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This is my first EXCELLENT recipe. The RY4 Double has a very light vanilla, caramel, tobacco blend that is perfect. The Vanilla Swirl is an amazing custard that reminds me of homemade vanilla ice cream. The sweet cream is a sweet custards addition that adds a slight "milky" flavor. This is not a candy sweet but a desert sweet. The sweetness isn't over bearing. The smell is amazing and fills the room. This has become one of my favorites!

After mixing: spun the flavor with a frother for about 1 minute. Placed in very warm water for 20 min two times. Leave the cap off while it sits in warm water to get the strong perfume out.

#1 by Effigy, Sep 9. 2015, 04:24
Thanks, This has been my ADV for the past 3 weeks. People around me like the smell and other vapers like the taste.
#2 by Bubblegumskunk, Oct 9. 2015, 23:18
Had my local shop whip this up for me till my next batch of flavors come in, very nice adv. Quite surprised at the complexity of the flavor given its basically a straight vanilla. Had a shot of sweet pineapple added to a bottle, un-freakin-believable! definitely give that a try if you get the chance. Nice job on the recipe sir!
#3 by lesharodin, Nov 1. 2015, 10:59
Very nice and tasty!
Thank you
#4 by SthrnMixer, Nov 19. 2015, 19:32
I like this! And in my opinion it is just BEGGING for some type of chocolate. I will work on that aspect and if it's good I'll post the recipe and credit your blend. Thanks for the share.
#5 by tonylee57, Jan 3. 2016, 17:31
Really smooth recipe thanks for sharing
#6 by yiana, Jan 17. 2016, 03:30
I love this! Thanks :)
#7 by Asmoday, Jan 22. 2016, 05:52
Very good. Nice and simple.
#8 by synergyblends, Jan 30. 2016, 01:18
sweet creamy deliciousness with slight tobacco after taste A+ man
#9 by x47vapes, Feb 12. 2016, 16:26
Thanks for simple but great recipe. Good creamy vape after 3 days but Wow after 7 days.
#10 by Warui, Feb 19. 2016, 16:30
can i swap the sweet cream to fresh cream? Or alternative for sweet cream?
#11 by yiana, Feb 19. 2016, 19:14
Warui, I would try it, the vanilla swirl is pretty sweet.
#12 by noshadowkick, Feb 24. 2016, 23:19
Could Vanilla Custard be subbed for Vanilla Swirl? I'm very new to the DIY game and a good RY4 creamy vape is at the top of my list of to-do's.
#13 by Dio, Feb 25. 2016, 20:43
Perfect juice... So creamy and light tobacco taste!!!
Thanks a lot for sharing @James
#14 by yiana, Feb 28. 2016, 02:03
noshadowkick, I was actually going to try it with vanilla custatd next.
#15 by noshadowkick, Mar 7. 2016, 22:42
I ended up holding off until I got Vanilla Swirl in. Have 50ml in the steep drawer, can't wait to try it. yiana, if it tastes good with custard let us know!
#16 by RandyRotten, Mar 9. 2016, 23:09
I'm vaping this right now .. Awesome recipe thanks for sharing
#17 by cmo220, Mar 14. 2016, 22:39
Very nice recipe!
#18 by Smoky , Mar 23. 2016, 16:45
Made it 4 days ago, really nice vape. Gonna make more of it.
#19 by Boogenshizzle, Mar 27. 2016, 18:15
Switching fresh for sweet and vienna for the swirl around 2.5%
#20 by Diamondfgh, Apr 10. 2016, 17:17
Just made it. Reminds me of cuttwood boss reserve, but this is better. I think after few days it will be even better. Delicious, thank you.
#21 by yiana, Apr 10. 2016, 18:32
I liked it both ways with the vanilla swirl and then also subbed with cap vanilla custard v1.
#22 by juarezdude, Apr 18. 2016, 15:23
A nice (but not excellent) vape. The RY4 double flavour recedes after a few days and the milky/creamy notes come through. Not really an ADV for me, as I think it needs a few other flavour notes to impress...
#23 by Laderon, Apr 19. 2016, 20:22
I just made a batch of this today after waiting for the flavors and it is damn good. The funny thing is that I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure out an RY4 recipe from my local shop and this is really close. I will be adding this to my rotation for sure. Thanks for a great vape.
#24 by JMFI, Apr 22. 2016, 12:02
Just GREAT, perfect recipe IMO.
#25 by W0WZA, Apr 24. 2016, 10:31
Is that breathing-thing necessary?
#26 by Smoky , Apr 24. 2016, 11:37
I let it with a cap open for 1 hour right after mixing and shaking. It's enough.
#27 by N, May 4. 2016, 18:42
i waiting that flavors from usa :)
#28 by Elites, May 5. 2016, 23:28
Love this simple recipe. Thanks for sharing with us.
#29 by Deke, May 12. 2016, 20:07
really like this one. Thanks!
#30 by Vaper60's, May 14. 2016, 04:26
This is good man! Thanks for sharing...
#31 by EGeneus, May 17. 2016, 19:59
Exellent deep flavour! Highly recommend!
#32 by Randall_H, May 22. 2016, 10:47
I tried this recipe in February thinking it might be okay... but I didn't expect to love it as much as I do. It quickly became my primary vape. I make it 12mg/ml, 65VG/35PG with the same flavor percentages. Steeped at least a month is best. I keep four 120ml bottles of this steeping in rotation now. And I love how it never dirties up my coils or wicks. I just keep the same RDA of this going and going and going... Thanks for this @James!
#33 by BKKVape, May 27. 2016, 17:04
Simple and delicious. Mixed it about a half hour ago, vaped it and its delicous! Cant wait to try it after a few weeks. thanks
#34 by DeXoteric, May 31. 2016, 17:08
This is so good. I mixed this over a month ago and I tried it today for the first time. Such a good vape. Thanks for sharing! :D
#35 by artutot, Jun 3. 2016, 09:48
Thank You so much for a great tasting recipe and simple
#36 by noshadowkick, Jun 9. 2016, 20:48
This was one of my first DIYs and I just discovered a dusty 50ml bottle hiding in the back of my steep drawer. Really good after several months of steeping. Typically RY4D kills my throat but it's not terrible in this, probably because of all the cream. Very yummy, but I still get a little tickle. I'm going to try this with FA's RY4 and see where that gets me. Thanks for the great recipe!
#37 by FrenchVaper, Jun 15. 2016, 10:59
Very good, very efficient after one week steep
Thanks for the recipe !
Reminds me of Janty RY4 i vaped 6/7 years ago !
Very good surprise :)
#38 by BrianTheLion, Jun 28. 2016, 22:23
Real good, this is my ADV at the moment :)
#39 by altneurose, Jul 3. 2016, 12:59
I've had trouble liking RY4 types, but this is good. TPA Sweet cream is a bit high so it takes a lot of time to diminish the soapiness, but after that it's quite nice. I will take this to field testing, ie. fill up a tank the next time I'm going out for a beer.
#40 by Daour, Jul 12. 2016, 21:52
I have RY4 not double, will it work?
#41 by Tarek Raslan, Jul 13. 2016, 10:03
I made 125 ML from the recipe now and will come back after few weeks with the result
#42 by apollo, Jul 28. 2016, 06:37
this taste like white rabbit toffee flavor candy
#43 by D.M.Turner, Jul 30. 2016, 08:53
Absolutely love love love this sauce dude. Five stars and one of my favorite ADVs. Thanks for this.
#44 by BoyHowdy, Aug 8. 2016, 21:45
Great simple mix , thanks for the share!
#45 by LORD, Aug 12. 2016, 12:45
Very good mix. Been looking for a good diy RY-4 for ages. Still looking for that Janty Classic nutty undertone....I added 2% Lorran Oils Pecan, adds more body and brings the sweet cream down a bit, which isn't a bad thing.
#46 by nasar, Aug 21. 2016, 08:38
thanks james , good ejuice n love it ..
#47 by Nik420, Aug 28. 2016, 22:28
TYVM this has instantly became one of my ADV. The cleanest juice I have tried, cotton looks fresh for days ( after it stays overnight in RDA, color turns nearly red but that clears away quickly). Though I must admit I practically don't taste any flavor in this juice. But that is fine since it is so hard for me to find liquid that I am ok with. Can't stand so many things, strawberry flavors, most of the fruity stuff, etc. This one actually performs a vital role, it helps me to avoid becoming quickly annoyed by my other ADV DIY juices.
#48 by zzzip, Oct 6. 2016, 17:18
The best DIY juice i ever mixed. Thank you.
#49 by Grimmshado, Oct 7. 2016, 09:56
This is the first recipe i found to be truly balanced. Great work!
#50 by Fallacious Fog , Oct 9. 2016, 05:11
Just mixed up 6x65mls of this stuff. Had to return to comments section to give a shout out to the creator. Super tasty right away been 24 hours really still tastes amazing. So simple. So good. Will be making this again for sure.
#51 by norwegianvaper, Oct 11. 2016, 14:17
Would four weeks of steeping do it? I newer tried any warm bathor something. And for how long do I leave the cap off to get rid of perfume/chemical taste?
#52 by Lakelover64, Oct 12. 2016, 14:02
This is really good, loving the RY4 Combination with the custard!
#53 by S's, Oct 14. 2016, 01:50
how long is the steep guys ?!
#54 by Lakelover64, Oct 14. 2016, 02:12
It was good after a week
#55 by DutchPunch, Oct 19. 2016, 20:13
I'm quite new to DIY and this is the best recipe so far. No breathing or frother for me, because I use a higher nic level and I really don't like spicy nicotine (I learned this the hard/harsh way) ;-) I learned that when it comes to steeping; patience is the best way to go! And this recipe is fantastic after 2 weeks, I even finally get the caramel note :D And I also really like that this is a fairly simple recipe (easy % and only a few ingredients) I hope I can find more recipes like this here. And the description from the creator is really accurate. Thank you for sharing!
#56 by djkokalis, Oct 24. 2016, 20:39
Love it!
#57 by Adil, Oct 25. 2016, 12:39
Can I replace sweet cream with Whipped cream (TFA) and at what percentage?
#58 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 13:07
very nice, love it
#59 by krzysztofkris, Oct 31. 2016, 11:36
Nicely balanced, good job on the anount of RY4 Double, it's just where it's supposed to be. I might add some INW Shisha Vanilla to it in the future. Finally a satisfying custard vape that isn't based on the VC v1.
#60 by DrChud, Nov 6. 2016, 18:15
This recipe is excellent, easily the best I've tried so far and a definite ADV. Brilliant job :)
#61 by Alex, Nov 9. 2016, 23:09
Absolutely gorgeous vape, one of my favourites! Works in the Smok Cloud Beast and the Goon dripper. Thanks for sharing.
#62 by Yoonsetan, Nov 10. 2016, 13:06
I try to join this recipe today. hopefully good.
#63 by DDrama, Nov 15. 2016, 03:02
awesome light creamy tobacco vape!
I also think this would be a good base flavor for adding other tobacco notes.
I think im going to try to add a little Inawera cavendish and steep it with a charred oak chip in the bottle for a month or so.
#64 by Yoonsetan, Nov 15. 2016, 14:40
Guys..Why not as good as liquid being marketed? No way to be nice?
#65 by DrChud, Nov 15. 2016, 15:03
In my opinion this one is as good or better than any ry4 blend I've tried
#66 by YadigthatVapor, Nov 16. 2016, 03:43
Just mixed this recipe up in a 30 ml letting it steep for a while. I'll report back when I try it. Figures since I saw so many positive comments id give it a whirl. My fear at the moment is that the sweet cream might ruin it......but the positive comments tell me otherwise.
#67 by YadigthatVapor, Nov 16. 2016, 03:57
Not gunna lie I'm thoroughly impressed the sweet cream isn't as powerful as I thought it might come out in this! Great job!
#68 by Yoonsetan, Nov 16. 2016, 04:07
Guys, need additional EM or Sweetener?
#69 by DDrama, Nov 19. 2016, 20:44
I just tried this again after it steeped for about a week. AMAZING!
Best recipe Ive tried on here. It really comes together as a great smooth,creamy,sweet vanilla vape with a tiny hint of carmel and tobacco from the ry4d. At first its good as a shake and vape but has that unmatured ry4 off taste. After a!
yoonsetan.... Its perfectly sweet for me as is.
I may make another version with a small amount of western tobacco for a little extra bacco taste but this is 5 star all the way!
#70 by Yoonsetan, Nov 20. 2016, 09:20
Thank you drama to share opinions..
#71 by Bane213, Nov 21. 2016, 16:30
Not to bad as is. I added some toasted almond and coconut extra. Nice relaxing late night vape. Kentucky Bourbon would go well in this as well.
#72 by d3athblu3, Nov 23. 2016, 07:58
Was good as a shake and vape, I only made a small 10Ml batch at first since im not a tobacco guy. Well i did smoke but i never liked the idea of tobacco flavored juice. I only had the ry4 double from the 12 pack.

This reminds me of a black and mild. good flavor all around. ill definitely be saving this one
#73 by DDrama, Nov 23. 2016, 13:50
You got to try it after a week or two steep... the ry4 really needs a little time to develop the carmel notes.

I noticed the similarity between this and HV vanilla sky which uses the same flavors but adds a chocolate, coconut, and a small bit of western..... so i had 240ml of this made up and decided to add only 16 drops of western.... changed the whole flavor profile. Its good but I should of left it alone. Now i got 4 60ml bottles of it and wished I would of stuck to original recipe lol.
#74 by Andy Miller, Nov 26. 2016, 09:44
Very good vape. I've never cared much for RY4 but I was getting a bit tired of Strawberry recipes. This reminds me of that creme brulee flavor that comes with the Juul cig-a-like. Mine steeped for about 2 1/2 months. Thank you for sharing this.
#75 by DDrama, Nov 27. 2016, 03:39
just mixed up another 240ml ....this time im not molesting the recipe lol.
#76 by baraah, Nov 27. 2016, 15:29
this is one of my Favorite recipe
till I made little adjustment

** add 2% Cardamom (FA)
#77 by Stanley, Dec 2. 2016, 02:07
This is just spectacular. Thank you.
#78 by DanceOfDoom, Dec 11. 2016, 12:04
This is an excellent recipe. When I first vaped, the taste was unbearable. But then I got a taste of great caramel. I will make 200 ml now.
#79 by incredible_hulk, Dec 14. 2016, 14:35
dripping this on a goon 24 0.27 ohm ni80 on a kennedy mech..unbloody new adv...nice sweet with tobacco ending
#80 by xnimry, Dec 16. 2016, 12:05
I've just done shaked and vape .... i replaced sweet cream (TPA) with Sweet Cream (CAP)... its very nice deep vape, however, I felt its a bit sweeter than it should. not sure if its because Sweet Cream (CAP) or maybe i should leave it to steep for a week.

all in all its a very nice vape.
#81 by incredible_hulk, Dec 16. 2016, 14:46
xnimry i think its a combination of cap sweet cream and shake and vape. sweetness drops after a week and it becomes very creamy and thick mouthfeel
#82 by Abdul Hannan, Dec 22. 2016, 23:26
I used RY4 instead RY4 double, and tried after 18 days, totally love it.
#83 by bjotch, Dec 26. 2016, 20:43
Amazing!Thanks man!
#84 by yiana, Dec 27. 2016, 04:31
I've been vaping this for a year. I like vanilla custard with it instead of vanilla swirl, but this is what I vape 80% of the time. It is my favorite. Thank you again for such a great recipe.
#85 by Shaun, Jan 2, 11:21
Ry4 DBL tastes muted after 2weeks
#86 by pmvART, sunday, 00:15
I made this up 12/27. I'm 18 days into a steep. The flavor is really good, although I have to agree with Shaun that it is a bit muted at this point. I'm guessing maybe after more than a month this juice will pop. All in all it's pretty good. Thanks for sharing.
#87 by partalos, tuesday, 13:40
i vape it after 2 months . Perfect strong taste ! Thank you James!
#88 by Geb, tuesday, 23:49
Hi. I got some DIY Flavorshack Holy Holy Grail RY4 flavoring. Can I sub it for the TPA RY4?

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