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DIYorDIE Apple Buttah (original) 

Gravatar - by Goldbones, Sep 2. 2016, 17:56


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

From phase 2 of the 2016 DIYorDIE mixer's competition.

Recipe notes here:

#1 by louiesquared, Sep 8. 2016, 22:01
This is a very nice Apple Butter vape. Very close to Liquid State but more of a Tart Apple.
#2 by Goldbones, Sep 8. 2016, 22:09
I saw that Liquid State had a similar recipe, but I have yet to try it. From what I understand, it's more of an apple pie filling without the crust. Is that true?
#3 by louiesquared, Sep 8. 2016, 23:12
It's not quite as sugary sweet as a pie filling but close. Despite the name, real Apple Butter doesnt actually have any butter in it. The name comes from the smooth creamy consistency.
I have a recipe that I have been working on for a couple months. It is very similar to yours but sweeter.
#4 by Goldbones, Sep 8. 2016, 23:18
Got it, thanks. Yeah my recipe doesn't really have a butter taste to it at all. I used butter cream, vanilla custard, and vanilla bean ice cream at such low percentages that they form that smooth and creamy consistency. Thanks for the review and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yours looks good, too. The liquid amber in mine might be giving off a bit more of that tart/baked apple note. I also found that my recipe without liquid amber is just too much apple. Somehow that liquid amber tames the fuji since 4% is a tad high for that flavoring.
#5 by louiesquared, Sep 8. 2016, 23:25
Yeah, that's what I thought as soon as I saw the Liquid Amber. I found that the RY4 adds a bit of that caramelized baked apple flavor. I got the idea after a friend gave me some apple tobacco to try.
#6 by Kris, Sep 9. 2016, 17:54
This is just an amazing recipe, and I'm not really an apple vape fan. But this is on another level, well deserved on the mixers competition win, thanks for this!
#7 by navster, Sep 10. 2016, 11:43
Will it taste just as good if i mix it max vg?
#8 by BALATA, Sep 15. 2016, 12:27
First off all "Congrats on your winning the contest"
This recipe is amazing, it is so balanced and smooth. I mixed up another 200 ml of it. Even as it's a shake & vape I like it even more after a two week steep. Just like Wayne said, this is the recipe of the year.
I posted this recipe (with all your credits) on a Dutch forum. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Greetz from Holland
#9 by Goldbones, Sep 16. 2016, 21:15
@navster it should be ok for max vg. It might need a few extra days of steeping, though. If you mix it up at max vg (90.5VG is quite a lot) and you find it lacking, increase everything except fuji by 25% and see how that does.
#10 by Goldbones, Sep 16. 2016, 21:17
@ BALATA thank you for the kind words! I don't mind you sharing my recipe on another forum at all since you gave me credit
#11 by SirBazyl, Sep 17. 2016, 05:20
Can I sub Liquid Amber with something, without loosing flavor?
#12 by STUvapes, Sep 21. 2016, 20:38
Congrats on the win Goldbones. Ive mixed this recipe up about a week ago but I missed out the liquid amber as I dont have it. I think you are definitely right about needing it to tame the 4% fuji as even after a week its overpowering everything else,, still actually quite nice but Ive ordered the Amber today to try it properly. I dont suppose there is anything else that could be subbed for Liquid Amber incase anyone else was in the same position I was ?
#13 by Goldbones, Sep 21. 2016, 20:42
@STUvapes Thank you! Unfortunately, FA Liquid Amber is in a league of its own. I do not know of anything that is relatively similar to it at all. I'm glad you got some on the way, though
#14 by 3DD3, Sep 21. 2016, 23:04
Just banged out 400ml of this.
#15 by STUvapes, Sep 22. 2016, 21:45
Yeah I thought as much Goldbones ,I imagine it would be like trying to sub FA Joy or wow etc, there is really nothing else out there that could be put in their place.Still waiting for the Amber, should hopefully get it tomorrow along with some other testers and scales I ordered. Been mixing 2yrs using syringes but goonna give the scales a try.
#16 by ItsBDiddy, Sep 24. 2016, 06:24
Although I did use TFA VB Gelato instead of TFA VBIC, it's still turned out awesome. I did let it steep for a week before trying it because the fuji just smelled really strong. Don't let that fool you though. This is a bomb recipe. Goodjob on the win too. Definitely well deserved. Can't wait what you come up with next.
#17 by wx, Sep 30. 2016, 04:05
This is so good! Will be ADV for me!
#18 by Wilkybob69, Oct 2. 2016, 00:00
Jonathan love this recipe from the moment it went live on diy or die I mixed some up straight away got about 1.5 litres left and the tackle is in place for my next 2 litre batch
#19 by KG3D, Oct 10. 2016, 03:00
Best Fuji based recipe I have tasted. Nicely done & thank you.
#20 by SirBazyl, Oct 10. 2016, 05:43
After 2 weeks of steeping mine is still little harsh. Idk if that's my nic. or something else. But on other recipes my nic seems to be fine.
#21 by STUvapes, Oct 11. 2016, 05:59
@Wilkybob69 you have 1.5 litres left and you're gonna make another 2L , WTF are you doing with the stuff .... Drinking it ? Wow.??
#22 by STUvapes, Oct 11. 2016, 06:06
SirBazyl, its probably the 4% fuji, its a strong prominent flav and 4% is a lot si if its still harsh for you I'd lower it down to about 2% imo would still be plenty of that flavor. Worth a try. Either that or "some" people get a peppery taste from tfa vbic but at 1% I cant see that being enough to do that.
#23 by ZaFFeeR, Oct 15. 2016, 18:28
One month of steeping came to very outstanding flavor, but the Apple is more settled, how can I level it up?
Thanks Goldbones
#24 by altneurose, Oct 16. 2016, 12:02
Amazing use of Fuji and great flavor, but the Fuji is still overpowering even after a month. For many this seems to be balanced but not for me. Great, but not perfect.
#25 by gazz, Oct 25. 2016, 05:21
Hi guys is there any way to get the Acetyl out of the recipe??
#26 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 12:35
50\50 ? what an oldschool :)
#27 by Goldbones, Oct 26. 2016, 19:34
@niki my nic is 50/50, not the final ratio of my liquid whic is 70/30
#28 by Goldbones, Oct 26. 2016, 19:35
@gazz use flavors that are DA/AP free. I, personally, love what DA/AP brings to the table
#29 by Goldbones, Oct 26. 2016, 19:36
@ZaFFeeR increase the fuji maybe or use JF Fuji at like 3%
#30 by ThePzy, Oct 28. 2016, 20:51
Just one word : Amazing !
Seriously, one of the bests 2016 recipe,( if not the best).
All flavours are perfectly balanced.
Fuji + liquid amber is..... magic ^^
Thanks.... my new ADV since September, i can't put it down.

#31 by Kk_hz, Oct 29. 2016, 09:41
Why the TFA vbic instead of CAP?
I cant open the link of the notes breakdown, for some reason reddit is banned in where I live.
Maybe you would be so kind just to copy paste the note breakdown to the description section so I can understand better your choice of flavourings. Thanks heaps
#32 by Goldbones, Oct 29. 2016, 10:28
Tfa instead of cap because tfa has more of a buttery taste than cap does. I use it here not for an ice cream taste but for its buttery/thickness/diacetyl properties. Cap is much lighter than tfa's version. What else would you like to know about the recipe? I'm glad to answer anything you'd like to know
#33 by Kk_hz, Oct 29. 2016, 11:15
I see, thanks for the quick reply.
I will definitely try your recipe! Looking great.
#34 by Goldbones, Oct 29. 2016, 11:37
No problem, the aroma volatiles in tfa VBIC are just a lot thicker than CAP's version. If you only have cap VBIC, that's fine just bump cap VBIC up by a percent along with cap vanilla custard
#35 by MadTownMax, Nov 6. 2016, 06:28
Subbed with available flavors and a few less (!) in the recipe.

Shake and vape was harsh - but after recommended steep this is really delicious. Hope you don't mind me still rating it a 5.

modifications are kinda minor - I'm not sure how close the butter creams are.

-Butter cream (FW)
-DX Caramel (TFA)(increased to 1% due to median use differences)
-DX Cinnamon Danish

#36 by Memphisflash, Nov 9. 2016, 21:52
Can i replace Caramel FA for Caramel CAP with the same %
#37 by Goldbones, Nov 9. 2016, 22:00
I've never tried CAP Caramel so I'm not sure, but at 0.5% it might not make a huge difference
#38 by Memphisflash, Nov 10. 2016, 22:24
@ Goldbone, Thanks for the quick responce, going to mix it up this weekend.
#39 by Laughmore, Nov 20. 2016, 19:31
Tastes great, but (to me) it tastes 90% similar to other recipes that use so much Fuji FA - the flavor is so distinctive. If you're buying Fuji for the first time to make this, you won't be disappointed mixing this as is. The basic ingredient list of this recipe is a good idea in itself; I look forward to playing with %'s.
#40 by Laughmore, Nov 20. 2016, 19:38
@Memphisflash CAP Caramel is a little sweeter but not as strong as FA Caramel. I would use almost twice as much (75-100% more).
#41 by Kevin, Nov 20. 2016, 21:34
This is exactly what FA Fuji needs to become an all day vape. It softens the edges, adds some interest in the lower notes and accentuates what is so delicious about that apple flavor. Tastes like a baked apple. If you like the smell of Fuji, but get tired of smoking it solo, THIS is exactly what you NEEEEED!
#42 by jimbawz, Nov 27. 2016, 05:02
Absolutely brilliant recipe. Smooth apple after a 3 day steep on the inhale with a creamy/doughy exhale.
#43 by BigTony, Nov 27. 2016, 17:17
I subbed Liquid Amber with Joy FA just for the hell of it and it turned out great, this recipe is actually much nice than Liquid States Apple Buttah imo.
#44 by AlphaOne, Nov 29. 2016, 23:46
I don't have butter cream cap maybe sub it with butter fa at 0.1%
What do you think?
#45 by SS, Dec 3. 2016, 03:18
Very nice recipe. Am sure many will love it. I seem to have a problem with apple in any I have tried. So for that reason alone, sadly I cant love this one. Steeped 18 days. But great recipe nonetheless.
#46 by Bushy, Dec 4. 2016, 05:22
Mixed as per recipe. Steeped for 10 days. Love it.
#47 by Captain_Vapor, Dec 13. 2016, 11:54
Just tried this today after 2 week steep, it's very moorish, I was loving casino pear but I feel this is much nicer,
#48 by Captain_Vapor, Dec 13. 2016, 11:56
I would love you to make a nice Apple pie using Fuji & Amber combo, with FW cinnamon roll and a pie base, as I feel your way of mixing has bakery vapes by the balls ha, great mixing buddy
#49 by Captain_Vapor, Dec 13. 2016, 11:56
I had to use FW cinnamon roll in this, as I have 100ml of it to use up lol
#50 by Captain_Vapor, Dec 13. 2016, 12:27
Sorry but this recipe is pure GREATNESS
#51 by DDrama, Dec 15. 2016, 03:56
Very good! reminds me of sinful pear from HHV but with apple.

I followed the recipe to a T except I subbed Vanilla Bean Ice Cream for ...Vanilla Bean Gelato, am I missing out on anything from subbing this flavor? I have alot of various creams and vanillas, should I add anything to makeup for the gelato I used instead of VBIC?
#52 by ZB87, Dec 31. 2016, 17:00
Ive made this recipe a cpl times and flavor is great but no matter what i do it stay super harsh. Any help??? And i know its not any of my other ingredients. Everything else is the same as i always use in all my recipes.
#53 by GingerBeardMan, Jan 12, 13:25
I just a bottle of this and gave it away before I could even try it :-( making a large batch today lol thanks for the beautiful recipe

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