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I created this site in December 2010 because I hadn't found a similar site. I was looking for a central place to look for recipes and share my own, but I found nothing, just forums and a few calculators.

In September 2013, I gave the site a major overhaul. Over 500 people were using the site daily, and it was beginning to run too slowly.

The recipes don’t match what I use!
You will find that many recipes use different nicotine strengths, PG/VG percentages, and/or other ingredients than what you prefer. With "Adapt this", located under the recipe, it’s easy to change the ingredients to suit your preferences. You can customize and adapt each recipe by nicotine strength, quantity, and any other ingredient to get the result you want.
You can even save your version privately so only you can see it.

Guidelines to the site
There are many producers of flavors. I urge you to name the flavors so that you can see where it's from, e.g. "Arctic Menthol (FA)" is the flavor named "Arctic Menthol" and "FA" indicates that it's from the brand "Flavour Art". For brand abbreviations, please check the abbreviation list (they are mixed in with a lot of other abbreviations).

If you create a recipe with flavors not in your stash, they will be added automatically.

Try to keep it in English. There are many nationalities using the site, but almost everyone understands English.

A huge shout-out goes to all the feedback from the guys and girls on the and!

About me
I'm known as Lars in the real world. If you haven't guessed it, I am a programmer by trade :-)

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