Rhodonite by [ ENYAWREKLAW ] 

Gravatar - by ENYAWREKLAW, Jun 18. 2015, 05:31


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

1 drop of MTS Wizard per 15ml is also recommended
Only overnight steep required

-=:/r/DIY_Ejuice best recipe of 2015:=-
A very delicious Raspberry Apple Macaron flavor with Powdered sugar. Light, sweet, tart, crunchy, rich, creamy, it embodies a ton of flavors. My best recipe to date.

Here is an in depth look at Rhodonite:

#1 by wiidrapach, Jun 18. 2015, 07:03
This is very nice dude, as are some of your others recipes:) I'll try adding MTS/Smooth as per your recommendation. Good to see you are posting on here. Ya rocking the DIY universe FO SURE!
#2 by ENYAWREKLAW, Jun 18. 2015, 07:37
Thanks @wiidrapach! From now on I'll be posting my recipes here as well as /r/diy_ejuice first. For some reason I just never posted here, and it's funny cause when I mix on the road I use this website all the time. I decided I probably should upload my bests here, and will be doing so in the future. DIY ALL DAY
#3 by Baphomet, Jun 23. 2015, 10:44
Accidentally overmixed the raspberry on my first add last night -- ended up having to make 180ml to compensate (LOL.DOH!). Sharp, slight;y bitter raspberry for a shake and vape, but after about 24 hours it's beginning to take shape; Raspberry's starting to die down and a subtle, nutty cake is starting to come through -- Apple's still hiding out in the background... Really excited to continue tasting while it develops...

Definitely got enough to see how well it holds up over time :D

Thanks, Wayne!
#4 by yermie, Jul 20. 2015, 16:20
This shit is amazing man. Great job and thanks for your indepth breakdowns on reddit and youtubes. Hope you get all the success you deserve in this juice world. Thanks much just whipped 120ml of this.
#5 by lilhop625, Jul 25. 2015, 06:35
Love this recipe, I mixed a small bottle at first but quickly made a large batch after several friends enjoyed this as well!
#6 by LiftEngineer, Aug 12. 2015, 22:45
Awesome from start to end. I'm not adding to my ADV collection because I never want to get sick of it!! I have to say IMHO yes overnight is good but after shelve curing it over the past two weeks has made it even more special. Thank you Sir/Ma'am for sharing!
#7 by kermudgen, Aug 22. 2015, 21:47
This is a great flavor man! Steeped overnight it was a great light raspberry flavor. But the meringue and cookie flavors really start to shine on the 3rd day. Thanks for posting, I'm enjoying this one a lot!
#8 by TheLostSurveyor, Aug 27. 2015, 18:50
I just added this to my ADV collection this morning. After a 2 hour crock pot steep/shake session. O.O WOW! This is one of the best recipes I've tried from this site or any other. I'm curious how it steeps. I smell some variations on this in my future. Thanks for sharing!
#9 by altneurose, Sep 4. 2015, 15:46
This is really, really good. Perfect amount of sweet, fruity, and bakery notes. Can't really taste the apple but the powdered sugar finish is nice. It's so complex and balanced it almost tastes different every time I take a hit.
#10 by Apossium, Sep 15. 2015, 20:58
One of the best I've tasted, this is in my top 3 favorites. Balance between apple and raspberry is good, powdered sugar gives a great touch. Almond and "cake" base is really pleasant. Not too sweet. This is overall somewhat straightforward, but has lot of nice nuances which make this much more interesting in the longer run. Gets a little better with steeping. What else can I say, excellent and well-thought recipe.
#11 by Shon, Sep 22. 2015, 06:12
Whatever you do, don't try and substitute the almond for toasted almond by TFA. Totally ruined my otherwise perfect, daily juice. This is still the best recipe I have ever tasted, just the way it's posted.
#12 by Crago44, Sep 23. 2015, 03:34
No1 else gets a real bad perfume taste? I gave her a hot bath (110-120Β°) for an hour then put in dark room temp vape cabinet amd still no dice.
#13 by Newt, Sep 23. 2015, 17:01
I mixed this with no Wizard. At first the raspberry is really strong, but after 5 days, it really mellows out and you taste more of the cookie. Excellent recipe.
#14 by Amy***, Sep 27. 2015, 10:49
Yum yum ! My favorite part is the cookie and yellow cake both are a staple in my mixes as well. Nice recipe thanks for sharing. I steeped it for four days. Also didn't use any Vape wizard and made it vg max which it worked out just fine.
#15 by rohin7, Sep 28. 2015, 19:58
Cannot. Describe. How. Yummy. This. Is.

Kudos to you ENYAREKLAW.
#16 by GobbleThisObelisk, Oct 4. 2015, 07:46
Damn delicious. Even my GF loves it, and she doesn't even vape.
#17 by Lurifax, Oct 16. 2015, 12:24
Just mixed 300 ml of this juice.. It smells awesome!.. hope it taste just as good.. Will come back after a some steeping.
#18 by vaping101, Nov 14. 2015, 15:43
This is an excellent recipe everything comes together nicely and flavor is exactly as described
#19 by Lurifax, Nov 14. 2015, 22:46
Well.. me and some friends vaped the first 300 ml.. ended up making 1500 ml extra.. Awesome ADV
#20 by Zeu_vapoteuse, Nov 21. 2015, 05:29
INA Raspberry is amazing. I enjoy this recipe. I wonder if the base is supposed to be VG, because with my 70/30 PG base it comes out a little dry. Some marshmallow fixed that. Thanks for the recipe!
#21 by DuskMS, Nov 23. 2015, 03:40
Soooo....which is more up to date. This recipe or the reddit post? Mixed the one on reddit, next day it's amazing, later in the day it's tasting like cheetos and I've been rotating flavors so it's not the usual vapors tongue. Perhaps I should put away for a couple more days? Weeks?
#22 by DuskMS, Dec 4. 2015, 10:15
@Zoltron while usually a good suggestion. Not my initial question. Just curious which recipe is more up to date.
#23 by Crago44, Dec 4. 2015, 14:08
@duskms yea mine took about a month to steep. Before that I couldn't even vape it. It's a very good recipe just not my flavor profile. BTW has any tried Teleos new mix called after party? My understanding it's almost this exact recipe
#24 by Lehnny, Dec 6. 2015, 01:15
This is the first recipe I've made sense I started DIY'ing that has that perfume thing going on that got me into DIY in the first place. I have some sort of sensitivity for w/e the hell it is I'm tasting. My lil brother and his friends think I'm crazy and say they don't taste it or it don't bother them or something. The whole reason I started to make my own juice was caz I hated most the juice I bought and was about to just go back to smoking but, now that I started making my own I've found that I like most the recipes I've tried. I only mention this, so whoever reads this understands I'm like the odd man out, and that I'm fully aware a lot of people will not get the same hint of perfume I get. I'm pretty sure it's the raspberry seems how anything I've tried with raspberry tastes like perfume. This is really annoying because raspberry is like my all time favorite flavor when it comes to food, drink, or candy. So I'd very much like to know if anyone can recommend a raspberry that does not taste like perfume. If you don't get a hint of perfume when you vape this that's fine, I know a lot won't but, this being the internet and all I'm really hoping someone has the same sensitivity and can recommend a raspberry flavor without that perfume taste that I can't stand. Admittedly it's not all that bad in this recipe, like it's still pretty good even with the perfume taste but, god this prob be my favorite juice if I can find a way to get rid of it. Yes I lit it breath for 24 hours and its been steeped for a week and a half and it's not "as" bad as when I first mixed it, it's not much better either tho so any suggestions would be great.
Please and Thank You
#25 by Crago44, Dec 6. 2015, 01:55
@lehnny Try Fa raspberry or change out the raspberry all together and use either FW blueberry or tfa blueberry wild with .5 of Fa bilberry. Or use 1.5 of only Fa bilberry
#26 by Tony Dolan, Dec 6. 2015, 05:47
Great vape. Really enjoying it. Made the mistake of using toasted almond as I didn't have regular. Finally bought almond and it is a joy. Thanks.
#27 by VapingLady, Dec 6. 2015, 08:27
Just bought all these flavors can't wait to try this! I was wondering if u could make a gingerbread recipe I've been trying but no success
#28 by Dio, Dec 9. 2015, 15:03
Amazing taste!
Also I use marzipan in place of almond.
Just perfect. Thanks mate!
#29 by lea, Dec 12. 2015, 17:32
After watching your video I am gonna give this a try.....based on these ratings and of course your time spent to perfect this flavor. It has sooo many ingredients! BTW meringue is pronounced \mΙ™-ˈraΕ‹\ Like lemon meringue pie. The flavor is of the sweetened egg whites whipped into stiff peaks. It took me a minute to figure out what in the world a flavor profile would be for a Merengue Dance! The tropics came to mind. You put a smile on my face! Thanks for sharing your recipe and expertise with us.
#30 by cerevisaphile87, Dec 13. 2015, 01:18
The best mix by ENYAWREKLAW lives up to its reputation. I haven't even steeped it yet and it's excellent, although a little harsh on the throat (I expect it to smooth out with a steep). My friend and I can't put down the bottle. Very reminiscent of Drip Nation's Unity.
#31 by ChiefBigClouds, Dec 13. 2015, 21:09
I didn't have INAWERA Raspberry so I subbed it with TPA Blueberry Wild. Steeped for a week. It came out very, VERY good! Thanks for posting this recipe. It will definitely be in my rotation from now on :D
#32 by Lehnny, Dec 16. 2015, 11:45
ChiefBigClouds, what percent did u use the TPA Blueberry Wild at? I don't much care for the Raspberry (INAWERA) and think it tastes kind of perfumey.
#33 by ChiefBigClouds, Dec 16. 2015, 17:47
Lehnny, I used Blueberry Wild @ 2%.
#34 by rohin7, Dec 16. 2015, 17:48

This really does become very smooth after a month of steeping.
I can't handle it straight off the bat as its too harsh, it's awesome now.
#35 by Bigliu , Dec 20. 2015, 18:18
This is very good! Made a 10ml last night, tried it this morning and now I'm sitting back down to make 120ml!! It's tastes just like you described it. The flavoring may seem complex but it is such a simple and delightful taste when you vape it! Nothing gets convoluted. Thank you so much for posting and thank you for you're hard work! Grateful for this recipe!
#36 by K, Dec 22. 2015, 04:55
absolutely fuckin incredible, I used sweet raspberry tpa instead but holy hell is this my favorite DIY ive ever mixed
#37 by Lehnny, Dec 24. 2015, 02:40
TPA's Raspberry Sweet or Sweet Raspberry is wayyyyyyyyy better in this recipe, there's no perfume taste like there is in Raspberry (Inawera). The Avg. mix quantity for Raspberry (Inawera) is 1.7% and the recipe calls for .5%. The Avg. mix quantity for Sweet Rasp. is 4.3 so I crossed multiplied the ratios and solved for X.

4.3/x = 1.7/.5
1.7x = 2.15
1.7x/1.7 = 2.15/1.7
x = 1.26
x = 1.3% Sweet Raspberry

I also tried "ChiefBigClouds" recommendation of using TPA's Blueberry Wild @ 2% and I can confirm it's just as good. It's almost the same even, the difference is subtle do to the complexity of the recipe.

I'm not getting the almond tho, like I did with the original but, I mixed these up a few hours ago so hopefully after it steeps a bit the Almond will show up. Even with the original there were times I didn't notice the almond and times I did. The almond taste is personally my favorite part of the flavor profile in this recipe so I'm really hoping it will show up in time.
#38 by vlad, Dec 25. 2015, 05:36
I just mixed a small batch of this and it tastes so perfumy ... will try to replace the Inawera raspberry for something else... I appreciate the effort of making of this recipe but so far it does not taste right to me
#39 by VapingLady, Dec 25. 2015, 05:58
When I 1st made this I was like ugh! Why is everybody saying this is so good? Why lie? But....after 2 weeks of steeping I see it's not a lie lol overnight steeping no! Give it a couple weeks
#40 by vlad, Dec 25. 2015, 06:01
VapingLady, Thank you for your help. will try after two weeks.
#41 by Lehnny, Dec 25. 2015, 07:27
@vlad I don't know if u seen my comment directly above yours or not but, try TPA's Sweet Rasp @1.3% instead, or even Blueberry Wild. The perfume taste is still there even after a month with Raspberry (Inawera), tho no where near as bad as that first week or 2. I mixed with Sweet Rasp and I don't get the perfume at all now
#42 by Lehnny, Dec 25. 2015, 07:36
P.S. and it's only 2 days old. It is harsh after u first mix it, I mixed it, left it open, went 2 bed and when I woke up it was vape-able. Take's a little time for the almond to come out but, I'm starting to taste it now. I have to go back to the blueberry version I mixed but with that one I got more of the fuji apple then anything. I'll follow up after I get around to changing cotton
#43 by Lehnny, Dec 25. 2015, 07:41
Shit I keep thinking of more things to say but, I think people like it for its complexity. Sometimes I get Almond, sometimes the apple, sometimes the rasp.
#44 by vlad, Dec 25. 2015, 14:31
@Lehnny, I appreciate your work to improve this recipe. I will follow the steps you've made to see if I can get better taste out of it. I was about to make a 120ml batch based on number of good reviews but I'm glad I did not. Thanks again! Please keep us updated!
#45 by Lehnny, Dec 27. 2015, 02:34
@Vlad I honestly put very little work into this, I've spent more time typing then mixing lol. I mixed it twice. First time I got perfume big time, and second time I mixed two side by side; subbing out Raspberry (Inawera) for TPA's Sweet Rasp and the Blu Wild @ 2% as was recommended to me by "ChiefBigClouds". I think the Sweet Rasp one tastes exactly the same as original just without the in your face perfume. With the Blu Wild mix I don't really taste the Blueberry it's the Fuji apple that comes through the most for me. At some point I'll try out 3 or 4 % Blu Wild and see what happens but, I'm pretty happy with the rasp version at the moment. Also, I mixed at max VG, next time I'm going to go with the recommended 30pg/70vg to see if it will make it a bit more of a in your face kind of flavor caz I get the feeling it be pretty muted if I was using a tank instead of an rda.
#46 by vlad, Dec 27. 2015, 02:44
@Lehnny, Thanks for the update. I've already ordered the both flavors(Sweet Rasp and Wild Blu) planning to play a bit with those. Will see. Since New Year is around the corner I expect Santa would give me some inspiration in my mixing )))
#47 by Lehnny, Dec 27. 2015, 14:46
@vlad, here's another Sweet Rasp and Wild Blu recipe that's pretty good too. It's not good right after mixing, needs a few days for the creams to settle. I think it's the whipped cream that gets weaker could be wrong but, either way after a few days or week its one of my fav's.

#48 by vlad, Dec 27. 2015, 14:49
Thanks @Lehnny! Will try it as soon as I get the flavors I ordered the other day
#49 by G2theizzo, Dec 29. 2015, 05:29
Excellent recipe. Thanks for sharing this one....steeps real nice. Well done!
#50 by Lehnny, Dec 30. 2015, 15:49
@Vlad just curious if I'm mixing up reality with the dream world again lol. But, you did leave a comment about liking the blueberry and cream recipe right? Could of sworn I'd seen something like that b4 bed but, when I got around to replying it's wasn't there anymore. The most likely scenario is that you just deleted it for some reason I can't think of and I'm totally making something out of nothing. But It's also entirely possible that it was just a dream, it would not be the first time I freaked myself out by confusing something that happened in a dream for something in real life. So seems how I can't stop wondering if it was just something I had a dream of or something I actually read, and even tho I feel mad foolish for asking, I figure it's the internet so who really cares and I mine as well ask and find out lol.
#51 by vlad, Dec 30. 2015, 15:55
@Lehnny, Sorry for the confusion)) it was not a dream, just accidentally deleted my comment... Actually I wanted to thank you for providing a great recipe for raspberry cream that my wife and I really enjoyed vaping. She likes your recipe even more than this one. ))
#52 by Lehnny, Dec 31. 2015, 03:02
@Vlad ok, I was half asleep when I read it, I pretty much figured u must have deleted it. I just wanted too be sure, i got a shitty memory lol. That recipe tho, is in no way my recipe. Sorry if I gave the impression it was. I'm new to the hole DIY thing still, and I've not really reached the stage where I'm creating my own yet. Maybe a little tweaking but, that's about it. Considering how I was the one saying to try the Sweet Rasp. and I knew you had the Blu. Wild coming too, also prob because of me, I figured I should share that recipe seems how I knew it was a good one and it would better the odds of you not wasting your money on my account. "PlusOneAsian" is the guy I got it from. Tho, I have no idea if he's the original creator or not because of how this site works. Like if all you do is change the ml of the recipe and save it, the site will say it's your's if you don't set you shit to private. So this site is pretty crap as far as that goes. I know a lot of these guys get bent out of shape if people try taking credit for something they made. I can't say I blame them especially if they spent a lot of time making it but, with the way the site works I'm thinking a lot of people don't even realize their doing it if their not set to private.
#53 by BlotterTabs, Jan 5. 2016, 02:39
Just made my first batch of DIY ejuice ever. This stuff is delicious. Thanks!
#54 by vlad, Jan 6. 2016, 20:25
INV strawberry still tastes perfumy , even after two weeks of steeping. Followed @Lehnny recommendation and made another batch with Sweet Raspberry TFA (replacing INV Raspberry) which tastes much better than the original recipe. I just wonder why nobody (except Lhnny) did not notice that?
#55 by Lehnny, Jan 7. 2016, 01:09
@Vald, I'm around my brother and all his teenage friends a lot and they all vape and, I get that perfumey taste a lot of the time and they all think I'm crazy. I honestly suspect that I'm just sensitive to one of the chemicals or something and that's why I (or we) get that perfume taste when other's don't. We just got taste buds that register something in the flavors differently then others. Either that or they've just been vaping shit like that so long they just don't taste it no more idk lol.
#56 by vaping101, Jan 7. 2016, 02:21
I enjoyed the original but how much sweet raspberry are you using when replacing it?
#57 by Lehnny, Jan 7. 2016, 11:35
@ vaping101 Used 1.3%. The Avg. mix quantity for Raspberry (Inawera) is 1.7% and the recipe calls for .5%. The Avg. mix quantity for Sweet Rasp. is 4.3 so I crossed multiplied the ratios and solved for X.

4.3/x = 1.7/.5
1.7x = 2.15
1.7x/1.7 = 2.15/1.7
x = 1.26
x = 1.3% Sweet Raspberry
#58 by BeardyBrah, Jan 8. 2016, 00:36
5/5 - Random ass question, but how the feck did you get the YouTube player to embed into the Description???
#59 by vlad, Jan 8. 2016, 03:06
@Lehnny, LOL good comments! So having our tongue so sensitive , makes both of us blessed or cursed? )))
#60 by ENYAWREKLAW, Jan 8. 2016, 09:56
@Lehnny I have also heard some people saying INW Raspberry K is too "perfumey" which I can understand since it's a highly fragrant ingredient. I did try this recipe with TFA Sweet Ras but I felt it wasn't "bright" enough so I opted for INW's version. I personally think it's one of INW's best, and one of the best Raspberries available. Glad you found a fix though, and good work on finding it as well. And also thanks to everyone who said nice things about this mix. It's probably my favorite I've made! KEEP MIXING
#61 by Joy, Jan 8. 2016, 14:56
Love it. Nice, clean, potent great tasting apple vape. Made exactly as recipe except used TPA Almond and steeped > 2 weeks. Joya
#62 by Mr Splodges, Jan 10. 2016, 16:22
Hey ENYAWREKLAW, I've just started mixing a few days ago and getting to grips with it. I've bought all the concentrates I didn't have from your list just now. It sounds perfect for me apart from the 30pg, I drip and have a bit of an intolerance and would prefer to try making this but at around 80vg.

Just wondering if the 9.3% flavor total will be washed out a bit or if it's okay because the flavors are strong? would increasing each flavor by 50% to keep ratios taste too strong you think? e.g. fuji apple at 1.5% instead of 1%.

Would appreciate your input!
#63 by tonylee57, Jan 11. 2016, 03:59
What about using royal raspberry (LA)
#64 by tonylee57, Jan 11. 2016, 04:15
I'm using it I'll let you know how it goes thanks for the recipe
#65 by kellycburman@gmail.com, Jan 12. 2016, 00:40
I dont know what I did but I cant vape this juice. I used a scale and measured each and every flavor out perfectly. It must be me :( I will give this a week to steep and I will give it another try.
#66 by Crago44, Jan 12. 2016, 02:03
@mr splodges Wayne has answered one comment in the last few months but if you make this recipe max VG it will not effect the flavor it would probably help the recipe tbh
#67 by Harker, Jan 15. 2016, 19:47
@ENYAWREKLAW where can I buy all the flavors?
#68 by John-King-200985, Jan 23. 2016, 00:49
It was so hard for me to obtain many of these flavors. Had to buy outside the UK. finally managed to get them all plus wizard. Cant wait for them all to arrive!
#69 by ENYAWREKLAW, Jan 26. 2016, 07:18
Mr Splodges, the only thing that changes (for most recipes) when you alter VG/PG ratios is the steep time. So you should be good changing to 80VG, just be sure to shake very well and steep a little longer. Remember, when you're mixing at MAX or high VG, the quality of your VG does matter so make sure you get yourself some good bases.
#70 by Nosser, Jan 27. 2016, 14:06
Hey what's up Wayne. This recipe is top notch flame bro.. I just started this whole diy thing but any advice would be greatly appreciated from anyone for that matter.. I'd love to share some thoughts on flavor mixes or what pairs with what so I can work out this coco puff flavor lol any ideas are welcome... going from ground up on this one
#71 by John-King-200985, Jan 29. 2016, 08:08
Absolutely loving this recipe! Don't think it's a shake and VAPE tho. I steeped around a week and its perfect. Was also difficult to source exact ingredients in the uk. Had to order 3 concentrates from over seas. This juice has such attention to detail, no overbearing Flavor. This is defiantly my no 1 and will be making a lot more. Well done Wayne dude.
#72 by Wico, Jan 29. 2016, 10:32
Think I'm going to try this and possibly go with the scales but I am a little confused on working out percentages on scales. My biggest bug bear with all the recipes though, is everything is worked out to 30ml. Why would I spend the time mixing and steeping for only 30ml. I always make 100ml and it's a ball ache working out 100ml mixes and no idea how I'll work out the percentages for 100ml based on this πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
#73 by John-King-200985, Jan 29. 2016, 12:15
At the top of the page there's a small wrench icon, select that, then select adapt this. This will open the edit page where you can change the amount, nicotine level, PG VG. If you put in 100ml as the target amount it automatically changes the values for you. It's incredibly handy. Remember to write in stuff like 72mg 100VG nicotine for example.
#74 by Wico, Jan 29. 2016, 12:26
Hey thanks John, That's a really useful tool
#75 by John-King-200985, Jan 29. 2016, 18:35
No problem dude, where all in the same boat. You can also save and edit your recipes on the fly.
#76 by Wico, Jan 29. 2016, 18:56
Yeah I've seen that. I've been previously working it all out in a little black book :-D
#77 by John-King-200985, Jan 29. 2016, 22:49
I copy down everything. Notes are the most important aspect to being an efficient mixer. It's still a good idea to write all your recipes and mixes into a book. Take notes on flavours you use, failed mixes etc...
#78 by RobbieRobV, Feb 1. 2016, 20:23
Hello guys, I'm eager to try this recipe but I have sugar cookie Cap instead of Cookie FA. Do you guys know if there is a significant difference between these two that would skew the taste of this?
#79 by mindtrapper, Feb 2. 2016, 18:55
If I want to try this with lemon instead of Apple and Rasberry (I have already made the original, it's awesome, but I just need a little change of pace) can I substitute the fruits for something like 3-5% CAP Lemon Meringue Pie? Or which lemon would you recommend and at what percentage? Thanks!
#80 by MasterElixirs, Feb 2. 2016, 22:44
Great recipe,did win best recipe of the year on Reddit for a reason. Funny tho how people are giving it one star. If you know you don't like raspberry then why mix it?
#81 by Antlion, Feb 6. 2016, 03:35
Just made this with a variation on the PG/VG 20/80 haven't let it steep yet but after trying it on my modified 30mm snow wolf rda with a fresh wick this truly immolates that powdered sugar taste with a cookie macaron type followed by fruity raspberry and apple delicious recipe and thank you enyawreklaw good stuff man keep it up!
#82 by anon6970, Feb 9. 2016, 06:27
Hello...I think this thread is still alive somehow....any one know where the f**k I can get (FA)Terrone?
#83 by anon6970, Feb 9. 2016, 06:28
They don't even list it on FA's website...did they rename it?
#84 by John-King-200985, Feb 9. 2016, 06:33
It was hard for me to get torrone living in the uk, but I managed to get some off ebay.
#85 by anon6970, Feb 9. 2016, 06:34
oh shit!!! really...ok thanks for the heads up brother!!!
#86 by John-King-200985, Feb 9. 2016, 06:36
http://www.thechosenfew.eu/index.php?id_product=207&controller=product&id_lang=1&search_query=torrone&results=1 got some here too.
#87 by anon6970, Feb 9. 2016, 06:38
looking at the .3% to the 100% pain in the ass and I say F**k it =)
#88 by anon6970, Feb 9. 2016, 06:39
If it's a discontinued flavor...then why...just why?
#89 by John-King-200985, Feb 9. 2016, 06:49

A got sum here dude, got almond here as well, trust me its defo worth it.
#90 by anon6970, Feb 9. 2016, 06:51
kk cool...thanks brudder =)
#91 by anon6970, Feb 9. 2016, 06:54
holy shit...I found it here when I typed in nougat...
#92 by anon6970, Feb 9. 2016, 06:55
didn't show up when I typed Terrone in search...WTF?
#93 by John-King-200985, Feb 9. 2016, 06:55
its torrone. lol
#94 by anon6970, Feb 9. 2016, 06:56
This is one of my favorite vendors...so I guess I'm on it =)
#95 by anon6970, Feb 9. 2016, 06:57
Used to work with some mexican guys with the last name Terronez...not the same huh?
#96 by anon6970, Feb 9. 2016, 06:58
hehehhe "tor" not "ter" I get it....Thanks for the help man
#97 by John-King-200985, Feb 9. 2016, 07:01
haha no problem
#98 by anon6970, Feb 9. 2016, 07:02
just wondering why they just don't call it nougat now...=P
#99 by John-King-200985, Feb 9. 2016, 09:40
It's no the same as nougat, torrone seems to be an Italian version.
#100 by ThirdWorldOrder, Feb 10. 2016, 17:35
I've been hesitant about mixing this because FA stuff really kills my throat for some reason. I'll whip this one up later though, just for you Mr. Walker.
#101 by John-King-200985, Feb 10. 2016, 18:13
For those who are no too into raspberry a made an orange version and it rocks!! Haha
#102 by juicy4me, Feb 10. 2016, 19:20
gonna give this one a shot thanks for post
#103 by Jbird77, Feb 10. 2016, 22:30
I'm gonna have to try mixing this again. All I can taste is the raspberry but everyone seems to love this. So maybe I screwed up or something. Like ThirdWorldOrder, I have also found that FA is harsh on my throat.
#104 by mjag, Feb 15. 2016, 16:38
I seem to have a dry throat reaction to some FA flavors as well, need a bottle of water handy and the next day my throat hurts. Replaced some of the FA flavors except Cookie, Fresh Cream and Meringue, figured it would be very close with only 2 replaced ingredients. After a 2 month steep it is good but still a little dry for me. Wish I could figure out why FA affects some and not others.
#105 by Pleasurecloud, Feb 16. 2016, 12:25
Made this recipe last night and it's totally gorgeous. Haven't got any MTS Wizard, can I use Smooth from TPA instead?
#106 by Newt, Feb 17. 2016, 20:07
You don't really need the wizard for this. It's fine without it. Just steep it for a week or so
#107 by Rebel Base Vapors, Feb 17. 2016, 22:37
Great vape Wayne. As an ex-pastry chef I feel like it needs a little more raspberry jam flavor to be perfect but I'll tell you what, it almost is already. Very good and easily an ADV. Will go great with some macaroons from the pastry shop down the street later!
#108 by jackwm, Feb 18. 2016, 03:21
This is easily one of the best juices I have ever vaped. Better than any 'premium' e-liquids I have tried and the best I have mixed, ever. Someone said how subtle and nuanced it is and how you notice a different note or flavour everytime. It really is stunning. Even more impressive is achieving this with less then 10% flavouring and no standalone sweetener. I shaked and vaped and it was good but the raspberry dominated, 8 hours later and all th eother flavours have been coming out to play. Looking forward to seeing how it vapes after 24 hours or so. Definately a new ADV for me and it has inspired me to experiment with larger palettes of flavour at lower percentages.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us all, it is really appreciated.
#109 by RobbieRobV, Feb 18. 2016, 20:38
I was really hyped up about this recipe and ordered a couple of flavors that I was missing just to make it exactly as described. Unfortunately the only thing I taste is a ton of raspberry. Like a really tart raspberry as well. I mix by weight and I've done everything exactly as the recipe states. I'm going to try and steep this for a bit in hopes that it will settle down, but I'm not getting anything other than raspberry after 4 days.
#110 by RobbieRobV, Feb 18. 2016, 20:41
I would like to mention that I am a subscriber of Wayne's DIY or DIE and I totally appreciate everything he is doing for us by sharing his work and helping us get some great juice on the cheap. I just wish this recipe would've worked for me. It really seemed promising. Maybe if I lower the raspberry or increase the other flavors? I'm not sure where this went wrong :/
#111 by jackwm, Feb 18. 2016, 21:07

Strange, I would have said let it steep but if it's been 4 days then it should be ok. I made it yesterday, vaped it immediately and it tasted very much of raspberry but over time that mellows and the other flavours become more prominent. Are you sure you didn't accidentally put in too much raspberry? Quite a strong flavour, I imagine a small increase would taste a lot stronger.
#112 by RobbieRobV, Feb 18. 2016, 23:50
I actually went 1 drop short on the raspberry and I'm very meticulous with my mixes. I was at 0.12 when I quit dripping and that's because the raspberry smelled very strong and I would rather be at 0.12 than 0.16. All I taste is the raspberry right now but who knows with a little time. I'm hoping that it settles down a bit. I'm glad I bought the 10ml bottle of this flavor, since I'm pretty sure that this flavor will go a loooong way for me. I have nothing against the raspberry flavor, in fact I like it a lot, but I expected my mix to be a little more than raspberry only. Idk, it's weird.
#113 by ElimiNathan, Feb 19. 2016, 16:37
Vaping this right now 1 day after mixing and its amazing. I used TPA Almond Amaretto and it works well
#114 by m4rtian, Feb 19. 2016, 17:02
I followed this recipe to the letter and I disagree on it only needing an overnight steep, you are really missing out if you don't leave it at least a week imo.

Will definitely be mixing this one again, can see why it won diy of the year. Cheers for all your work.
#115 by rsimmy, Feb 19. 2016, 20:43
I slightly went over 0.5ml of Raspberry, like 0.25ml, because I'm stupid and haven't started mixing my weight yet. I haven't vaped it yet, though I have a Blue Raspberry Yogurt recipe that I use 1ml in, but after four-ish days it dies down a LOT, and I personally love INW Raspberry so I'm not concerned.

Anyway, just letting people know although it may be vapable in a day as suggested, if the Raspberry is too overpowering, it should mellow out in a few days.
#116 by Sleepy, Feb 22. 2016, 10:54
Do you mix by volume or weight? And if by weight do you use the actual specific gravity weights or figure 1.0 is good enough for the flavors? Thanks, Sleepy
#117 by ndnshift, Feb 23. 2016, 20:42
ridiculously good! definitely great the next day, but over a few days, the complexity really starts to shine...
#118 by ndnshift, Feb 24. 2016, 20:55
+1 to m4rtian's comment. few days is good, but i'm on day 5 and it's much better. very complex and i can taste everything that went into it individually. the sharp raspberry and apple notes die down and the almond/cookie/cake really starts to come through and complement the fruit. pretty sure MTS helps that along.
@sleep, volume. 1 to 1. actual weights is a pain in the ass and very few ppl do it. most recipes here are 1:1 and when you make your own, same difference, you're just adjusting off that ratio when tweaking a flavor. also since virtually every flavor is in PG, the difference is very slight.

1ml 100% PG = 1.036g (1ml x 1.036 SG of PG)
1ml 100% VG = 1.249g (1ml x 1.249 SG of VG)
#119 by Rick607, Feb 25. 2016, 13:58
Just made my third batch, this being the first with the Vape Wizard included. IMO don't skip the VW! It really helps with the sublties in this recipe.
#120 by TurbulentFireweed, Feb 26. 2016, 16:08
30ml test run on the dripper and it was awesome, a little harsh though straight out of the gate. Tried it in a tank and it was just as good, and smoothed out after a few days. Made 250ml and ordered MTS Wizard yesterday, looking forward to trying that with this mix. Flavor reminds me of Charlie Noble's Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream, delicious.
#121 by MCA, Feb 29. 2016, 21:11
over hyped bad tasting juice
#122 by Perly58, Mar 1. 2016, 17:28
Made this on 1/17 with exact flavors and %'s, strong perfume taste on the exhale with strong throat hit, 70/30 blend with 3mg nic, please help.
#123 by Perly58, Mar 1. 2016, 17:29
Sorry made on 2/17.
#124 by TurbulentFireweed, Mar 1. 2016, 18:59
Have you added the MTS Wizard? I see some changed the main flavor to a blueberry or something similar which could help as well. I made mine 2/24 and it was harsh but tolerable. After steeping a bit, adding MTS Wizard, and cleaning coils it's tasting great.
#125 by Perly58, Mar 2. 2016, 00:23
I did not add the MTS, I did read where subbing the raspberry helped or even lowering the %, any idea what to sub with?
#126 by TurbulentFireweed, Mar 2. 2016, 01:12
@Perly58 @Lehnny Used 1.3%. The Avg. mix quantity for Raspberry (Inawera) is 1.7% and the recipe calls for .5%. The Avg. mix quantity for Sweet Rasp. is 4.3 so I crossed multiplied the ratios and solved for X.

4.3/x = 1.7/.5
1.7x = 2.15
1.7x/1.7 = 2.15/1.7
x = 1.26
x = 1.3% Sweet Raspberry

You could sub either Sweet Raspberry or Blueberry(Wild) based on the posts I've seen. Credit to @Lehnny for the conversion.
#127 by dreamersword, Mar 3. 2016, 21:40
First of all I can't not do AP it is just gross anytime I put it in something all i taste is fritos and that doesn't good good with the rest of the recipes so I didn't no use AP. I am very happy with the INW Raspberry. I bought everything for the recipe and it was worth it just to find the Raspberry it is the best I have ever had. I was a little disappointed with this recipe at first it was kind of just Raspberry with a hint of something as a back note but after a month of steeping the Raspberry becomes very light and the nuttiness comes out and it is very good. I plan on make a couple hundred mls of this in the next couple days. Thank you for the recipe.
#128 by WVS1980, Mar 5. 2016, 06:59
An awesome vape. Just mixed 30ml and man, did it delivered. Sooo many different flavor notes. The difference between the inhale and exhale was what really sold it for me. I can literally manipulate the flavor by the intake vs. exhale. FA Torrone shines brilliantly. With only 9.3% total flavor, the taste is amazing: finesse. Thank you.
#129 by 1nn, Mar 7. 2016, 22:43
try it tomorrow after a journey to post office and back
#130 by n01d3x, Mar 9. 2016, 19:19
I have a hard time finding dessert juices I like. This is actually the first and only dessert that is an adv for me. Thanks for the recipe!
#131 by Perly58, Mar 9. 2016, 19:55
Mine is still harsh after a 3 week steep.
#132 by PoROVAaRI, Mar 11. 2016, 11:03
Hey Wayne, What are your thoughts about flavorings containing fructose. Like Yellow Cake (FW)? I like to stay away from those so anyway to replace Yellow Cake on this recipe? Or if i leave it out, does it really matter on flavour vice
#133 by nuno, Mar 11. 2016, 19:47
id like to try this right away, but dont have fresh cream FA - but have whipped cream from TPA, would it do ok? thanks
#134 by D34N0, Mar 12. 2016, 15:20
A Stella mix Wayne thanks for sharing your hard work. This is my only ADV that just keeps on giving time and time again.
#135 by Perly58, Mar 12. 2016, 15:58
All you coming up with good juice are you adding MTS to it?
#136 by D34N0, Mar 12. 2016, 16:25
@Perly58, Yes I've always added it, only thing I swapped out was I used raspberry natural (FW) at same % until the inawera arrives.
#137 by Perly58, Mar 12. 2016, 16:39
Ok cool because I made this recipe exactly how it shows minus the MTS and it's super harsh, I have ordered MTS for another batch to be made in hopes it takes that harshness away.
#138 by tlc221981, Mar 14. 2016, 04:27
I just whipped this up in a 30ml and the hubs don't really like it but then he is not a fruity type guy.... But I on the other hand love it, it has a very interesting taste and everytime I hit it, it changes flavor and it is so yummy and will keep you guessing what your going to taste next thanks for the share....
#139 by Bolds FM mixologist , Mar 17. 2016, 19:21
I found this recipe very perfumey because of the inw raspberry, the apple overpowered the macaroon and I haven't really bothered making anymore, I gave the stuff I made away and the guy I gave it to likes it, so it's not for everyone, I may try to rework this and see if I can get the macaroon to come out.
#140 by Perly58, Mar 17. 2016, 19:36
Did you add the MTS to your juice? @Bolds.
#141 by Bolds FM mixologist , Mar 17. 2016, 19:44
Yes I did it all by the book!
#142 by Perly58, Mar 17. 2016, 19:58
Mine was really harsh but I didn't have the MTS added, I picked up some to try it again, how long did you steep for? @Bolds.
#143 by Bolds FM mixologist , Mar 17. 2016, 22:04
I mixed it on a hotplate mixer for 1hr then steeped for a week
#144 by atallcosts, Mar 18. 2016, 16:43
5 day steep w. MTS added. Excellent recipe
#145 by Joy, Mar 22. 2016, 23:16
Love it. Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe. I'm enjoying it a lot.
#146 by JKomiko, Mar 24. 2016, 15:26
Very nice, made exactly per recipe, overnight steep, and it is delicious! Thank you Wayne.
#147 by RandyRotten, Mar 28. 2016, 15:31
Absolutely love this !! I went throw a 15 mil in a day. I know that is not a lot for most vapers ,but it is for me. I'm going to make a 30 mil today. I would make more but I'm low on bavarian cream.
#148 by smg058, Mar 29. 2016, 21:24
Fantastic recipe! I made 30ml initially and intended to let it steep but by day 2 the smell made me try it and then, 2 days later it was no more! Making 120mls right now so I have enough to actually let it sit for a while!
#149 by Sanchez, Apr 1. 2016, 00:32
Hello, fantastic recipe. I have tried it
Have some questions: will it be the same if use TPA flavors instead of others?
Why you use Raspberry of INAWERA? not TPA or CAP or etc.?
#150 by Briggs, Apr 4. 2016, 06:13
Is cream fresh yhe same as fresh cream???? Can't seen to find cream fresh please help
#151 by Perly58, Apr 4. 2016, 06:26
It's the same.
#152 by Briggs, Apr 4. 2016, 06:29
Cool thanks fir quick response
#153 by Perly58, Apr 4. 2016, 06:30
No problem mate.
#154 by Sleepy, Apr 5. 2016, 22:50
I mixed 30 mls of FLAVOR BASE, and then from that mixed my first bottle of 120 mls. I find this very sweet any suggestion how I might take some of the sweetness out I made it exactly according to the recipe. Thanks in advance for your help
#155 by juliawkk, Apr 6. 2016, 03:23
Can I just take out the Rasberry altogether? I don't really like the flavor and I don't have anything else to substitute it with
#156 by MrCessna, Apr 6. 2016, 15:54
OMFG! i've just made 180 mls of this, and it appears all the hype is true. this is absolutely bloody delicious. the raspberry is so true to the fruit that i can almost taste the seeds! powdered sugar and almonds come through too. What a knock out juice!
#157 by sajkox, Apr 8. 2016, 15:08
didn't want to order another set of concentrates just to find out its not for me but thanks to chefs vapour UK (EU) ppl can now order it all mixed as a single concentrate and I must say that this is delicious after just a shake. I think Im actually now ready to order individual concentrates. Thanks @ENYAWREKLAW for good idea with ChefsV !
#158 by Kris, Apr 14. 2016, 03:42
Another good recipe but this time I buy ready to mix concentrate on chefs vapour uk website. Very good idea. Thanks and don't stop creating Wayne, good job.
#159 by ZainVapes, Apr 15. 2016, 17:53
after steeped for 1 day i feel MTS muted all flavor but yes it does smooth the recipe.. but..... muted
#160 by KittyVapes, Apr 17. 2016, 21:07
I mixed this without the MTS and let it steep for 10 days now. I normally have a problem tasting all the flavors used in a recipe especially FA but I can taste them all here. For those who don't want to use yellow cake maybe try FA Nonna's Cake?
#161 by tonediary, Apr 18. 2016, 16:33
I did try it with Nonna's Cake.. It is probably not good as the original recipe because i didn't really like the end result after 1 week steep.
#162 by waffle09, Apr 19. 2016, 22:42
I loved this recipe probably top DIY recipe I've tried. But after the FW Yellow Cake scare I don't want to take the chance :( I hope there is a replacement for Yellow Cake soon. Nonna's Cake isn't the same.
#163 by HoneyGram57, Apr 20. 2016, 15:40
How does CAP Sugar COOKIE compare to FA COOKIE, as CAP is the only cookie I have & with chemo I'm not in the position to be expanding the kitchen ATM.

#164 by lechevn, Apr 22. 2016, 15:30
The hype is real, two thumbs up from me. Really tasty juice, you can feel the raspberry as the dominant flavour, but the fluffy macaron is there as well, perfect balance. Great vape. 5 stars.
#165 by Briggs, Apr 22. 2016, 15:34
Can I replace torr one with anything???
#166 by Briggs, Apr 22. 2016, 15:36
I find it very awesome that when I went to ecigexpress they have a ingredients kit for bronuts that's one of my favorite recipes gonna have to try this next lol
#167 by Millie45, Apr 23. 2016, 14:11
I expected this to blow my mind, but it didn't IMO.
But i do like that fact it only uses 9.3% flavouring.

I made 3x30ml maybe it will get better on the second bottle after some maturing.
#168 by Twistedfexer, Apr 24. 2016, 22:19
Damn. Thanks for not holding this one back lol
#169 by Sylvie lola, Apr 25. 2016, 01:28
I really love this juice!!!!
But i buy it at chefs vapour, hoping it helps you ?
Cause you deserve it : wonderfull recipe and good man who shared it so i prefer buy it.
#170 by mrgoat, Apr 27. 2016, 17:03
oh sweet baby jebers, this is stunning.
#171 by tonediary, Apr 27. 2016, 23:34
To people who want to sub INW Raspberry.. I did try it with TPA Blueberry wild and some other flavors.. Believe me it's not even close.
Just please , DO NOT REPLACE INW RASPBERRY. This is what make this recipe feel like a real macaron IMO. Also do not replace Yellow cake with flavors like Nonna's cake..
#172 by Daja, Apr 28. 2016, 23:50
Thanks to chefsvapor that had this and bought a 30 ml bottle, 10 days steep and this is very nice, one of my top two to vape all day
#173 by zlygri, May 1. 2016, 11:51
I understand that Acetyl Pyrazine is here for grainy texture but i really don't like the taste of it, could it be replaced with something like peanut butter of graham cracker for example without affecting the recipe too much?
#174 by Fugee, May 1. 2016, 12:12
Don't waste your time mixing this as a 15ml or 30ml sample! Just make a bloody big batch straight away or you'll run out within 48hrs! My 30ml was gone in a day and 500ml is alost gone after just a month!!! Awesome juice ENYAWREKLAW. Perfect! Thanks.
#175 by *Vaporizer*, May 1. 2016, 23:07
Yer it good it does for need to steeped for a week, @fugee is right make a big batch or by the time your next batch is ready you'll of ran out
#176 by KevM, May 2. 2016, 08:08
This is wonderful! I mixed a 30ml sample bottle 2 days ago with the intention of letting it steep for at least a week. But I couldn't help myself, it smells so good. It called to me from my steeping box in the back of my cabinet. I just had to crack it open and drip some. I was not disappointed. Gonna be mixing a much larger batch tomorrow. This is definitely going into my all day rotation. Thank you for sharing this recipe Wayne. 5 stars, and I wish I could give it more.
#177 by TapersVongue, May 3. 2016, 22:26

#178 by Gino, May 4. 2016, 14:52
This a very complex, well thought out, and well put together recipe. This is premium juice quality hands down! Made 30ml, sucked it down, then made 200ml the next day. Great job, Wayne! The diy community owes you bro! Keep it up!
#179 by N, May 4. 2016, 16:44
great flavour! thank you! )
#180 by iCGM, May 8. 2016, 00:00
This is awesome. If you DIY this is a must to try.
#181 by ReadyForSpaghetti , May 12. 2016, 20:10
This flavor is absolutely fantastic! I wonder how it would translate if you subbed the raspberry and apple for other fruits. I wonder if it would still hold the macaroon profile.
#182 by NismoNinja, May 17. 2016, 05:44
I'm new to the DIY game and have been playing around with a few different flavors on my own. I saw this and figured I'd give it a shot. I made it exactly as posted here with a touch of mts and then left the bottle in my hot garage for a week for steep. The end result is a very light but flavorful vape. Easily an ADV. One of the best juices I've EVER had. Thanks for the recipe!!!
#183 by Hyper, May 17. 2016, 15:40
I tend not to make too much of this recipe. I think the longer it ages,
the worse it tastes. Well not worse, but it just doesn't have the taste a fresh batch has.
#184 by Leaky, May 21. 2016, 05:44
Is there anything to replace yellow cake for this recipe?
#185 by CloudGirl, May 22. 2016, 03:33
I know I'm about a year behind but I'm mixing all of his creations just now lol Beautiful recipe after 24 hour steep. I'm excited to see the cookie come out more after another day :) xo
#186 by SS, May 23. 2016, 02:57
Thank you for the recipe.
I let mine steep 2 weeks but i personally find a tinge of harshness, that even 3 weeks won't cover. Not sure if it is the Raspberry or not but sadly, it just doesn't work for me
#187 by VapeOn, May 23. 2016, 08:48
I made this juice aweek ago, iam wondering whats the MTS wizard? And do i need to add it when i make the juice or i can add it to my ready batch anytime after its steeped? Thanks in advance
#188 by CloudGirl, May 23. 2016, 20:14
@ VapeOn: It's a flavor enhancer. It will blend the flavors together and round out any harsh edges. TFA Smooth is the other similar product. 1 drop per 15 mil is less than I see other mixers using so he's keeping some of the natural layering in place with this one and rounding out the edges of harshness that some people are mentioning in the comments. I believe you can add it after the batch has steeped and have the same results as if you just mixed.
#189 by ZiggyWay, May 23. 2016, 20:18
@ VapeOn - MTS stands for Mellow Thick Smooth. Thats how this ingredient helps in recipes, kinda smooths harsh edges, helps bring flavors together,.... Usually, after adding all your flavors to the mix, give them a light swirl and then add MTS. After that PG VG Nic.
#190 by VapeOn, May 23. 2016, 22:04
I looked up on ecigexpress i found MTS vape wizard by flavourart, is that the one i should use?
#191 by Millie45, May 23. 2016, 22:26
@VapeOn Yes, That's the one.
#192 by illitirit, May 25. 2016, 02:27
Made a few notes on this juice :

Day 1: Harsh, flavors dont seem to be blended together at all. Not a fan.

Day 2: Harshness subsided a tad, would still classify as harsh. Still not a fan.

At this point I thought I made a huge mistake ordering 30 mill bottles of all the flavorings.

So i let it sit for another 12 days.

Day 14: From upon just the scent of the liquid, it smells different than when fresh. Smells like it actually is described, a raspberry cookie.

Upon vaping, HUGE difference. No more harshness, flavors all seem to be blended together harmoniously. It is actually a raspberry macaroon.

I mixed max vg with german sourced nicotine (vaportek).

5+ stars for this after 2 week steep.
#193 by octave nine, May 26. 2016, 14:37
Great recipe, smooth and creamy with a hint of raspberry, I tried both Inawera Raspberry and Flavour Art's and have to say I prefer the Inawera version. For me it's not too perfumey and actually makes the flavour stand out more then the FA version being used A+ recipe for me, great job Wayne.
#194 by VapeOn, Jun 6. 2016, 12:28
Iam trying to add the MTS wizard. What would be the percentage if add MTS wizard(suggested at 1 drop per 15 ml) to the flavors list.
#195 by VapeMag, Jun 12. 2016, 19:12
Looking forward to make this, but haven't got torrone on hand. Will it make a big difference to omit it? Is there anything I can substitue it with? If not, how should I tweak the percentages? In advance, thanks!
#196 by tjt, Jun 14. 2016, 15:54
One of those flavors seems to be extremely aggressive to throat. It's probably Cake (Yellow) (FW) but I'm not sure. This Liquid smells very good, tastes okay but it's impossible to vape it. I've made about 140 ml 2,5 month ago and I was trying it from time to time. Now it's even worse than in it was before...
#197 by Mmh1972 , Jun 14. 2016, 19:13
This recipe actually got my buddy vaping something other than unicorn milk...unbelievable that someone would vape nothing but 1 juice for an entire year until he tried this recipe I mixed. I can't wait to mix another batch since I'm using specific gravities now but don't have the specific gravity for inw raspberry
#198 by DINGDOMM, Jun 14. 2016, 19:24
bought the concentrate from ChefsVapor because couldn't find some flavours in UK.

People on there have left reviews to mix it at 15%. Anyone tried this? or should I stick to 9.3%?
#199 by Alliice_, Jun 15. 2016, 14:57
Made a small batch of this and after just an overnight steep it's beautiful. Don't have inawera raspberry so used TPA and mixed at 1.3%. May use slightly less next time as it's a little sharp but the other flavours are definitely coming through too. Will be mixing a bigger batch of this straight away and see how it changes with steeping. Thank you for the recipe!
#200 by Killrarmy , Jun 16. 2016, 05:54
Just ordered all of the ingredients. Very expensive. Can you refer a one stop site to order next time? I am going to subscribe to your channel. Loved the video and explanations.
#201 by Mmh1972 , Jun 19. 2016, 17:54
if you don't have inw raspberry I wouldn't try a different raspberry and I would stick with the 9.3% flavorings whoever recommended you trying 15% is insane..imo this recipe is great as listed and doesn't need much steeping time.
#202 by CM Family, Jun 28. 2016, 10:58
It is amazing how much each persons taste buds can differ, Rhodonite is ALWAYS on my desk ready to go. Love it. But I had to substitute the INW Raspberry with FA's because I am one who tastes the perfume in INW (Yuck). As well, I don't find this mix does well over time for my ancient and worn out sense of taste. But still - Once every week or two I make 100ml's in order to keep up with my personal demand. Love it.
#203 by Danish, Jun 28. 2016, 11:53
Definitely a favorite for me even though I did not have the FA Almond (which I just left out) and INW Raspberry (subbed for TFA raspberry sweet). Will be ordering the above to do the original recipe.
#204 by Vapedt, Jun 29. 2016, 11:05
used 1% tfa swt raspberry, 3% tfa apple....
will give results in a few weeks
#205 by str8shooter44, Jun 29. 2016, 18:41
I made this recipe exact and now it's been 6 days since. It started out as mainly raspberry and yesterday it started to blend nicely. Now I'm getting the almond, cake and cookie. A++ on this recipe as it's a complex yet stellar vape. I'll try to keeps my hands off of it for another week and see where it goes but I have no doubt it will be awesome.
#206 by JTC, Jul 3. 2016, 14:35
Very nice
It's just such a balanced and original flavour.
Definitely in my rotation thanks πŸ‘
#207 by yuming, Jul 5. 2016, 09:22
is MTS wizard a must?been steeping for a day and more and its really harsh! also,did you guys breathe the ejuice? all i can taste right now is the raspberry :( im hoping the harshness goes away
#208 by oooNaSuGamisooo, Jul 6. 2016, 09:39
Great stuff... spot on! taste exactly like macaron
but not a ADV for me.
#209 by krzysztofkris, Jul 16. 2016, 03:34
Used 0.3% INW Nougat instead of Torrone and 0.75% FLV Raspberry instead of INW Raspberry and it turned out great. If I manage to get the concentrates you originally used I'll definitely try it, but I'm extremely satisfied with the result. Great vape. I love mixing a bigger batch straight on and finding out that it's not a disappointment. With this one it goes even further than that.
#210 by Telmos, Jul 18. 2016, 03:34
Would it still taste the same/similar if I did a 50/50 mix?
#211 by jedapearl, Jul 22. 2016, 02:13
I've made this multiple times. First exactly as directed, second with the commenters TFA Raspberry version, third with INW Wera Garden Raspberry, and then about 3 more times with alterations trying to suit me. I wanted to love it but no matter what way I've made it or how long it steeps, it just isn't for me. It sounds so good too. But I guess it's just not my thing. This and Fried Ice Cream are the only recipes of ENYAWREKLAWS that I dislike and I've tried the majority of them.
#212 by haggyy, Jul 26. 2016, 11:20
Try not substitute any of the flavours, it wont be the same due to the complexity, I left mine to steep for 2 weeks which I pretty much do with any liquid I make to ensure I get the best flavour. Very nice recipe, I do get that powdered sugar effect on my tongue, mmm!
#213 by paper_boat, Jul 28. 2016, 01:45
Even after 2 weeks of steeping this tastes mostly like harsh raspberry. Throat hit is a 8/10, as in very strong. Definitely not an ADV, but I enjoy it. I bought the premixed concentrate from e-cig-express, to see if I would like this flavor mix before buying the 5-10 flavors I am missing. The 120 ml I made will probably go bad before I finish it, I find myself taking 3-4 hits a day to change it up and that is all. I guess my palette isn't compatible with one or two of the flavors in this recipe.
#214 by Ksenija, Jul 28. 2016, 10:14
Fanastic! Mixed yestreday, vaping the hell out of it today!
#215 by haggyy, Jul 28. 2016, 15:57
@paper_boat - Have you considered adding any MTS Wizard?
#216 by Gucci, Aug 1. 2016, 14:54
Steep time on this? I've started to put dates on my bottles to show when they good to vape
#217 by DIYjosh, Aug 2. 2016, 07:25
Mixed 600ml of this with TPA sweet raspberry and mts Wizard. Did 3 rounds of warming agitating breathing.. going to let it continue to breath over night. This already smells delicious, Everytime I'm picking up a different flavor. I hope to check back in a week or two with good results. Most likely I'll try it after 3 - 5 days just as a benchmark.

Thanks everyone for their input on this recipe!
#218 by VapingKrakenVK, Aug 4. 2016, 04:06
hi , what is MTS Wizard? I found FA Vape Wizard, is it the same?
#219 by DIYjosh, Aug 4. 2016, 04:32
@vapingkrakenvk FA MTS wizard stands for Mellow, Thick and Smooth. MTS vape wizard contributes toward softening any acidic/sour perception, it assists in making vapour thicker, and it delivers both body and depth to any e-liquid.
#220 by VapingKrakenVK, Aug 4. 2016, 05:35
Oh so I take it MTS is not another brand, thanks for the info, so silly of me lol
#221 by SenseiKensei, Aug 4. 2016, 14:17
i decided to do this recipe as part of my second DIY batch, and boy am I glad i did, mixed 100ml exactly as directed, added the MTS as well. like other commenters, this was super harsh on the 1st day, its now been 5 days and the throat hit is not that bad anymore, i can only imagine it will smooth out more. other than that the flavour is amazing and i cant wait for it to get better the longer i leave it
#222 by JCase, Aug 5. 2016, 20:47
I can't find cookie biscotto anywhere! Any tips where I can find it or substitute?
#223 by VapingKrakenVK, Aug 9. 2016, 03:07
@SenseiKensei how is it now, after almost a week now?
#224 by DIYjosh, Aug 9. 2016, 03:23
today marks 7 days since i mixed 600+ ml of this. smells like its time to fill up a unicorn bottle for myself and try it out!
#225 by VapingKrakenVK, Aug 9. 2016, 03:28
Post back how it is, then ill make some too :D
#226 by 7MUNSTER7, Aug 18. 2016, 03:42
I hope the torrone taste dies down after a little steeping as of right now I'm not digging this at all because of the torrone it's to nutty
#227 by Jace, Aug 25. 2016, 15:26
Anyone tried this with Inawera Raspberry Shisha ?
I have been making Rhodonite with TPA Raspberry Sweet at 1.3% and I'm pretty happy with it. I can't get INW Raspberry at the moment but I do have bottle of INW Raspberry Shisha, smells great.
Any ideas of what % I should be working with ?
#228 by SenseiKensei, Aug 26. 2016, 09:52
@VapingKrakenVK the harsh throat hit never really dissipated, I just added 4 more drops of the MTS, smoothed it out completely but killed some of the flavour, but now even with some of the flavour being softened it's much better
#229 by SenseiKensei, Aug 26. 2016, 09:59
@VapingKrakenVK mix exact, then if the throat hit is still too harsh, maybe do one extra drop of MTS at a time until you get a nice balance, i prob killed it too much by just adding 4 drops straight
#230 by Nik420, Aug 28. 2016, 09:58
Used 1.3% TPA raspberry Sweet as was advised by Lehnny, max Vg, At first smell I didn't think I would like it, since I am usualy hate fruity stuff, BUT after steeping for 2 weeks - I think it is actually amazing, mixed up 200 more ml's of it just now.
Unfortunately can't taste much almond, will check it later with INW raspberry, but the complexity of this juice is amazing, each vape I get something different. This is one is a true masterpiece. Much L-o-o-o-ve! :B
#231 by pappasmurfsharem, Sep 3. 2016, 05:56
Has anybody used the pre-mix from Ecig Express? Is it the same as mixing on your own. The flavor just seems meh and I'm curious if its their premix or if I'm just not a fan.
#232 by Jace, Sep 3. 2016, 06:02
I mix it from scratch, you can up the % recommendation on the bottle, I believe it's 9.5 % ? Take it up to 12% and see if you get more flavor. It does require a weeks steep also.
#233 by Hutch, Sep 4. 2016, 15:01
Yes, just yes.
#234 by ozric, Sep 9. 2016, 00:45
This is my favourite diy mix so far. Although I don't mix exactly as the original recipe. I tend to avoid yellow cake from FW due to the sugars in contains. At the moment I mix this with FA Nonna's cake as a sub at .6%
I am not a fan of Nonna's cake but it seems to work at low amounts in this recipe. Hands down a winner for me. It seems some don't like INW raspberry but I'm at the other end of these spectrum as its great in this.
#235 by casualresearch, Sep 10. 2016, 00:40
Thanks man, best DIY recipe I've done yet. I've had a few pretty good ones, but I usually like to keep them simple to avoid buying a ton of flavors that you barely use. I was on the fence when ordering these if it was really necessary to have such a complex recipe, but it's so worth it! I am now almost out of a few of the major flavors used, but will definitely be ordering more. My favorite ADV!
#236 by NeilMcCauley, Oct 6. 2016, 23:26
Rasp a winner but v potent dry without streathing
#237 by MiMi , Oct 7. 2016, 20:50
I mixed up 30ml batch for shake/vape and 120ml batch that I'll steep. I used CAP toasted almond in place of FA almond and I didn't add the MTS Wizard. The shake and vape is amazing. Think I've found my new ADV!!! Can't wait to see how it tastes with steeping.
#238 by Shasta, Oct 9. 2016, 03:13
The first time I've mixed at such low %. I don't know how you did it, Wayne, but this is a masterpiece. Needs a 3-4 week steep to mature and mellow fully IMO. Love this so much. Thank you :-)
#239 by SimonRB, Oct 14. 2016, 12:29
Dude, what can i say? For someone new to vaping my DIY flavours, your selfless contribution to the community is outstanding. Is there a way to support your work at all? Also I note the DIY pre-mixed stuff is not available to Australia yet. Have any vendors approached you at all?
#240 by Devils Advocate, Oct 21. 2016, 10:13
While waiting on flavors to make the original, I came up with this tjek.nu/r/7B6n. Tastes awesome after only 1 day steep. Kinda reminds me of a raspberry chocolate from a Whitmans sampler with a woody/nutty undertone. TY ENYAREKLAW. Really great of you to keep these tasty recipes up.

@SimonRB, Ecig-Express has ENYAREKLAW/ DiyOrDie flavors. Dont forget to use coupon code ELRECIPIES for 10% off most items. :)
#241 by strat, Oct 24. 2016, 05:10
I have everything except A.P. how would it taste without it?
#242 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 12:59
you can try, strat.
#243 by Majistir, Nov 1. 2016, 01:59
Horrible... as a shake n vape. One of, if not the best, tasting recipes after at least 4 days! It's soo good!

I used dx bavarian cream and raspberry sweet(@1.3%) (tfa). So much flavor, I think I might reduce nic lvl since it's so addictingly good. Best part about your recipe is its very low % of flavor. Means it's cheaper and I can make more!

Thank you!
#244 by Vapingvin, Nov 7. 2016, 20:57
This is incredible.Thanks for sharing!!!
#245 by VAPE4LIFE, Nov 10. 2016, 13:04
Very very nice. Exactly like how he described. Really done well.
#246 by mine2013, Nov 28. 2016, 23:04
Very good recipe i give it FIVE STARS... Thanks for sharing.
#247 by ClintVapes, Dec 4. 2016, 00:01
Love it! Another added to my ADV
#248 by LTC.Awesome, Dec 4. 2016, 04:43
Just mixed this at 80/20 and it's fantastic. Can't wait to see how it matures over the next few days.
#249 by SS, Dec 6. 2016, 05:14
I cannot vape this recipe. Found it extremely harsh even after 7-8 weeks of steeping.

Just made it using Raspberry Sweet (TFA) 3% and 5 days later I can taste this one. Still a tiny bit too much flavour but assume that will tone down a bit in another week but it might be fine for others at this point. Will give it another week but already can taste the nuances of flavour. Certainly not a shake and vape though, unless perhaps you just quit smoking and can't yet taste anything properly! Thx
#250 by Jace, Dec 6. 2016, 05:26
@SS drop the TFA Raspberry down to 1.3%
You have not followed the exact recipe mate, the original recipe uses INW Raspberry. I also had to sub it but i read the comments to help me.

"TPA's Raspberry Sweet or Sweet Raspberry is wayyyyyyyyy better in this recipe, there's no perfume taste like there is in Raspberry (Inawera). The Avg. mix quantity for Raspberry (Inawera) is 1.7% and the recipe calls for .5%. The Avg. mix quantity for Sweet Rasp. is 4.3 so I crossed multiplied the ratios and solved for X."

4.3/x = 1.7/.5
1.7x = 2.15
1.7x/1.7 = 2.15/1.7
x = 1.26
x = 1.3% Sweet Raspberry.

even with TFA Raspberry Sweet it's amazing recipe, I've been vaping it for months this way all day.
#251 by SS, Dec 8. 2016, 23:05
Thanks Jace, sorry but my mistake. I did use TFA Sweet Raspberry at 1.3% and not 3%.
Dont know what I was thinking when I typed 3%.

It has a very lovely flavour to this.
I am vaping it now.
The Raspberry still gives me a bit of a throat hit that likely most vapers will love.
I do tend to have problems with fruit DIYs though so at this point, I shall still vape this but unless it still calms down a bit for me, it will prevent me from making more, but I say that understanding I am especially sensitive to fruit flavouring so that should not be a concern for most vapers.
Still only at the 7-8 day steep period though.
Thanks for all of your help!

For what its worth, I am using a Sigelei Moonshot, dual coil, 317ss, 7wraps of 26g @ 0.38, 420F, TCR .00088
#252 by Jace, Dec 9. 2016, 03:33
I've just got hold of some Rasp Inawera and I actually prefer TFA raspberry sweet instead. There is a very noticeable perfumey type flavor coming from the Inawera.
Stick with it SS, maybe add some more MTS to help smooth it out a bit.
I get a throat kick off it first thing in the morning and think that is the icing sugar effect from the Meringue & Torrone. After a few hits it no longer makes me cough.
It's very realistic, like inhaling icing sugar and getting a tickley cough. It soon goes away though.
#253 by Vaype, Dec 13. 2016, 08:03
Warning: this is not a recipe for beginners to mix...... This flavor is soo addictive and all the varying subtleties are so amazing! I'm kind of joking around..... but I'm serious in saying a recipe like this kind of deflates me wondering if I could come up with something so mouth wateringly tasty! There should be beginner type recipes... and there probably are... I'm new...... Imo I started at the top of the game with this mix, and I'm just utterly speechless in describing those subtleties, partly because I don't know the lingo (flavor bending and such.... ) and partly because I just wanna quit! Wtffffffff Wayne Walker this is the 3rd recipe of yours that I've mixed and the BEST so far ..by far....!
#254 by Malcolm X, Dec 14. 2016, 20:25
When I first mixed this, I shaked and vaped, tasted terrible.
Threw it in the back of my wardrobe and forgot about it.
Was clearing out my wardrobe a couple of months later and decided to drip some.
Man I was so wrong, tasted amazing.
Raspberry, strawberry, and a hint of an inside of a French bakery.
It's not a bakery juice, but the macaron is definitely there.

It's in my adv rotation now and I'll be mixing a ton of this stuff tonight.

Thank you so much sir and my apologies for dismissing this so quick after mixing.
#255 by Malcolm X, Dec 14. 2016, 20:29
If this juice was a woman, I'd marry her and commit bigamy.
#256 by Garryadm123, Dec 17. 2016, 02:16
The first diy recipe that made me fall in love with diy. This right here is a premium juice. Better than one hit wonder, cosmic fog and any of the big guys. Defo in my list of adv thank you wayne
#257 by DIYjosh, Dec 30. 2016, 21:27
getting back to my previous comment from last august, where i mixed 600ml of this after sampling 30ml i made in a test batch. i fell in love with it, it was my first diy attempt and everyone i shared it with also loved it. several months later, still love this recipe. ive adapted it slightly lowering the the fuji and subbing sweet raspberry at a higher %.

unfortunately i made the mistake of adding the nicotine in at 3mg/ml right away, and afterwards used my aggressive steeping method of warm water bath, agitation, and breathing. (i.e. 5-10 minute bath in warm water. blending to a froth. breathing for 3-4 hours and finally steeping 5-7 days, repeating as needed).

short story long.. i ruined my first large batch of this by first adding the nicotine and then using my aggressive steep method. this experience taught me that heating and breathing will turn nicotine bad and subsequently made the final product harsh.

fast forwarding several months, ive remade another large batch. holding off on adding the nicotine until i was satisfied with the effect steeping had.

ruined first batch by adding nicotine before breathing/steeping. learned that time is the best steeping method and that heating/breathing will turn nicotine harsh. this recipe STILL kicks ass and will remain in my adv rotation.

thanks for this contribution and for all the feed back,

#258 by core, Jan 13, 02:09
I still enjoy an occasional bottle of this Raspberry macaroon. Reminds me of a raspberry filled petridge farm cookie. Steeped 3+ weeks min. Thank you for this recipe, its very enjoyable!

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