Cinapple Fritter [DIYorDIE: returnity] 

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Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

Full notes on reddit & DIYorDIE:

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl's doughy pastry notes get drawn out to the forefront brilliantly by FA Joy & FA Almond together, and the TFA Bavarian Cream adds a moist, textured mouthfeel and decadence to it.

FA Fuji delivers perfectly on the Apple notes, as expected. I've considered several ways to enhance the apple component, including TFA/FA Apple Pie, Pear, and a touch of TFA Dragonfruit (components list). I ended up going with TFA Dragonfruit for two reasons.

One, it has a high % of triethyl citrate, which has emulsifying properties that are particularly useful in a mix with cinnamon bark essential oil flavorings (ever notice how CAP Cinnamon Danish tends to separate in its bottle?). The second reason is basic Deeper DIY -- ethyl butyrate & isoamyl acetate, both found in TFA Dragonfruit, are complementary to FA Fuji, as both compounds are often used in apple and similar flavors themselves. A touch of TFA Dragonfruit not only adds some extra juicy tartness to the apple filling flavor, it helps the cinnamon blend into the apple flavor, creating "Cinnamon Apples" instead of "Cinnamon + Apples". FA MTS Vape Wizard can also help with this.

FLV Rich Cinnamon is unmatched by any other cinnamon flavors, and it really shines best in a bakery mix like this one. There's no substitute, so if you don't have it, get it -- but you can make this recipe without it.

Modifications & Tweaks:

No FLV Rich Cinnamon? Increase CAP CDS by 1-2% and leave it out, or substitute FA Cinnamon Ceylon at same %.

Want even more doughy pastry? Add 1% FA Apple Pie or 2-3% TFA Apple Pie.

Too complex? TFA Dragonfruit & FA Almond are highly-recommended but not strictly required.

Swap CAP Cinnamon Danish for TFA Cinnamon Danish or FW Cinnamon Roll to get a different character of cinnamon-pastry.

Diketone-free version:
Swap CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl for CDS V2, same %.
Swap TFA Bavarian Cream for new CAP Bavarian Cream (no A/P or DA) or TFA's Bavarian Cream DX, same %.

Enjoy, and follow my recipes & posts on /r/DIY_ejuice on reddit, & soon on, where you can find recipes of unmatched quality & DIY info for the community!

#1 by MysticRose, Sep 21. 2015, 08:38
Amazing! I made this yesterday as written, except subbed FA Cinnamon Ceylon instead of rich cinnamon. Also added the 1% FA apple pie as recommended to add to the doughy bready aspect. I'm very glad I did. This is so so good and a well balanced apple fritter. Heat steeped for 6 hours at 125, and it's delicious. Can't wait to see how it improves with curing, if it makes it that long. Spot on flavor, I can almost feel the crunchy outside sinking into that doughy sweetness inside...just yummy. Thank you for sharing :D
#2 by stevejay1, Oct 8. 2015, 12:27
To anyone who hasn't tried this your missing out on a delicious ADV. Premium e liquid and thanks for sharing this awesome blend.
#3 by mackditty, Oct 8. 2015, 23:53
It's nearly impossible to find Fuji FA, is there anything I can use in its place? I have Apple Pie TFA, Apple TFA, Apple Double FW. I really want to try this recipe since my ADV is an apple fritter flavor. If I have to wait until I can get Fuji, I will but I'd like to give it a shot with what I have.
#4 by stevejay1, Oct 9. 2015, 12:14
that's a good question Fuji apple has a very distinctive taste. be patient returnity should pop in sometime and give you an answer
#5 by Lostmarbles, Oct 10. 2015, 04:54
I'm going to make this very soon. Just want to let you know that I really appreciate your mixing notes on this. I've learned something.
#6 by ADV_Hunter, Nov 1. 2015, 00:39
Top tier vape for those who like apple fritters. I subbed in Fa cinnamon, and it was delicious.
#7 by Venterino, Nov 5. 2015, 19:36
I mixed a 100ml of this like a week and a half ago, did 30/70PG/VG and don’t know if that messed with the flavor-profile or not, but it really needs to settle down. I subbed FLV RC for cinnamon ceylon+added 1% FA apple pie and straight after mixing the cinnamon is not very noticeable, nor is the apple. Mostly the pastry note of CDS, today, it’s actually really good. The apple is the main note and it really tastes like they are fried, a really good fritter with a hint of cinnamon.

5/5 stars :)
#8 by VapingLady, Dec 6. 2015, 10:17
can i replace joy with something else?
#9 by ThePzy, Dec 21. 2015, 23:52
Before trying this recipe i didn't liked Cinnamon vape...
FLV rich cinnamon add a magic touch to the Dannish roll...
Awesome recipe, Fuji apple is sublimed, love it :-)
Need more Returnity's recipes ^^ THX
#10 by GobbleThisObelisk, Jan 20. 2016, 09:18
This is fantastic, and immediately became a top 3 ADV for me. Reminds me of Sycamore from Artifact but with less prominent sugar glaze. GREAT recipe.
#11 by RuntDastardly, Jan 24. 2016, 01:14
Mixed up my second batch of this, and wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love it. This is a perfect recipe in every way. I couldn't imagine being without it in my rotation, now. Thank you!
#12 by Amy***, Jan 28. 2016, 00:34
Wonderfully rounded and beautifully disguised use of Dragon Fruit ! I love it, thanks for the share !
#13 by probywan, Jan 29. 2016, 09:42
this is fucking delicious. mad props, man
#14 by MasterElixirs, Jan 31. 2016, 16:45
Great recipe, I'm not a big cinnamon lover but figured I would give this a go. And it is excellent.
#15 by Jbird77, Feb 10. 2016, 04:49
This is amazing with cup of coffee. Which is great, because I drink coffee all day long! You really nailed this one! Taste just like an apple fritter.
#16 by TrECeNTeRs, Feb 18. 2016, 07:28
returnity I love your work buddy.
#17 by WVS1980, Feb 19. 2016, 03:52
Love it. Definitely needed to get a non-heavy-cream vape and this just hit the mark. I'm going to try the more doughy (1% FA Apple Pie) version. Thanks for an awesome vape. BTW, vaping this with my morning coffee is fkin amazing!
#18 by hivemind, Feb 21. 2016, 00:02
I'm all out of Joy. Can I sub with Sorrow? I also have some Pain and Suffering but don't want to separate them as they work great together.. massive throat hit.
#19 by MysticRose, Feb 21. 2016, 00:52
Joy is what gives it the doughy yeasty taste of a donut, and imo is what makes this recipe what it is. You can sub anything, but it won't taste anything like the original, it's very integral to this particular recipe.
#20 by Maureeenie, Feb 29. 2016, 23:25
This looks exceptional but I think I will swap the Bavarian Cream with Vanilla Custard because for some reason Bavarian Cream gets a burn flavor in my sub tanks.
#21 by Xexist, Mar 7. 2016, 02:25
This doesnt taste a thing like apple fritter to me, more like an apple cider or something. Regardless, its very tasty and one of the better recipes on this site that Ive tried. That Fuji apple is amazing.
#22 by ffrank, Mar 7. 2016, 16:52

FA Fuji is always at I've been buying it there regularly for months.
#23 by Flying Nimbus, Mar 10. 2016, 11:25
I always make sure i have 3 bottles steeping of this juice, i never want to run out!
#24 by KingRoy, Mar 10. 2016, 17:36
Excellent recipe! Vaped about 240ml of this juice in less than a month between two of us. Still good as first day. Thanks for posting!
#25 by Nuvolone , Mar 27. 2016, 11:34
5 stars, great recipe however a bit too flavourful as an ADV IMO
#26 by KittyVapes, Apr 15. 2016, 02:51
Really tasty juice! I gave this a few days for the Fuji to die down and this mellowed into a juicy desert in a bottle. I did sub out the cinnamon with Fa Cinnamon Ceylon but this recipe has made me order the Flavorah so I can make this just as posted.
#27 by guntherslunt, Apr 18. 2016, 15:09
Made this subbing out INW Shisha Cinnamon for the FLV Rich Cinnamon and it's pretty delicious! Just a sub I've never really seen before.
#28 by mindtrapper, Apr 29. 2016, 23:32
Is this supposed to be a bit cloudy or is there something wrong with mine?
#29 by N, May 4. 2016, 18:32
great flavour :)
#30 by illitirit, May 16. 2016, 11:23
@ mindtrapper mine turned out cloudy as well, not sure whats going on
#31 by Theemailman, May 17. 2016, 21:28
Real good shake and vape
#32 by illitirit, May 21. 2016, 11:27
just want to warn everyone this juice will crack plastic tanks. Pretty sure its the cinnamon. Left this juice in my hurricane rta, woke up next morning my tank looks like its shattered.
#33 by Theemailman, May 21. 2016, 18:59
Have been using it in a Nebox which is plastic no problems so far vaping 30ml
#34 by Timbo, May 28. 2016, 15:15
Outstanding. Thanks
#35 by trebor, Jun 9. 2016, 03:18
Good recipe.
#36 by ali, Jun 22. 2016, 00:17
Haven't created yours exactly since I don't have some key flavors but I made some changes and am happy with the result.
You can check it here:
Thanks for the inspiration!
#37 by Overamd, Jun 28. 2016, 13:12
if this recipe near to apple butter by liquid state ?
#38 by HTV, Jul 3. 2016, 14:41
This is the BEST recipe for a Cin-Apple Fritter I've tried, and quite possibly the tastiest, most authentic-tasting recipe I have tried.

I didn't have FLV Rich Cinnamon so I upped CDS 1% as suggested and holy shit. It's a bit heavy on the Fuji at first - which isn't a bad thing considering Fuji is the BEST tasting apple flavor IMO - and it works so well in bakery recipes such as this. It could not pair any better with the cinnamon profile in this recipe. It tones down after a few days and meshes together with the cinnamon and the breadiness of the overall recipe. after a 3 week steep this juice is prime. Everything settled down and blended so smoothly and perfectly it's unreal. if you haven't made this yet, DO IT. I have to order FLV Rich Cinnamon to try this recipe as intended. I can only imagine how authentic this would be if it was made as originally intended!
#39 by KittyVapes, Jul 6. 2016, 22:12
For anyone who is wondering, this mix steeps well and stays really tasty. So many recipes are good after a short steep but then taste bad or flavorless after longer steeping. This one does not and I was comfortable enough to mix it in a larger amount knowing that it will stay good.
#40 by artificialsweetner, Jul 7. 2016, 04:56
I'm late to the party but this mix is outstanding. Thank you so much, I could see myself vaping this all day every day. The only tweak I made was Inawera Dragonfruit instead of TPA, I really think for as weird as most INV is they have dragonfruit down pat. But it is much stronger, like all their flavors, so I used .3 % instead of .67%. I made 120 ml out of the gate without a small tester cause I sensed this would be excellent, and it is. Thank you
#41 by Upinsmoke , Jul 15. 2016, 00:09
Made 120ml straight away, been sitting in the cupboard for a week. BOOM love this vape, gotta feeling this ain't gonna last the week, thank you for your hard work. Diy or die forever
#42 by Darkly spectre, Jul 18. 2016, 04:40
Made this a few days ago. fuji smells strong but man what a good vape. Very impressed by this. only have cinnamon danish V2(I presume that the polish company didn't put swirl on their box). might buy V1. is there really a big taste difference?
#43 by ann7999, Jul 24. 2016, 21:25
I had to leave out the almond and the cinnamon. I dropped the fugi apple to 3% as I find it very strong. Turned out very nice. I love this with my morning coffee. Thank you very much for sharing.
#44 by CheebaSteeba, Jul 26. 2016, 14:12
Oh my, this is amazing! Very well balanced, hits every note I'd look for in a vape. Thank you very much for the recipe!
#45 by Natedeezy, Aug 21. 2016, 18:59
I made this 70/30 with no cinnamon while adding 2% sweet cinnamon Danish... My new all day vape... A+.... I tried it as is with the cinnamon and even after 3-4 days it had a big red gum taste on inhale... Without the straight cinnamon it is A+
#46 by jarejay, Aug 31. 2016, 20:16
I have vaped through liters of my personally tweaked version of this recipe. I use more Flavorah cinnamon because it's wonderful as well as a bit more sweetener because I came over from One Hit Wonder's Muffin Man. I also moved the Fuji up a bit and the CDS down. Just wanted to show my appreciation for an amazing mix!
#47 by Fallacious Fog , Sep 9. 2016, 22:31
Made 3 140ml bottles as a tester...I know I know 😂
With the comments I knew it would be a hit I just wasn't expecting how much of a hit it would be. Dear lord Jesus it's a fire🔥🔥🔥
This juice mixed at max VG , didn't have the rich Cinnonon :( but had enough to make it 6% CDS followed all other flavours... And I just say. Steep time ? Wtf is steep time. This juice Vaped beautifully right off the hop, mixed everything together. 5 min hot bath, shook it like a maniac for 25 mins let sit and cool and now I believe it's one of the best juices I've had the pleasure of mixing 5 star will be making way more thank you
#48 by Flubba, Sep 11. 2016, 23:41
how long do you recommend to steep? Felt there was too much Joy present, flavor was weak. Judging by the other reviews, this may be my fault though.
#49 by clockwork, Sep 13. 2016, 03:25
Mixed up with only one substitution and let it sit 2 months. Pretty good tasting stuff. Good Job!
#50 by Stanley, Sep 17. 2016, 03:32
Thank you , thank you, thank you. this is absolutely fantastic. i am on my 3 batch, went from 30ml to 60 ml now 120ml. Bam!
#51 by Dwhoneil, Sep 26. 2016, 23:19
Great with 0.5% liquid amber too, gives more of a bakery flavoured apple
#52 by ZaFFeeR, Sep 27. 2016, 07:57
After one month steeping, turn to be more perfect.
#53 by Fogger1989, Oct 4. 2016, 04:09
Even without the joy this mix is great shake and vaped. I cant wait to see what it does with joy when my local shop gets joy in later this week.
#54 by Dwhoneil, Oct 4. 2016, 10:32
Should i make another batch without the liquid amber? Anyone tried both or is there a reason its omitted?
#55 by Lakelover64, Oct 12. 2016, 14:04
This turned out great, my wife has made this her ADV!
#56 by RaGCaR, Oct 14. 2016, 07:55
Great, simple recipe, I mixed it exactly as specified, but it's not quite there for me. I get apple, I get cinnamon, but not at all like an apple fritter as I hoping for. How can I pull more of that doughnutty pastry flavour out of it, besides the 2 "apple pie" suggestions, cuz I don't have either of them.
#57 by Dwhoneil, Oct 14. 2016, 09:32
Try adding 0.5% liquid amber for a more pastry styled apple. Also up the joy to 1%, i reckon that would do it.
#58 by Mmh1972 , Oct 17. 2016, 16:56
Spent $30 on a few flavorings to make this I hope it's delicious
#59 by Mmh1972 , Oct 17. 2016, 17:08
Btw I seen someone mentioned using MTS Vape Wizard in this, is this necessary or help?
#60 by RaGCaR, Oct 23. 2016, 01:55
I've blown thru 250ml of this since making the initial 300ml 2+ weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know that I'm just sitting down at my kitchen table, about to mix a 500ml batch cuz it's so good. Still haven't found that light crunch of a fried doughnut note that I look forward to when biting into an apple fritter, but everything about this is still so good that I need more haha. I am gonna take Dwhoneil's suggestion and up the Joy just slightly, and I may (forwardly) round off the CDS to the nearest ml in this mix. So good. Nevermind all day vape, this has been my all 16 day vape and still not tired of it lol.
#61 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 13:01
16/84 ? somethning new ;)
#62 by Mmh1972 , Oct 26. 2016, 17:53
Niki you can make this at any ratio I did 80-20 and it's great after 7 days and I normally vape 70-30
#63 by Sycamore, Nov 1. 2016, 23:15
This stuff is stunning. Thanks for sharing. Time to make more!
#64 by Mmh1972 , Nov 2. 2016, 21:47
Absolutely perfect after 2 weeks I may like this better than rhodonite as a shake n Vape..
#65 by fantasyrook1, Nov 4. 2016, 04:33
my new ADV, this stuff is amazing
#66 by Duchesst, Nov 13. 2016, 21:19
Just wonderfull especially now during the autum.
Can't get enough off it.
#67 by Fallacious Fog , Nov 16. 2016, 23:44
I'm back. The batch I made is gone. I would say this is a incredible shake and vape but after the 1 month mark it becomes something super refined, the flavours just work so good together

I have remade a 100ml bottle. Subbing Fuji apple for cocoon at 3%
I know I shouldn't sub but I've tasted the real deal and it's amazing
Getting more Fuji apple tomorrow. But for now I think cocoon will sub nicely for a different flavour. Will report back my findings.
#68 by cooter, Dec 13. 2016, 23:12
@returnity; I'm a little confused on the Bavarian Cream. Your recipe show's it as TPA but the notes refers it to TFA. I realize the two are from the same co. but are there a difference between the two?
#69 by cooter, Dec 13. 2016, 23:31
How long does it steep for?
#70 by Dr. Frankenvaper, Dec 14. 2016, 00:08
This is honestly the best DIY recipe I have ever tried. Only downside is that I find I start to lose some of the taste after a couple days. So i just switch flavors for a bit. Then every time I come back to this one it is SO GOOD.
#71 by cooter, Dec 14. 2016, 03:22
@Dr F; How long did you let it steep?
#72 by CesarO, Dec 14. 2016, 06:54
Test batch ready on Dec 24
#73 by DDrama, Dec 15. 2016, 05:37
Is the Joy necessary? Can it be subbed with liquid amber?

I just got done making apple buttah so have all these ingredients except the joy. Is this juice too similar to bother with or better than apple buttah?
#74 by andygev35, Dec 24. 2016, 16:46
The Joy gives it that "deep fried dough" effect which I believe is vital to make this complete. I mixed 360ml of this and let it steep for a week. I can't friggin put it down, it it tastes so damn good and authentic. A nice side effect is it makes the house smell like a dessert bakery.
#75 by DDrama, Dec 24. 2016, 17:37
I made 120ml without the joy and Its really good but missing a little something. Going to reorder flavors and will pickup joy for my next batch. Thanks!
#76 by 28If, Jan 2, 18:05
Thank you for the very nice tasting recipe.
#77 by Zealotus, Jan 4, 20:42
I cant find FA Almond in my country can i substitute with TFA Almond??
#78 by NiJo, Jan 9, 09:45
I'm a prude in that I'm not a fan of cinnamon vapes, and I hate Joy. That being said, I mixed this up using the increased CDS due to no Flavorah cinnamon. Really tasty, you hit your target returnity. As others have said, it really is prime. Thanks.
#79 by GingerBeardMan, Jan 12, 13:29
Beautiful recipe! I don't usually try other ppl' s recipe but hot day am I ever glad I did. Finally a purpose without gross results for Joy! I omitted rich cinnamon in fear of being too cinnamony and it came out like a Pillsbury apple turnover, definitely gonna make it again and again thank so much for the solid recipe
#80 by Bledzepplin, tuesday, 02:12
What would be the state time on this juice. It looks pretty tasty
#81 by HowlingMonkey, yesterday, at 02:50
This is one of my favorites. I always have a 60ml bottle steeping and a 60ml for vaping.
#82 by Enviros, today, at 00:14
Thanks for the time spent on this delicious clone. I vaped this after making a 15ml sampler precisely as the recipe states. This is without a doubt a very clear contender as a clone to Doughboys Dixon's Cider, shake and vaped. Now maybe this will mature a little differently after 1 week, my question is what flavor is going to mature?
#83 by cooter, today, at 02:37
Strangest thing happened with mine. After I let it steep for couple days and keeping my fingers crossed, I gave it a try and it came out perfect, had just the right amount of cinnamon flavor. But, when I filled the bowl the second time around, the cinnamon taste was gone and the blend went flat. Has this happened to anyone else here?
#84 by andygev35, today, at 04:01
@cooter the cinnamon flavoring has a tendency to separate and rise to the top of the mix. It's imperative to give it a good shake EVERY time before you fill up, otherwise you'll be vaping most of the cinnamon in the first tankful.
#85 by cooter, today, at 05:37
AAH OK! I didn't know cinnamon does that but I KNOW NOW!!! Thank you very much for your comeback info!

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