#75 by RebornLincoln96, Feb 10. 2016, 23:16
If what you say is true ThirdWorldOrder, then he must not have a life at all. I for one think this flavor is absolutely amazing and is now a staple in my flavors that I vape.
#76 by DarthVapor, Feb 10. 2016, 23:21
He obviously has the intelligence of the lining in a French hooker's asshole as well. Poor guy doesn't even know how to type..
A lot of people have noticed this as well thirdworldorder.
Make a fake profile and rate your own recipes, then even comment on a few of his ownl!!
It's really fucking sad if you think about it. I mean he is basically having a conversation with himself, while downgrading others people work. Poor little child has to TRY and knock people down to feel better about himself...


40+ people vs 1 hmm...
#77 by Moresalt, Feb 14. 2016, 16:10
Is a French hooker's asshole lining that much less intelligent than say an English hooker's? :-) Don't answer that, its rhetorical.

As a noob, I made this as 1 of my first mixes and I messed up at little. I used butter cream instead of butter before I recognized my mistake. Even still this is some terrific buttery goodness! Thanks @ThirdWorldOrder! I just tasted this after a 2 week won't make 3, but on the plus side I did just make your V2 a few days ago.
#78 by yiana, Feb 19. 2016, 20:21
I have to sub cake batter for cake batter dip. I live that stuff, so it shouldn't make that big of a difference? Also, I only have butter cream, not butter. Would that make a difference?
#79 by yiana, Feb 19. 2016, 20:22
*love not live. Sorry.
#80 by iavp, Mar 2. 2016, 16:13
This is one of the few recipes on the first page that actually deserve 5 stars. After 3 days it was great and can only get better.
#81 by 1nn, Mar 7. 2016, 22:44
too nilla, but sometimes u r too lazy to go and buy something vanilla or ice cream, the best friend r already here in this situation)
#82 by 4 rings of fury, Mar 8. 2016, 11:36
@iavp I agree. Not to say the other 5 star recipes on the first page are bad...quite the contrary - but I believe some of them are very over-hyped and over-rated. This is a custard done right and I'm not even a fan of custards as adv's. 5 stars and heart hehe
#83 by Nuvolone , Mar 8. 2016, 22:33
Bang on juice this one! This is a perfect clone of Digby's DMC, or maybe they've copied TWO's recipe, who knows :)
#84 by Aviat0r, Mar 10. 2016, 15:27
How different is this with 0.5 NY cheesecake rather than the butter?
#85 by ThirdWorldOrder, Mar 10. 2016, 18:48
It will still be good Aviat0r. I actually use NY Cheesecake instead of butter in TWCustard v2
#86 by Drinkmilk, Mar 10. 2016, 21:57
#87 by Drinkmilk, Mar 10. 2016, 21:57
#88 by Elites, Mar 15. 2016, 15:15
@ThirdWorldOrder I am sorry late in the party but, I love this custard. Thank you so much for your recommendations and efforts for this beautiful vaping community. We as(vaping) family really appreciate all of your work and all others who are helping this family. May God Almighty always bless you and our vaping community around the glob. Amen
#89 by Elites, Mar 15. 2016, 15:21
@ThirdWorldOrder (or any one who can advice) I have a humble request/question if I want to use this custard with strawberry what strawberry(s) you recommend for strawberry custard? I have all kind of strawberry except Flavorah. Please advice. Thanks in advance.
#90 by Alisa, Mar 15. 2016, 17:31
TFAs Strawberry Ripe mixed with CAP Sweet Strawberry makes for a very nice flavoring in custards. :)
#91 by Elites, Mar 17. 2016, 22:52
@Alisa thanks for the reply could you please advice what ratio will be good? Thanks
#92 by yiana, Mar 21. 2016, 00:55
I had to sub the cake batter for fw cake batter dip. But wow, this is a great custard! I'm going to be making more as I only made 30ml. Thanls for sharing your recipe!
#93 by pakini, Mar 22. 2016, 12:11
Thanks a lot. This was my first ever mix and I am so happy I choose this one.
#94 by 1Se7eN1, Mar 22. 2016, 15:54
this mix is amazing at MAX VG and steeped for a week! also checkout my page i added a recipe for a Congo Custard clone
#95 by EdgeKrusher187, Mar 25. 2016, 15:46
This flavor got me into DIY. Thanks ThirdWorldOrder. It's great at 1 week, best after 2!
#96 by Patti, Mar 31. 2016, 02:57
this is AWESOME! Thank you!
#97 by W0WZA, Apr 5. 2016, 03:50
I mixed it, just without the Golden Butter. But I'll order some and try it with that too. Didnt try it just yet, but I will. :D
#98 by UncleTopher, Apr 13. 2016, 19:11
do you guys think I can sub in Butter Cream for the butter? I have a good amount of the stuff (4oz) and still haven't used it much. Also...does this idea of "pre-steeping" your flavors really work? Like..I ALWAYS use my custard and marshmallow and so on. I already premix my VG/PG at 80/20....would be awesome to have custard on hand and pre-steeped so I don't have to wait so long.
#99 by Elites, Apr 13. 2016, 19:49
@UncleTopher I would suggest you leave butter out as it's very tiny amount. Or on the other hand nothing going to harm you if want to try small batch with Butter cream. Let us know you results.

Also could you please tell me how do you use pre-steep/premix in your recipe? for example I have 20/80 PG/VG (including 10% custard) Base 50ml, so how you make 30ml of juice for this recipe using this recipe? let me know please
#100 by Moresalt, Apr 13. 2016, 20:34
@UncleTopher, I have used butter cream in place of the golden butter when I first made this. See my comment #77 above. If I remember correctly I think I used 0.2% just as the recipe calls for. It may not be quite as buttery, but its only barely noticeable
#101 by Aviat0r, Apr 17. 2016, 16:57
Made 100ml on the 10th March and just tried it WOW subb'd 0.5 NY Cheesecake for the butter, but now I have the butter, was wondering whether to add some butter to a small batch now :D Outstanding work dude
#102 by W0WZA, Apr 17. 2016, 19:39
Did it turn out tasty with the NY Cheesecake?
#103 by Aviat0r, Apr 18. 2016, 01:11
@AnthroVapeZ no really nice dude, just wondering what the butter may have added to it, I've done a 30ml sampler from the batch I made 5 weeks ago with the NY CK and added butter too ;)
#104 by BunnyT, Apr 20. 2016, 15:53
I let it steep for 10 days. It's very good! Thanks for sharing.
#105 by Sanchez, Apr 23. 2016, 00:49
Can I use Toasted marshmallow (TPA) instead of marshmallow FA?
#106 by HoneyGram57, Apr 24. 2016, 19:19
I use Wilton's imitation Butter Flavoring after receiving a confirmation email from them it wasn't made with the nasty stuff! It taste great & if this old memory serves me right; I think it was .like $5 for a 4 oz. Bottle. (Purchased at Wal-Mart)
#107 by Shapey, Apr 26. 2016, 17:19
3rdworld, this juice in the new Kayfun Mini v3 is quite possibly the best vaping I've ever enjoyed. Have you managed to keep any for 2 months or more yet? I have some nearly 3 months vintage and it's 10/10. Thank you for sharing the recipe o7.
#108 by m4rtian, Apr 29. 2016, 08:13
This is the best custard I have ever had, no hyperbole. Tried it after a 4 week steep and instantly regretted only mixing a 30ml bottle.
#109 by TheSuperVillainK, May 1. 2016, 01:37
I've been mixing this without Butter and it's delicious. Best vanilla custard I've tried so far. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
#110 by N, May 4. 2016, 16:46
why always dangerous flavours?
#111 by Kiwi_Vaper, May 10. 2016, 04:50
I let this steep for three to four weeks, and am vaping it in the Tsunami RDA. WOW!!! perfect custard with that hint of cinnamon at the back. Five stars on another super recipe mate.
#112 by skeppy, May 16. 2016, 18:53
2 days shy of 3 week's steeping and oh my how it has improved! Mpt bad I must say. Is this more of an american custard? I think I may well use this one to experiment and change things around a tad, can't quite put my finger what it is but feels like something is missing. Its a shame that it probably won't last long enough to steep another few weeks as this is rather vapable :-)
I too have thought about using FW yellow cake, as that has went well with FW Van Cust before... how'd that pan out for anyone who spoke of subbing it for the cake batter?
#113 by Prawncrackhead, May 20. 2016, 22:29
I'm sorry to say I'm not enjoying it. Tastes really bitter after half a tank. Don't think I like cake batter and that's not the OPs fault, second recipe I've used it in and now I know it's that distinct taste I'll stay clear. As I read the reviews and stuff thought I'd make 200ml right off the bat so I've squirted rhubarb, marshmallow and cotton candy in to try rescue it.
#114 by Paul2566, May 23. 2016, 12:53
Ok, I've made a bit of this now, and have reviewed it before. All I can say is at 100 days its some of the very best DIY I have made, and compares with very top end high street juices. I'm now tinkering with it, made a batch today with 0.5% Vape Wizard added. Thank you again for this most excellent recipe.
#115 by ThirdWorldOrder, May 24. 2016, 17:10
@prawncrackhead, you really need to let it steep if you made 200ml. Especially if cake batter is in it as that takes over a week with just a 30ml bottle. You're looking at about 3 weeks minimum
#116 by Elites, May 24. 2016, 17:46
@ThirdWorldOrder I love your almost all recipe so when new one is coming. Desperatelly waiting :-) Thanks a lot Sir
#117 by Elites, May 24. 2016, 17:46
@ThirdWorldOrder I love your almost all recipe so when new one is coming. Desperately waiting :-) Thanks a lot Sir
#118 by MysticRose, May 24. 2016, 23:19
@prawncrackhead, I'm the same way with CAP cake batter. Disgusting stuff to me. There are quite a few of us that are sensitive to it. I sub FW Cake batter dip. I've also subbed other creams for it. I've heard amazing things about FLV Cake Batter, and want to get it and try it. I also have Real Flavors Cake Batter on the way, supposed to be here Saturday. I've also subbed CAP Butter Cream for it and tasted great too. Don't be afraid to play :)
#119 by ThirdWorldOrder, May 25. 2016, 13:55
Thanks mysticRose. Didn't realize some people were sensitive to that particular flavor. I'll recommend either taking it out completely or subbing with Cake Batter Dip.

@Elites: I'm only releasing them when I have vaped them for over a month (so I know that they are in fact good!) Stay tuned.
#120 by MysticRose, May 25. 2016, 22:00
@ThirdWorldOrder I did try omitting it on a batch, and it didn't get that thick gooey mouth feel that is so awesome in your recipe. I wouldn't recommend taking it out completely. I would just choose one of the other cake batters available, amazing what a difference such a small percentage of flavoring can have on a recipe. This recipe is still my favorite custard. I have a close second, but I think I'm done trying others. Can't even count how many I have tried. Thank you again so much for sharing!
#121 by Elites, May 26. 2016, 06:27
@thirdworldorder Thanks for the reply, I will be waiting patiently. Thanks again for your great work really appreciated
#122 by w00cash666, May 26. 2016, 21:34
@ThirdWorldOrder Five stars all across the board. Made it and let it steep for 3 weeks. Awesome stuff. Part of my daily rotation now. Once again, great stuff Man!!!
#123 by Toby Harris, May 29. 2016, 23:37
@ThirdWorldOrder great recipe....have made it with all the correct ingredients....delicious!!
Second batch I subbed French vanilla for inawera shisha vanilla and it was just as good.
Just wondering what your thoughts are on that sub.BTW always 6 week steep.
#124 by PaulyyyEM, May 30. 2016, 05:45
I know FA flavours really are strong flavours so im wondering if you have to up the % if you want to replace FA Marshmellow for TFA Marshmellow. @Thirdworldorder or anyone else can help me?
#125 by W0WZA, May 30. 2016, 12:04
I'd recommend using the same percentage of TPA Marshmallow, because it is more like a supporting flavor like FA Marshmallow. Cheers.
#126 by Prawncrackhead, May 30. 2016, 20:23
Thanks for the advice. For the record it was 2 days off 3 weeks when I tried it. Will try smaller batches with tweaks. I do like a good custard my favourite being Digbys mums custard. Anyone know a recipe that tastes like that?
#127 by Shapey, May 31. 2016, 12:30
Digbys Mums Custard is also my favourite and I wish I could afford to buy it more often. 3rd Worlds after an 8 week steep is just as nice though in my opinion. It's hard to leave it that long I know, but you are rewarded if you do.
#128 by Elites, May 31. 2016, 20:37
@Prawncrackhead I found this but didn't try yet
#129 by Prawncrackhead, May 31. 2016, 22:40
Tah very much have em all in except the super sweet which I guess is just sucralose? (sp)
#130 by Elites, May 31. 2016, 23:05
Instead of supersweet I will used Sucrose or Ethyl Molto same %
#131 by SS, Jun 4. 2016, 22:27
Just realized I had not rated this one yet. 5 + Stars! Excellent. I have a hard time finding recipes i dont consider harsh but this one is one of my fave 6-7 ADVs. Thanks for posting it!!
#132 by drelambo, Jun 8. 2016, 16:16
Why am I always missing one god damn ingredient!? ARRRGGGGHHHH!
#133 by Ahmed Odeh, Jun 10. 2016, 23:37
Given the limited supplies I have just because I started DIY a few days ago, here is what I have done:

- subbed cake batter with Cap Graham Cracker at 1%
- subbed Golden Butter (CAP) to NY cheesecake at 0.5%
- subbed Marshmallow (FA) to sweetener at 1%
- added a hint of sugar cookie at 0.5%

after just two days of steeping, the result is outstanding! Although I wish I had the original ingredients in the recipe, this will do for now. Thank you!
#134 by Hutchy, Jun 17. 2016, 03:52
would cap marshmallow instead of fa be way different?
#135 by EdgeKrusher187, Jun 17. 2016, 03:58
@Ahmed, the Golden Butter is a must it'll change the flavor profile completely. The Marshmallow is used to give the vape a more full throaty feel. The cake batter though, I had to sub it with CAP Graham as well, Didn't dig the Cake Batter.

@Hutchy, no the only difference I noticed between CAP Marshmallow and FA Marshmallow is that the CAP has more of the roasted marshmallow taste than a fluffy marshmallow.
#136 by eezel4801, Jul 8. 2016, 20:20
No butter or golden butter...How would butternut compare? Or would I be better off with N.Y. cheesecake? And @ what % ? Thanks for any info!!
#137 by Elites, Jul 8. 2016, 20:36
@eezel4801 use same % of NY C.cake
#138 by Raiderknight, Jul 9. 2016, 00:50
Is this an original recipe or a clone of something else?
#139 by eezel4801, Jul 9. 2016, 07:23
@ Elites Thank you very much!! I will try it that way while I wait for the butter to get here !!
#140 by Elites, Jul 10. 2016, 09:58
@eezel4801 you are most welcome, I love OP 2nd recipe which used NY cheesecake He is genius. @Thirdworldorder thanks a lot for sharing these great recipes with us we really appreciat your efforts and time.
#141 by ann7999, Jul 14. 2016, 12:59
I have been working on a French Vanilla recipe for a while now, but never had much success. I wasn't expecting it when I tried this recipe, but I do believe you nailed the flavor I've been chasing. Funny how that works sometimes. Thank you so much for sharing this.
#142 by eezel4801, Jul 15. 2016, 01:11
Tryed this recipe with Cheesecake subbed for golden butter...came out ...yummy Also used butter cream in place of golden butter which also tasted yummy but with a slightly different carmalized flavor although not harsh...yummy too..Cant wait for the butter to get here to make this the way it was intended to be made...But both subs were very good! and they havent steeped much at all ...So I think theyre only going to get better...Thanks TWO for sharing..
#143 by beerbq, Jul 16. 2016, 01:40
This is awesome thank you for sharing.
#144 by smyrfette, Jul 22. 2016, 19:22
absolutely rocking recipe one of my favs! I love it as written though i can't wait to try your version 2 for a twist.
#145 by KG3D, Jul 31. 2016, 02:02
On my rotation of EDV recipes. Thank you. I look forward to trying v2.
#146 by Vape2Quit, Aug 7. 2016, 04:25
After 4 weeks tasted so good.
After 6 weeks it's incredible.

thanks :)
#147 by Lama, Aug 14. 2016, 09:11
Had to go with cake batter dip FW and TPA marshmallow. Smells promising. TY TWO
#148 by Elites, Aug 14. 2016, 09:36
I have 1 liter steeping, you know how delicious it is ๐Ÿ˜€
#149 by Maureeenie, Aug 16. 2016, 19:06
This stuff isn't bad at all even immediately... I'm sure in a week this will be phenomenal!
#150 by Robinsue , Aug 19. 2016, 01:33
What can I use instead of the cap cake batter and golden butter? Im trying to make it diacetyl free and there isn't a V2 yet. I read the comments and there are a couple suggestions but they were dated a while back so I'm wondering if anybody has some updated suggestions they can throw out there. Thank you in advance :-)
#151 by eezel4801, Aug 20. 2016, 07:48
After making this 3 different ways as stated above all 3 were good. Following this recipe as written is the best imo.
#152 by norwegianvaper, Sep 4. 2016, 18:52
@ejexe. I have read somewhere in this forum that Graham Cracker (only CAP) mute the other flavors. So I am going to mix cuttwoodspys Unicorn Milk bot with and with out it. This recipe look the titts by the way. So many flavors I want to order, but my PayPal say NO. ;(
#153 by Captain_Vapor, Sep 9. 2016, 22:57
I just started vaping this after a three week steep, very moorish isn't it lol, just made another 30ml and 30ml of your v2, I'm liking the cake batter back note and I might try a touch FA vanilla Tahiti in a batch & possible FA Catalan cream ha, custards are endless aren't they and little changes can give great new pleasures to a custard lover ha
#154 by Captain_Vapor, Sep 9. 2016, 23:00
I'm going to make the imperial butterscotch but will have to use FW butterscotch as don't have natural lol, and I can not buy anymore concentrates as my fridge is full of them and my Cubard lol, must have 1k worth easily or even a lot more lol, I'm sure they will last a long time in fridge, iv had them in my draw before and they tasted good after two years lol, and one of them was TPA Bavarian cream which surprised me lol
#155 by Vเนเน|)เนเน, Sep 15. 2016, 08:19
Could I sub the Golden butter with Cap's Butter Cream... If yes, what percentage do you suggest? Thankyou in advance, can't wait to get this rolling!
#156 by johnny hotsauce, Sep 27. 2016, 16:47
Just mixed up 120ml's of this last night, threw it on the magnetic hot plate stirrer for 20 min at 180C and it smelled delicious when it was done "cooking", now I'm letting it breath and I'll cap the bottles tonight after work and I'll see how it tastes in about a week. The hotplate stirrer usually takes a week or 2 off the steep time and I'm excited to see how this turns out.
#157 by Robinsue , Oct 1. 2016, 07:13
This recipe sounds amazing as is but I am still new to diy and I'm just sharing flavors with a friend until I can get my own set up. He seems to be out of cap cake batter but does have flavorah cupcake batter. Does anyone know if that might work for now? if so at what %? Thank you in advance for your help! ๐Ÿ˜€
#158 by 45 CALIBER JUICES', Oct 11. 2016, 01:26
Thanks@ThirdWorldOrder, My custards have not turned out like they should but I will follow your recipe to the T. This one will work out!!

Thanks Again!
#159 by 45 CALIBER JUICES', Oct 11. 2016, 01:36
@ThirdWorldOrder, Do you think I can sub Cap cake batter, for LorAnn Cake Batter? I do not like the Cap aftertaste.
#160 by Zugmaschine, Oct 21. 2016, 12:40
@ThirdWorldOrder, @all - Does the Marsmellow mute the other flavors, with time?
#161 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 13:36
#162 by DarioGG, Oct 29. 2016, 23:51
Is Cake Batter so important? Could I sub for Graham Cracker v1 (CAP). If so @ what %?
#163 by Johnny Law, Nov 6. 2016, 19:49
Great recipe. New favorite for me. Thank you for sharing!
#164 by Zugmaschine, Nov 19. 2016, 21:31
#165 by Crochetandcookies, Nov 28. 2016, 19:29
Mixed up 30 mls of this last the wait begins. Looking forward to trying this one out. Thanks for sharing.
#166 by roy291, Dec 8. 2016, 21:50
Ok, I mixed 120 ml of this last night, I intend to let it steep 4 weeks minimum, I started to sub graham cracker for the cake batter (I love graham cracker flavor and texture) I also made 120 ml of Kreeds Kustard which I will also steep for 4 weeks. I appreciate the recipe, looks very delicious! Will get back in a bit
#167 by MadTownMax, Dec 19. 2016, 22:28
All-star recipe after minimum steep - can't wait to see how it ages.
#168 by Crochetandcookies, Dec 27. 2016, 18:47
I let it steep for a month, and wow...perfection. Thanks so much. :) Dripping it right now.
#169 by Virj42, Dec 30. 2016, 19:35
For those who want to sub cake batter, try CAP sugar cookie.
#170 by Pudrox, Jan 1, 09:42
Mixed up 30ml a while ago enjoyed it a lot, made 1 litre in Nov 16 now making another nice batch up.. perfect custard juice for me thanks
#171 by DougC, Jan 5, 03:56
This is an incredible mix, absolute perfection. Even though I will continue to mix this as is, for variety I adapted it, to create a Cinnamon Third World Custard using Flavorah Rich Cinnamon. Thanks for sharing TWO!

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