muffin man clone(spot on) 

Gravatar - by Joey350z , Dec 9. 2015, 03:59


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

better with a few days steep time, but not required. this is spot on. let me know what you think

Adapted from this recipe

#1 by HarryC, Dec 9. 2015, 16:33
Can I sub double apple for green apple
#2 by Joey350z , Dec 9. 2015, 23:45
The double apple has a green apple smell and slight taste, Im sure that would be just fine
#3 by HarryC, Dec 10. 2015, 00:18
#4 by Joey350z , Dec 10. 2015, 01:55
please let me know how it turns out with green apple. thanks
#5 by HarryC, Dec 10. 2015, 14:21
just made it with green apple, it's really nice
#6 by HarryC, Dec 10. 2015, 14:21
Good work
#7 by vapinghexe, Dec 10. 2015, 14:22
Just curious why you went with two newer ingredients when most of the recipes popping up only have Danish Swirl, Fuji Apple and Sweetener in them? Was this version with Double Apple and Apple Pie found to be more close to the original?
#8 by Joey350z , Dec 10. 2015, 18:31
To me it's more close to the original. I went with apole pie so you get that little hint of carmalized apple that a lot of recipes are missing
#9 by OpenlyVapor, Dec 14. 2015, 10:55
Lot of hype on this ejuice. I never tried it, but hear much good. Receipt very simple. I plan to make a batch today and let it seep for a few days. I have on World Markets red apple, hope that will work
#10 by OpenlyVapor, Dec 14. 2015, 10:56
so more or less, this is 50% apple, 50% cin danish?
#11 by Joey350z , Dec 14. 2015, 12:55
Basically yes. I did find that after a week the apple really pops out
#12 by HarryC, Dec 14. 2015, 15:48
This recipe has made me love appie pie mixes
#13 by OpenlyVapor, Dec 14. 2015, 16:32
Great! I plan to make this very soon, cant wait to try// btw Harry do you know the Muffin man?
#14 by HarryC, Dec 14. 2015, 17:35
The muffin man
#15 by OpenlyVapor, Dec 14. 2015, 17:37
Yes the Muffin Man, Who lives on Drury Lane?
#16 by HarryC, Dec 14. 2015, 18:20
The original
#17 by HarryC, Dec 14. 2015, 18:20
#18 by Joey350z , Dec 14. 2015, 22:41
BTW, the original has a ton of sweetener in it. Mines does not. It will taste more like the real deal if you add it. I'm don't like how it gunks my coils so I left it out. Enjoy people :)
#19 by mrloqqe, Jan 1. 2016, 23:09
Thanks for the recipe! without steep already really good and close to muffin man. if the cakey/doughy part comes out more after a few days steep, it would be perfect.
#20 by DustyLee, Jan 2. 2016, 02:24
Just made this, will let you know after I vape!
#21 by DustyLee, Jan 2. 2016, 02:27
The Cinnamon Swirl is very strong, will come back to this after a warm bath and some steep time.
#22 by Matzn, Jan 13. 2016, 16:49
this is awesome dude!thanx for sharing
#23 by Troch Bryan, Jan 25. 2016, 17:15
do you use a plastic or glass pipet for measuring drops ?
#24 by Joey350z , Jan 25. 2016, 18:04
I use a syringe so I can't help you there. However with this style recipe I doubt it would change if you are off by a few drops
#25 by Alex D - NYC, Jan 28. 2016, 05:10
2 week steep and this is spot on - thanks!!
#26 by 71ohm, Mar 17. 2016, 16:48
yeah after a week steep, the apple and harsh cinnamon dies down a bit and more bakery comes through, really like it...Cheers.
#27 by Marco, Mar 29. 2016, 20:46
It' really tasty. Thank you for sharing
#28 by lechevn, Mar 31. 2016, 17:43
Really tasty stuff. Added a bit of sweetener and used FA Fuji instead of the double apple.
#29 by AntsLUFC, Apr 6. 2016, 22:17
Really nice mate but also added 2% FA Fuji aswell
#30 by KennethLNOR, Apr 6. 2016, 22:31
AntsLUFC, how was it with Fuji Apple?
I made some this evening with 1% Fuji and 0,5% TPA Green Apple. I reduced the Cinnamon to 2% and increased Double Apple with 1%. I also added some Vanille swirl 1% and Vanille bean ice cream 2%. I want to taste like Apple Pie with a small vanilla taste. I love apple pie with vanilla ice cream melting on top.

This recipe have to much cinnamon for me, I like it to be in the background with the vanilla and the APPLE pie taste in the front.

Great Recipe, btw.
#31 by diddysdaddio, Apr 7. 2016, 04:07
hi i would like to make 180 ml bottles of this. if i use the calculator and increase to 180ml it sould taste exactly the same?
#32 by zakattack13, Apr 7. 2016, 19:45
Like it says spot on. 5 day steep. purfecto!
#33 by Joey350z , Apr 7. 2016, 20:23
Yes it will stay the same. That's originally how I mixed it
#34 by fillabong69, Apr 12. 2016, 16:14
spot on!!!!
#35 by Joey350z , Apr 12. 2016, 18:11
Thanks guys
#36 by artutot, Apr 13. 2016, 10:50
It Rocks My Mod
#37 by Jam1324, Apr 19. 2016, 22:33
Think TFA cinnamon Danish dx would work? Or flavor west cinnamon roll? Have those two but not cap.
#38 by Joey350z , Apr 19. 2016, 23:24
I just made some some with tfa, it will work, just not as good
#39 by Jam1324, Apr 19. 2016, 23:25
Ok good to know, I made a batch with TFA, I will make another with the FW and report back eventually on that one.
#40 by allanv2010, Apr 20. 2016, 15:54
Well before DIY I used to buy Muffin Man constantly.. This recipe is SPOT ON! With no sweetner it is still just as good and it doesn't gunk up your coils. Amazing job, much appreciated!!!!!!
#41 by Scorpion30, Apr 22. 2016, 16:33
A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much.You're the man!!!!!!
#42 by PascalP37, Apr 27. 2016, 13:45
#43 by jedapearl, May 5. 2016, 22:06
I had to sub Double Apple with FA Fuji Apple and it wasn't good at all. Fuji reminds me of super sweet Apple juice and it didn't work at all. So I ordered Double Apple and holy cow, it's AMAZING. It's just about identical to Muffin Man. Just not as sweet, which is better in my opinion. Thank you!
#44 by Joey350z , May 5. 2016, 22:17
thanks man. im changing the flavor profile a bit today
#45 by jedapearl, May 5. 2016, 22:25
I used all my Apple Pie making a big batch of the last recipe. Do you think CAP Apple Pie V2 would work in this?
#46 by Joey350z , May 6. 2016, 00:07
Yes v2 will work. Please give the updated recipe a try
#47 by jedapearl, May 6. 2016, 00:44
Right off the bat it definitely needs to steep for longer. It's a little raw as a SnV to me. Whereas the previous recipe was good to go immediately, and just kept getting better.
#48 by leeksausage, May 6. 2016, 19:21
has anyone got the details of the original recipe that was online just a few days ago!?
#49 by GotThatRhino, May 6. 2016, 21:14
yeah man, need the original, just got my flavors to make this but now its different...
#50 by leeksausage, May 6. 2016, 21:50
found a copy of the original rhino. hopefully i cant post links...
#51 by Joey350z , May 6. 2016, 22:02
Its back to original now
#52 by GotThatRhino, May 6. 2016, 22:18
thanks dog, ill copy this down since you changed it incase you wanted to do something else to it. wanted to try the original real quick
#53 by GotThatRhino, May 6. 2016, 22:23
wow this is good
#54 by leeksausage, May 9. 2016, 19:06
Just to comment on this. Made a batch of the 'original' recipe (the one listed above with the 3 flavours) and good god it is AMAZING. It's only steeped for 3 days so the pastry is still coming through, but the apple on the inhale and light cinnamon pastry on the exhale is absolutely brilliant. Hats off to the OP, will be in the tank for the next month at least! Thankyou!
#55 by Joey350z , May 9. 2016, 21:15
Hey thanks a lot! Enjoy
#56 by Joey350z , May 12. 2016, 02:16
if you guys are into strawberry banana, check out the one i just posted
#57 by Nintho, May 12. 2016, 17:16
How long do you usally let it steep?
#58 by escoCA86, May 13. 2016, 06:11
Would Apple Pie (TPA) work with this? Or is it too different of a flavor?
#59 by Joey350z , May 14. 2016, 08:35
Nintho its usually good to go right after mixing but best after a week. Escoca86, Ive never tried TPA apple pie. It might be good
#60 by Nintho, May 14. 2016, 10:12
Tried a 10ml of it, its really good but i get a really strong cinnamon taste, even if i just took 0,4. Havent vapet it all the apple flavor is starting to get out now too, really like it!
#61 by navster, May 22. 2016, 07:23
hey guys ... hows the throat hit on this receipe ?
#62 by Doug, May 22. 2016, 22:32
navster It has a little throat hit but not bad. I like a little throat hit and this has a it a little. running dual fuzzed Clapton at .23 OHMS
#63 by navster, May 23. 2016, 02:01
Cheers Doug.. if the throat hit is not that bad ...shall mix up a batch ...hope its not a coil gunker like the one hit wonder muffin man ..
#64 by Vafinator, May 30. 2016, 05:05
Really Good !!
#65 by navster, Jun 2. 2016, 06:09
Can i use the V2 version of Cinnamon Danish Swirl and Apple Pie and will it taste just as good ??
#66 by yence, Jun 4. 2016, 10:26
really like the juice but i want mine to be a bit more on the sweet side... if i add sweetner any idead how much i should add?
#67 by VapeOn, Jun 10. 2016, 12:30
Can i use TFA apple pie, would it taste similar to this?
#68 by 7MUNSTER7, Jul 17. 2016, 02:53
This is dead on muffin man except it's not as sweet add 1% sucralose if you want it to be sweet like the original.
#69 by 7MUNSTER7, Jul 17. 2016, 02:55
This is dead on muffin man except it's not as sweet add 1% sucralose if you want it to be sweet like the original.
#70 by apollo, Jul 28. 2016, 06:39
taste almost the same with returnity's Cinapple Fritter, but i like the latter better because of the fuji apple. the best apple!
#71 by Saw85, Aug 7. 2016, 05:15
Looking forward to mixing this!
#72 by Genral_zod76, Sep 10. 2016, 22:13
This is a delicious recipe! taste like Apple cider to me but I'm loving it!
#73 by Georgia, Sep 22. 2016, 15:34
Really enjoyed this recipe, TY for posting it!!! I didn't have Double Apple so I substitutted it with Fuji Apple and it came out great. Will be making alot of this :)
#74 by WalterWhite, Oct 2. 2016, 03:55
I do not have PG based nicotine, if i want to use VG based nic, how much PG do u need? Will it ruin the flavor? Cheers
#75 by djkokalis, Oct 5. 2016, 11:25
Which versions of Cinnamon Danish Swirl and apple pie should i buy. Version 1 or 2?
#76 by Eki, Oct 6. 2016, 01:55
Which versions of Cinnamon Danish Swirl and apple pie should i buy. Version 1 or 2?
#77 by Joey350z , Oct 6. 2016, 05:03
#78 by Eki, Oct 6. 2016, 15:19
I hope it works with apple pie v2
#79 by Gixty, Oct 12. 2016, 09:13
Is this still the original version??
#80 by CloudyFox, Oct 14. 2016, 15:47
Hey there. This has probably been answered before so apologies if it has. But I struggle a lot with basic math so I wonder if the % ratios for the essence is the same even if the recipe would be for 120ml bottles?
I'm using the eJuiceMeUp software. And if anything needs to be changed I would love to get some feedback on it! :)
#81 by PsyCLown, Oct 17. 2016, 16:54
When I mix this up, after it has steeped for a while the taste seems to fade away.

I love the way it tastes as a shake n vape, after it steeps the cinammon disappears. Does anyone else have this issue as well?
#82 by djkokalis, Oct 20. 2016, 17:54
Does the original muffin man has that much cinammon taste? I think this recipe has too much cinammon for me.
#83 by DrChud, Oct 20. 2016, 21:11
I must have went wrong somewhere in this. All I can taste is the apple pie. I steeped it for 2 weeks.
#84 by DrChud, Oct 21. 2016, 12:00
@PsyCLown. I had the exact same issue as you. I looked at my notebook and I actually had it steeping for 3 weeks. Not even a hint of cinnamon when I vaped some.
#85 by niki, Oct 25. 2016, 18:16
Really good work, thank you! will try
#86 by Koadog, Oct 27. 2016, 02:18
Just tried mine after 10 day steep. The cinnamon damn near burns my throat? I used exact measurements.....suggestions?
#87 by masterstephenvapesologies, Oct 28. 2016, 10:28
i just mixed it up. it smells spot on. i added 3% sweetener tfa
#88 by aykutk, Oct 28. 2016, 22:37
hi there! It's my first mixing so I guess I missed smtg. I mixed a week ago and I steeped till now. I just changed Nbase for %100 VG with 3mg nicotine. Smell is very very spot on but there is ZERO TASTE. I dont know why? Any ideas ??
#89 by DrChud, Oct 29. 2016, 16:15
The first time I made this I mixed 50/50 but didn't adjust the flavour percentages. Tried it again following the recipe and it's really good this time. Juicy apple with the pie and cinnamon in the background, it's a damn nice vape, thanks for sharing :)
#90 by M1k3, Nov 7. 2016, 20:05
Maybe I'll try 70% VG
#91 by Peteness, Nov 11. 2016, 13:16
Made this yesterday but 70/30 and wow this stuff is good, great recipe!
#92 by alex, Nov 12. 2016, 04:22
feels like its missing something. maybe surculose.
#93 by Tony ww, Nov 26. 2016, 20:54
This is definitely spot on , love it
#94 by pappasmurfsharem, Dec 2. 2016, 06:09
This is NOT spot on.

It is however a decent vape.

For those that say it's spot on, I'd imagine they aren't using a flavor RDa

In my hadalay and Narda when compared to the original it's missing the muffin flavor, and the cinnamon is slightly to strong.

It is a solid 3 ingredient recipe however
#95 by Bill, Dec 6. 2016, 15:17
I made this and tasted it 2 days after... cinnamon was WAY too strong. Luckily kept the bottle... tasted 1 month after and the cinnamon is nicely in the back and a nice apple with bacery notes infront.
#96 by natbone, Dec 25. 2016, 15:57
I tried it SnV and the Cinnamon was too powerful. I let it sit for 12 days and just tried it and the CD is still too strong. I feel it overpowers everything else. I added .7% each of Fresh Cream FA and Marshmallow FA to add a creamy and smoother taste along with a bit of sweet. I'll redo it next time with less CD. It certainly has great potential, once I get it to where I like it.
#97 by praet0rian, Jan 6, 18:29
I only have cinnamon v2. Should I also use 5% of this?
#98 by spankster, sunday, 03:15
Realy nice ADV imo, mixed 200ml of it so far, but lowerd Danish cinnamon swirl to 4.5% for the second batch and that was even better imo. Also mixed it as PG/VG-ratio: 20/80

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