Peach yogurt (fresh03 recipe) 

Gravatar - by raniatreadwell, Jul 16. 2015, 23:27


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Fresh 03 recipe:
2.4 ml Greek yogurt
.4 Bavarian cream
1.0 ml whipped cream
2.0 ml juicy peach
.4 orange cream

Orange cream can be cut or replace something else

#1 by raniatreadwell, Jul 19. 2015, 03:58
This is spectacular! I used sweet tangerine for orange cream. Super good. Will make a big bottle soon.
#2 by Middle Finger Salute, Sep 24. 2015, 11:39
Just had a bash at this.Sounds nice so looking forward to the result
I will return after a week to give you my thoughts :)
#3 by wagensport, Oct 3. 2015, 20:08
Awesome recipe. This was the first concoction I ever attempted and it was damn good first time around. Have been through 520mL so far, still not really tired either. Good mellow flavor... seems to only need 24 hours of steeping to be just right.
#4 by MarkS, Oct 10. 2015, 12:53
Swapped the TFA Whipped Cream for CAP Creamy Yoghurt & the TFA Orange Cream for CAP Orange Creamsicle. Absolutely stonking recipe. Probably the best recipe I've tried from here to date and I've tried hundreds. Gorgeous vape.
#5 by Jon Smith, Oct 13. 2015, 20:41
This recipe is awesome! I just mixed it up this morning, I do not think it is going to get any steep time.I have been vaping it since I mixed it. I hate custard and creme vapes. This one is a winner for sure.
#6 by rsimmy, Nov 13. 2015, 20:11
I just made a 10 ml tester. I cut the Greek yogurt down to 5% because I'm really sensitive to it, its really really stout to me.

Anyway, this 10ml tester, as a shake and vape, has been the best thing I've made so far. I've not had much luck with all these popular recipes, but this being so good, I have a little faith restored in my ability to DIY.

I did sub a few things, used DX Bavarian cream, TFA Juicy peach at 3%, and FA peach at 1%. Omitted orange cream, and thats really unfortunate because I know it would make it just that much better.
#7 by M45T3Rvape, Jan 7. 2016, 10:37
Fresh03 youtube videos are great to watch.
#8 by DustyLee, Feb 16. 2016, 02:11
Love this stuff, thanks. Have used this as a base for other flavors and it works great!
#9 by Oleg, Feb 24. 2016, 13:32
кто лил вместо персика Cap , персик TPA?
Если да, то сколько % нужно тпа?
You can replace the peach CAP, peach TPA?
If yes, how many% ?
#10 by artutot, Mar 28. 2016, 04:52
Hello i would love to try this recipe i don't have Greek yogurt just orderd some but i do have FW yogurt.
#11 by Zico, May 5. 2016, 15:47
Thanks for this awesome, refreshing recipe Rania!
Substituted orange cream with orange mandarin (TFA).
Absolutely LOVE it!
#12 by Thisisourview, May 17. 2016, 19:28
My favourite on this site so far. Made 30ml as a shake and vape and it was gone in 3 days. Just made 2 100ml bottles up. Be interesting to see how the other bottle I won't get through quickly tastes after a few weeks steep! Thanks!
#13 by Ohlins, Jun 8. 2016, 21:32
Made this after trying Addy's yoghurt. No substitutions made exactly as recipe. Spot on. Tastes just like a creamy peach yoghurt.. Great recipe.
#14 by PandaUK86, Jul 14. 2016, 18:50
Just made 10ml of this following the recipe to the letter. Tried it after shaking and it's good. I can't taste much of the cream or yoghurt yet but it's in the background. This is the first recipe I've followed since starting to make my own liquid and I'm impressed. I'm going to make a bigger batch when my larger bottles arrive and will let that steep for a bit.
#15 by Grimlour, Jul 30. 2016, 05:30
Great recipe, one of my favorites. For the first batch I followed the recipe to the letter, however, I lowered the orange cream to 1% and increased the peach to 8% in the second batch. I did this since I found the orange to be overwelming at first. These changes made it a bit smoother in my opinion, and thus made the recipe a lot better for my personal taste.

Thanks for sharing this recipe.

I am still new to DIY so people might have different opinions.
#16 by VirgoS, Aug 6. 2016, 01:03
Can you replace the Juicy Peach CAP for Juicy Peach TPA?
If yes, at what % ?
#17 by Uncletattoowhat, Aug 21. 2016, 07:29
Made this up today. Brought the Greek Yogurt and Juicy Peach both down to 5%. Really good shake and vape!
#18 by Light174, Aug 28. 2016, 18:47
Bavarian Cream (TPA) 1.34%
Greek Yogurt (TPA) 8%
Juicy Peach (TPA) 8%
Orange Cream (TPA) 1.5%
Whipped Cream (TPA) 3.35%
#19 by Asbos, Aug 30. 2016, 22:12
i made an account just to thank you for this recipe didnt have the orange i skipped it as you said its awsome :) ty vm
#20 by Locud, Sep 8. 2016, 22:44
Me and my nephew followed this very loosely and replaced bavarian and whipped cream with vanilla bean ice cream, it was still instantly the best recipe tried so far with zero steeping. Can't wait to try it with the intended ingredients, and possibly some sort of honey. Thanks a ton!
#21 by Joy, Sep 10. 2016, 02:21
Very nice and good purpose for the Greek Yogurt. I think Bavarian Cream (how would you say) reduces sharp flavors moreso than other creams, so with orange, that's always my choice. Thank you for sharing this lovely, refreshing recipe. I often crave orange (and lemon). I like it exactly as you list it.
#22 by Armen, Oct 5. 2016, 23:35
i used Fresh Cream instead of whipped cream and it is still outstanding you can also substitute orange cream for apricot or pear, just go easy on the pear and it is still good i also use Juicy peach(cap) at 6% and add another 1.5% of peach(FA) and still great vape i hope this helps just so you guys will know i just vaped 1000ml and i got another 1000ml stepping for a week i like mine at least a week steep time hope this helps someone
#23 by strat, Oct 24. 2016, 04:58
Is there a sub for greek yogurt?
#24 by Kiko2007, Oct 24. 2016, 23:59
is there anyway i can sub the bavarian cream??? coz i dont like to vape anyhing that contains acetoine
Thx for the help
#25 by niki, Oct 25. 2016, 17:50
very interesting receipt, will try!
#26 by James, Oct 25. 2016, 19:41
This was the first recipe I mixed. My first concentrate order was buying the ingredients to make this! I am blown away by how much I love it. Seriously, it's better than any juice I have ever tried, store bought or homemade. It's certainly works as a shake'n'vape but if you have the patience to wait 3-4 weeks for steeping, you won't be disappointed, flavour easily improves 10 fold. I have 500ml steeping right now, I can tell this will be my ADV for a while.
#27 by James, Oct 25. 2016, 19:43
Adding to my above comment. Juice Peach can be subbed for another type of fruit to make a different flavour yogurt. So far I've tried Pineapple (excellent) and Lime (ok, but not as good as peach or pineapple). I suspect it will work well with most citrus and berry flavours.
#28 by Acuzio, Oct 31. 2016, 03:31
Just made this and as a shake and vape its great. Now if I can figure out the percentage for strawberry banana mango id be tickled.
#29 by praet0rian, Nov 1. 2016, 14:09
If I want to make this at 60VG/40PG, should I use the same flavor % as mentionned? Or bring it down with 1% each?
#30 by QB's, Nov 4. 2016, 21:31
This is one of the best refreshing mix i have ever had. Thank you so so so much for it, i also used it for many other fruit flavors and it turned out awesome
#31 by GlennB, Nov 12. 2016, 18:26
Great recipe, I have made my own variation and blend more the 1l for me and my friends.
#32 by benjy337, Nov 27. 2016, 17:53
Very good as a shake and vape, can't wait to try it after steeping it for a week or two (if it lasts that long).
I too replaced the Orange Cream with Sweet Tangerine.
#33 by Steveooo, Nov 28. 2016, 21:46
If i leave out the orange it still vapeable
#34 by Kiwi_Vaper, Nov 28. 2016, 23:30
This juice is awesome. I steeped it for a month plus, as I normally steep my mixes for a month at the least. First toot and I fell in love with this thing. It is tasteful, but a light vape. The hints of flavouring blend well to give you a great vape. Thanks for sharing. Five stars all the way.
#35 by darthvapor, Dec 9. 2016, 21:37
This shit is seriously good. Perfect as a shake and vape if you're a procrastinator like me, and only gets better from there. It legitimately tastes like peach yogurt straight from the container. 10/10, would recommend
#36 by Gaspar74, Dec 14. 2016, 17:58
Whipping this up tonight
#37 by Braveheartldy, Dec 16. 2016, 22:57
My absolute favorite mix to date!~ Thanks for sharing!!
#38 by Felkelf, Dec 20. 2016, 22:26
The smell of this juice is amazing but it had a severe harshness to it as a shake n vape, almost like inhaling vinegar. I've steeped it for a couple weeks and it's much better but still not quite there. I'm going give it some more time. It has smelled amazing since the beginning so I'm very excited to vape this.
#39 by Ohlins, Dec 20. 2016, 22:50
Felkelf. If it's still a bit harsh, leave the lid off overnight to have a breath, might help.
#40 by Felkelf, Dec 20. 2016, 23:42
Ohlins. I think it's from the Greek Yogurt. I'll let it breathe tonight and see if it helps. Thanks
#41 by amouthforwar, Dec 27. 2016, 21:53
don't have greek yogurt but have normal yogurt flavor, after 4 day steep it tastes pretty good, but there is a weird perfumey note (I think it's coming from the yogurt i used). I'll try what you recommended to Felkelf as well. Still seeing some potential here and it smells incredible! nice work :)
#42 by Felkelf, Dec 27. 2016, 22:07
It's still not toned down enough to vape but it gets better every time I check it. Maybe a couple more weeks.
#43 by Gaspar74, Dec 27. 2016, 23:23
Mine was great shake n vape.
#44 by Debbiej, Dec 30. 2016, 01:45
Ordered yogurt to try this one. Looks like a fresh vape!

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