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Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

Nutty and creamy, very rich.
My adv. love love love this stuff !!!

REcipe is Max VG
Easily use any Marshmallow in this mix,instead of Sweetener if you like.
You can shake-n-vape this one, but it's really much richer after 3 days in a dark cabinet.
If you have a hard time getting FlavorWest flavorings, try my Version2, which uses CAP, TFA, and FA : tjek.nu/r/7zAL

#1 by Alisa, Feb 8. 2015, 00:29
maDE 02072015
#2 by Alisa, Feb 11. 2015, 03:10
#3 by BAM, Apr 3. 2015, 01:35
Wow, lots of warnings on this one eh. I'd like to try this sounds good. Could you tell me what it tastes like?
#4 by Alisa, Apr 3. 2015, 04:26
Nutty and creamy, very rich. I love it.
#5 by BAM, Apr 3. 2015, 05:58
Thanks, I been looking around to find a really nutty one. Gonna try this one on the next flavor order I put in.
#6 by David28470, Jun 28. 2015, 01:24
Sweet creamy butternut ice cream vape! Delicious! The butter pecan and hazelnut compliment one another perfectly. The Bavarian and Sweet Cream add a smooth creamy fullness to the mix. Perfect combination for an adv.
#7 by gmanlv, Aug 2. 2015, 10:55
Made 30mls 2 day ago. I would like to have your flavor stash. 2 for 2 you are batting a 1.000 with me Alisa.
#8 by Alisa, Aug 2. 2015, 14:09
Thanks so much @David28470 and @gmanlv !! So glad you both like this one. :)
#9 by David28470, Aug 2. 2015, 14:40
Thank you for the sample Alisa!
#10 by Damondo, Aug 22. 2015, 18:16
I finally got off my lazy ass and ordered the flavorings for this. I cant wait.
#11 by Alisa, Aug 22. 2015, 22:16
Please let me know what you think, Damondo. I still vape this one every other day or so, along with a few other ADV's.
#12 by Cloyce, Aug 23. 2015, 17:07
Very delightful creamy nutty flavor. I left out the sweetener didn't have any, and personally I don't think it needed it.
#13 by Alisa, Aug 23. 2015, 18:39
Yes. I've mixed without as well. So glad you are enjoying this one! :)
#14 by Damondo, Aug 27. 2015, 22:47
Finally got all the flavors!! Mixing up some tonight after noms.
#15 by Damondo, Aug 28. 2015, 00:30
Ok so I just mixed up a 60ml batch. If this thing tastes anything like its aroma, OMG. How long did you let this gem sit for?
#16 by Alisa, Aug 28. 2015, 01:32
@Damondo You can shake-n-vape this one, but it's really much richer after 3 days in a dark cabinet.
#17 by Damondo, Aug 29. 2015, 22:48
Simply delicious. This stuff is so creamy OMG. I love you 😍
#18 by Alisa, Aug 30. 2015, 01:33
hahha.... so very glad you are enjoying it, Damondo!
#19 by Ayla, Oct 23. 2015, 13:34
Omg. Sounds lovely! TY πŸ˜€
#20 by Alisa, Nov 2. 2015, 05:58
Most welcome, @Ayla ! :)
#21 by SthrnMixer, Nov 10. 2015, 18:12
SOOOO GOOOOD! It's delicious and makes me want to pour it over some vanilla ice cream! Fantastic recipe. I also like when using it in temperature control how certain flavors will emerge at different temperatures. A definite keeper and I would give it 10 stars if I could.
#22 by Alisa, Nov 10. 2015, 18:31
Wonderful!! I'm so happy you are enjoying it, @SthrnMixer !
#23 by Dio, Nov 11. 2015, 13:40
@Alisa what your thoughts if I change butter pecan with pecan flavor?
#24 by Alisa, Nov 11. 2015, 13:59
@Dio , If that's what I had, I would try it. If I had some CAP Butter, I'd probably add a little of that and maybe a tad bit of Brown Sugar too. But, if at all possible, get yourself some FW Butter Pecan. It is a wonderful flavoring. That is one that FW got right.
#25 by Dio, Nov 11. 2015, 14:05
Thanks a lot! I haven't (cap) butter but I have butter cream!
#26 by Alisa, Nov 11. 2015, 14:06
Not sure what that would do to it, @Dio, but it COULD be wonderful. Please try making a 5 or 10ml batch and let us know how it turns out!
#27 by Dio, Nov 11. 2015, 14:09
I'll be back....
(you always give quick answers @Alisa... Many thanks)
#28 by Beausus, Nov 12. 2015, 22:50
This is my ADV, Alisa. It was the first DIY juice that blew me away. You're other recipes are wonderful as well.
#29 by Alisa, Nov 13. 2015, 00:44
Wow... thank you so much, @Beausus I'm so happy you like it. :)
#30 by Dio, Nov 14. 2015, 13:32
Im back @Alisa so finally i mix it up as..

and 1% butter cram(CAP)
some drops brown sugar and.....
after 3 days its a delicious creamy nutty juice!
thanks a lot 4sharing!
#31 by Alisa, Nov 15. 2015, 03:54
Oh good. Glad you found a good mix! :)
#32 by Bandmn, Nov 26. 2015, 01:36
Is ethyl malto able to be used as the sweetner or is that not the same as the fw sweetener?
#33 by gmanlv, Nov 27. 2015, 17:06
My favorite mix...period!
#34 by Alisa, Nov 27. 2015, 18:46
@Bandmn - I really don't think so. I have been using Marshmallow a lot in this mix in place of the sweetener and it works well.
#35 by Alisa, Nov 27. 2015, 19:25
@gmanlv Very happy you like !
#36 by HC2S, Dec 21. 2015, 22:19
This is a delicious mix! You need to give this one a try. You won't regret it
#37 by Alisa, Dec 21. 2015, 23:07
Thank you @HC2S ! :)
#38 by wvsanta, Dec 25. 2015, 03:57
This one is a winner for sure
#39 by Alisa, Dec 25. 2015, 15:17
Yeah!!! Santa likes it. :)
#40 by JSKRON, Dec 27. 2015, 06:40
Awesome recipe! tastes very close to Kraken if you've ever had it. It was my ADV before I started mixing. I've been working on a simalar recipe with almond and hazelnut. I have few more tweeks before it's though. Thanks for sharing.
#41 by Alisa, Dec 27. 2015, 07:07
Never heard of Kraken, but I'm so very glad you like it and I'd love to know how your Almond & Hazelnut turns out, @JSKRON !
#42 by authormichellehughes, Dec 28. 2015, 06:17
this is delicious! Accidentally put in FW caramel candy too but AWESOME
#43 by Alisa, Dec 28. 2015, 13:10
Haha.... well, Carmel is great all the time, in my book. Glad you like this, Michelle.
#44 by authormichellehughes, Dec 28. 2015, 22:28
Thank you Alisa I needed a great shake and vape!!!!!
#45 by Kahun, Dec 29. 2015, 10:42
Just made a batch of this stuff and I have to say it is amazing!
#46 by Alisa, Dec 29. 2015, 13:22
Thank you, Kahun. Happy you are liking Bust-a-Nut!
#47 by MyDivineGoddess, Jan 1. 2016, 21:10
Love it. Before I got into diy this was my favorite to have the local cape shop mix for me.
#48 by Alisa, Jan 2. 2016, 02:00
@MyDivinieGoddess this is my original creation. I have given it to a couple of brick-n-mortar shops though. Glad you like it.
#49 by Vaping Sonja , Jan 8. 2016, 09:28
Thank you so so much Alisa. I made it Christmas day and I think I'll have to make some more , my hubby, @vaping_tom and I LOVE IT. Nutty&creamy yummieness.😍
#50 by Alisa, Jan 8. 2016, 13:15
Awesome, @Vaping.Sonja . Very happy ya'll like it. :)
#51 by CAGE RATTLER, Jan 12. 2016, 05:25
Finally got some FW Butter Pecan and this looks like a good recipe to try it out with. Have CAP & TFA Bav. Cr. & CAP Sweet Cream. Im assuming they will be OK at the same percentages? But My Hazelnut is FA and I know that's pretty strong. Any recommendations on a percentage for that?

That Butter Pecan smells so good I hate to even add anything to it ... lol.
Might try a little tester with it by itself or with a cream. Any suggestions?
#52 by Alisa, Jan 12. 2016, 06:22
@CAGE RATTLER ... yes, the FA Hazelnut is MUCH stronger. I think I'd use about 1-1.5% .

Testing with Butter Pecan and a sweeter cream would be very very good. Vienna Cream, or Sweet Cream, or maybe even some CAtalan Cream. Have fun!
#53 by CAGE RATTLER, Jan 12. 2016, 07:04
Thanks. Will mix up a batch tonight.
#54 by JoJo, Jan 22. 2016, 20:52
So, I totally butchered your recipe (sacrilege, I know I'm so sorry!) but it came out awesome. I can't wait to try the real thing. I'll refrain from rating until then. ;) Thanks so much for sharing this and for the inspiration! Here's the offender in case you wanna see the carnage I wrought. LOL tjek.nu/r/2TrC
#55 by Alisa, Jan 22. 2016, 21:18
Hahaha.... @Jo That looks like a great recipe adaptation!! You need to give yours a new name now! I'm gonna try it when I get home. Thanks for sharing.
#56 by authormichellehughes, Jan 23. 2016, 18:00
This was great after I made it Alisa but just tried it again and it's spectacular. Steeping melds those flavors so good!!!
#57 by authormichellehughes, Jan 23. 2016, 18:00
btw I did Marshmallow :)
#58 by CAGE RATTLER, Jan 23. 2016, 21:15
Made a batch using the FA hazelnut and only used .5%. Didn't want to over do it. Probably could have used more but its pretty tasty. Got some FW hazelnut now so will try another batch. Also picked up some FA Nut Mix to try.
#59 by BoyHowdy, Jan 26. 2016, 07:37
Great recipe , thank you for sharing!
#60 by Alisa, Jan 26. 2016, 15:14
Sounds like some winning mixes to me, @CAGERATTLER

You are most welcome, @BoyHowdy . Glad you like it!
#61 by Joe, Jan 27. 2016, 15:33
Just whipped this up last night. It smells and tastes amazing. I'll need to make a larger batch so I can actually let it steep.
#62 by Bov603, Jan 28. 2016, 01:18
Kinda bummed, i don't have butter pecan... what do you think about butterscotch??
#63 by Alisa, Jan 28. 2016, 11:56
@Bov603 Butterscotch and/or Caramel would fit this flavor profile well.
#64 by vaping tom, Jan 28. 2016, 12:04
I probably have vaped 70ml of this since Christmas πŸ˜€ now we got 50 ml more steeping away. Luv it πŸ‘
#65 by ThirdWorldOrder, Jan 29. 2016, 19:30
Hey Alisa, this is a very nice recipe! I made this one with only 3 drops of sweetener and it's very good after only 3 days.
#66 by Alisa, Jan 29. 2016, 21:19
Glad you both like this, @vaping Tom and @ThirdWorldOrder . @JoJo did a variation of this called 'Rusted Nuts' you might wanna try. It's very good too!
#67 by Alisa, Jan 29. 2016, 21:20
Glad you both like this, @vaping Tom and @ThirdWorldOrder . @Jo did a variation of this called 'Rusted Nuts' you might wanna try. It's very good too!
#68 by Apathy, Feb 6. 2016, 02:09
I don't have Tfa sweet cream, I've got caps sweet cream, would that sub out well alisa? I've got almost all Fa's cream, tfa and fw Bavaria cream, tfas diary/milk and malted milk. Tfa Cheescake & CCGC. What do ya think would work, I was thinking tfa vanilla swirl & tfa marshmallow?
#69 by Alisa, Feb 6. 2016, 04:31
You can definitely use the CAP Sweet Cream in place of the FW version and the TFA Marshmallow in place of the Sweetener if you like.
#70 by Alisa, Feb 6. 2016, 04:33
If you do use the CAP Sweet Cream, I'd only use like 3.5% instead of the 5.
#71 by Apathy, Feb 6. 2016, 04:46
Thank you very much. Ive always wanted to pick the brain so to speak of aomeone who mixes well. Ive only been mixing about 6 months and not a hole lot, i think just because 99% of the recipes ive tried mine and other had sucked. But ive made 5 or 6 what i would call good ones recently, i think when ya make a good one ot helps ya to continue and get better
#72 by Alisa, Feb 6. 2016, 04:58
I'm mixing up your 'Hazy Custard' tonight, @Apathy . It looks very good. I'm going to add 1.5% Vanilla Swirl.
#73 by Just Mixing, Feb 6. 2016, 05:30
I finally mixed this up tonight. I did sub in CAP Marshmallow and CAP Bavarian cream at same % as I did not have FW and I hate sweetener. After smelling it I want to eat it! Ran it on my Magnetic stirrer and can't wait to taste it. Will circle back after I give it a go
#74 by Alisa, Feb 6. 2016, 13:23
Wonderful. I hope you really enjoy it, @Just MIxing !
#75 by Shemstar , Feb 6. 2016, 23:12
I finally made this and have to say it's become one of my adv's thanks for sharing Alisa..
#76 by Alisa, Feb 6. 2016, 23:27
Cool, @Rob78 . So glad you like. :)
#77 by KristianDK, Feb 8. 2016, 17:26
Hm.. Not getting any nutty flavour from this.. Subed sweetner with 1% whipped cream and made it 70vg
#78 by Alisa, Feb 8. 2016, 18:03
I've never used whipped cream with this, so I'm not sure what it would do. What brand of all the flavorings did you use?
#79 by KristianDK, Feb 8. 2016, 18:10
Dx bc tfa was the only 1 i subbed besides the wc
#80 by KristianDK, Feb 8. 2016, 18:17
Sweetner sorry..
#81 by Nuvolone , Feb 8. 2016, 22:09
Nice juice this one, hazelnut is a bit weak tho. Might try FA hazelnut like other people said, thanks for sharing
#82 by Alisa, Feb 8. 2016, 22:52
Thanks Nuvolone. I have used FA Hazelnut before, when I ran out of FW. It's good, but I do like the flavor of FW best.
#83 by mr_taint, Feb 14. 2016, 23:51
Did I do something wrong here? This tastes like a moldy piece of cardboard to me. Literally almost gags me.
#84 by Alisa, Feb 15. 2016, 02:37
Wow, really @mr_taint ? Did you use the exact same flavorings at the recommened percentages?
#85 by Beausus, Feb 15. 2016, 03:51
Moldy cardboard? Jesus. If you made this exact recipe, I'm sorry to say that it isn't the juice, it is your tastebuds lol,
#86 by Alisa, Feb 15. 2016, 04:52
Well, it could be he has some flavoring that's gone bad or nic that's gone bad. Or perhaps he just doesn't like it. :) Taste is subjective after all.
#87 by Just Mixing, Feb 20. 2016, 21:48
Delicious! 5 Star juice added to my rotation. Thank you as I probably wouldn't have aorder the butter pecan without this recipe. Just made 250 ml and put away.
#88 by Alisa, Feb 21. 2016, 07:08
Thank you, @Just Mixing ! So glad you like it.
#89 by CoilArchitect , Feb 23. 2016, 12:04
Okay, so I don't have butter pecan which seems like a key ingredient here. I think I'd like to taste this general flavor profile though. I have FA Butterscotch, FA Caramel, TFA Caramel candy, and TFA peanut butter. What do you think @Alisa?
#90 by Alisa, Feb 23. 2016, 14:02
@CoilArchitect Those flavorings will probably make a tasty ejuice! :)
#91 by LordVapor, Feb 24. 2016, 13:49
Just tasting this again, but on better gear than I had the first time I vaped it. This is above and beyond any retail or DIY juice I have ever vaped. I suspect in time this could be the #1 recipe on ELR. It is simply a perfect recipe and an absolutely phenomenal vape.
#92 by Alisa, Feb 24. 2016, 14:16
Wow..... Thank you, @LordVapor. I'm totally humbled by all of the nice comments and so glad this recipe is making people happy. :)
#93 by Moresalt, Feb 24. 2016, 17:57
Wow! is right! I made this a few days ago and just now tasted it for the first time. Wow! Wow! Wow! This could be really addicting. I'm surprised that so much hazelnut olny gives me just a hint of nuttyness during the vape but the aftertaste....did I say wow, yet? Thanks for sharing this!
#94 by Alisa, Feb 24. 2016, 18:43
@Moresalt Wonderful! So glad you are happy with it.
#95 by Xith, Feb 25. 2016, 13:05
Alisa, this recipe is now the #2 on ELR when sorted on Rating. I've seen this recipe climb up over the last few weeks and it caught my attention, I'll make it soon!
#96 by Alisa, Feb 25. 2016, 14:45
Wow.... thanks for letting me know, @Xith. I'm just happy people are enjoying it. :) Let us know what you think after you have tried it, please.
#97 by DuderMcCuder, Feb 25. 2016, 16:50
When my BC comes in I'll be mixing this. However, I'll be using TFA Sweet Cream...5% seems high though. Do you have experience with TFA SC at 5%? I've never gone above 2-3% myself. Just wondering if there is a significant difference in strengths between FW and TFA.
#98 by Alisa, Feb 25. 2016, 18:28
Hey @DuderMcCuder ! I've used the TFA Sweet Cream before in place of FW's, but it isn't very sweet, so I use it @2.5%, then I add 1.5% Marshmallow. The Marshmallow will help with the sweetness and give it a kind of fluffier mouth feel I like.
#99 by LordVapor, Feb 26. 2016, 18:13
Grats on this awesome recipe making it to the #2 spot. I see this taking the top position hun, Awesome, awesome juice recipe! My all time fav by far!
#100 by Alisa, Feb 26. 2016, 18:17
Aww.... Thanks @LordVapor. So happy you and others are enjoying this recipe. I still vape it a lot too after all these years.
Don't forget to give it some stars, if you haven't already! :)
#101 by Xexist, Feb 27. 2016, 04:58
This tasted okay, just mixed it earlier today. Does steeping help much?
#102 by LordVapor, Feb 28. 2016, 12:26
Yeah. The longer the better I think. I had a bottle that was over a month old.it got really rich and creamy.
#103 by Xexist, Feb 29. 2016, 05:42
Yeah I am not a fan at all, Im half thinking my Cleito just kinda stinks with flavors, so if my opinion changes with either A) longer steep time or B) when I get my RDA, I will be sure to update my impression.
#104 by Orca, Mar 3. 2016, 23:54
I mixed this yesterday and haven't vaped anything this good before. Subtle and very satisfying. To me this has a tobacco deep tone that I love. Wonderful stuff Alisa. Thank you xxx
#105 by Alisa, Mar 4. 2016, 13:52
@Orca - so very happy you like it!
#106 by Xith, Mar 4. 2016, 16:13
#1 recipe on this website sorted by rating!!
#107 by Alisa, Mar 4. 2016, 16:17
@Xith - Woweee! I'm so glad people are liking this as much as I do. :)
#108 by LordVapor, Mar 5. 2016, 12:33
Yeah, til some butthead knocked it back down.
#109 by Alisa, Mar 5. 2016, 18:08
The one that doesn't even comment as to why, rates my recipe down. It's ok @LordVapor. I am just happy so many people DO like my recipes.
#110 by LordVapor, Mar 5. 2016, 18:31
It will be number one again. I am sure that doesn't matter at all to you. But I have tried all of the number one recipes here. The more people try this, the higher it will go. And the 1 star wankers won't be able to put a dent in this one =)
#111 by Harlan Grey, Mar 5. 2016, 21:15
This is awsome, added to my ADV list.
#112 by Flying Nimbus, Mar 7. 2016, 01:12
How long for minimum steep time for this bad boy
#113 by Alisa, Mar 7. 2016, 06:10
You CAN shake-n-vape, @Flying Nimbus . I try to let it sit for at least 3 days... it just gets richer with time.
#114 by Flying Nimbus, Mar 7. 2016, 10:12
Anyone have any ideas what to substitute for butter pecan? My two juice suppliers i use are sold out!
#115 by JiRaiYa, Mar 7. 2016, 12:33
Have anyone tried 9mg nic? Really need opinion on 3mg throat hit, if 3mg is enough will stick with original recipe
#116 by Alisa, Mar 7. 2016, 14:36
@JiRaiYa - We all use different levels of Nic. What is good for me, may not be enough for you. If you need 9mg Nic, click on the Blue Wrench (above) and then 'Adapt Recipe'..... You'll now have your own copy of my recipe and can change the Nic level or whatever else you would like to change. Happy Vaping!
#117 by LordVapor, Mar 7. 2016, 20:01
@Flying Nimbus - That is a key ingredient in this one to me anyway. Butter Pecan is a must have flavor for me after trying this. I can't see anything else working as well. But maybe Alisa here has some suggestions.
#118 by Alisa, Mar 7. 2016, 20:43
@Flying Nimbus ... sorry I missed your note. You can use any other nut flavoring as a sub for the Butter Pecan, it won't be 'Bust-a-Nut', but will probably still be very good! :)
#119 by 1nn, Mar 7. 2016, 22:42
#120 by JiRaiYa, Mar 8. 2016, 18:35
Thanks @alisa will tell u the result.... I'll be back
#121 by TMaT, Mar 9. 2016, 18:49
@alisa... can u suggest me amount of marshmallow ?
#122 by Alisa, Mar 9. 2016, 19:25
@TMaT I would stick with the 1%. YOu can always add more after you test it!
#123 by TMaT, Mar 9. 2016, 19:35
ok thx
#124 by TMaT, Mar 9. 2016, 19:36
will try mixing it this weekend....thx for quick reply
#125 by Uncaged, Mar 10. 2016, 10:37
Going to get some hazelnut and Butter pecan to try this, sounds delicious :) I've got everything else
#126 by JiRaiYa, Mar 10. 2016, 12:12
@alisa if I change sweet cream (fw) to TFA what % I need to use... Run out of fw sweet cream
#127 by JiRaiYa, Mar 10. 2016, 12:55
@Alisa I've read ur comment... U use marshmallow if I just add up sucralose will it be ok
#128 by Alisa, Mar 10. 2016, 14:50
@JiRaiYa : The TFA version of SC is not sweet at all to me like the FW version is. I would use the same amount, but I'd probably end up increasing the Marshmallow or Sweetener.
#129 by JiRaiYa, Mar 10. 2016, 15:40
OK @alisa what % or sucralose
#130 by JiRaiYa, Mar 10. 2016, 15:40
#131 by Alisa, Mar 10. 2016, 17:17
@JiRaiYa ... I am not sure if you will need more than the recipe calls for. I would make a small batch with just the 1% sweetener or marshmallow, as in the recipe. If it's not sweet enough for you, add a couple of drops, shake it up, test it. That's what I would do to determine how, or if I wanted to change the recipe.
#132 by tlc221981, Mar 10. 2016, 21:08
Got my order today and just whipped this up and oh my goodness this is so yummy me and the hubs are fighting over it going to have to make more haha thanks for the share on this VERY VERY GOOD
#133 by Alisa, Mar 10. 2016, 21:10
I'm soooo very happy you and yours like it!! Vape on. :)
#134 by Drinkmilk, Mar 10. 2016, 21:47
Awesome! Anyone new to vaping should try this rfn instant win!
#135 by Alisa, Mar 10. 2016, 22:49
Thank you @Drinkmilk ! :)
#136 by Alisa, Mar 11. 2016, 13:37
@BpalfZ - I really don't know how it would turn out. I could be better or a dud. Please come back and let us know if you try those substitutions!
#137 by Flying Nimbus, Mar 13. 2016, 03:48
Anyone know why the ml to drop equivelant doesnt seem accurate on most of the recipes i see? Isnt 2 drops supposed to equal 0.1 ml?
#138 by IRISH, Mar 15. 2016, 04:49
the hazelnut seemed to over power my juice.... couldnt vape it :( mixed 120ml too because of all the good reviews! maybe ill try again with 3% hazelnut and a bit more butter pecan.
#139 by tlc221981, Mar 15. 2016, 06:23
No don't dump it fades after time I mixed mine Thursday the 10th and tonight I tried it again and it's not so give it time
#140 by trances, Mar 16. 2016, 22:10
Hello, I've made a 500ML batch and I've added 5% Sweetener (Sucralose) instead of sweet cream by mistake so is there any chance i can fix this or should i throw the batch in the garbage ? and the mix now only missing the sweet cream.
#141 by Uncaged, Mar 16. 2016, 22:13
You could re-calculate, split into other bottles, add more flavouring/VG/nic to adjust for the sweetener maybe?
#142 by trances, Mar 16. 2016, 22:18
Yes I could but I'll end up with about 2500ML !! to make up the sweetener and i'll ran out of the Hazelnut. so i guess if there is no way to fix this and the 5% sweetener will be disaster for 500ml then i'll either throw them or save them for later until i get more hazelnut
#143 by Uncaged, Mar 16. 2016, 22:24
You could settle for 2.5% sweetener, won't be as bad, not sure on FA's, but TFA's sweetener hardly does anything
#144 by trances, Mar 16. 2016, 22:26
Thank you @cagey75
#145 by Ken O'Where, Mar 22. 2016, 04:24
I dropped the sweetener entirely, made a 15ml tester which lasted a couple hours.. Made 120ml and put it on the shelf, yum!

Thanks Alisa!
#146 by Alisa, Mar 22. 2016, 12:46
You are most welcome, @Ken O'Where ! :)
#147 by CAGE RATTLER, Mar 22. 2016, 23:27
Anyone make this with tpa bav cream and cap sweet cream? Just wondering if it will be the same with the same percentages. I plan on ordering the fw versions soon but just curious.
#148 by LordVapor, Mar 27. 2016, 01:30
I mixed up 8oz of flavor base of this around March 5th. On March 21st I mixed some juice from the base. I just tested today and it definitely needs to steep longer. I have found this is best after a month long steep. Has anyone else tested this?
#149 by Alisa, Mar 27. 2016, 06:01
My bust-a-nut base was made back in November and when I mix with it, I have a very good product after just 3 or 4 days. But, I'm just about out of my base, so I'd better get to mixin more!
#150 by The Danish Vaping Viking, Mar 27. 2016, 20:53
What are those warning sign for?
#151 by Solace71, Mar 28. 2016, 00:53
If I were to use tpa sweet cream do you recommend a %. Have you tried any other marshmallow? I have cap and FA.
#152 by Alisa, Mar 28. 2016, 13:59
@The Danish Vaping Viking - if you click on the flavoring, you can read about each.
@Solace71 TPA's Sweet Cream isn't really very sweet, but you can use it at the same percentage. Not sure about CAP's, but FA Marshmallow is very good too at the same percentage as the Sweetener in this recipe.
#153 by The Danish Vaping Viking, Mar 28. 2016, 14:10
@Alisa. Thanks.
#154 by JiRaiYa, Mar 29. 2016, 06:29
@alisa I make a 9mg and follow exact resipe... Super duper keeper maker recipe.... Thanks a lot... Love u Alisa
#155 by Fiel, Mar 30. 2016, 15:23
Planning to make my first attempt in making DYI E-Juice and find this to be the best recipe for a first timer like me to make, I just have one problem I have an ingredient missing,Butter Pecan.The near local store in where I'm living only have Butter Pecan Ice Cream,can I use it to replace the Butter Pecan? Thanks.
#156 by The Danish Vaping Viking, Mar 30. 2016, 15:45
@ you can. but expect different result ;)
#157 by TMaT, Mar 30. 2016, 15:53
after dark steeping method about a week....the taste really come....the saltiness from butter pecan really nice
#158 by Alisa, Mar 30. 2016, 15:58
@JiRaiYa - very happy you are liking this one. :)

@Fiel - I've never had or seen a flavoring with that name, so I'm not sure what it would be like. If I were to try it though, I would just make a 10ml test of it and see if it's good. Please come back and let us know if you do make it and what you think!

@TMaT - Thanks for giving this a try. I'm glad you are enjoying it!
#159 by Dawn, Apr 1. 2016, 01:32
Oh my heck! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Yum. Only made 15 mls to try this out but now I wish I had made much more. Back to my little mixing station I go. Thank you, very good.
#160 by Alisa, Apr 1. 2016, 14:58
Great! Glad you like it so much, @Dawn :)
#161 by Uncaged, Apr 1. 2016, 15:02
I have TFA Hazelnut - would this do? I'm gussing at a higher %? and can't find butter pecan available anywhere. Would maple pecan really change it up a lot?
#162 by Alisa, Apr 1. 2016, 15:17
I don't know @Cagey75 . I've never used that flavoring, but please let me know if you use it and how it turns out!
#163 by Uncaged, Apr 1. 2016, 15:25
I'll give it a go, I will post back with the results. Obviously it'll be a little different, I wonder if I added a tough of butterscotch for the butteriness? or up the bavarian cream a tad? [which I find slightly buttery at times] obviously mine will have a maple edge, but I think it might actually work :) I will try yours straight up once I can locate some butter pecan, I think I would like that flavouring in general
#164 by Alisa, Apr 1. 2016, 16:40
Here ya go, @Cagey75 : http://gremlindiy.com/butter-pecan-fw/
They have the Butter Pecan in stock. :)
#165 by Uncaged, Apr 1. 2016, 20:05
Cheers, but that's US, I'm in EU :) the postage would cost more than the flavouring :D
#166 by Alisa, Apr 1. 2016, 20:10
Oooh... sorry 'bout that!
#167 by Uncaged, Apr 1. 2016, 20:38
I will find it somewhere eventually though ;) I have done some messing with the maple pecan and hazelnut, the first mix I conjured up wasn't doing much for me, so I revived it with some butterscotch and double choc, it's tasting pretty good now. Looking for other nutty recipes kept drawing me back to yours :D So i will try it properly eventually
#168 by Fiel, Apr 2. 2016, 15:18
I just made my first DIY e-juice earlier and I used this recipe,I carefully followed and tried to get the exact measurements in every single ingredient as much as possible. but it felt like I messed up.I'm pretty disappointed with the result,its not that flavorful and aromatic as I wanted it to be. I made a 30mL test since I dont have 10 and 15mL amber bottle. I really have no idea what went wrong. Please help. :(
#169 by Alisa, Apr 2. 2016, 16:40
Like I said in the notes, you CAN shake-n-vape this... but it gets much richer and tastier after it sits and 'cures' in a dark place for a couple of days. The longer you let it sit, the better it gets, up to about 3 weeks!
#170 by Fiel, Apr 3. 2016, 05:18
@Alisa I just tried it today and it was totally different from yesterday! I think this is the hardest part of making DIY juices, to wait and being patient. Thanks Alisa! ;)
#171 by Alisa, Apr 3. 2016, 16:41
Ahah.. Great @Fiel ! Thanks for letting us know. :)
#172 by Lars, Apr 3. 2016, 19:51
#Β€"%&%Β€# delicious!
#173 by Alisa, Apr 3. 2016, 21:10
hahaa..... so glad you like, @Lars !
#174 by Apathy, Apr 4. 2016, 02:12
I mixed this up with Fw marshmallow as a sweetener, dont do it! Fw marshmallow does not sweeten like tfas and fas
#175 by Fiel, Apr 4. 2016, 10:44
@Apathy I'm also thinking of adding sweetener in my mix since I also used toasted marshmallow. Can I still add sweetener when its already in 2nd day of steeping?
#176 by Roly1uk, Apr 4. 2016, 13:08
Just made this now and will let you know how it is keeping my fingers crossed it sounds Delicious
#177 by Apathy, Apr 4. 2016, 14:32
Fiel Yes. Ya can add sweetener or Em, Toasted doesnt sweeten like regular marshmallow.
#178 by Fiel, Apr 4. 2016, 15:20
@Apathy Sorry.But what does Em means? :)
#179 by Apathy, Apr 4. 2016, 15:38
Ethyl maltol, its a different kind of sweetener beside sucralose. Sucralose is normally what companies label as sweetener. Theres also stevia as well.
#180 by Fiel, Apr 4. 2016, 15:58
@Apathy Thanks a lot fam! ;)
#181 by Mastertask, Apr 4. 2016, 22:46
the Flavor apprentice (TFA) has above flavors that are Acetoin free marked by DX and is the same flavor made safe to vape
#182 by Alisa, Apr 4. 2016, 23:00
@Mastertask I have the DX Hazelnut, but really don't like it as much at all I don't see a TFA Butter Pecan. But, if you try my recipe with all TFA, please come back and let us know how it turns out!
#183 by Vapor1vixen, Apr 5. 2016, 00:36
I'm adding this to my favorites and I'm just switching it a little bit with the marshmallow and it sounds wonderful
#184 by Alisa, Apr 5. 2016, 00:48
Hope you like it, @Vapor1vixen. Please come back and let us know. :)
#185 by yiana, Apr 5. 2016, 18:24
I only have Cap Hazelnut, I know it is pretty strong. Can I use that or do I need fw?
#186 by Alisa, Apr 5. 2016, 19:49
Hey @yiana ! I imagine you could use the CAP Hazelnut. I don't hae any myself to test with. Could you come back and let us know how it goes?
#187 by Vapor1vixen, Apr 6. 2016, 10:06
@Alisa great Vape I really am enjoying your recipes, thank you ~ keep up.the great work
#188 by rsimmy, Apr 8. 2016, 06:55
This is pretty amazing. Although I used a blend of TFA and CAP sweet cream because I was running out of both and don't have FW.
#189 by MackyAmber, Apr 8. 2016, 17:43
@Alisa i dont have Butter Pecan can i use Butter Cream and Peanut Butter as replacement? If so, any recommendation on %?
#190 by Alisa, Apr 8. 2016, 19:33
@MackyAmber You can try using those flavorings, and it might make a great vape! But, it won't be Bust-a-Nut without that Butter Pecan.
#191 by noshadowkick, Apr 14. 2016, 21:30
Can't wait to try this! I was planning on ordering all the flavorings this morning but ECX is sold out of butter pecan! Next time...
#192 by Dag, Apr 14. 2016, 23:25
I dont have sweet cream FW only sweet cream from perfumers apprentice,and marshmallow from perfumers apprentice,is that ok?

Cant whait to try this one:)
#193 by Alisa, Apr 15. 2016, 00:31
The Sweet Cream (TPA) is not sweet to me. It's more milky. If I used it, and the Marshmallow (TPA), I would up the Marshmallow to 1.5%. But, if you can, get the FW Sweet Cream. Also, you could use FA's Cream Fresh in place of the Sweet Cream, but still up the Marshmallow to 1.5%
#194 by ZainVapes, Apr 15. 2016, 09:14
i just spend $200 for flavoring only and I'm so regret for didn't see this recipe.. WHY ALISA WHY??? I only have Bavarian cream from TFA, can i subtitute the bavarian? so i dont have to spend more money
#195 by Alisa, Apr 15. 2016, 15:01
@ZainVapes - Oh yes, you can use the TFA version of Bavarian Cream! Just use a little more, like 3.5% :)
Please come back and let us know what you think!
#196 by Debbiej, Apr 17. 2016, 17:57
I whipped up a batch, not thinking and used the 7% hazelnut FA. I think it was too strong. Maybe I should cut back hazelnut some. Difference in FA and TFA maybe. It has steeped for 10 days and all I can taste is hazel and wanted that wonderful butter pecan. Will try again.
#197 by Alisa, Apr 17. 2016, 22:26
Oooh.. yes... that's probably way too much Hazelnut, being it's FA brand. Their stuff is much more potent! ;)

#198 by Debbiej, Apr 19. 2016, 06:45
I made the same mistake by using 7% FA hazelnut. All I could taste was hazelnut. ----very dry----- not good at all. Getting ready to remake using 1%.
#199 by ZainVapes, Apr 19. 2016, 10:45
its a very good juice but i think it's too sweet, i think i should make a new batch without sucralose or reduce the percentages of sucralose
#200 by Alisa, Apr 19. 2016, 14:17
@ZainVapes - as I put in my notes, using Marshmallow instead of the sweetener is a very good option too! :)
#201 by Flying Nimbus, Apr 22. 2016, 04:23
Its so damn good with marshmallow, that how i always mix it!
#202 by javajoe3shot, Apr 22. 2016, 21:32
Hello Alisa, LordVapor recommended your recipe to me, I must say that I really think this is an awesome tasty vape! I am new to DIY and it is lots of fun so far. I mixed this correctly but i would like it to be a little stronger tasting, what are your suggestions?
#203 by Alisa, Apr 22. 2016, 21:46
Hello @Flying Nimbus ! Glad you like this. But before adding more flavoring, you might try just increasing the PG. Mix it at 60vg/40pg and see if that does it for you. PG just carries flavor better than VG.
#204 by javajoe3shot, Apr 23. 2016, 10:05
Great! thanks Alisa, I mixed at 60vg/40pg and now it is perfect.
#205 by Alisa, Apr 23. 2016, 17:00
@javajoe3shot ... That's awesome! Sorry I named FlyNimbus instead of you before. lol I need to stay off the machine when it's so late! :P
#206 by Bigtito1986, Apr 23. 2016, 23:32
Really good recipe! Switched out the bav cream for tfa, sweet cream for cap, and tfa toasted marshmallow instead of the sweetener. Makes me curious how the recipe is as inteded tho, just not a huge fan of FW bav cream or sweet cream :(
#207 by Marsellus, Apr 24. 2016, 20:45
I have every flavor, but from TPA (one can't order FW flavors Germany). Can someone give tips, producing this liquid?
#208 by Alisa, Apr 25. 2016, 04:12
Maybe asked @daath if he knows of a vendor in Europe that might sell Flavor West?
#209 by Chandler, Apr 28. 2016, 01:04
How much Cap marshmellow would you guys recommend?
#210 by Alisa, Apr 28. 2016, 04:59
Personally, I'd use 2% of the CAP @Chandler
#211 by Chandler, Apr 28. 2016, 14:02
Thanks Alisa btw made over 500mls of this and love it but was having.issues with aftertaste and spicy throat hit...turns out I was using.skunked nic. Had to dump 300mls :(
#212 by Alisa, Apr 28. 2016, 14:40
@Chandler ........... Ooooooooooooh! That's awful. I've had to dump out 120mls before for the same reason. NOT fun.
#213 by JTC, Apr 29. 2016, 16:55
Looks yummy I'm going to try it :D
#214 by N, May 4. 2016, 16:47
100 ml ? i want 30
#215 by Alisa, May 4. 2016, 17:19
@nodayef - use the blue wrench (top right corner) and click 'adapt', then you can change the quantity or anything else you want to change.
#216 by LordVapor, May 4. 2016, 19:00
Still awesome. Gets awesomer after a month steep!
#217 by LordVapor, May 6. 2016, 20:03
Sorry to flood, but for Vapocalypse I am making a gallon of flavor base for this. I have vaped this and Twixted Revisited for a couple weeks now. This could be my life long vape rotation. I will need to check into rehab very soon to get off this juice!
#218 by Alisa, May 6. 2016, 20:13
hahaa.... you are too funny @LordVapor ! I'm very happy Vapocalypse is reaping from this recipe!
#219 by Chandler, May 6. 2016, 20:19
Hey Alisa just got fresh nude nic. love love the addition of the cap marshmellow the 2% worked great. For people reading Cap at 2 percent works great. Just made 400mls last night.
#220 by Alisa, May 6. 2016, 20:24
That's GREAT to know, @Chandler. Vape on!
#221 by Vapedt, May 11. 2016, 06:46
I have been learning about stones....been trying to get a good cereal stone for the grainy note. Have used these cremes but unfortunately....only got one nut. :γ€Š
Got toasted almond TPA. also have ry4 double TPA which has a bit nutty flavor. I have some AP (that will just give texture though?! Have to order hazelnut, pecan...meringue and several things. I will try this. Following you mam.
#222 by MisterSinner, May 14. 2016, 17:36
Finally had the chance and flavors to make this....and wow...scrumptious....if that's how that's spelled :)~
I used dx versions and used marshmallow which I know deviates from the original recipe, sorry.
#223 by Apathy, May 15. 2016, 01:15
So i miexed this up but i subbed Fw marshmallow(dont do that) for some sweetness. Sweetness didnt exist. So i added the sucralose and some OoO sugar cone omg so good! Turned it into more of a dessert vape. So good, nice nutty sugarcone with alittle creamyness, not ice cream just some creamyness. Thank you Alisa bomb recipe. Im working on a pistachio sugarcone icecreamm ill publish once it get it perfect its really good now, an adv, but not perfect yet
#224 by Pisces, May 25. 2016, 11:23
Just to let you know @Alisa that Bust-a-nut has made it all the way to South Africa. And it's glorious. Thank you for a creamy nutty tongue wallop.
#225 by Alisa, May 25. 2016, 15:17
That's awesome, @Pisces ! Thank you so much for letting me know. Made my morning. :)
#226 by scottyh512, May 26. 2016, 19:19
Has anyone made this with TPA flavoring? And did it turn out just as good as this one with FW flavoring?
#227 by Alisa, May 26. 2016, 20:03
@scottyh512 I have used TFA's Bavarian Cream, Hazelnut and Sweetener before as subs and it's fine. They don't make a Butter Pecan. I wouldn't use their Sweet Cream because it's just not as sweet.
#228 by Alliice_, Jun 1. 2016, 12:29
Does anyone know where to get Butter Pecan in the uk? Can't find it anywhere and I'm desperate to try this! Looks great!
#229 by Vapingrammy , Jun 2. 2016, 01:33
This was the first recipe I made when I started making my own juice. It was perfect. But as my palate has changed I find its too sweet for me now so I'm going to try using the marshmallow this time. I'm sure it will be delicious..thanks for helping me succeed on my journey of DIY. Out of all the failures I mixed, I could always come back to this one.

Now I'm a big girl and am beginning to write my own recipes. I may never be as creative as some of you good mixers but I'm gonna try! :)
#230 by Alisa, Jun 2. 2016, 16:18
@Alliice_ Here ya go: http://makemyvape.co.uk/store/butter-pecan-fw.html

I also put a request into DarkStar, as they seem to be reputable and popular over there. http://www.darkstarvapour.co.uk/shop

@Vapinggrammy - Thank you for those kind words. Vape on, my friend!!
#231 by KittyVapes, Jun 6. 2016, 23:30
Whoa Alisa! It kind of blew my mind to see that your recipe is being made all the way in South Africa. I am making a larger batch today because this was so very good. Thank you from little old Tennessee. That just doesn't read as impressive as South Africa but it's as good as I can offer you.
#232 by Alisa, Jun 7. 2016, 00:32
Hey @KittyVapes ! Tennessee is EXTREMELY impressive!! Heck, ya'll have that special BBQ style, great music, and oh my, those Mountains!! Not to mention some really friendly folk. :)
#233 by MaxUT, Jun 7. 2016, 02:17
Alisa, this one's a keeper... so my wife kept it! Gotta make more right away-- big bottle!
#234 by Alisa, Jun 7. 2016, 04:51
Awesome, @MaxUT ! So glad you both like it. :)
#235 by SwampKittens, Jun 10. 2016, 22:28
Thanks Alisa - I love this. You have some awesome recipes. I reversed the Hazelnut and Butter Pecan and both versions are great. Thank you so much.
#236 by Alisa, Jun 10. 2016, 22:45
Mucho welcome, @SwampKittens !
#237 by RonnyRavage, Jun 15. 2016, 12:52
1000ml made.mmmmmmmmmm
#238 by Alisa, Jun 15. 2016, 13:51
That should hold you over for a day or two, @RonnyRavage !! :)
#239 by noshadowkick, Jun 15. 2016, 18:32
Hi Alisa, just wanted to say thanks for this recipe! I had tried a few versions with TPA subs, and liked them enough to get the FW ingredients. No comparison. The recipe, as you have it, is magic. Next I'm going to try your Loopy cereal recipe!
#240 by Alisa, Jun 15. 2016, 19:55
Wonderful!! So glad you are enjoying it. Please let me know how your Loopy turns out, @noshadowkick . :)
#241 by SwampKittens, Jun 16. 2016, 02:33
Alisa, if you were going to be stranded on an island for 30 days and could only bring one ADV of yours, what would it be?
#242 by Alisa, Jun 16. 2016, 14:10
@SwampKittens - as of this moment... it would have to be DaMomma's Vanilla Custard.
#243 by chukslik, Jun 17. 2016, 05:15
wow! just made 30ml of this. great shake and vape! putting it away for 5 days now. Going to mix 120 tomorrow. one of the best recipes on here. Congrats Alisa!
#244 by Alisa, Jun 17. 2016, 14:06
What a very nice comment to wake up to! Glad you like this @chukslik !
#245 by navster, Jun 18. 2016, 03:17
Would this be just as good if i use Cap Sweet cream instead of FW Sweet cream and FA Marshmallow instead of sweetener ?
#246 by Alisa, Jun 19. 2016, 06:01
Not sure about the CAP Sweet Cream. I have some now, but have not used it in this recipe yet. If I was out of the FW, I definitely would use the CAP though. The FA Marshmallow will work wonderfully @navster !
#247 by dann3s99, Jun 19. 2016, 21:08
I have bavarian cream tpa and sweetener tpa and sweet cream tpa is that ok in this? And in what %
#248 by Alisa, Jun 20. 2016, 14:24
Try it at the same percentages as in the recipe, @dann3s99 . It won't quite be Bust-a-Nut, but it will be good. Just make sure and let it age 3 or 4 days.
#249 by Chandler, Jun 22. 2016, 18:46
Just throwing this out into the universe if you have bust a nut and a straight coffee base and mix the bust a nut with it your gonna lose it. I'm running 18mg nic coffee with 2/3 bust a nut mixed in on my nautalis x and I'm in heaven right now. The bust a nut waa only 3mg so it tapers down the 18mg coffee
#250 by Cid6.7, Jun 22. 2016, 19:27
Im going to give this a whirl but with a twist instead of using sweet cream I'm going to try FA Joy and sub the sweetener with FA Marshmallow. I bet this is going to be insane !
Thank You for this recipe =o)
#251 by Alisa, Jun 22. 2016, 21:12
Ooh yes, the nutty coffee is great stuff @Chandler!
@Cid6.7 never thought to use FA Joy with it. Please let us know how that works out!
#252 by trebor, Jun 24. 2016, 04:12
This sounds great. I don't have fw flavorings and am on a spending freeze. I'd like to try this with cap, fa, and tfa flavors.
#253 by dbb, Jun 25. 2016, 01:46
Tasty stuff! Instant favourite.
@ Alisa Thanks for sharing

#254 by Alisa, Jun 25. 2016, 13:23
Have fun trying new mixes, @trebor. Let us know if you find a great one!

So glad you are enjoying this, @dbb . :)
#255 by Michael305, Jun 25. 2016, 13:54
Well, @Alisa, I will finally be able to make this your way, well, with the exception of a few different flavor company's I guess, the one I made a couple weeks ago is amazing, I used toasted almond tfa instead of the hazelnut, but still good :) I'll post it on my page to share what I did to it :)

On a side note, if I did a comment on a random recipe, where a user is not following that recipe, will they get a notification if I do @(username)
#256 by Alisa, Jun 25. 2016, 23:05
Would love to see your recipe, @Michael305 ! and yes, I believe you can tag someone in any comment and they would get notified via email, IF they have that feature turned on in their own 'Preferences'
#257 by Michael305, Jun 26. 2016, 00:31
Cool, I have it public and I tagged you in it @alisa :)
#258 by navster, Jun 27. 2016, 07:36
mixed up a batch using cap sweet cream ... as i didnt hav FW. 3 days steep .. vapes good ...very creamy ..but the flavor seems to be on the lighter side ...does the flavor get more richer after steeping?
#259 by Alisa, Jun 27. 2016, 13:51
I enjoy this as a juice for dripping after 3 days, and in a tank after a couple of weeks @navster. I normally drip though. Yes, it does get richer with age.
#260 by Eviltoaster, Jun 28. 2016, 10:20
I have a large amount of steviol glycosides 95% (Stevia) in fine powder form at my disposal. It's about 230x sweeter than sugar.
Would I be able to use it as a substitute for FW Sucralose? If it's possible, how much, in milligrams, do I need?
Thanks in advance.
#261 by Danish, Jun 28. 2016, 11:50
I mixed this up on 20/06/2016. Sampled it in a dripper after 3 days and it was ok. This morning I thought I would fill my tank with it. It is VERY rich and somewhat over powering for me at least. It is tasty though, but not an ADV for me. I will drip it on occasion most definitely! I have to say though, I did not have FW Hazelnut, so I subbed it for FA Hazelnut at 1%.
#262 by Alisa, Jun 28. 2016, 14:20
@Evitocaster - I'm not positive about your particular powder. You'll need to research how to dilute it in pg/vg properly before putting it in your ejuice.

@Danish - thanks for trying it. I haven't used FA Hazelnut in this recipe, so I'm really not sure of the difference, but I'm glad it worked out at least OK for you!
#263 by Saf, Jun 28. 2016, 16:21
Recipe looks great, I can't find a UK website with all the concentrates, so what can I use instead of the pecan, also I can only get a cap sweet cream, so should I stick to the recipe amount. Also I like a 6mg nicotine cape so does that change the percentage (I have 72mg nic). Sorry first time I'm trying to use a recipe rather than just my own trial and error recipe. Thanks
#264 by Alisa, Jun 28. 2016, 17:28
@Saf - I haven't tried it without using Butter Pecan, but others have. Here is one of the comments from Dio:
Dio, Nov 14. 2015, 13:32
Im back @Alisa so finally i mix it up as..

BC(TPA) (Bavarian Cream)
SC(CAP) (Sweet Cream)
and 1% butter cream(CAP)
some drops brown sugar and.....
after 3 days its a delicious creamy nutty juice!
thanks a lot 4sharing!
I'm not sure what percentages Dio used, but I suspect they are the same, or very close to my own.

As for the Nicotine amount, all you need to do is, click on the Blue Wrench in the upper right-hand corner, click 'Adapt recipe', then you will have your own copy of the recipe you can edit. After you edit it with your nicotine base percentage, and 6mg for a result, then save, the software will present with your own version of the recipe to follow.
#265 by tanmansdad, Jun 29. 2016, 00:01
Just whipped up 30 ml and I honestly didn't think I would like it. I thought the 7% Hazelnut would overpower the Butter Pecan too much. But it's delicious! You really cooked up a winner here @Alisa! Thanks for your efforts!
#266 by Alisa, Jun 29. 2016, 00:11
You are most welcome, @tanmansdad ! So glad you like it. :)
#267 by RandyRotten, Jun 29. 2016, 06:19
great juice !! I just made it today, can't wait to taste it after a week.
#268 by Ekz, Jul 1. 2016, 04:38
Hi, Alisa! Want to make the recipe, but no flavors from FW, if you use the flavors as written by Dio, what proportion? Thank you!
#269 by Alisa, Jul 1. 2016, 14:50
@RandyRotten please come back and let us know what you think of it!

@Ekz - you might want to message @Dio with that question. I really haven't tried it.
#270 by Xylith, Jul 1. 2016, 21:08
SOOOOO good I can't get enough! I've been looking for a new ADV and you sold me with this one! I didn't ever think I'd be able to make something to get me away from Thorad by Mod Fuel! I'm actually thinking about adding a drop or two of Rich Cinnamon (FLV) to this to see how it turns out. I don't think your recipe can get any better though!
#271 by Alisa, Jul 1. 2016, 21:22
Wow. Thanks @Xylith. So very happy you like Bust-a-Nut so much. Please let me know how the Cinnamon turns out. Beeee careful with that stuff though!! It's SUPER strong. Just a drop in 10ml will give you a Note of Cinnamon.
#272 by Xylith, Jul 1. 2016, 21:31
Yeah I've been playing around with it for awhile and can't really find anything I like it with, but I believe your recipe will be the one for it due to the nutty flavors. I'll def let you know how it turns out though!
#273 by Timbo, Jul 6. 2016, 11:29
Very creamy, but after a quick shake and vape, the nuttyness is very subtle. Does it need a steep for a few days? Thanks, lovely.
#274 by Alisa, Jul 6. 2016, 14:26
@Timbo - I always recommend aging for 3 days, but it does just get richer the longer you let it sit.
#275 by daisychainvaper, Jul 8. 2016, 18:55
sounds delicious, just mixed the first batch. I might try to add some almond, should fit really well
#276 by Alisa, Jul 8. 2016, 18:58
@daisychainvaper .... Cool. If you do end up adding almond to it next time, you might also want to lower the Hazelnut a tad.
#277 by daisychainvaper, Jul 8. 2016, 20:04
did that already and also added some acetyl pyrazine. So either this will be great or awful. Set a bit aside from your original mix to compare

thanks anyway for this great looking recipe!
#278 by Alisa, Jul 8. 2016, 20:08
@daisychainvaper - Great! Please come back to let us know how it all turns out. :)
#279 by Cid6.7, Jul 18. 2016, 18:09
Mixed with Joy instead of sweet cream and marshmallow instead of the sweetener. Man its good ! But I think it needs a bit more nutty flavor so gonna add some Snickers as well :)
#280 by KittyVapes, Jul 21. 2016, 22:38
Alisa, are you able to break this down to a base? I just can't wrap my head around how to make like a 10ml base to add pg, vg and nic to later.
#281 by Alisa, Jul 22. 2016, 01:48
Sure @KittyVapes ... use the blue wrench at the top right of the recipe, then click on 'Make Flavor Base' ! Here ya go though:
Bust-a-Nut (base):
15% Bavarian Cream (FW)
20% Butter Pecan (FW)
35% Hazelnut (FW)
25% Sweet Cream (FW)
5% Sweetener (Sucralose) (FW)

Total base: 10 ml
To be mixed at: 20%
#282 by LifeIsGood, Jul 22. 2016, 09:54
can't find any pecan flavouring whatsoever here in my country..
here we got FW, TFA CAP and FA
but none of them bring pecan flavour..
can sub it with something else?
#283 by Alisa, Jul 22. 2016, 14:33
@LifelsGood What country are you in? Can you order from the UK: http://makemyvape.co.uk/store/butter-pecan-fw.html
#284 by LifeIsGood, Jul 22. 2016, 22:48
no can do, it's most likely wont get through customs in here.
im in indonesia.
even just to order flavouring from malaysia (back in the day i used malaysian flavouring), i need to applied paperwork from 3 or 4 departement to cleared customs, that's too many wheel to greased for just 1 flavouring.
it's mostly TPA and some capella, FA, FW and INW here, but those last three brands are very rare here..
the other brand like malaya and think fresh are just not good for complex juice, they're more of a standalone mix.

maybe almond (FlavourArt/ TPA / INW) or hazelnut (TPA/ FW) would do???
#285 by Alisa, Jul 25. 2016, 14:52
@LifeIsGood not sure about Almond. If I were in your shoes though, I would make a small batch with Almond to try.
#286 by Noel R73, Jul 29. 2016, 13:46
Hi @Alisa, just ordered these. I love hoarding these and waiting for them to steep , the loner the better. How is this after 6 weeks? Too long a steep?
#287 by Alisa, Jul 29. 2016, 13:51
@NoelR73 - In my experience, this mix hits it's peak at 10 days or so, then remains the same. The longest I've had any aged so far is about 2 months, before it was used up.
#288 by Pugs1970, Jul 29. 2016, 18:41
Hi, dying to find out what all the fuss is about! lol, but unfortunately I can't find a UK supplier for FW sweet cream, would CAP or TPA do the job you think?
Thanks in advance!!
#289 by Alisa, Jul 29. 2016, 19:43
I haven't tried it without using FW Butter Pecan, but others have. Here is one of the comments from Dio and he used the CaP Sweet Cream:
Dio, Nov 14. 2015, 13:32
Im back @Alisa so finally i mix it up as..

BC(TPA) (Bavarian Cream)
SC(CAP) (Sweet Cream)
and 1% butter cream(CAP)
some drops brown sugar and.....
after 3 days its a delicious creamy nutty juice!
thanks a lot 4sharing!
#290 by Noel R73, Jul 30. 2016, 19:25
Thanks Alisa,
#291 by Kobie , Aug 5. 2016, 00:15
AMAZING!!! This is my absolute Fave... my all day everyday! I love this recipe. Thanks for sharing x :)

#292 by Alisa, Aug 5. 2016, 00:29
Oh wow. Thank you, @Kobie !
#293 by PhemonVapo, Aug 6. 2016, 04:53
Great recipe Alisa. It's my #1 Vape I keep going back to.
#294 by seekerom, Aug 6. 2016, 07:20
hello dear Alisa :)

i need an advice. i won't have in my arsenal cap sweet cr. in the near future, any idea with which flav. i can replace it? thanks!
#295 by Jeff dragon, Aug 6. 2016, 22:51
Just got all my flavours, it's annoying how you have to use 3 vendors to get the all lol
So tomorrow I'm mixing this baby up.
Just look OMG you have so many recipes
Have you used peanut butter cup flavour, I've ordered it as I love Reece's p/nut butter cups but need to think how best to use it
Anyhow I'll let you know how I do with the bust a nut
#296 by Anonymiss, Aug 6. 2016, 23:19
Just realized I hadnt left a comment on this one yet... just mixed another 100 mls of this today... this is juice is so good im sitting here questioning whether the 100mls was enough unfortunately I need to reorder flavours before I can make much more of this :) Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with all of us Alisa I appreciate it so much!
#297 by Lakelover64, Aug 9. 2016, 03:40
I am loving this Juice, mixed it up last week and couldnt wait any longer! Just a taste on tsunami was all I needed nice! Put it away to age another week cannot wait to really enjoy!
Thank you for sharing
#298 by navster, Aug 9. 2016, 04:44
Hey Alisa ... gone through nearly 300ml of ur recipe. Love it ...noticed u tweaked ur recipe a bit now... any difference coming down on the flavor % ??
#299 by Alisa, Aug 9. 2016, 14:29
ummm.... @navster - I haven't messed with this recipe in over a year, except to add comments.

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments. I'm so thrilled people are still finding and enjoying this one!
#300 by Nik420, Aug 15. 2016, 13:20
Thank you very much, was my first DIY juice, and it exceeded all my expectations. After the first batch I went ahead to buy 4oz bottles of these flavorings.
#301 by Nik420, Aug 15. 2016, 13:28
Do you think I can add MTS vape wizard to it ?
#302 by Alisa, Aug 15. 2016, 14:42
@Nik420 - Not sure why you would want to add that. My understanding is, it might mute some of the flavor.
#303 by Nik420, Aug 15. 2016, 14:49
Oh I see, not sure myself why I need it, your rec is perfect the way it is. Thanks. Just made 200 ml batch of it.
#304 by Bat71, Aug 19. 2016, 12:28
If you are in EU/UK Rainbow Vapes (UK) have all the right concentrates for this
#305 by Pugs1970, Aug 20. 2016, 01:21
Alisa I have a real issue with this recipe, it just won't steep, it absolutely refuses to stay in the bottle and out of my tanks, iv'e gone through 200ml in 3 weeks :-/
;) amazing recipe, thank you!
#306 by Alisa, Aug 20. 2016, 03:38
@Pugs1970 - Thank you so much for that! haha Made my night. ;)
#307 by Pugs1970, Aug 20. 2016, 10:43
lol you're welcome, although I feel its me that should be thanking you! ;)
#308 by podgejeff, Aug 20. 2016, 23:55
I made this recipe and loved it, but after a bit it got harsh and I noticed that the sugar burned and gunked up my coil. Nothing that couldn't be fixed, but should I tone down the sucralose from the recommended amount?
#309 by Handy Kharisma, Aug 21. 2016, 12:35
I dony have FW so bad...
#310 by Vaper60's, Aug 22. 2016, 05:48
Looks good! I love Pecan Pie, does this recipe has the same profile taste?
#311 by Alisa, Aug 22. 2016, 14:37
@podgejeff - You can substitute Marshmallow, as I've recommended my notes.

@Vaper60's - I recommend trying a small batch with your Pecan Pie flavoring. It may be wonderful!
#312 by Larris, Aug 24. 2016, 14:04
I find it even better without sucralose. ADV favorite!!!
#313 by Bat71, Aug 26. 2016, 21:33
Definitely give this 10 days for a tank. The sweet spot!
#314 by JMak642, Aug 27. 2016, 08:32
I mixed this a couple weeks ago, it was good after 3 days, but after 2 weeks, it is exceptionally good. Subbed the marshmallow instead of sucralose in mine as you suggested in your notes. Thanks for sharing Alisa.
#315 by NeilMcCauley, Aug 27. 2016, 17:29
i bought 6 starter concentrates just to get going from FA, then my second buy was just to do your recipe, all 6. I been missing nuts bad, and the creams. I really love this, steeping now. Thanks for sharing.
#316 by Zugmaschine, Aug 28. 2016, 00:39
I have only Hazenut or Nut-Mix from FA! You think is workng? And How much %?
#317 by Alisa, Aug 29. 2016, 16:33
@JMak642 & @NeilMcCauley - you are both most welcome
@Zugmaschine - between the two, my preference would be FA Nut Mix @ around 1.25% You might want to try a small 5ml batch with both at 1% to see which you like better.
#318 by m4rtian, Sep 4. 2016, 22:53
I have been eyeing up this recipe for months but due to a lack of butter pecan in the UK was unable to mix it. I finally got hold of some and in my excitement I accidentally used tpa sweet cream, big mistake it tasted of old socks at that percentage. When I realised and made the correct recipe I was not disappointed, you really came up with a winner here.
#319 by keob, Sep 5. 2016, 10:00
Hi Alisa, because of limited availability of the FW flavours I have bought these manufacturers:
Bavarian cream (TPA)
Butter Pecan (Mount Baker Vapor)
Hazelnut (TPA)
Sweet Cream (TPA)
Sweetener (TPA)
Can I use the same quantities with these or do I have to change it to get it right?

Thanks a lot!!
#320 by Alisa, Sep 5. 2016, 19:12
@keob -
Bavarian cream (TPA) - yes
Butter Pecan (Mount Baker Vapor) - never used this
Hazelnut (TPA) - yes
Sweet Cream (TPA) - don't use more than 2% ( The TPA is stronger, but not sweet and gives a more 'milky' flavor. )
Sweetener (TPA) - yes
#321 by MadAboutCreamy, Sep 5. 2016, 20:33
Dear alisa,
I've tried your recipe, but i replace all flavour with TFA. And use stevia as sweetener. The hazelnut taste was so strong, but icant sense a creamy aroma. There was any different between butter pecan and butter? Because i use butter (TFA). Please give me advice how to boost creamy or milky taste and aroma. Thank you
#322 by keob, Sep 5. 2016, 22:56
@alisa, thanks for your reply! Will try tomorrow.
#323 by Zugmaschine, Sep 5. 2016, 23:31
@alisha, @all
Can i use Hazelnut FA? Is very strong, pure Hazelnut! If yes, by whitch % i use FAs Hazelnut(Hazelgroove)? Dont have Hazelnut FW! But the recipe sounds so delicius that i want not wait!
#324 by Pisces, Sep 6. 2016, 09:00
@Alisa you have the patience of a saint. If there is an afterlife you will be richly rewarded.
#325 by Alisa, Sep 6. 2016, 15:00
@MadAboutCreamy - There is a big difference in flavor between FW and TFA sweet creams. I wouldn't use more than 2% TFA Sweet Cream. There is no substitute I know of that can replace FW's Butter Pecan. You can try TFA Pecan with TFA Butter, but I'm not sure at what percentages.

@Zugmaschine - FA Hazelnut is VERY strong. I wouldn't use more than 1% of it.

@Pisces - Thanks. It's called Motherhood. :)
#326 by MadAboutCreamy, Sep 7. 2016, 03:05
@Alisa - Got it!!! thats why i found a strange note on my compound. i think it because the TFA sweet cream. i will reduce the sweet cream. thank you for your attention. :)
#327 by flavaflav, Sep 7. 2016, 03:10
Just made this recipe exactly and I can't taste anything but hazelnut. No creamyness to it or anything. Will the hazelnut fade over time? Would adding some CAP vanilla custard or something similar give it a more creamy taste?
#328 by jc, Sep 7. 2016, 12:36
Love this mix very good better after a week steep. Thanks for sharing @Alisa
#329 by Alisa, Sep 7. 2016, 14:19
@flavaflav - Did you let it age at all? If not, Try putting it in a dark place at room temp for 3-5 days before vaping.
#330 by flavaflav, Sep 8. 2016, 01:24
@Alisa I normally let juices steep at least a week but I saw a lot of people saying this was a perfect shake n vape so after 5-6 hours sitting in hot water I tried it. I'll give it a week and report back! I've seen some people saying the hazelnuts fades over time, and from my experience creams do tend to get better with age so hopefully some time will balance it out to my liking
#331 by docta, Sep 10. 2016, 00:43
all i can say is.....OH MY GOD!

only steeped for 18 hours and i can unequivocally say it's the best i've ever made and it's in the top 4 or 5 i've ever tasted. THANK YOU!
#332 by zCloud_Beast, Sep 10. 2016, 07:17
@Alisa I really wanna try this one :) but i don't have FW sweetener I have TFA sweetener..should I put the same sweetener %?
#333 by Alisa, Sep 10. 2016, 16:41
@docta - That's wonderful! I'm so glad you like it. :)
@zCloud_Beast - I believe that TFA is about half the strength as FW, but I would stick with the 1% to start. Better yet, if you have some Marshmallow (FW or TFA), use that at 1% instead. I usually use Marshmallow now in this recipe.
#334 by Telmos, Sep 10. 2016, 18:31
If using TFA Marshmallow for this or any other recipe, it is more or less sweet than sucralose? If 1% sucralose is required, would 1% Marshmallow be sufficient to compensate or is more/less needed to get similar results? Thanks!
#335 by Alisa, Sep 10. 2016, 22:19
@Telmos - if you really like your vapes very sweet, then I suggest using some kind of sweetener. Marshmallow doesn't sweeten quite as much, but it does add a kind of 'mouth feel'. Makes the vape feel and taste richer/fuller. So, I and many others now prefer it over sweeteners. If you do like your vape very sweet, I suggest also looking into using something like Pyure now, instead of these sucralose sweeteners. The Pyure (stevia) seems to be just as sweet, but without that aftertaste.

Again, it's all so very subjective. What I think is sweet enough, you may not think so.
#336 by Telmos, Sep 11. 2016, 00:22
@Alisa Thanks! I never add any sweeter in any of the recipes that include it. My wife and I loved your recipe even without the sweetener.. so I'm just wondering what were missing if we did add some. I think I'll try the 1% Marshmallow and see what difference it makes.
#337 by Zugmaschine, Sep 11. 2016, 15:09
If anyone want use Marshmallow to sweeten, than use Capellas Marshmallow, because is the sweetest one!
#338 by Vipor, Sep 12. 2016, 05:40
I modified this excellent recipe to my taste as follows: Bavarian Cream (LA) 2.5%, Butter Pecan (FW) 5%, Cream Fresh (FA) 4%, Hazel Grove (Hazelnut) (FA) 1.2%, and Marshmallow (FA) 1.5% and allowed to steep a minimum of seven (7) days ... has now become my newest ADV.
#339 by Alisa, Sep 12. 2016, 14:52
@Prd2BeAmerican - that looks like a winner!
#340 by Moegirl, Sep 13. 2016, 01:22
Very good!!! Thanks for sharing!
#341 by flavaflav, Sep 14. 2016, 08:07
alright so after about a week of steeping this juice is definitely pretty mean. the hazelnut blends in with the cream so it's not overpowering but also not too subtle. very very tasty. if you don't like it as a shake and vape(like myself) definitely give it some time for the creaminess to come through. it's well worth it
#342 by fuel1095, Sep 14. 2016, 12:31
@Alisa Just ordered the flavors. Should be here tomorrow!! So damn excited!! This looks amazing!!
#343 by ozric, Sep 17. 2016, 21:26
Just mixed this one up and WoW! All these reviews are well deserved. Shake and vape is real good on my dripper, can't wait to see how it tastes in a few days time. Thanks for helping to keep me the cigs Alisa great work on this recipe. I did sub the BC for TFA and the SC for CAP but it seems to make no difference I hope, as it is still out of this world.
#344 by Alisa, Sep 17. 2016, 23:07
@ozric - Keeping people off the stinkies is the point. Made my day! Thank you.
#345 by reapefer, Sep 18. 2016, 17:25
For the Frenchies (or Europeans) I found all the flavors @vapotestyle.fr
#346 by Vipor, Sep 19. 2016, 08:17
How did you add the picture?
#347 by Alisa, Sep 19. 2016, 14:26
The way you put images in recipe notes is by uploading them to www.imgur.com and pasting a link to the image directly, on a line by itself @Prd2BeAmerican
#348 by Hjwindsor, Sep 22. 2016, 18:32
Lovely recipie! Just made 250ml and the shake and vape is taaaasty can wait for the steeped version to be ready. Thank you very much for this one from me and the wife.
#349 by Alisa, Sep 22. 2016, 18:48
You and wifey are most welcome, @Hjwindsor ! :)
#350 by jush501, Sep 24. 2016, 11:03
Hi Alisa,
New to this process, I wonder if I want to make just 10ML of this recipe, should I use only 1/9 of the ingredients?
Appreciate your assistance
#351 by Alisa, Sep 24. 2016, 17:34
Hey @jush501 ! Welcome to the madness. :)
If you want to adjust the quantity, or even the ingredients in any manner, just click on the blue wrench at the top, right-hand side and select 'adapt this recipe'. You can then adjust whatever you like, save it, and it will be in your own list of recipes with correct percentages to use. Mix on!
#352 by jush501, Sep 24. 2016, 19:08
Thank you for your assistance.
#353 by Faroh, Sep 26. 2016, 05:41
I'm brand new to DIY, and this is one of the first flavors I tried mixing. It was enjoyable as a shake-and-vape but now, after about five days, it's absolutely sublime. Thanks a LOT for your kind willingness to share this exceptional recipe!
#354 by Alisa, Sep 26. 2016, 15:26
Oh @Faroh ! You are so welcome. Makes me so happy to see people enjoy this. :)
#355 by Beaufort Batches, Sep 29. 2016, 02:03
Well I tried this but I turned down a couple of flavors ( due to my particularly sensitive taste buds concerning HN and SC ) after a big draw, ahhh, it does what it says.
#356 by Alisa, Sep 29. 2016, 05:58
Yay @Beaufort Batches Glad you could use part of it at least!
#357 by Beaufort Batches, Sep 29. 2016, 15:33
Just to clarify,I turned the percent down on a couple, I didn't omit any flavor.
#358 by Alisa, Sep 29. 2016, 16:18
Oh, ok. Cool. Hope you love it like I do!
#359 by hubert12fingers, Sep 29. 2016, 19:45
Just have to say thanks for this recipe. it was my first foray into DIY (apart from a few crappy clones) and by far the best flavour I've tried in my first year of vaping. recently paid 30$ Australian for king's crest duchess and while nice, I have to say your recipe is better.

The only downside to this flavour is once my senses get tired of it and I can't taste it well... Life is hard. My first comment on a recipe... Thanks again Alisa!!
#360 by Alisa, Sep 29. 2016, 20:10
Thanks for taking the time to comment, @huert12fingers ! Might try the DaMomma's Caramel Cheesecake or (for a little change) Berry Berry Ice . :)
#361 by hubert12fingers, Sep 29. 2016, 23:26
yes I saw that cheesecake one yesterday, looks good! I want to try lots of your recipes just have to go shopping :) and you are right, I should try some fruit/menthol too because I do get flavour fatigue quite easily :/
#362 by hubert12fingers, Sep 29. 2016, 23:28
btw love the pictures you have been attaching to recipes
#363 by Alisa, Sep 30. 2016, 01:03
Thanks hurbert! :)
#364 by Reza, Oct 3. 2016, 01:28
A big thumbs up all the way from South Africa. Delicious recipe! I have substituted the sweetener for FW marshmallow. Do I still use the marshmallow at 1%? Or should I adjust? Just trying to get it as perfect as possible :) Thanks again
#365 by Alisa, Oct 3. 2016, 15:05
Yes. Marshmallow @1% works good to sweeten this up a bit @Reza . I do hope you enjoy it.
#366 by Door, Oct 8. 2016, 23:12
Thank you, I just mixt it and it is Delicious!
#367 by Door, Oct 8. 2016, 23:14
Thank you, I just mixt it and it is Delicious!
#368 by Door, Oct 8. 2016, 23:14
Thank you, I just mixt it and it is Delicious!
#369 by mr.vaper, Oct 9. 2016, 07:55
Oh, this one has just rolled up to the top but I cannot even try as it is very hard to find the required flavors here :(
#370 by Alisa, Oct 9. 2016, 17:58
Where are you, @mr.vaper ? Perhaps one of us can help.
#371 by mr.vaper, Oct 9. 2016, 19:31
I am in Turkey, unfortunately. I cannot find butter pecan and hazelnut from FW anywhere. I found Hazelnut from TPA and FA but butter pecan is nowhere. Maybe in a couple of weeks my friend will be able to bring some. Thanks anyway, Alisa.
#372 by seekerom, Oct 11. 2016, 20:24
hello Alisa! if I'll make this recipe 70/30 - do i need to change anything?
#373 by Silverberry, Oct 11. 2016, 21:24
Just made 60ml of this at 70/30, replacing sweetener with same amount of TPA Marshmallow. My first mix ever! So I... welcome myself into DIY and i will come back after a few days steeping to leave my opinion! :)
#374 by Alisa, Oct 11. 2016, 22:05
Hey @White Raven - Just click on the blue wrench up above and select 'adapt'. You can change what you like at that point and get the recipe you need.

@Silverberry - hope you like it!
#375 by seekerom, Oct 11. 2016, 22:52
I know how to adapt :)) the question is - if I use less VG, do I need to lower the flavor % or it should stay the same with 70/30?
I know that VG reduces the taste...
#376 by Lars, Oct 12. 2016, 00:45
@mr.vaper - Try writing to www.thechosenfew.eu - they might be able to help you!

@White Raven I wouldn't touch the flavor % :)
#377 by seekerom, Oct 12. 2016, 08:14
thanks Lars!
#378 by Alisa, Oct 12. 2016, 14:19
@Lars - *Hugs*
#379 by Smokey-joe, Oct 13. 2016, 17:30
Corr bust a nut.. Bust my balls!! This is my second attempt at making homemade liquid and I hit the jackpot. Let it steep for 3 days and it's bloody delicious. Thank you (~;
#380 by Alisa, Oct 13. 2016, 20:27
Very happy you like it, @Smokey-joe !
#381 by dimas.rhd, Oct 14. 2016, 05:57
hey @Alisa
im from indnesia, i still cant find any FW for those flav
how if i use CAP for all those flav ?
thx @Alisa
#382 by JR1971, Oct 14. 2016, 09:12
Hi @Alisa,
any idea to replace butter pecan (FW) to 'peanut butter' for example?
Thanks :)
#383 by Alisa, Oct 14. 2016, 14:22
@dimas.rhd and @JR1971 - There really isn't a replacement that I know of for the FW Butter Pecan. Many have made substitutions and end up liking them though. If you try, please come back and let us know how it goes!
#384 by Xylith, Oct 14. 2016, 18:11
This has been my ADV for... awhile now... LoL... I use toasted marshmallow instead of regular marshmallow and it really brings out the hazelnut. I've subbed a lot of different brands and they all turn out pretty well, but FW just seemed to have a fuller flavor. Also I tried to vape it in an Aspire Cleito tank twice (just to be sure it wasn't a bad atomizer) and it just wasn't right at all, kinda gross actually. I find the best flavors come from either 0.9 cCell or any Triton atomizers. Kudos again Alisa!
#385 by JR1971, Oct 14. 2016, 19:07
@Alisa - thank you for your reply. I will try to add peanut butter instead of FW butter pecan in the next batch. I will let you know how it works. Thank you and best regards! Vape on!
#386 by Alisa, Oct 14. 2016, 21:49
Thanks for your honest assessment, @Xylith. I vape Bust-A-Nut mainly on my RDA's, but have vaped many times in my TFV4 and Aromamizer tanks with great satisfaction.

@JR1971 Please let us know how the Peanut Butter works out for you.
#387 by Momoo, Oct 15. 2016, 23:43
Is there any options for that butter pecan? I cant fins it. I have butter and pecan apart should i use fifry fifty??? I have all tfa tpa flavors
#388 by Pura Vida, Oct 16. 2016, 01:27
Alisa, sorry for such stupid question I'm totally new in this world, and placing an order to make your recipe will the very first one, you said we can replace the Sweetener for Marshmallow, the question is can I use CAP Marshmallow ???? and I need to adjust the recipe for the change or just keep the same percentage. Thank you
#389 by Alisa, Oct 16. 2016, 18:42
@Momoo I haven't tried it without using FW Butter Pecan, but others have. Here is one of the comments from Dio
Dio, Nov 14. 2015, 13:32
Im back @Alisa so finally i mix it up as..

BC(TPA) (Bavarian Cream)
SC(CAP) (Sweet Cream)
and 1% butter cream(CAP)
some drops brown sugar and.....
after 3 days its a delicious creamy nutty juice!
thanks a lot 4sharing!
#390 by Alisa, Oct 16. 2016, 18:48
@Pura Vida - I now use CAP or FA Marshmallow for sweetness in most of my recipes if they are not fruit-based. 1% works good for me.
#391 by Pura Vida, Oct 16. 2016, 19:13
Thank you so much Alisa !!
#392 by Alisa, Oct 16. 2016, 19:17
Most welcome, @Pura Vida
#393 by Snowsok, Oct 17. 2016, 12:51
I tried this yesterday after letting it steep for a week. I have to say it is nice it is not a recipe i am excited about but i like it and it is different from most of the recipes i tried(no more strawberries plzzzz) and although i am not excited about it i do have my aromamizer filled and vape it throughout the day both yesterday and today. I think if i let it steep a bit more it might be great!!! I am sorry i cant define exactly why but there is something with this i just...love? I will be back after some more steeping. Thanks for te sharing Alisa
#394 by Alisa, Oct 17. 2016, 15:58
Thank you for your comments, @Snowsok !
#395 by Roly1uk, Oct 17. 2016, 18:05
I have made this with only vg and to be honest it has no flavour what could I be possibly be doing wrong
#396 by Alisa, Oct 17. 2016, 20:37
@Roly1uk - I don't know really. If you mix according to my recipe, you will have a max VG ejuice.
#397 by Picek, Oct 18. 2016, 20:07
Does the percentages stay the same if you mix 30 mL?
#398 by reapefer, Oct 18. 2016, 20:09
Yes the percentages stay the same at 30 ml, 90 ml or X ml.
#399 by Picek, Oct 18. 2016, 20:13
Thanks @reapefer
#400 by Proxxii, Oct 19. 2016, 03:55
Lucky for me I live 30 minutes away from FW for pickup. Now I just need to come up with the 30$! LOL
#401 by Momoo, Oct 23. 2016, 00:39
tasted after already 1 day amazing taste nice blend . this is great and surely will involve in steep time for sure!
#402 by sylvain, Oct 24. 2016, 23:46
@Alisa i have the TPA hazelnut, is there a difference with the FW hazelnut?
#403 by Alisa, Oct 25. 2016, 14:57
@sylvan - You might want to use a lot less of the TPA version of Hazelnut. Bust-a-Nut v2 is all TPA . I prefer FW's Hazelnut, but the TPA still makes a decent mix at about 2.5%
#404 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 12:43
i think there is a big difference between 100ml and 30ml
#405 by gollum2016, Oct 26. 2016, 13:52
Is there anything that can substitute the Butter Pecan that will give similar taste to this
#406 by Alisa, Oct 26. 2016, 14:22
@gollum2016 - If you can't find the Flavor West Butter Pecan, you may want to try Bust-A-Nut v2 which uses all TFA and CAP flavorings. It's not the same, but still good .tjek.nu/r/7zAL
#407 by Picek, Oct 26. 2016, 17:22
@gollym2016 what's the difference between 100mL and 30mL?
#408 by Jaafar , Oct 27. 2016, 02:21
I want to make this liquid. But without nicotine. How can I delete the ratio of nicotine. I want the proportion of nicotine 0
#409 by Alisa, Oct 27. 2016, 04:31
@Jaatar - click the big blue wrench in the upper right-hand corner and select 'Adapt....' That action makes your own copy of the recipe and you can change it how you like. The calculator will adjust everything for you.
#410 by Jaafar , Oct 27. 2016, 10:45
Thank you so much. @Alisa
#411 by Picek, Oct 27. 2016, 18:17
@alisa do you think I can double the percentages for more flavor?
#412 by Alisa, Oct 27. 2016, 18:36
@Picek - no. If you use too much flavoring, everything just gets muted. Try aging your ejuice for a couple of weeks to get the flavor to enhance and become richer.
#413 by RusUSA, Oct 28. 2016, 22:47
OK, I just made this and Wow! If its this good as a SNV, I can't wait to taste it in a few days! Kudos, Aliisa! Wife loves it too! Thanks for a good "non-fruity" option.
#414 by Alisa, Oct 29. 2016, 01:18
Most welcome, @RusUSA. Exactly why I made it. Got tired of strawberry and watermelon everything.... haha
#415 by Lolly, Oct 29. 2016, 16:06
Oh my days! The most scrumptious creamy with a nutty exhale I have ever experienced. So so smooth! I made 50ml straight off and after a few days steep I have now just made another 100ml. You, @Alisa, are a L E G E N D!!
#416 by Alisa, Oct 29. 2016, 16:50
haha.... Thank you so much, Lolly. I'm really glad you like it so much!
#417 by TEE, Oct 30. 2016, 14:57
Very Tasty and nothing like I have vaped before, many thanks Alisa.
#418 by Alisa, Oct 30. 2016, 16:21
Most welcome @TEE !
#419 by Chewy, Oct 30. 2016, 16:47
Ok, very late to the bust a nut party but that was down to tracking down the butter pecan flavour here in the UK!
But better late than never!
So mixed this up and gave it a try next day( sorry the smell was too good to resist a moment longer!) and I am very happy to say that this one will be a winner for me!
So much so I've mixed up 200ml to let steep for the month and also I've made a separate batch up with added Inawera Milk Chocolate as I can see that this would pair very well and add another dimension to the lovely rich cream flavour!
Will let you know how this one will turn out?
In the meantime please accept my 5 stars for a great, simple and delicious recipe, very much appreciated!
#420 by Alisa, Oct 30. 2016, 17:05
Thank you so much for the review, @Chewy ! I'm looking forward to seeing your review of the recipe variation. Inawera's Milk Chocolate is very yummy and will probably work great in this recipe!
#421 by Chewy, Oct 30. 2016, 17:49
You're very welcome @Alisa
Love the INW milk chocolate and coupled with the rich nuttiness and creamy goodness of this mix, I have no doubts it will pair up very well!
Really can't wait to try both out after the steep!

#422 by JohnnyBigodes, Nov 2. 2016, 14:54
Can i sub the Bavarian Cream and Sweetener to the TFA ones or will it be a completely other receipt?
#423 by Alisa, Nov 2. 2016, 15:18
@JohnnyBigodes you can use the TFA version of Bavarian Cream! Just use a little more, like 3.5% . And use FA Marshmallow instead of the Sweetener if you have it at the same 1%. Works great
#424 by JohnnyBigodes, Nov 2. 2016, 15:21
@Alisa well... I only have the TFA Marshmallow aswell hahahah... I will try to sub it and will report what came out ;oD
#425 by Alisa, Nov 2. 2016, 16:52
@JohnnyBigodes - you may find using the TFA Marshmallow will not render much sweetness. You can always add some other sweetener though.
#426 by Eyebrowse, Nov 2. 2016, 19:31
Just made my second batch of Bust-a-Nut; 100ml this time after the first proved 50ml I made turned out so well. I wouldn't recommend *anyone* use sucralose though. That stuff DESTROYS your coils in no time. When I started putting some (1-2% max) in my juices I went from casually re-wicking my coils once a fortnight or so (maybe once a week if I felt spontaneous) to doing it EVERY OTHER DAY out of necessity because of how quickly it blackened and charred up all my wicks and made everything taste disgusting or just simply dry-hit.. Since then I've stuck to a strict "no sucralose" rule, and enjoy getting taste that fresh, untainted flavour from every juice I use (and that's even while chain-vaping on 0.15ohm dual claptons at 130W all throughout the day). In place I tried using TPA's 'brown sugar' at the same concentration of a sweetener, though not strictly a sweetener in itself as much as a separate flavour, I find it works well and from what I can tell this flavour in no way is in need of such a heavy-duty sweetener as sucralose.

It definitely needed the 5-day steep though... or around that mark at least, I found that after 2 days it started to taste pretty much as good as it was going to, though that did involve a couple of 'warm bath' speed-steeps from time to time which might have very well accelerated the steeping process. Anyway, 5 stars. Excellent recipe you've conjured up here Alisa (just not sure how necessary the sucralose is)
#427 by Alisa, Nov 2. 2016, 22:08
@Eyebrowse - thank you so much for the honest feedback. I have been recommending to people to use Marshmallow in place of the sweetener. It tastes better and (as y ou said) doesn't gunk coils as quickly.
#428 by DDrama, Nov 2. 2016, 23:10
Anyone try this with the DX variants? I followed the recipe except I used DX bavarian cream, DX hazelnut, and I didnt have sweet cream so used 1ml of DX Marshmallow.

Decent...but has an off taste. Do you think its the DX versions or it just needs a steep?
#429 by roy291, Nov 6. 2016, 00:09
@alisa I have miced 3 of your recipes today but I am gonna let them steep a while, I appreciate you sharing these yummy recipes with us! Have you ever tried nut mix (FA) in anything?
#430 by DrChud, Nov 6. 2016, 13:09
I bought all the FW flavours just to try this. I don't see what all the hype is about, it's okay.
#431 by Momoo, Nov 6. 2016, 13:32
ok now its about 3 weeks of steep ... smels difernt taste difrent. and now i understand the hype about all this . perfecto and amazing blend!
#432 by Alisa, Nov 6. 2016, 16:12
@DDrama - I know the DX Hazelnut does work in this recipe, but you'll need to let it age for a couple of weeks to get it just right.

@roy291 - Yes. I've used the Nut Mix in a couple of recipes. My most successful so far is Wizard's Secret tjek.nu/r/3fNn . @Pro_Vapes does a great Bit-O-Honey recipe using it too tjek.nu/r/42af .
#433 by benjy337, Nov 9. 2016, 17:28
I just made this, it's the second DIY juice I ever made and I like it a lot. I have the feeling that I'll love it after steeping.
I can't believe I waited so long to try DIY, this site makes it so easy.
Keep up the good work guys!
#434 by Alisa, Nov 9. 2016, 17:30
Thank you for your kind comments @benjy337 . Love my ELR home.
#435 by benjy337, Nov 12. 2016, 08:21
The 30ml I made Wednesday is almost gone! I just made 120ml more, this time at least most of it will get the chance to steep. :-)
#436 by Darkvaper, Nov 16. 2016, 00:21
First ever post in here and had my eye on the recipe for a couple of months just like to say thanks for sharing, I have managed to get all ingredients and I'm looking forward to trying this thanks Alisa
#437 by Alisa, Nov 16. 2016, 00:38
haha... I'm so glad you like it, @benjy337 . :)
Most welcome, @Darkvaper !
#438 by jj, Nov 18. 2016, 18:54
Damn, I love this one. Swopped sucralose with marshmellow, but I think .. maybe I will try with stevia as a sweetener, what do you think ?
#439 by Alisa, Nov 19. 2016, 07:06
@jj Very happy to see you like it. I am not sure about the stevia. I've used the FW Sweetener and like it fine. Now I use TFA Marshmallow most of the time. It just has the sweetness and mouthfeel I prefer.
#440 by sylvain, Nov 20. 2016, 19:27
@Alisa, hi big difference between sweet cream FW and sweet cream TPA / sweet cream CAP? i have both and i just don't want to buy another :)
#441 by Noel R73, Nov 20. 2016, 20:59
Been mixing this a lot lately. Have cut the Hazelnut a bit as I find it dries my throats and added some RY4 Double to some mixes. It's a great starting point for experimenting. Thanks again Alisa
#442 by Alisa, Nov 21. 2016, 03:32
@syvain - I prefer the sweetness of the FW myself.
Most welcome @Noel R73 !
#443 by jlhenry, Nov 21. 2016, 21:52
Wow, amazing, Thank you for sharing.
#444 by tng132, Nov 22. 2016, 20:05
much much better after 5-7 days. Thanks in advance for future recipes!:))
#445 by Mojo, Nov 25. 2016, 04:38
This is CHAMPION!!! Thanks Alisa i just need to find the best way to sweeten it a bit, but not to change anything else. I have fw sweetener...tfa sweetener as well as all the marshmallow ones...what would you recommend be the best?
#446 by JohnnyBigodes, Nov 25. 2016, 08:51
I never understood the hype behind this receipt... Well, now i do... I tried it and subbed Bavarian Cream (3,5%) and Sweetener to the TFA ones and it really is awesome.

I know that you want us to sub Sweetener to the Marshmallow, but i really think this juice needs the Sweetener to be perfect. Next time i will try with Marshmallow, but i dont think it will be this good.

Thank you for my new ADV.

Let it steep for at least 1 week... It is much better than just a Shake & Vape.
#447 by Alisa, Nov 25. 2016, 18:27
@JohnnyBigodes - Thank you so much for taking the time to post your experience!
#448 by Alisa, Nov 25. 2016, 18:31
@Mojo - I like this recipe with either sweetener or marshmallow. The Marshmallow gives sweetness and a certain 'fullness', or 'mouthfeel'. Some like it better with sweetener and some like it better with Marshmallow. I recommend trying a small batch of each to decide! :)

@tng132 - So glad you enjoy.

@jlhenry - Most welcome!
#449 by Jwan, Nov 28. 2016, 03:27
Hi Alisa, is not delicious when vaping mouth to lung by using Aspire Nautilus even i changed ratio to 50/50, could you please tell me what % of flavors i must to change to be delicious when vaping mouth to lung?
#450 by Alisa, Nov 28. 2016, 21:17
I'm really not sure, but maybe @Ozo can help, as I know he is one that does MTL vaping and he vapes this recipe a LOT.
#451 by Jwan, Nov 28. 2016, 21:57
Thanks, how can i contact him? as I didn't find him.
#452 by Alisa, Nov 28. 2016, 22:12
You can message him on the Forum. : forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/users/ozo/activity

I did message him once. When he responds, I'll post his response here.
#453 by Momoo, Nov 29. 2016, 11:16
@jwan i am mtl vaper always was. i find this great even more tasting then long hits. i think its about the tanks you use. i am using the rose v3 with clapton coil build and cotton bacon together with digiflavor siren always claptons afcourse. and i can tel its alot creamy tasty etc ... when doing mtl. but with those coils you buy and trow away i think its limited taste expierence as i once starting with nautilus to in past.
#454 by Jwan, Nov 29. 2016, 11:49
@Momoo thanks, did you change the ratio VG/PG to 50/50 for this recipe to use in ROSE V3?
#455 by JohnnyBigodes, Nov 29. 2016, 11:52
I also use the Rose V3 and for me it is a restrictiv lung hit. I dont have this receipt as 20/80, but 25/75 works flawless.
#456 by Momoo, Nov 29. 2016, 12:16
@jwan no i did not change ratio for this. its just my fav 50/50 ... rose v3 can easely take on high vg . in future i plan to raise the vg to . to your standards johnnyBigodes. i love every aspect of the rose v3 master piece :-)
#457 by JohnnyBigodes, Nov 29. 2016, 12:20
@Momoo you just have to open it a bit more. I do 5 half turns and works really well. The only thing i dont like of the Rose V3 is closing the top after refilling. It is a pain in the ass.

On the other side this juice is awesome and i can mix really big amounts of it ;oD
#458 by Momoo, Nov 29. 2016, 12:32
@JohnnyBigodes roger that ... the top cap fill with big fat o ring ... i found no cons exept tini holes but multiply and when closing fine nice threads ... after closing always som drops juice squeezing trough not that bad just little whiping . its the taste to that rulez and mtl option is indeed good . coil build high as posible to get best taste and good turbelance ...
#459 by Creation, Nov 30. 2016, 00:49
Just whipped up a variation of this...yeah, it's fire! Thanks Alisa!!
#460 by supersonic, Dec 4. 2016, 15:34
Hi @Alisa. Just bought all my mixing supplies, yet to make a batch of anything. Hopefully get stuck in Monday. Quick question, I have all the flavours in the recipe (bought them especially for this) apart from FW sweetener, but I do have sweetener (sucralose) TPA and marshmallow TPA. I'm gonna mix up 2 small batches with each. But what percentage would you recommend for both? Thanks
#461 by Alisa, Dec 4. 2016, 16:53
Hey @supersonic! Welcome to the craziness we all share here at ELR! :)
I have used the Marshmallow (FA) and (TFA) for a long time now @1% as well. The sweeteners are all the same to me.
#462 by supersonic, Dec 4. 2016, 17:09
Thanks @Alisa. I can't wait to make your recipe sounds similar to my ADV. Dr Fogg's famous hazelnut churro icecream, can't find a clone anywhere. Am I right in assuming TFA and TPA are exactly the same? Thanks again.
#463 by Alisa, Dec 4. 2016, 17:41
yes @supersonic ... TPA=TFA
#464 by Chewy, Dec 4. 2016, 20:31
Just been trying this after the steep and I have to say the 5 stars are well deserved!
And my hunch was proved correct, adding Inaweras Milk chocolate @ 3% realty added a lovely chocolate element to this already great recipe.
#465 by Alisa, Dec 5. 2016, 14:26
@Chewy - Thank you so much for the comments. Yes, chocolate is a great add! :)
#466 by JohnnyBigodes, Dec 5. 2016, 14:32
Well... The first 100ml are gone... Had to buy more Hazelnut aroma to make 200ml... This is still awesome
#467 by Alisa, Dec 5. 2016, 14:49
@JohnnyBigodes - That's wonderful to read this morning! Thanks for taking the time to comment.
#468 by mogur, Dec 6. 2016, 02:31
Alisa, thank you. I've been waiting for my FW flavors to arrive so that I could give your recipe a fair shot without substitution. I left the nicotine out all together for now, just trying to find recipes that taste great without any other influence. I left it for a week before I couldn't stand the suspense any more.

I won't do a cheap bust a nut pun, but my wife now loves me more than before I discovered your recipe. We both love the semi-sweet (I used marshmallow) nutty flavor. I mixed your recipe with my favorite cinnamon roll juice, and it added a wonderful, nutty, rich flavor to my previous favorite flavor.

Gonna explore your other recipes, you genius. Keep on experimenting. I think you are just getting started.
#469 by Lama, Dec 6. 2016, 03:46
Had to try... In steep mode. Now the wait... TY for sharing this Alisa
#470 by Alisa, Dec 6. 2016, 07:08
Wow... that's so wonderful to read. Thank you for your words and encouragement, @mogur .

I do hope your really enjoy this one, @Lana !
#471 by Vaype, Dec 7. 2016, 08:13
Hey Alisa new guy here.... Can I vary the vendors? The only fw I have is yellow cake. I have loads of tpa and cap....also, Aside from fa will the percentages remain the same? Or would you suggest I just brake down and buy all the fw flavors? Sorry if this has been asked and answered but there are too many comments to read through.
#472 by Alisa, Dec 7. 2016, 14:25
@Vaype - WElcome to ELR ! You can always do your own substitutes, but just know it won't be the same. I created Bust-a-Nut II for those overseas that can't get Flavorwest flavoring easily. It's the next best thing - tjek.nu/r/7zAL
#473 by JohnnyBigodes, Dec 7. 2016, 14:59
Even Overseas there are ways to get FW flavours... Look for Chefsflavours in the UK or E-Dym in Poland. The only flavour that is almost impossible to get is the FW Sweetener....

If you have the chance get the original flavours... You wont be dissapointed... This juice became my ADV
#474 by benjy337, Dec 7. 2016, 15:06
I got all of these FW flavors from chefsflavours.co.uk, they ship to me internationally for 5 UK pound only, which is very cheap. So far I've ordered from them 5 or 6 times, each order arrived quickly and perfectly packed.
Nicotine River also ship internationally, but shipping is more expensive.
You will not regret getting the FW flavors, this recipe is fantastic, it's become my ADV too.
Just remember to order plenty of each flavor, as you will love this juice!
#475 by JohnnyBigodes, Dec 7. 2016, 15:34
Yeah... First time i made a big mistake and only ordered 10ml FW Hazelnut... That was a big mistake... 100ml are now on the way ;oD
#476 by cooter, Dec 8. 2016, 04:50
I should open up a Ma and Pa shop and sell just Hazelnut e-juice! Hey Alisa, with all those Bad Boyz recipe creations like the one here, I bet you can make a fabulous clone of "Toasty Cinnamon". Seems you got the gift of taste for a recipes undertones. Anyway, Alisa your a saint! I thank you. Hell, everybody thanks you!
#477 by roy291, Dec 8. 2016, 06:37
Nutty, Rich, Buttery, Slightly sweet, Very good juice after steeping a few weeks. If I feel the urge for a nutty vape this is it! This is my 2nd favorite recipe from you, I am steeping Camo coffee now and I did like the turtle pie :) Im really liking these Flavors West flavors :) 5 star recipe!!!
#478 by benjy337, Dec 8. 2016, 06:41
If this is 2nd favorite, I need to know which recipe is favorite. :-)
#479 by NeilMcCauley, Dec 8. 2016, 11:13
JohnnyBigodes Yep always gone real fast, one of my most used flavors after Cap Vanilla Custard
#480 by A1C_COSTAN, Dec 12. 2016, 09:25
I'm fairly new to the vape world and DIY. how can i calculate the amounts in order to make a 30ml? (math and all of that)
#481 by A1C_COSTAN, Dec 12. 2016, 09:25
I'm fairly new to the vape world and DIY. how can i calculate the amounts in order to make a 30ml? (math and all of that)
#482 by Alisa, Dec 12. 2016, 14:24
You don't need to, @ATC_COSTAN - the calculator does it for you. Just click the little blue wrench (upper right side) and click on 'Adapt...' This will create a copy of my recipe in your own part of the database and you can change whatever you like, including quantity.
#483 by Aimzbo, Dec 13. 2016, 00:30
Love this, rich, nutty, smooth and creamy. Thanks for sharing!! πŸ‘
#484 by Alisa, Dec 13. 2016, 01:54
Most welcome, @Aimzbo !
#485 by JT Riddle, Dec 13. 2016, 02:47
Alisa you seem to know your flavors pretty well. I have all of the FW flavors for this recipe except for the Sweet Cream. I have TFA Sweet Cream. Can this be used at the same percentage? Can you recommend a percentage that will at least get me in the ball park? The reviews are raving and I want to get it as close as possible.
#486 by Alisa, Dec 13. 2016, 04:53
@JT Riddle - I've used the TFA Sweet Cream before in place of FW's, but it isn't very sweet, so I use it @2.5%, then I add 1.5% Marshmallow and drop the sweetener. The Marshmallow will help with the sweetness and give it a kind of fluffier mouth feel.
#487 by JT Riddle, Dec 13. 2016, 11:45
Thanks very much, @Alisa-that's exactly the info i was looking for! Can I assume you're using FW Marshmallow?
#488 by Alisa, Dec 13. 2016, 14:40
@JT Riddle - I have used it and it works well. I have been using FlavorArt Marshmallow for awhile now. It's a little stronger I think.
#489 by reczero, Dec 13. 2016, 14:47
hi alisa, this recipe is 2 years old, the amount % of arome is the same?im in portugal and i found de FW flavours for the recipe easy. thx.
#490 by Alisa, Dec 13. 2016, 14:57
@reczero - I haven't found a reason to change it, as it still works well. :)
#491 by reczero, Dec 13. 2016, 15:48
#492 by reczero, Dec 13. 2016, 17:04
I already finished the recipe but I used Bavarian cream and the sweetener from TPA now I'm going to let it steep few day but I think it's my kind of profile
#493 by Alisa, Dec 13. 2016, 18:08
Great @reczero ! Please come back and let us know if you like it!
#494 by Sylvie lola, Dec 18. 2016, 18:07
I love that one ! Thank you for sharing.
Very creamy nuts
#495 by morphflow, Dec 18. 2016, 21:05
Since I had only butter pecan and hazelnut from FW,subbed the rest flavors with Tpa.Still great recipe,added adv rotation.Thanks for sharing!
#496 by cooter, Dec 19. 2016, 02:24
I think I kinda over did it with the USC. Kept the heat at 120 F. Bathed for about 4 hrs. It's been going on 3 weeks and still can't get any good flavor out of it. I'm gonna try it again with less heat and time. See what happens. I'm 100% sure it had something to do with what I did, I mean the evidence is there due to the many people here that loves it.
#497 by Alisa, Dec 19. 2016, 06:26
Most welcome, @lola and @morphflow !

@cooter - I cannot say what heat would do to this mix, as I never use it myself. I always just mix, then age in a dark cabinet. Good luck though!

#498 by cooter, Dec 19. 2016, 23:56
Yeah all I'm tasting is the Bavarian Cream. Very good possibility I have vapor tongue.
#499 by cooter, Dec 20. 2016, 03:22
Has anyone experienced the sweetener "Erythritol" and if so, can you elaborate a little on your opinion. I was thinking of using it on this recipe instead of FW sweetener sucralose. Only reason is because erythritol isn't as bad as sucralose is on the coils.
#500 by DieterJack, Dec 20. 2016, 03:35
I can only say "holly nuttiness" thx 4 this!
#501 by Alisa, Dec 20. 2016, 04:06
@cooter - I haven't used Erythritol mysellf. But, I have used Pyure for the sweetener and also subbed Marshmallow. I prefer the FA Marshmallow now overall.

Most welcome, @DieterJack !
#502 by DieterJack, Dec 20. 2016, 04:48
@Alisa πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
#503 by drhonk, Dec 20. 2016, 06:10
I have to give this a try, have any of you try to use sorbitol instead of sucralose for sweetener?
#504 by cooter, Dec 20. 2016, 06:57
@drhonk....I know I haven't. Is it sucralose?
#505 by cooter, Dec 20. 2016, 07:06
@Alisa...What's the average % you use with the FA Marshmallow in your recipes when your NOT using any kind of sweet cream? I was thinking around 3 or 4%.
#506 by Alisa, Dec 20. 2016, 14:16
@cooter - in general, I just about always use FA Marshmallow @1% in place of any sweetener.
#507 by cooter, Dec 21. 2016, 01:24
@Alisa....oh wow just 1% huh..must be fairly strong. I'm glad I asked! lol
#508 by pegasus, Dec 21. 2016, 02:07
I love this recipe. This is one of my ADV now. I usually have 2-4 mods with me at all times each with a different flavor. I am going to try some of your others. Keep up the great inventing
#509 by Alisa, Dec 21. 2016, 07:11
Thank you, @pegasus. I really appreciate people taking the time to comment!
#510 by supersonic, Dec 21. 2016, 21:10
Mixed 100ml of this and gave it 10days in a dark cabinet with the occasional shake when I remembered. The only sub i made was the sweetener, subbed for TFA marshmallow. Mixed everything else exactly regarding flavour brands and percentages. I did however make it 70vg. It's nice, but the main flavour I get is like a buttery popcorn, not much nut flavour at all to be honest. I'm hoping a longer steep will bring out the nuts.
#511 by Alisa, Dec 21. 2016, 21:39
@supersonic - I'm sorry you are not getting the nuttiness of this mix. Not all of us have the same tastes it seems. Hopefully, it will eventually be nuttier, if not, you can always add some peanut butter flavoring, or a smidgen of Aceytel Pyrazine.
#512 by Yoshiking, Dec 24. 2016, 09:14
Fxxx all other recipes. This is IT for me
#513 by DrFurunkel, Dec 26. 2016, 09:52
Definitly a dream, thanks for sharing with us.
#514 by Observer Fx, Dec 27. 2016, 12:58
Im having the same flat flavour as some other people describe,no nuttiness at all ... Been steeping for only 2 days, so for me theres no chance of this being a shake n vape, lets hope the taste comes out after a good steep. Used all the flavours exactly like in the recent. Also I only have a RDA mod. No tanks.
#515 by Alisa, Dec 27. 2016, 14:35
@Observer Fx - I use an RDA most of the time now and still love this one as an ADV, but I DO let it age longer than I used to. Hope you like it a LOT more in a few days!
#516 by Observer Fx, Dec 27. 2016, 22:18
How do you age your juices? First mix em up, then shake em up, put em in a dark cool place, and shake them every day ... ?
Or do you let your juices breath aswell?
#517 by Alisa, Dec 28. 2016, 00:33
@Observer Fx - For all of my mixing, this is what I've been doing that works for me:
1. mix by weight,
2. stir with my handy-dandy paint mixer
3. age in my dark cabinet.
I will shake and replace in cabinet every other day or so, but I only let a new mix 'breathe' overnight if one of the main flavorings has a strong alcohol aroma.
#518 by CrazyCatLady, Jan 1, 17:09
I finally got around to trying this one and I have to say that I'm sorry that I waited so long because it is wonderful. I'm not usually a fan of nutty flavors but the little 30ml bottle that I mixed up is gone and I will be mixing a 120ml bottle today. I also ordered the rest of the flavors that I need for your Uhura's Bane and fruit pizza so I'll be trying those out soonish also. Thanks for the great recipes :)
#519 by Alisa, Jan 2, 00:23
Most welcome @CrazyCatLady ! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it. :)
#520 by supersonic, Jan 6, 04:54
I mixed a 120ml of this as mentioned before. After a week it tasted like buttery popcorn. After 2 weeks its gotten very scratchy on my throat, its not my nic as i mixed several other recipes at the same time and they have all turned out fine. Maybe I didn't add enough VG when i mixed this. I was mixing with 5ml syringes and 120ml worth at 70% VG took a lot of full 5ml syringes worth of VG. Maybe I lost count or something. Any ideas how I can salvage the rest of the bottle cause i really dont wanna waste ingredients. I was thinking of adding more VG or maybe some sweetener or maybe both? I got myself scales for future mixes btw, so if i did make a mistake first time round hopefully it wont happen again.
#521 by Alisa, Jan 6, 05:47
@supersonic - If you think you may not have mixed enough VG in, you might take like 10 or 15ml of what you have, add 1ml of vg, mix it up, let it sit overnight and see if that fixes it for you. After that, if it seems weak, you can add a few drops of flavoring or just sweetener. One change at a time until you 'fix' it to your own taste. Then you'll know how to fix the rest.
#522 by supersonic, Jan 6, 06:01
I'm putting it down to user error, sounds like a recipe I would love, hence the large first mix of it. Thanks for that advice.
#523 by Posh_And_Unique, Jan 8, 08:20
My first Vape Mail of 2017 arrived yesterday and I mixed this right away as I have never tried it before. Gotta say I love it!!!! I vaped 6 ml of it in less than 12 hours on my dripper and I can't wait to try more of your tasty recipes... much Love and respect :D TY for sharing your amazing talent!
#524 by Alisa, Jan 8, 14:47
Thank YOU for your very kind comments @Posh_And_Unique . So happy you like it.
#525 by Phill, Jan 11, 18:45
I just made me a 100ml bottle of ur delicious recipe, I tried it in my dripper and it already tastes like a heavenly mix of nut's with a very creamy touch,. I can't way to re-test it after steeping a day or 5 if the 100ml bottle gonna even last that long. I really love this reicpe !!
Now i just have a quick question, would brown sugar fit in this recipe or am i pushing it a bit with this idea?
#526 by Wings4Life, Jan 12, 23:09
Been making this recipe as written for the last couple of months and I love it! 300mls of this stuff steeping right now. I have found that for me a two to three week steep really lets the BP and the BC mature. I've done a batch that adds 1% of FA Tiramisu and I'm finding that it gives this recipe a fuller flavor and adds some coffee and chocolate to party!
#527 by Everett464, Jan 13, 06:22
Omg! Yes. So good. Made it per the recipe and it's delicious. The single best DIY I've ever tried.
#528 by drhonk, Jan 13, 15:25
agreed with @Wings4Life .. 2 week steep is the minimum. It's delicious .. well done @Alisa
#529 by Alisa, Jan 13, 16:18
Hey @Phil... Brown sugar might work well in this recipe. Please let us know how it goes if you try it. ;)
#530 by Alisa, Jan 13, 16:19
Thank you so much for your comments, @Wings4Life. Tiramisu sounds like a great add!
#531 by Alisa, Jan 13, 16:20
So glad you are both enjoying this recipe, @Everett464 and @drhonk . Vape on! :)
#532 by drhonk, yesterday, at 18:20
so I've made another bottle of this recipe but this time I chose to steep using ultrasonic and the result is, two hour of ultrasonic is perfect for it.
#533 by Alisa, yesterday, at 18:45
Great information to have. Thank you, @drhonk !

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