Bombies 'nana cream 

Gravatar - by fizzmustard, Feb 5. 2015, 04:26


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

At least 70% vg is important to the flavor.

#1 by chsados, Sep 17. 2014, 03:17
Pretty spot on, good job!
#2 by Elturiel, Feb 5. 2015, 06:58
Fuck ya happy to see you here man. I cannot express how much I appreciate your hard work at making this recipe available.
#3 by UmbrellaLiquids, Feb 6. 2015, 23:39
I've found 2% to be the sweet spot for CA, where it won't gunk up coils and still has the desired effect.
#4 by BigTex666, Mar 4. 2015, 06:52
I'm with Elturiel. Thank you very much. Got this from reddit. Very good to see you putting recipes up here. Definite adv for me and my friends

Thank you again.
#5 by abadlot, Mar 5. 2015, 22:56
How much steeping does it need?
#6 by TorturedZen, Mar 14. 2015, 07:33
Thank you for sharing this. Question: The recipe lists Citric Acid at 1%.
But your notes say 1 drop per mL. That would mean it's 5%, not 1%....right? Which is the correct amount?
#7 by M4ximus Pr1me, Mar 19. 2015, 09:44
Hi, is the citric Acid important? What is the purpose of Citric Acid in DIY? Sorry for the newb question.
#8 by HukIt, Mar 29. 2015, 20:08
@m4ximus it make fruit notes pop!
#9 by chinolofus, Mar 31. 2015, 21:04
holy fuck is exactly what i said the first time i took a puff 10 min ago. this stuff is amazing and i dont even have the citric acid yet (gets here tomorrow). i didnt let it steep either. this was the recipe that got me to start DIY...thank you, thank you, thank you.
#10 by StonedShrubbery, Apr 1. 2015, 01:51
really good. tastes like bombies and has the same after taste too. MAKE SURE YOU PUT citric acid in it. this rounds the flavor out and is extremely important to the flavor of this juice.
#11 by Dapacer, Apr 14. 2015, 03:30
Good shake and vape. AMAZING after steeping!
For those who haven't tried this recipe, I feel sorry for you...
#12 by STONE HAMMER, Apr 15. 2015, 18:19
Quick question. You say in your notes to add 1 drop citric acid per ml. So 15 drops for this recipe? Sorry if it's a stupid question.
#13 by Run The Jewels, Apr 18. 2015, 10:30
Good! Tnx for sharing! I think 0,5% of some cream (whipped for example) give to it more round taste. I've used banana crea TPA... its good.
#14 by dly, Apr 21. 2015, 09:59
#15 by Mordred, Apr 25. 2015, 19:45
You can buy it from a health food store, it comes in the form of crystals just dilute it with PG and your good to go
#16 by Buice, May 1. 2015, 16:49
Is this starwberry ripe, sweet or normal?
#17 by koniferus, May 8. 2015, 10:32
Normal Strawberry - My batch was pretty nasty on day one. By day three it's really started to taste amazing.
#18 by dedone, May 11. 2015, 15:47
maybe it's a stupid question, but is the same if i use some real lemon juice?
#19 by Warproof, May 16. 2015, 07:45
i've used 2% lemon juice , very good shake n vape
#20 by Kigger, May 17. 2015, 18:33
What is the steeping time on
it have been steeping for 3-4 days now and the flavors is very muted
#21 by koniferus, May 18. 2015, 01:23
Mine tasted too strong and like crap for 2 or so days. By day 3 it was amazing. I made a higher PG version and it strangely had less flavor.
#22 by Jubei007, Jun 1. 2015, 05:59
After smelling Bombies and tasting, I think it may have some Pineapple in it. Maybe adding a few drops may get it a bit closer. Good recipe,
#23 by Chad, Jun 2. 2015, 22:57
So, lemon juice can be used in place of the citric acid? Can't find it anywhere.
#24 by ADV_search, Jun 4. 2015, 18:52
gonna whip this up havent found a good nana yet
#25 by soulBit, Jun 18. 2015, 00:22
@Chad you can get it easily from Amazon or eBay as crystals, add 1/2 tablespoon to 20ml warm PG and shake till it dissolves
#26 by Collins Russell, Jun 27. 2015, 19:11
I accidently ordered CAP Dragon Fruit on Wizardlabs. Research told me that CAPs DF is a lot more potent than TFAs, so I cut the percentage from 3 to 1.5 using CAPs DF. Well, it still overpowered the juice, but not in a bad way. Their Dragon Fruit is actually delicious, and spot on. I might tone it down a bit more, next time, to allow more banana to come through, but I'm loving it as is honestly.
#27 by Collins Russell, Jun 27. 2015, 19:19
Sorry, I used CAPs Dragon Fruit at 2% in my first batch, not 1.5% as stated above. 1.5 might be perfect.
#28 by iCloud, Jul 4. 2015, 02:31
I made this, after the first day it tasted like candy banana chews. After day 3 of steeping it had developed a sort of bitter after taste. I think I may have used too much citric acid as I had to guess a gram of it to add to 10ml of PG. Will try making again when I have access to some scales. Thanks for the recipe though!
#29 by kompressaur, Jul 8. 2015, 19:16
is Sour the same as citric acid? thanks. Also TPA banana for LA change it much? ta
#30 by singlecoil_vape, Jul 9. 2015, 18:05
banana is sooo hard to make good gonna give this one a try as soon as i get some citric acid
#31 by soulBit, Jul 9. 2015, 18:10
@kompressaur citric acid = tart, malic acid = sour. You can leave the citric acid out if you like, fizzmustard has said elsewhere he doesn't include it any more (some people get wheezy chests from vaping it, others say it makes the juice taste worse)
#32 by Spacegost , Jul 25. 2015, 13:02
i used TFA lemon in place of the citric acid and this is the best shake n vape ive ever had. im not even a big fan of banana vapes but this shit is great.
#33 by Djvapes, Jul 29. 2015, 06:28
A hint of milk chocolate would be tits in this.
#34 by babayaga, Aug 13. 2015, 10:18
Why Banana Cream (LA), is it better then the TPA offering of Banana Cream?
#35 by apollo, Aug 17. 2015, 07:03
has anybody try adding menthol on this?
#36 by Djvapes, Aug 17. 2015, 17:26
I added 1% koolada. Not good
#37 by Gtrfrk83, Aug 21. 2015, 23:02
Don't think this one is going to get any steep time, stuff is great as a shake and vape without the CA!
#38 by Dio, Aug 27. 2015, 12:24
Just amazing after shake and vape...thanks mate!
#39 by AK47, Aug 27. 2015, 21:33
If you put Citric Acid or any other Lemon/Lime flavouring: It is important to let it breathe with the cap off overnight - this allows for the perfumey/alchaholy/bittery smell and taste to escape.
#40 by babayaga, Aug 27. 2015, 22:00
So I made this with TPA Banana Cream and a second batch with LA Banana Cream and it does make a difference and is much better with LA Banana Cream.
#41 by iCloud, Aug 27. 2015, 22:22
I found it's definitely better after a steep if using citric acid AK47. The citric stops tasting as harsh and it brings out the banana.
#42 by AK47, Aug 27. 2015, 23:06
^ for sure. I also use Orange Mandarin (TPA) instead of dragon fruit, and add 3 drops of stevia. makes my tastebuds go wild.
#43 by Dushy, Aug 28. 2015, 23:43
Where can I buy the citric acid like can I buy them off Amazon? I need some help.
#44 by iCloud, Aug 29. 2015, 19:11
I got mine from ebay.
#45 by AK47, Aug 29. 2015, 22:00
u can use lemon lime TPA as well, it is pretty strong.
#46 by altneurose, Sep 4. 2015, 15:50
Haven't tasted the original, but this is pretty good. Not as good as the hype might portray, but it's good - even though the citric acid (I know omitting is recommended now) gave me a canker sore.
#47 by TomLoon, Sep 11. 2015, 20:13
This is was okay. Thanks.
#48 by vjice, Sep 12. 2015, 01:23
l just made it and vaped it. taste pretty amazing. thanks for the recipe
#49 by RedRooster, Sep 13. 2015, 14:03
This is my ADV.!! My first ever "self mix". Absolutely amazing.
#50 by Kevinl86, Sep 14. 2015, 19:41
Made some of this yesterday in a 15ml glass bottle, no citric acid. I used every flavor it called for exactly. I spun it on a drill for a good 2mins after, stuck in a crockpot bath for 4 hours around 150F (warm setting) making sure to shake every 1.5 hours. After that I gave it another shake and took the cap off to let it breathe for 4 hours. Tried some as soon as I emptied the tank of my 'real' 'Nana Cream by Bombies and WOW is all I have to say! I think I feel a 120ml coming up in my near future!
#51 by Djvapes, Sep 14. 2015, 19:58
I would recommend getting l.a. banana cream clear as it doesn't have food coloring
#52 by HC2S, Sep 21. 2015, 14:01
I used Banana Cream (colorless)...The bottle I made finally made it to the steep box. Not sure how long it will stay there. ;) Great vape fresh off the heated stir plate after 3 hours at 125-130 deg F / gentle stir. I have never tried the original, but this is danged good stuff.
#53 by rsimmy, Oct 1. 2015, 10:34
Used TFA Banana Cream DX and a mix of CAP sweet Strawberry and TFA Strawberry ripe. Flavor is muted, I'm thinking of upping the percentages 1.5x. I should probably go ahead and get the actual ingredients though.
#54 by mrgoat, Oct 6. 2015, 13:57
Holy Moly. Delicious.
#55 by joee, Oct 9. 2015, 19:52
you can buy citric acid from a home brew store super cheep
#56 by qJ, Oct 15. 2015, 00:27
where does the note say 1% CA is added? And can i use Tart flavor from TPA as a sub? Thanks!
#57 by kevin_215, Oct 16. 2015, 23:25
fizzmustard removed the Citric Acid from his recipe.

quote: "I no longer recommend using citric acid in this recipe; it tends to mute the flavor over time and isn't very gentle on coils. Up to you whether you use it or not. I personally don't." :end quote
#58 by ClayG, Oct 17. 2015, 04:57
So many people like this. I guess it's ok, not my fav. Tastes like chemical candy-ish, even after a week steep.
#59 by TheVapinSailor, Oct 20. 2015, 07:01
Gonna try this with TPA Banana Cream (DX). Anyone know what kinda of % would be equivalent to LA Banana Cream.
#60 by rsimmy, Oct 20. 2015, 07:06
@TheVapinSailor I've been using about 7-8%.
#61 by TheVapinSailor, Oct 20. 2015, 07:30
@rsimmy Cheers dude, I'll give it a go. Never tried the original but it sounds good ;)
#62 by rsimmy, Oct 20. 2015, 07:49
@TheVapinSailor I haven't either haha, nor used the LA Banana Cream, but I used 5% at first and it just wasn't coming through.
#63 by TheVapinSailor, Oct 20. 2015, 12:05
@rsimmy shake and vape or steep?
#64 by rsimmy, Oct 20. 2015, 12:47
@TheVapinSailor both for me, it was good fresh, and it slightly changed after a few days. Little more creamy I'd say.
#65 by, Oct 21. 2015, 06:05
Any reason why its only 25 drops/ml for this recipe and 35 for most of the others?
#66 by HC2S, Oct 21. 2015, 06:16
@ObeyOrDie because not all droppers are the same size. The best way to mix is on a digital scale that reads to .01 gram resolution. Accurate, quick and easy.
You can find them all over the place for less than $20.00 USD. Also, find one that has a 500 gram max capacity. If you mix in glassware or even large bottles, some of them can be quite heavy and max you scale before you get all the ingredients in. For larger batches of course.
#67 by trebor, Oct 22. 2015, 03:25
Made this, took 4 weeks befor I liked it.
#68 by, Oct 22. 2015, 03:34
@HC2S Thanks for the advice and I already ordered a scale and it should arrive in a few days.
#69 by Ichini Shichi, Oct 22. 2015, 17:09
just made some, is it me or does the flavor taste slightly muted? I mixed everything per instruction but it doesn't really stand out like how everyone here claims to be.
#70 by trebor, Oct 22. 2015, 18:58
Let it steep. I tried it weekly and at week 4 it all came together.
#71 by HC2S, Oct 23. 2015, 13:57
@Ichini Shichi The beauty of DIY. If there isn't enough flavor for your palate, increase the percentages gradually until you find your sweet spot. I also found it a bit muted, especially at max VG. So.... in went more flavor. MO' FLAVA!
#72 by matdam, Oct 26. 2015, 03:05
is it taste same if using banana cream tpa.
#73 by fourletterwords, Oct 30. 2015, 01:39
oh man - I switched out the strawberry (i didnt have it) for 2% tfa straw ripe and 5% CAP sweet strawberry

This is quite close to the original - very impressed right after a shake
#74 by HC2S, Oct 30. 2015, 19:48
Ima have try that mix, thanks four. :)
#75 by the_meteorologist, Nov 3. 2015, 21:02
Just an incredible recipe. A very strong flavored vape that doesn't get tiring throughout the day. I've mixed many recipes since starting DIY and this is hands down one of the best. Worth gathering every ingredient necessary to make this phenomenal recipe!! Great job, fizzmustard. Looking forward to more great recipes from you in the future.
#76 by CAraM3L, Nov 7. 2015, 02:06
Thanks fizz, been vaping this for a while now. CA or no CA it's great, and it mixes very well with mustard milk!
#77 by Biff Tannen, Nov 12. 2015, 07:42
Tried it with TFA Banana nut bread in place of banana cream, and Ripe Strawberry in place of regular. That's all I had around, but it's pretty delicious having never tried the original.
#78 by danda69, Nov 15. 2015, 06:45
have made this 2 or 3 times now always turns out of my wives favourites...5 stars..
#79 by SKettaneh, Nov 15. 2015, 10:22
Tried it and it tastes just like shit
#80 by illitirit, Nov 16. 2015, 09:19
does anyone know how different adding citric acid to this makes the juice turn out? Is it really a night and day difference?
#81 by Heizenberg, Nov 16. 2015, 10:40
Tried with TPA banana cream instead of Lorann's one. Tastes not so good as i thought.
#82 by TheStankTank, Nov 17. 2015, 03:58
Great vape.
#83 by RuntDastardly, Nov 19. 2015, 22:18
This is the first recipe I chose to DIY. I bumped up the percentages slightly to work on lower wattage and higher resistance (how my dad and sometimes I vape) and I didn't even need to. This is a scrumptious shake-n-vape and my new ADV. Thanks for this, Fizzmustard!
#84 by CAraM3L, Nov 25. 2015, 13:42
@HighasFawk I found a thread on r/DIY_Ejuice posted by zenergy1321 that talks about using 12% VBIC and 8% of pre-mixed nana cream flavor base. 12% was too high for me especially since im using the capella version, its much more suited to my taste, also less spicy for most people. In my final recipe it works out to 6-8% CAP VBIC, 2.64% LA BC, 1.6% TFA Dragonfruit, and 3.76% TFA strawberry. IMO the VBIC needed to come way down from 12%, the nana cream never had a chance of shining through.
#85 by austin, Dec 6. 2015, 00:45
made it and love it. vaping it now
#86 by CAGE RATTLER, Dec 6. 2015, 02:13
Gave this a try a couple weeks ago and it was OK. Just not my thing I guess. I had ordered the real thing to try as well and must admit the clone is much much better than the original. I threw the original in the trash. That was some nasty chit IMO.
#87 by rnaumov333, Dec 7. 2015, 20:46
That is some good stuff! I've done 9 mixes so far from elr, and thats the best one. Thanks!
#88 by Juice Craft, Dec 17. 2015, 16:28
anyone experienced a different taste in a kayfun ? the flavor seems... to focused on the banana and has a slight chemical taste. However, on the dripper its good!
#89 by Juice Craft, Dec 23. 2015, 02:24
Tried, and just like one of the comments above it tastes like chemical banany candy on a kayfun. Are these recipes meant for subohm tanks only?
#90 by JSKRON, Dec 23. 2015, 19:22
My favorite banana recipe! Thanks!
#91 by CM808, Dec 23. 2015, 21:03
swapped out strawberry for tfa ripe strawberry and it came out amazing even as a shake and vape. gonna stash this one away and come back to it in a week or two and see how it turns out! great recipe!
#92 by Mammo, Dec 30. 2015, 19:34
what could the banana cream be swapped out for as im not a banana lover?
Any ideas?
#93 by Just Mixing, Dec 31. 2015, 01:59
I'm thinking of trying this with FA Lychee. Sounds like it could work. Any thoughts as I don't have dragonfruit?
#94 by shaun, Dec 31. 2015, 15:14
Made this today. Still seem to have some vape fatigue/tongue. So I was worried I wouldn't taste this. Just starting out and this is probably my favorite so far thanks.
#95 by vlad, Dec 31. 2015, 15:42
Banana Cream (LA) is very perfumy even after two weeks steeping
#96 by Evo8u24, Jan 4. 2016, 06:52
How much of a difference would tfa products make instead of the recommended tpa and la?
#97 by luchometallica, Jan 7. 2016, 02:43
Hi there, i make 300ml exact recipe (no additions) 70/30 , is day two of steeping and i taste nothing just a vague banana no strawberries or nothing just very weak flavor , can anybody tell me what i did wrong?
or will improve with time
#98 by Juice Craft, Jan 7. 2016, 03:15
@luchometallica same thing with me. what tank are you using? i find that majority of ejuice recipes in this site are not good on regular tanks. most of em are for subohm drippers or tanks.
#99 by luchometallica, Jan 7. 2016, 06:00
@Juice Craft Im using derringer and a freakshow mini / jap cotton kanthal 0.3ohms in a 4nine mod. and just gettyn a horrible chemical taste with some banana very weak i made my batch and just leave in a cabinet in dark place shake very very well and leave for half a day then open about 20 minutes then shake and leave again in dark place unopen but no improve .
#100 by Ibrahim, Jan 7. 2016, 13:32
Can i use Lemon Flavor instead of Citric Acid..... Actually, Citric Acid is available in dry crystal type form. I don't know how to mix it in PG and in what ratio. I have search on utube also but nothing is found relating the topic.
#101 by vlad, Jan 7. 2016, 22:52
with all due respect to the guy who posted this recipe - I must say - it's not vape-able. I've been steeping this liquid more than 3 weeks and it still has highly pronounced perfume-ish smell and it vapes horrible.
I don't care what the other guys say but this is what it is. I wouldn't spend money for this one
#102 by luchometallica, Jan 10. 2016, 09:53
i just made a 30 ml recipe (before was 300ml ) thinking maybe i did something wrong , but no this recipe is horrible is like vaping straight vg with a hint of banana with chemical taste no strawberries pineapple nothing very weak flavor and like vlad said non vape-able
#103 by Awayze, Jan 10. 2016, 21:14
I used TPA BC at 7%, left it to steep for 2 days in a cupboard and behind my PS4 for a few hours today, its ok. Not much taste on Atlantis 2, it is weak for now, I'll let it steep for another week or so.
#104 by Shardamakah, Jan 12. 2016, 01:13
Don't know why this gets such praise, tastes just like a regular banana cream mix with vg pg
#105 by LoonShine, Jan 15. 2016, 09:52
I had to tweak this to suit my flavour stash and it's still amaze-balls! Made 20mls yesterday, making another - bigger - batch today. It's fruity, smooth, sweet and tasty. 5 Stars all round. Thank's for sharing.
#106 by LordVapor, Jan 17. 2016, 18:02
I made a small batch of this awhile back and kinda forgot about it. Just pulled out a bottle and this is a killer vape! I will be making more of this one for sure!
#107 by Clutch2k3, Jan 21. 2016, 01:34
simply awesome. its a shake n vape and it gets even better after 3-7 days. I've mixed over 200ml of this by now
#108 by Moosiecakes, Jan 21. 2016, 04:51
So what are the alternatives to CA? TFA lemon?
#109 by Awayze, Jan 22. 2016, 16:15
The TPA BC gave me a headache. Despite the headache, I vaped 30ml in a couple of days, I'll need to try it with CAP.
#110 by Jason fox, Jan 27. 2016, 13:34
@fizzmustard if i make this in higher vg will i loose flavour? And lower the vg ratio more flavour? As I understand higher vg ratio more flavours needid rite? Thnx
#111 by Vapes, Jan 28. 2016, 00:30
Not close. Good recipe. Tastes like a yellow laffy taffy. I own a shop, sell bombies and have had the luxury of vaping over 2000ml of real nana cream at a discount, this does not taste like Bombies Nana Cream at all, I followed the formula to a "t".
#112 by SyberMile, Jan 28. 2016, 14:43
This One Is Missing A Couple Flavors Mine Is Closer But Not Perfect Yet
#113 by SyberMile, Jan 28. 2016, 22:48
you do know this is english site right ...
google translate =
turned full of vomit . Banana Cream (LA) is more like a himoznuyu melon lemonade and interrupting others. I will now try Banana Cream from TPA .
#114 by kierktr, Jan 30. 2016, 23:30
Don't try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#115 by Ollie89, Jan 31. 2016, 16:34
Everyones palate is different I suppose. Personally I like this, 30ml knocked up and it didn't even make the steeping drawer. Gonna knock up 500ml with the last of my LA flavouring and hopefully I'll see how this matures with time.
#116 by TapersVongue, Feb 11. 2016, 19:39
Love this. One of the first recipes I made, grew tired of 30ml's so I made 120ml. Definitely gets better as it ages, fine as a shake and vape also, but you will mostly get the banana cream taste initially.
#117 by Perly58, Feb 17. 2016, 16:02
Just made 120ml of this exact recipe adding nothing else, how long will that take to steep?
#118 by saxguy, Feb 24. 2016, 17:10
I switched the 7% TFA Strawberry for 4.5% INW Shisha Strawberry since its the only candy strawberry I have, and it is fantastic. I'll still try it with the TFA as soon as I make another order, but if anyone is looking for that more candy/ less ripe strawberry, it is good.
#119 by KoreanMoB, Feb 26. 2016, 09:01
i let it steep for 4 hours 20minutes then vape it on 42.0watts!!!!! If this si what nana's cream taste like.......SIT ON MAH FACE NANA! I love this recipe.... when i get vapers fatigue i switch to this one for a bit. LOVE IT SO SO SO SO SO MUCH~! Thanks Fizz!
#120 by NotoriousPP, Feb 27. 2016, 21:36
I have made about 100ml of this so far, and have loved every batch so far (so have most of my friends)! The banana flavor really comes through the longer you steep! Going to try TPA's Banana Creme later to today and compare the differences!

Thank you for this recipe!
#121 by Perly58, Feb 27. 2016, 21:56
How long did you steep the 100ml?
#122 by KoreanMoB, Feb 27. 2016, 22:16
@perly58 Depending on how thick your VG/PG ratio is. I mix a 200ml and let it steep about 2 weeks. You can shake and vape but the banana wont really come out till 2 weeks or so.
#123 by NotoriousPP, Feb 27. 2016, 22:25
@perly58 I steeped every batch for at least a week, though as @KoreanMoB said, two weeks is ideal.
#124 by Dee, Feb 28. 2016, 11:40
Made this with 3.5% Strawberry Ripe & 3.5% Sweet Strawberry - holy sheeeet! Best juice I've tried so far. Thanks :)
#125 by Perly58, Feb 28. 2016, 16:26
My ratio is 70/30 at 120ml, I tried it at a week and it's a little harsh with not much banana taste, I guess I'll try again in another week.
#126 by 4 rings of fury, Mar 3. 2016, 00:43
One of my favorites but it makes me cough after exhaling. Snooth th at 2 mg but on exhale it feels weird. I've narrowed it down to either the strawberry (since I remember getting something similar from Mistard Milk using strawberry TFA or the Dragonfruit since I remember getting the same feeing from Dragon cream fresh. I'll have to mix single flavor mixes using the strawberry and dragonfruit at diff % and find te culprit. I may just need to lower the percentages a bit. Annnnyways, awesome recipe and I still vape the shit out of it despite the cough lol. Thanks for sharing!
#127 by 4 rings of fury, Mar 3. 2016, 00:52
For anyone with the same issue, I found the culprit. 10% Straw TFA in 3ml base and I get that feeling. After reducing the straw to 5 it nearly went away. Think I'll stick to 5% straw TFA from now on. If it's not enough straw for the recipe I'll add ripe or sweet or FA straw in conjunction with it to make up for it. This is the first flavor that hasn't agreed with me after 4 years of vaping. It's definitely clear that all of our bodies react to these diff flavorings differently. Ok, drama over...thx again for the awesome recipe.
#128 by SS, Mar 3. 2016, 20:15
Grateful for all Mixers. Unfortunately this one I cant vape. Followed perfectly as it is today. Did not add the original recipes Citric acid. Wonder if that is what's missing. I dont taste any banana. Just a chemical taste. Let it air for 36 hours. Did not help. Love the colour though. Did mine at 70vg/30pg 6mg nic. Even after a 3 week steep, no banana taste at all. Shame.. May work for others but not for me.
#129 by SS, Mar 3. 2016, 20:22
Wonders about the flavour difference between LA Banana Cream-White or LA Banana Cream-Yellow? How different would this recipe be using the Yellow version? Thx
#130 by Charlie, Mar 9. 2016, 11:19
I think it is just food colouring added in the yellow version - no flavour difference...
#131 by garnett91, Mar 15. 2016, 15:14
This is a great recipe, liked it alot.
#132 by OrganicCloudz, Mar 18. 2016, 13:35
Has anyone made this without banana cream? Using say Banana and marshmallow or sweet cream? This looks tasty but I don't have any banana cream in at the moment....
#133 by Token143, Mar 20. 2016, 21:58
I replaced TPA strawberry with CAP Sweet Strawberry in 200ml mix and its unvapeable now, it is very harsh and throat hit is like I am vaping 100% PG on subohm, any suggestions for TPA strawberry replacement I don't want to use it coz it contains Ethyl Alcohol.
Where ever I replaced TPA strawberry with CAP its not vapeable, tried Tiger blood, strawberry short cake too with similar results:(
#134 by Token143, Mar 21. 2016, 05:38
Any suggestions?
#135 by OrganicCloudz, Mar 21. 2016, 08:54
You could try some strawberry ripe maybe?
#136 by Token143, Mar 21. 2016, 15:18
I did try with strawberry rip but it came out bit harsh and different smell too, should i use less CAP strawberry or same %?
#137 by OrganicCloudz, Mar 21. 2016, 15:30
Sweet Strawberry is very strong, if you've ever had a 100ml bottle you would know by the smell lol. I would lower the sweet strawberry and use Ripe.
#138 by Token143, Mar 21. 2016, 15:43
How much I lower the sweet strawberry by 2% instead of 7%?
#139 by OrganicCloudz, Mar 21. 2016, 15:51
Maybe try 2% Sweet Strawberry and 3% Ripe? See how that comes out and if needed a little extra after some steep.
#140 by Token143, Mar 21. 2016, 16:16
I don't have ripe right now, If i just use sweet strawberry how much I should use it?
#141 by OrganicCloudz, Mar 22. 2016, 09:08
The thing with sweet strawberry is it's very strong and this is a creamy mix so it might be hard to work with sweet strawberry on this one, maybe just try 2% and then add a few drops after steep if you think it needs some more.
#142 by Brad, Mar 24. 2016, 14:10
what % would you use if you only had flavorah dragon fruit thanks.
#143 by heliontide, Mar 29. 2016, 09:02
I've got a real sweet tooth, so this is easily one of my favourite recipes with around 3% sweetener. No matter what I find or make, I always end up coming back to this recipe.
#144 by OrganicCloudz, Mar 29. 2016, 10:42
So apparently the cheapest I can find Lorann Banana Cream in the UK is £3.00 for 3.7ml on ebay. Does anyone know where I can find this cheaper?
#145 by thrash.cj, Apr 1. 2016, 18:32

#146 by Chris, Apr 2. 2016, 04:37
To those of you who are wondering about strawberry subsitituions: I made about 1000ml of this stuff using various strawberry substitutions; strawberry ripe, sweet strawberry, strawberry inw, organic strawberry tfa, and some combinations of those. I just made my first batch using actual Strawberry (TFA/TPA) and it DOES make a huge difference. Using the TFA strawberry this recipe is just perfect. Sweet and balanced. bombies nana cream doesn't taste anything like banana cream to me, but, it's still an amazing juice and this is a spot on clone with 0 steeping required. The 4oz is cheap af from a couple of the top US vendors. Do it.
#147 by OrganicCloudz, Apr 11. 2016, 15:53
I managed to ship 100ml Banana Cream LA in from a US company called TBD (The Best Damn Liquids). Came with a beautiful unicorn cap that makes it incredibly easy when mixing by weight. Worked out about £17.00 with shipping which isn't so bad.

@thrash.cj I noticed on Chefs Vapour it says 'Laurens Flavours' Is that the same as 'LorAnn'?

@fizzmustard Never tried the original but this stuff is ridiculously good. Remind me of them foamy banana sweets I used to get as a kid.
#148 by Ed0x, Apr 17. 2016, 09:26
This was the recipe that started it all for me I loved this stuff. Only thing I noticed this taste worlds better on older devices for me. Older style tanks do this juice tremendous justice while seems to mute a tad more while chemically when dripped. I played around with VG/PG ratios but didn't change too much for me. Regardless excellent recipe that will always hold a fond place in my DIY experience.

Taste is subjective so this is just my experience.

Also on a side note I highly recommend you try SkiddlzNinja's version if you enjoyed this should find it on reddit somewhere.
#149 by rsimmy, Apr 18. 2016, 02:50
I'd like to say that I originally mixed this up with TFA DX Banana Cream, and it was enjoyable, but the butyric acid gave off a slight vomit aroma. It was off-putting.

But after months of DIY I finally caved and ordered LA Banana Cream, and wow. Not at all what I expected. And not in a good way. LA Banana Cream is straight up Banana Runt or Laffy Taffy, while the TFA was more of a mix between candy banana and ripe banana it seemed.

Sometime I'm the future I'm going to order regular TFA Banana Cream, and maybe that will be what I'm looking for.

I urge everyone to do a comparison, I feel TFA may lend a better flavor.
#150 by Kiwi_Vaper, Apr 20. 2016, 00:23
I have never had the original, but this is seriously amazing. My wife has never smoked or vaped but she loves the aroma of the vapour left behind. Surely deserves 5 stars :)
#151 by Kiwi_Vaper, Apr 20. 2016, 00:25
Oh, I must add that I normally steep my liquids between 3-4 weeks at least. I dont know if that makes a difference here, as I am one of those who keeps a stock of how much liquid I have left and mix well in advance for a 3-4 week steep.
#152 by Hhnguyen504, Apr 23. 2016, 01:06
I mixed this up and I had to fight myself to let it steep. Once I let it steep and started vaping it, I couldn't put it down. Never had the original but this recipe is delicious. If this doesn't taste like the original, I guess I'll never need to find out.
#153 by bearded_puffer, Apr 25. 2016, 23:17
Never tried the original, but I enjoy the taste. However, even at 3mg 30/70 the throat hit is super harsh in my goblin mini at my usual 28-30 watts. I'll let it steep more and see if that changes, but it's unvapeable right now as it burns my throat as if it were 12mg 50/50. If anyone has any tips I'd love to hear them cause I love the flavor of this mix.
#154 by Sweetfa65, May 4. 2016, 00:31
Hi. Im brand new here, and need a hand. Can anyone tell me what the effect on flavour/throat hit would be mixing this at 50/50 pg/vg. This is my usual ratio, and not sure my tanks would cope with 70% vg. Im dying to try this.
Thanks i advance.
#155 by OrganicCloudz, May 4. 2016, 14:12
Hey Sweet,

I would highly doubt that your tank couldn't handle the 50% VG. You might find it has quite a bit of a throat hit and chemical taste using 50% PG as the VG won't be muting as much. It would also depend if your tank is subohm/mouth to lung etc.

Why not give it a go and see?
What tank are you using?
#156 by N, May 4. 2016, 18:39
really nice
#157 by Sweetfa65, May 5. 2016, 00:25
Thanks for your help OrganicCloudz. Mostly I'm using a subtank mini RBA at about 0.6 ohm and occasionally 1.2 ohm factory occ coils. Usually a mouth to lung vaper at 6 mg nic.
#158 by OrganicCloudz, May 5. 2016, 09:57
Go with 70/30. You won't have any problems!
#159 by Sweetfa65, May 6. 2016, 01:17
Thanks mate. I'm happy with that. If worst comes to worst, I can always up the pg later and add some more nic and flavour base. Too easy.
#160 by Lama, May 6. 2016, 03:50
Never tried the original. Made 28/72 2 % nic. on March 25, just had a taste. Pretty good, I wanted sweeter so just added 1,6% marshmallow TPA to the mix. TY for sharing fizzmustard
#161 by venture, May 22. 2016, 11:58
Just wanted to say that this is my go to flavor when I need to make something in a second. Never had the chance to let it steep more than two weeks. Sell about 120ml a week of the juice to my friends. got some 8oz amber bottles in so whipped up a 400ml batch. Can't wait to see what it taste like in a month or so.
#162 by W0WZA, May 25. 2016, 11:55
Did anyone try it with Strawberry Ripe? I really dont enjoy regular Strawberry by TPA. I can't vape it..
#163 by OrganicCloudz, May 26. 2016, 09:57
I wouldn't think it would make much difference @venture. As the banana cream is the main flavour here.
#164 by OrganicCloudz, May 26. 2016, 09:57
Sorry I meant @W0WZA
#165 by W0WZA, May 26. 2016, 11:35
Thanks OrganicCloudz. I will try it with Ripe :)
#166 by richardcope, Jun 1. 2016, 11:42
I had some Banana Cream from TFA sitting on the shelf, and wanted to use it. I searched for the flavor, and found this recipe. By far the best recipe I've found on this site so far. The only things I changed were the brands. I use TFA banana cream, and Capella Dragonfruit. I also make it max VG, and it's a great shake and vape. Thanks so much for the recipe.
#167 by seekerom, Jun 3. 2016, 18:25
Thanks! Very nice light taste!!!
#168 by JTC, Jun 5. 2016, 09:58
Lovely full on flavour
Definitely one of the best I've tasted :D
#169 by jharwin, Jun 17. 2016, 18:51
I always do 200ml of this recipe. So perfect!
#170 by A.D.V., Jun 18. 2016, 08:55
thank you fizzmustard!
steeped 13 days and this juice is great (recomend a 2-4 week steep). sure its reminiscent of banana runts but in a good way! the cream is light, kinda subtle. the dragon fruit is barely there-just boosting and binding the flavors. i taste the strawberry about 2/10% so its in there, but in the background as well. this juice leaves a wonderful amount of moisture in your mouth on the exhale-i read a recent post on reddit of how to create this in a recipie (it is a chemical reaction) and this recipie has it! very pleased :)
#171 by VaporAlchemist, Jun 19. 2016, 18:34
To me, this recipe is super finely-tuned. When I changed the %s to make it more Strawberry heavy, it didn't taste as good. Nothing natural tasting here, you can taste the artificial in this mix, but it is oh-so-good.

It creates the perfect amount of throat hit for me, miniscule but present. I never had the original 'Nana Cream, but I believe the citric acid is still needed to add a little sour. Bravo sir Fizz! This is a staple recipe in my juice cabinet.
#172 by Jay, Jun 27. 2016, 06:40
Excellent shake and vape, just need to make it a little bit more sweeter so I will try to add some marshmallows, or sweetener.
#173 by Ashmiester, Jul 9. 2016, 09:48
made mine with TPA strawberry and cream as haven't got the banana cream still steeping after 3 days
#174 by Smoky , Jul 25. 2016, 16:08
Is there smth. to substitute Dragonfruit? I don't have it now. Or can I exclude it at all?
#175 by JTC, Jul 25. 2016, 18:25
Very nice but I find lacks banana
I've added 1% flavourart banana and now it's popping 👍
#176 by ChibiWanderlust, Jul 26. 2016, 15:37
Noobie question here, I'm new to dyi and I just recently got a couple stuff to start making my own.. Would it be too strange to use Dx Banana Cream from TPA?
#177 by Smoky , Jul 26. 2016, 16:07
Using BC from tpa instead of LA would give you different taste, no so good as with LA. If you will use TPA, reduce percentage to 3%.
#178 by Grubby, Aug 6. 2016, 09:45
Mixed up 10ml by weight, without the citric acid, vaped at 30w in a griffin 25 RTA with a single .4 Clapton.

I get a perfect balance of banana cream and dragonfruit with a strawberry after taste, it's delicious and an adv for me.

Note: Shake all your bottles before using, steep for at least 3 days with the lid on in a dark cool place.

Congrats fizzmustard, excellent recipe!

Thanks and happy vaping!
#179 by gkott78, Aug 20. 2016, 02:58
One of my favorite ADV's. After about 2-3 days, this is amazing. I have already made this at least 3 times, and now I'm doing larger batches at 120ml each so I never run out. Fantastic.
#180 by Paulo, Aug 26. 2016, 12:29
Hi havent tried to make this recipie, since I cant fint the banana cream LA her in my country they only have Banana LA (no cream) is there a way I can go arround with some sweet cream or other thing?

Hi havent tried the original to, since Im from Portugal and no store has it here.
#181 by rodneyb972, Aug 27. 2016, 00:33
Made a 15ml test bottle, let it sit for a week like a good little boy, and long story short another 60ml bottle is steeping as we speak. Thank you OP.
#182 by JTC, Aug 27. 2016, 19:45
I really like this but I'm finding the LA BC too chemical.
I'm thinking I might sub with some fa vienna cream and fa nana for a try?
#183 by Paulo, Aug 28. 2016, 12:18
Jtc quatro do you mean by LA bc too chamical, are u refering to the color out the taste?
#184 by norwegianvaper, Aug 31. 2016, 23:40
I haven't read trough all the comments, it`s getting late here in Norway. But why is the citric acid removed from the recipe? is it better without. I have some banana cream clear coming my way soon, but lack CA.
#185 by hsugr, Sep 19. 2016, 20:01
I have to say this is probably the worst recipe i have made to this day. LA BC tastes too chemical.
#186 by JTC, Sep 19. 2016, 20:17
The taste @Paulo
It has eased with time and the top off for a bit, but it doesn't seem all that to me. It's definitely better with some added fa nana imo
#187 by frank1966, Oct 7. 2016, 19:50
great thanks i love it and thanks for sharing
#188 by rockstar recipes, Oct 9. 2016, 20:23
Gonna do this one
#189 by rockstar recipes, Oct 9. 2016, 20:23
Gonna do this one
#190 by rockstar recipes, Oct 9. 2016, 20:23
Gonna do this one
#191 by BARREJUICE, Oct 10. 2016, 20:31
If i wanna do 500ml of this juice how much ml do i need in each essens.
#192 by BARREJUICE, Oct 10. 2016, 20:41
Can someone please tell me how much i need essens each i need if i have 500ml 30/70.
#193 by Gilmbento, Oct 11. 2016, 00:53
BARREJUICE click on the wrench next to the juice name , and then click on "adapt this". Then you can set how much e-juice you want.
#194 by JTC, Oct 21. 2016, 08:20
Tried this again after a 3 month steep
I had added 1.5% fa bano but WOW
It has steeped into an amazing juice
I made it max vg as I do with all my juice and it definitely takes longer steep times this way but we'll worth the wait.
5 stars and thanks 😊
#195 by norwegianvaper, Oct 22. 2016, 11:27
Looks delicious. But i only have VZ (Vaping Zone) Dragoon Fruit. And it is much more potent then the TFA's. VZ suggest 5 % as a starting point for a single flavor mix. And a mixer here on ELR suggest 2.1 % in a mix. What du you think. Make a litlle test batch with VZ DF 2.1%? I tend to go for 60 VG and 8 mg nicotine. How long should I steep it? I use to steep all my juices for 3 to four weeks, unless Tobacco and Custard where I can steep for up to 8 weeks.
#196 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 13:50
very good, thanks
#197 by Jaafar , Oct 27. 2016, 01:44
Hi. I want to make this liquid. But without nicotine. How can I delete the ratio of nicotine. I want the proportion of nicotine 0
#198 by norwegianvaper, Oct 28. 2016, 12:07
I asked on the forum about swapping the Dragon Fruit from TFA's to VZ's (Vaping Zone) It is a bit more potent than TFA's DF, and are suggested here to average 2,4 in mix. VZ suggest 5% as a starting point as a stand alone flavor. What would you suggest fizzmustard? Or anyone else for that matter? And by the way, why has the Citric Acid been removed? Is it better without, or is it other reasons? Thank you so much for putting out this recipe. It looks delicious.
#199 by norwegianvaper, Oct 28. 2016, 12:36
Actually VZ suggest 2,5% as a starting point for stand alone. So I think I will go for the median for mixes here on ELR, which is 1%. It's only a 7 ml test batch anyway. But if I would use CA, how do I do that? And how will CA affect the mix? Pros and cons sort of?
#200 by rcromwell92, Nov 1. 2016, 20:42
Where is everyone getting the use of CA in this? I do not see it in the notes or in the actual recipe. Also, are you accounting the % of CA as a percentage of flavoring in the mixture or adding after complete
#201 by dylan338, Nov 5. 2016, 02:20
@rcromwell92 Someone correct me if I'm wrong. But the author of this recipe removed Citric Acid for two reasons: It gunks up coils, and it ruins the flavor after a couple weeks.
#202 by dylan338, Nov 5. 2016, 02:31
I just mixed this for the first time and it's even a great shake-and-vape. I used no Citric Acid, and 100% VG. Even 30 minutes after mixing it's delightful, like an airy fruit gushers, all the flavors mesh well together like a smoothie. I cant wait to see how much better this is after a couple days.
#203 by RaGCaR, Nov 9. 2016, 20:48
Is there anything that will sub for citric acid?
#204 by DDrama, Nov 23. 2016, 17:41
I dont use sucralose for sweetener...I use stevia.
The most common stevia for sweetening fruity liquids is stevia found at walmart made by Pyure, Its pure stevia with trace amounts of citric acid/organic apple cider vinegar. Its in a little white and purple 30ml bottle by the sweeteners, its liquid drops. Stevia doesnt wreck coils like sucralose, plus its made from leaves of a plant and not artificial. I think I will try it 1 drop per 10ml

Anyone try it yet as a CA substitute?
#205 by AbulRulZ, Nov 29. 2016, 13:12
How long does this take to steep?
#206 by Mollifier, Dec 4. 2016, 07:25
Simple and very effective, cant go wrong with strawberry and banana flavors.

Used strawberry ripe TPA and banana cream TPA. still one of the best
#207 by hacked, Dec 6. 2016, 10:07
Somebody did on TPA? What can replace the banana cream (LA)?
#208 by Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Dec 10. 2016, 18:24
@hacked As discussed above the original is more than likely without a doubt LA Banana Cream due to the coloring. However, TPA/TFA Banana Cream is excellent. I personally blend LA's & TFA's together to make a very believable and authentic banana flavor. IMO, it's cream heavy and therefore the banana needs a bump. So, to answer your question... yes you can make a great banana vape with TFA
#209 by hacked, Dec 12. 2016, 11:05
@Sir-Mix-A-Lot Thank you.
#210 by vinnyfraser, Dec 14. 2016, 02:44
I cut the strawberry by half because I find using anything more then 5% is a waste. Tastes great!!!
#211 by Fuat Abi, Dec 27. 2016, 03:43
Anyone with TPA Banana Cream?
#212 by hacked, Dec 27. 2016, 06:42
@ Fuat Abi Yes, you can replace with Banana Cream (TPA) 5%.

Banana Cream (TPA) 5%
Dragonfruit (TPA) 3%
Strawberry (TPA) 5%

and add strawberries 5%, 7% a lot.

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