five pawns queenside spot on 

Gravatar - by voodootroll, Jul 23. 2016, 09:21


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

queenside spot on clone needs a 20 day steep time .
Vanillin is optional but rounds up the flavor

#1 by voodootroll, Jul 23. 2016, 09:25
made 12 batches to come to spot on . now vaping them back to back and noone can understand which is which . take patience in your steep time
#2 by The Edster, Jul 23. 2016, 12:32
Looks pretty good, 10% custard might be a bit strong for me. Might try a version of this with flavors dropped by 25% except the vanillin. Thanks bro, try to hit you back once i brew up a 30ml.
#3 by voodootroll, Jul 23. 2016, 17:00
much apreciate every feedback
#4 by ∆ SIRROMPIMP ∆, Sep 14. 2016, 22:46
Hey dude - seriously good vape. It is actually spot on. The custard kind of put me off at first, but it does eventually subside. You've saved me £££'s, as Queenside is one of my fave Five Pawns, so thank you.
#5 by The Edster, Sep 18. 2016, 10:49
Tried this mix out the other day, steeped now for 2 weeks. It's pretty damn good. I did drop all the flavors by 25%, to much flavor gives me a headache. It's definitely going in my rotation,
#6 by voodootroll, Sep 20. 2016, 08:34
wanna thank you guys for the feedback its really important to me please rate the recipe if you feel like it . In Greek forums the guys where hyped too telling me the same things God bless you all and keep vaping
#7 by Paz, Sep 27. 2016, 21:16
Very good recipe! I speed steeped the first batch as I can never wait to see how it tastes. It was good straight away if a little rough, after 3 weeks though it's pretty fantastic, just made 2 100ml bottles hopefully 1 of them will make it to the full 3 weeks! :)
#8 by voodootroll, Sep 27. 2016, 22:15
@Paz thank you for taking faith in my recipe its a steep prossess thing with this one . Needs breathing too and its spot on hope you enjoy it please let one batch steep properly and it will reward you acordingly
#9 by Stafylidis Vladimiros, Oct 19. 2016, 19:56
Excellent !
#10 by voodootroll, Nov 28. 2016, 08:06
As i said in the commentary its optional
#11 by FumaKilla, Dec 3. 2016, 04:29
steeping it now... never tried the original.... but the profile is interesting...
#12 by voodootroll, Dec 4. 2016, 15:00
fumakilla thanks for the trust mate hope you enjoy it
#13 by Raiderknight, Dec 19. 2016, 09:13
Wow, damn close to FP's Queenside. They extract their own vanilla soy you can never truly 1:1 clone theirs, but this is just as good. Well done and thanks for sharing bro!!!
#14 by voodootroll, Dec 20. 2016, 22:19
@Raiderknight thank you for your kind words i hope you enjoyed it soon ill be back with some new recipes check them out!
#15 by FumaKilla, Dec 28. 2016, 12:55
sorry forgot to report, the result after 25 days steep is awesome. never had the original but I like it :)
5 stared
thank you sir!
#16 by FumaKilla, Dec 28. 2016, 12:58
as much as I like the result, the scary warning on the vanilla custard V1 kinda turn me off... the diacetyl one... will vape moderately... but the juice is hard to put down... xD
#17 by Raiderknight, Dec 28. 2016, 13:13
Comparably speaking, cigarettes have over 10,000 known carcinogens in them. At 4-5 packs a day for 29 years, I can only imagine the damage I've done. So, when it comes to diacetyl, I tend to look at what I used to put into my body, compared to the amount of diacetyl I put in now. I can also tell a huge difference in taste in v2's. Fuma, its awesome you are so conscientious about your health and kudos to you for being so. Myself, I just don't think I could vape without using v1's.
#18 by FumaKilla, Dec 28. 2016, 15:34
Thank you, I also smoke for 16 years at 1-3 packs. back then it was helpless since the alternative to nicotine craving is not as appealing as it is now..
as for now, I just wanted to make the most of what is left on me...(while still vaping)
#19 by Maxsmd, Jan 15, 15:10
Where do you get Vanillin?
#20 by FumaKilla, Jan 16, 02:45
TPA has vanillin

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