the real barney rubble 

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#1 by bvapes, Sep 6. 2015, 21:16
You could also add like 1% marshmallow
#2 by Lama, Sep 6. 2015, 22:03
This is very tempting TY!
#3 by bvapes, Sep 6. 2015, 22:23
It's very good it's hard to find a good pebbles. I've tried probably 100 times and this one is awesome it's like your eating the cereal with milk just great. Try it out and post back Lama, let me know what you think!
#4 by Lama, Sep 6. 2015, 22:34
Will do, gotta do another order, missing a few ( again lol)
#5 by shooter, Sep 13. 2015, 15:03
Excellent on point, Thank you for sharing !! *****
#6 by RavenHairDoll, Oct 9. 2015, 09:03
Delicious!!!! I did add the marshmallow. ! I let this breathe for the 12 hrs, steeped one day, tested it and WOW!!!! I can only imagine how yummy in three days to a week this develops, thank you kindly.
#7 by m12coppick, Nov 1. 2015, 04:06
Fantastic recipe! Tastes great...thanks for sharing!
#8 by Dio, Nov 7. 2015, 20:15
A M A Z I N G ...
Thanks 4sharing Bro!
#9 by 775vaping, Nov 8. 2015, 00:48
Very good........... ADV, Thank you
#10 by bvapes, Nov 13. 2015, 08:35
I might try to drop cheesecake with graham down to 2 percent to mellow out the grainy tastes a little
#11 by Lama, Nov 22. 2015, 06:47
Did some tonight and went for the marshmallow and 2% Cheesecake Smells fantastic
#12 by Lama, Dec 16. 2015, 04:54
bvapes its excellent. Just vaped a bottle and just did another. In the steep drawer for a bit. TY for this :)
#13 by King waka , Dec 16. 2015, 07:04
Very good I made it w/o the Meringue and whipped cream it was good would love to know what it's like with it thx @bvapes
#14 by BpalfZ, Dec 23. 2015, 04:25
E could I use cappella french vanilla in place of tpa?
#15 by Cairnsie, Dec 26. 2015, 22:00
I dont have Cheese cake ( graham ) is there any substitutes that anyone would reccomend? ( i have 0 cheesecake flavours )
#16 by Lama, Dec 27. 2015, 00:25
@Cairnsie do you have some pie crust or maybe biscuit? Some vanilla cupcake? Or why not glazed donut should be good as well
#17 by Justin1220, Dec 30. 2015, 02:38
Does this taste close to fruity pebbles? I've been searching for a fruity pebbles recipe and haven't had any luck. I want to try this one but would hate to order all of the flavors just to be disappointed
#18 by bvapes, Dec 30. 2015, 02:52
Justin1220 Everyone's pallet is different. This is the closest I've gotten so far and a lot if the flavors that are used in it I use in a lot if other recipes. Merengue is good for getting some sweet milky flavors the only one that I don't use in anything else is fruit circles.
#19 by Justin1220, Dec 30. 2015, 03:09
@bvapes Thank you, I appreciate you replying back
#20 by bvapes, Dec 30. 2015, 03:53
No problem @justin1220
#21 by BpalfZ, Dec 30. 2015, 03:54
Hey b vapes just wondering if you have any info on what I asked? Thanks for your time!
#22 by bvapes, Dec 30. 2015, 04:00
Yeah sorry @BpalfZ I would use a little less of the cap they are a little more potent.
#23 by BpalfZ, Dec 30. 2015, 04:02
Thanks for the reply !
#24 by SimmoUSM, Dec 30. 2015, 21:21
Excellent recipe. Just finished a bottle I mixed with 2% cheesecake and 1% marshmallow and it tasted fantastic. Just about to mix up another batch so that I can enjoy it in a few days after steeping.
#25 by bvapes, Dec 31. 2015, 01:25
Hey everyone I put an updated version of this. This one has some minor changes in percentages and marshmallow added enjoy and let me know what you think.
#26 by bvapes, Dec 31. 2015, 01:26
It's the real barney rubble v2
#27 by Gold Rhino, Dec 31. 2015, 19:37
What were the changes for? Did the flavor change or it just another take?
#28 by fourletterwords, Jan 1. 2016, 23:41
i dropped the fruit circles to 6 and added marsh @ 1% - its a very clean recipe. thanks for sharing!
#29 by karnkrimmommie, Jan 4. 2016, 07:31
This is amazing. It as became my new all day vape. Thanks for the recipe! So much better than anything "premium".
#30 by Mmh1972 , Jan 5. 2016, 18:18
can't wait to try v2
#31 by Justin1220, Jan 5. 2016, 23:59
Can you sub ethyl maltol for sucralose?
#32 by bvapes, Jan 6. 2016, 02:15
Yeah can try it might gunk up coils faster though or use cotton candy
#33 by Justin1220, Jan 6. 2016, 02:20
Ok thank you
#34 by KhromeKidd, Jan 12. 2016, 08:03
great recipe! Thanks for sharing.
#35 by nukkap, Jan 12. 2016, 19:00
I'm just getting into DIY and this will be the first recipe I try. I already recieved all of the flavorings and pg and vg. Im just waiting for my nic and Im set. I can't wait to try this. I'm thinking about whipping up some and getting it steeping while I wait for nic. Should I just wait so that the nic can mix with the flavors evenly?
#36 by Lama, Jan 12. 2016, 19:32
U can add the nic later let it Shake well and steep again a day or two to be sure :)
#37 by nukkap, Jan 13. 2016, 04:00
Thanks Lama
#38 by nukkap, Jan 13. 2016, 16:43
NOOOOO! I forgot to order the whipped cream. Im substituting .03 gr of capellas vanilla bean ice cream. Pretty good so far just waiting for the steep.
#39 by tonylee57, Jan 16. 2016, 07:00
Thanks for the recipe
#40 by LordVapor, Jan 21. 2016, 09:47
Is this a fruity pebbles flavor? I have been trying to find a fruity pebbles flavor for a friend and nothing I have tried so far is close.
#41 by bvapes, Jan 25. 2016, 03:04
Yes it's is LordVapor it's a dry cereal not milk in it
#42 by trebor, Jan 29. 2016, 06:44
Nice reipe, thanks for sharing.
#43 by trebor, Jan 29. 2016, 06:44
Nice reipe, thanks for sharing.
#44 by ixmike, Jan 30. 2016, 02:20
I dont have FA maringue or any other vendors, can i leave it out ? I do have diary milk
#45 by 6oLsh0i_6o0z3, Feb 3. 2016, 16:30
can we sub Meringue (FA) with the TFA version? or just leave it out? Thanks in advance
#46 by bvapes, Feb 3. 2016, 16:35
Never tried tfa version give it a whirl if it doesn't taste right then don't use it :)
#47 by Sub Culture, Feb 5. 2016, 22:10
Hey new to DIY and this was my first mix. Used Vienna cream FA and TPA Vanilla cupcake in place of meringue and French vanilla and wow, tastes exactly like ANML Looper. Thanks for the recipe.
#48 by ixmike, Feb 7. 2016, 17:49
I got those flavors, what percent did you do them at subculture
#49 by Sub Culture, Feb 8. 2016, 16:07
Ixmike just used exactly the same % as listed in the recipe just switched them out
#50 by Heath, Feb 9. 2016, 14:46
I accidentally bought the fruit circles with milk does it make much of a difference I mixed up a couple of bottles and it taste great I was just wondering if it was better with the regular fruit circles
#51 by BpalfZ, Feb 9. 2016, 17:50
The other version is more like eating dry cereal I believe.
#52 by Burntcake, Feb 24. 2016, 05:37
Anyone steep this? I have a batch that's two weeks old and it's very muted. Wonder if the em is doing this.
#53 by Heath, Feb 24. 2016, 08:31
I made a new batch a couple of weeks ago with all of the correct ingredients this time and it tastes great its been about 2 weeks and there's no muted flavor I guess it all depends on how you are storing it
#54 by Burntcake, Feb 24. 2016, 12:38
I could have vapors toungue. Just wanted to hear others experience. Thank you.
#55 by Briggsy, Feb 24. 2016, 18:34
I ordered everything to try this
#56 by TheLostSurveyor, Feb 28. 2016, 09:11
I thought I had everything for this recipe. But I had forgotten to reorder the Whipped Cream when I ran out last time. So I substituted FA Creme Fresh at the same percentage. OMFG! Talk about a rich and creamy "shake and vape." I highly recommend the substitution. This recipe is awesome as is. But you owe it to yourself to at least try this variation once. I just made another 200ml of it.
#57 by Heath, Mar 1. 2016, 14:15
I love the original but I'll give this a try that's the thing I love about diy is there is no cut and dry way to do something you can always tweak and change things up
#58 by Brandon, Mar 3. 2016, 04:44
After letting it sit for one day, I couldn't resist and dripped some on dual zipper coils (.18) at 80w and tasted more like Trix cereal to me. Good stuff, can't put it down now.
#59 by Coldmantis, Mar 3. 2016, 17:58
This is so good, I can really taste that fruity pebbles flavour
#60 by Xexist, Mar 6. 2016, 05:19
This has been pretty much my first DIY project that turned out good. Made 10ml test batch. Next batch will be 60 or more :)
#61 by DIY_IZZ_LIFE-57, Mar 8. 2016, 20:02
Does any one have a opinion on if v1 or v2 of this recipe is better ?
#62 by BpalfZ, Mar 10. 2016, 02:57
Couldn't tell you as I haven't tried both but v2 was amazing.
#63 by tlc221981, Mar 14. 2016, 04:44
I just made this and I have to say it is really good off the bat but I am going to let it sit for a week and try it cause I know that it has some hidden flavors in there oh I cant wait to try it I hope that I will be able to keep my hands off of it long enough for a week tho thanks for the share
#64 by BpalfZ, Mar 14. 2016, 05:48
The guy posted on a forum that v2 doesn't have as much throat hit and no marshmallow DIY_izz_life-57 so thats the difference between the two. I just made another batch of v2.
#65 by Soupieel, Mar 21. 2016, 09:23
Anyone got a link to v2?
#67 by FrenchVaper, Mar 23. 2016, 09:29
A pure ADV !
Thanks for this fantastic receip
#68 by Couscous Merguez, Mar 23. 2016, 09:39
If you want the best recipe like anml looper try this one and you never regret... At the first time WE made 30ml bottle 2nd time 60 and 3rd 115ml... Thank you so much bvapes, you are a fucking cooker ^^
#69 by masterstephenvapesologies, Mar 28. 2016, 11:51
oh man this is awesome after it a two week steep calm them fruit circles down. i subbed meringue for TFA and used TFA sweetener instead of EM. this recipe is too wild for me until 2 weeks, and then its really really good. TYVM!
#70 by 6oLsh0i_6o0z3, Mar 28. 2016, 23:51
#69 Are you using the same percentage on TFA meringue? Thanks
#71 by masterstephenvapesologies, Mar 29. 2016, 09:20
Yes. Also i subbed Cap for TFA french vanilla.
#72 by 1Se7eN1, Apr 6. 2016, 07:20
anyone try max VG with a 3 week steep?
#73 by Beaufort Batches, Apr 7. 2016, 15:33
Fruity cereals are always better IMO with max VG, palm VG is what I use.
#74 by w00cash666, Apr 13. 2016, 00:04
damn good recipe. NEEDS 2 weeks steep, otherwise smells and tastes like lemon bleach (needs to be said in Consuellas voice). Not that I tasted lemon bleach ;)
#75 by paper_boat, Apr 23. 2016, 00:58
Good recipe, but still feel like something is lacking. Maybe I will add in some cream/milk flavor.
#76 by Paul2566, Apr 23. 2016, 12:09
Its nice but to me tastes like those old fashioned hard boiled lemon sweets, don't get any cereal. Nice though and can see the attraction. Mixed as listed and tested at 19 days
#77 by Dubbya, Apr 28. 2016, 18:58
Great recipe, thanks for sharing!
#78 by TheVapeChemist, May 2. 2016, 01:48
what can i use in substitute for bavarian cream as I dont want diketones
#79 by bvapes, May 2. 2016, 04:25
If you use tfa get dx Bavarian cream
#80 by N, May 4. 2016, 16:47
may be i have a bad nicotine but i have a TH because of that
#81 by Dubbya, May 4. 2016, 17:15
I didn't have much if any TH at all. Must be your nic.
#82 by Little Blue Screwdriver, May 9. 2016, 05:25
I was looking for a recipe that came close to the Fruit Loops e liquid I used to buy from a B & M. This is it and I'm a very happy man now that I can make it. Thanks for the awesome recipe.
#83 by Derek H., May 11. 2016, 13:44
Thanks for the amazing recipe. This has been in my daily rotation for a month. Great juice after an 8 day steep. A bit strong on the fruit ring lemon flavor until after the steep. This is an awesome community.
Thanks again.
#84 by TheJuiceFairy, May 14. 2016, 15:17
I have never reviewed a recipe on here and I've been mixing four years. This is absolutely the best cereal recipe I've ever mixed. After mixing it as is, I made two changes to suit my personal taste buds. I subbed the Sweetener for Marshmallow and used FA Fresh Cream instead of whipped cream. Holly cow that was a perfect combo for my style of Vaping, it made it taste like it had little sugar crystals in it. Thanks for the share. :) Fantastic creation man!!!!
#85 by Beaufort Batches, May 14. 2016, 16:23
I didn't use the EM or sub it and I thought it was great and plenty sweet without adding any sweetener. I do use palm based VG and have found it to be a little sweeter, that may be why I don't add sweetener these days.
#86 by mowgs, May 16. 2016, 12:23
love it made yesterday . tried it today .wow thanks for all your hard work to make a tasty recipe. i used tpa french vanilla creme instead of french vanilla tastes lovely and fruit circles with milk dont know if they are different but tastes good.thanks .loved it
#87 by skeppy, Jun 4. 2016, 13:39
Whats the steep time on this? made this yesterday but doesn't taste too great today lol
#88 by Little Blue Screwdriver, Jun 4. 2016, 18:12
I give this recipe a week. Top off for 6-12 hours to at first.
#89 by Heizenberg, Jun 7. 2016, 23:10
What flavour can i use instead meringue(fa) to get the same ejuice flavour?
#90 by Little Blue Screwdriver, Jun 8. 2016, 02:54
There isn't a replacement for meringue IMHO. It just wouldn't taste the same at all.
#91 by SS, Jun 9. 2016, 22:27
Can anyone tell me if the lemon is as strong as this other cereal recipe?
Have had great cereal retail ejuice in the past, but so far, striking out with DIY cereal. i dont seem to care for the strong lemon notes which I think for me is that Fruit Circles (TPA)
#92 by Dubbya, Jun 9. 2016, 23:26
@ShelaghDB, I've gotta tell ya, I mixed the Fruit Circles at 7% and found the "lemon pledge" scent a little off-putting but after two weeks, it settles right down.
If you're concerned with the amount of Fruit Circles, lower it to 6% and raise the Berry Crunch to 3%. You could even go to 5% and 4% on your first batch and bring the amounts back up when you've got some confidence in the recipe.

This simply isn't a "shake n' vape" recipe. I use a hand mixer to whisk it every day for the first week, add the nic, whisk every other day for the second week then let it rest for the third week.

I mixed up a 120 ml batch and received high praises from longtime vapers, one of whom is a huge fan of cereal vapes. "Liquid Gold" and "Amazeballs" were his exact words after killing a 30ml bottle.

Tastes are subjective and opinions vary but I think this one's a winner.
#93 by mowgs, Jun 11. 2016, 02:37
after 1 month flavours are still good love this wicked recipe .thank you
#94 by doggopupper, Jun 24. 2016, 10:06
is the berry crunch the "berry cereal" flavor?
#95 by bvapes, Jun 26. 2016, 01:59
#96 by RandyRotten, Jul 10. 2016, 04:12
Awesome!! It needs at least a week to come together. Great job!!
#97 by ericlin0122, Aug 16. 2016, 02:48
This is a very nice juice!
#98 by bvapes, Aug 24. 2016, 03:46
Hello everyone I've just posted a cinnamon toast crunch recipe that I'm pretty proud of. I've been working on it for quite a while and I am pretty pleased with this one please check it out and let me know what you think
#99 by Jaded Athena, Sep 10. 2016, 00:51
This is great! I made 50 mls and tried it right away as a shake and vape and it tastes wonderful! I am going to make a larger batch to steep for a while. I can't wait to see how it comes together.
#100 by VASHTA NERADA , Sep 12. 2016, 20:45
Pure genius. I have never had a cereal vape I thoroughly enjoyed until now. It hasn't even steeped and it blows all the "premium" juices out of the water. Definitely one I will keep coming back to.
#101 by 🇦🇲🇧🇪🇷, Sep 13. 2016, 03:14
You are awesome! My hubby is the last one to comment before me, and he let me try it. So good, and this was like 10 min. after making it. It is honestly better than that premium cereal donut eliquid we spent $20 on for a 30ml bottle. Great Job!
#102 by Shasta, Oct 9. 2016, 02:53
Wasn't that impressed initially as I found the lemon note to be overpowering. Added the 1% marshmallow and steeped for a month. What a transformation! A superb recipe and one I remix regularly. Truly delicious. Many thanks :-)
#103 by Fallacious Fog , Oct 9. 2016, 05:19
Mixed 5x140ml bottles. Wow. A great recipe. Shake and vape material but also can't wait to taste it steeped. Mixed at max VG and 3mg will be making more of this I can tell. Thanks
#104 by SS, Oct 13. 2016, 02:44
@ #92 by Dubbya

Thanks, edited and will try again in a few days.
#105 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 13:04
very good taste
#106 by Faroh, Oct 30. 2016, 02:29
Thanks for an intensely enjoyable recipe. I've only been DIY-ing for a short time, but recipes like yours make it easy to experience premium vaping on a budget. Your offering is deeply appreciated!
#107 by Hazatem, Nov 6. 2016, 17:34
Which is better v1 or v2 plz ?
#108 by Hazatem, Nov 6. 2016, 17:37
Which is better v1 or v2 plz ?
#109 by mikhask, Nov 10. 2016, 19:56
Best Cereal vape I've tried. Excellent flavor no matter what my mood. Thanks for the share. May try adding some marshmallow on the next one
#110 by bvapes, Nov 10. 2016, 21:33
Check out v2 it's got marshmallow
#111 by HrtOfTheDvl, Nov 18. 2016, 11:33
Made 120ml of this...very good vape,I was worried with the fruit circles being so high but the creams really tone it down a lot.I replaced the whipped cream with 1% FA Fresh Cream and added .50% FA Marshmallow...tried it 2 days later and was very pleased,can't wait to try it again in about a month
#112 by SwampKittens, Dec 4. 2016, 15:20
Has anyone tried this with replacing Fruit Circles (which should be a Fruit Loops type cereal) with something like Fruity Flakes (FW's Pebbles type cereal)?
#113 by Bazyka, Dec 23. 2016, 18:09
Thx! Very tasty!!! Очень вкусный рецепт!!!
#114 by Dave, Dec 31. 2016, 06:53
Delicious!! Taste just like fruity pebbles. I've mixed a lot of recipes off of this site and this one is in the top 5 for me.

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