Strawnana Custard 

Gravatar - by Ken O'Where, Dec 9. 2016, 04:26


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:


Thought i would post this as it was one of my most popular recipes. Others have posted variations with other vendor ingredients so check them out as well. Hope you enjoy!

EDIT 4/4/16
I would just like to add that when i mix this for myself i mix the VC V1 @5.5%. This way the VC doesnt become dominant with long curing times. Curing time is 1 month.

EDIT 5/17/16
After breaking out a 7 month old bottle I am going back to mixing this at 10% VC V1, it was incredible.

#1 by Elturiel, Feb 19. 2015, 13:00
Would tfa strawberry work in lieu of capella?
#2 by Ken O'Where, Feb 20. 2015, 06:19
Ive havent tried that particular strawberry, in this, to be honest. I use this combination because it gives the smell and sweetness of a real strawberry. Cant hurt to try it, If you do please post it. I dont have any SB TFA left but ill put it on my list for my next round of flavor orders.

This was one of those rare occasions where i made a test batch and the wife loved it so much i that havent made any changes.

Good luck!
#3 by Mourning Glory, Mar 5. 2015, 13:32
THIS recipe deserves a standing ovation. Well done Sir.
#4 by Ken O'Where, Mar 5. 2015, 21:10
Thank you kindly MG! So glad you enjoy it!
#5 by Anias218, Apr 2. 2015, 20:54
Great recipe. Might just be my favorite, but iv tried quite a few new recipes since last time I made a batch of this. It's for sure in my top 3. But I Will have a bottle of clear LA-BC here in a day or 2 & am gonna whip up a 120ml bottle of this first thing. So Thanks I really appreciate you guys that invest the time & supplies to make these great recipes and then share them with no real benefit to yourselves. Iv gotten a lot of satisfaction out of some of theses recipes & it's greatly appreciated....
#6 by Ken O'Where, Apr 4. 2015, 01:37
Thank you Anias218, very kind words. Almost everyone i know that has tried it liked it so i figured id share it with my fellow DIYer's.
#7 by Amy***, Apr 29. 2015, 17:20
Ken I'm going to make this again ! I didn't have version 1 at the time when I'd made it in the past. What's the best time frame on steeping I believe you'd said it was a shake n vape but what's best ? Tks
#8 by Ken O'Where, May 2. 2015, 01:57
Its custard heavy so it will definitely benefit from a 2 week curing. Personally i can vape straight custard V1 (CAP) after a quick heat and shake but not everyone enjoys it that way.

I have 2 x 4oz bottles that i made almost 6 months ago, one will be opened in 9 days and the other after 1 year. I had also made another 4oz bottle that i vaped after 3 months curing time, it was fantastic. Just a little experiment im running on curing times.
#9 by Amy***, May 2. 2015, 02:00
It's curing only been a couple of days thou ! I'm excited I have all the right ingredients so it's guna Rock !!!
#10 by Ken O'Where, May 2. 2015, 03:35
If you enjoy, or dont, please rate the recipe accordingly and im always open to constructive criticism, always. If you make any changes please let me know, im waiting on some flavorings to try some of the variations people have made. Personally i like the juice fresh, after a quick hot water bath and some shaking. The % of Sweet SB (CAP) is low enough that it isnt perfumey, with higher %'s i find that Sweet SB needs extended curing time to mellow out. My wife and others seem to like it better after some curing as a result of the custard but i can vape straight custard all day long.

I hope you enjoy as much as we do!
#11 by Dio, May 9. 2015, 20:50
Just perfect Ken. Can't stop vaping.....!
#12 by stevejay1, Nov 13. 2015, 11:47
excellent dropped VC down to 6% and its an ADV
#13 by stevejay1, Nov 13. 2015, 18:32
Also going to try a couple additions was thinking background note of kiwi or pear for some juiciness.
#14 by Ken O'Where, Nov 25. 2015, 02:33
stevejay1; dont tell my wife but i drooped the VC V1 down to 5.5% as well, she has no idea that i altered it, hehe. Made this back when i was custard crazy.
#15 by LordVapor, Dec 9. 2015, 16:00
I forgot to comment on this. Amazing juice. I will be making a lot more. Thanks for sharing!
#16 by CAGE RATTLER, Dec 11. 2015, 09:17
I really liked this fresh. I have a large batch that's been steeping a month now and the custard has really come out. Its muted the nanner quite a bit though and unfortunately I still have yet to even get a hint of the strawberry. Might have to try the next batch with less custard.
#17 by Ken O'Where, Dec 12. 2015, 03:29
@CAGE RATTLER I agree about the curing and custard notes. A couple posts up i mention that i dropped the custard to 5.5% for my personal mix but mix it as stated for the wife. Thanks for your input CR!
#18 by ThirdWorldOrder, Dec 15. 2015, 00:38
Great recipe Ken. I tried this one a few months ago and loved it
#19 by Mikedin, Dec 15. 2015, 06:02
I have the v2 VC and a tfa banana cream I will be trying this with it looks excellent and I hope it turns out very well , I will be trying it with the 5.5% VC I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out thank you for the recipie!
#20 by Ken O'Where, Dec 16. 2015, 07:17
Thanks TWO, trying out a new version using MF Strawberry as the main SB with SB Ripe (TFA) to enhance the smell, as i do in this recipe.

@Mike, Hope you enjoy! Ive never used V2 or id offer some advice.
#21 by ticks, Jan 2. 2016, 04:35
Thanks for posting this, it's awesome.
#22 by 775vaping, Jan 2. 2016, 20:22
@Mikedin..........did the tfa banana cream work? That is all I have! Will be mixing some of this up later today.
Thanks for the recipe Ken O'where
#23 by Mikedin, Jan 2. 2016, 20:27
@775vaping Yes it seemed to work very well, I mixed up a 15ml bottle of it , I'm not sure how it would be steeped because well...I vaped it too fast lol excellent recipe right here! @ken o'where
#24 by Mikedin, Jan 2. 2016, 20:29
I also liked it with the 5.5% VC I

Also the VC I used was the VC V2 and it seemed to work excellent
#25 by brotheomen, Jan 5. 2016, 22:54
Thank you for this recipe. I love how it has heavy flavors that are so light, if that makes any sense. I ran out of ripe so I split the ripe and used half organic and that was amazing. After ordering more ripe, I made again with only the ripe. tastes great!!!!!
#26 by Rubber ducky, Jan 9. 2016, 09:51
Followed the recipe to the t maybe I need to steep for a couple of weeks
#27 by Rubber ducky, Jan 12. 2016, 08:36
Awesome will be making more soon! Gets better with age
#28 by Ken O'Where, Jan 13. 2016, 21:32
Glad all y'all enjoy it! Well over a year later and we are still vaping it, have 1 liter mixed and on the curing self.

@ Rubber ducky, some people can vape it fresh but most people will agree a little curing really makes it delicious because of the heavy custard.
#29 by Bledzepplin, Jan 14. 2016, 04:42
Ken O'Where, I was was wondering if we went down on the custard to 8% would that not give it a little bit more banana flavor or would it be too much thanks in advance great recipe
#30 by Ken O'Where, Jan 14. 2016, 05:02
@Bledzepplin, Well in the long run the other flavors will pop a little more, after some curing time. Now when i mix this, for myself, i do so at 5.5% custard.
#31 by Bledzepplin, Jan 14. 2016, 05:09
Thanks Ken, I think I'm going to try 5.5 percent on this mix and see how it goes..
#32 by Ken O'Where, Jan 14. 2016, 06:28
Happy to help. :)
#33 by stevejay1, Jan 14. 2016, 10:13
I like the original recipe at 10% custard also enjoy it 6%. Being able to tweak the strawberries to your liking is what makes this recipe versatile and excellent . I'm happy with the strawberry exactly as posted. :)
#34 by Bledzepplin, Jan 14. 2016, 15:14
Yeah I really like this recipe but I was thinking that I could come down on the vanilla custard to about 8% and maybe make the banana pop a little bit better but again I'm very pleased with the recipe
#35 by stevejay1, Jan 14. 2016, 22:27
Hey Bledzepplin it does help the banana pop just find your sweet spot mine is 6%
#36 by LordVapor, Jan 15. 2016, 00:37
So what is the longest steep you have tried on this? And how did it taste? I read about you had some going for a year. I bet it was heavenly.
#37 by Ken O'Where, Jan 15. 2016, 00:38
Dont hesitate to post your variations, other people may like them better. There are several out there now and they all look delicious. :)
#38 by Bledzepplin, Jan 15. 2016, 00:52
Well I made it for a friend the other day with 10% vanilla custard and he really liked it and he's wanting 300 mil... I don't guess I really paid attention to it to begin with I don't guess I really paid attention to it to begin with as to having 10% vanilla custard. All I really know it is some good juice. I really hate to change it up and him not really like it
#39 by Bledzepplin, Jan 15. 2016, 00:56
As I look back on my notes I used v1 and v2 cappella and tested it for myself and it was excellent
#40 by Bledzepplin, Jan 28. 2016, 06:09
5 stars
#41 by Ken O'Where, Jan 28. 2016, 19:34
Glad you like Bled! Hit the 5 stars at the top so that other people know, if you wouldnt mind. :)
#42 by Bledzepplin, Jan 28. 2016, 22:09
#43 by John_lewis, Feb 3. 2016, 09:31
This is very nice, 5 Star.

Thanks Ken
#44 by Ken O'Where, Feb 3. 2016, 22:10
Glad you enjoy, Mezzy! I just broke out a 6 month old bottle, mmMMmm.
#45 by Bledzepplin, Feb 3. 2016, 23:51
Ken, I don't see how getting better
#46 by Ken O'Where, Feb 4. 2016, 00:45
I run batch tests for flavor consistency over set periods of time. I also do this to test different bottle/cap types and to see if topping the bottles with argon have any affect on consistency.

Im a nerd, i cant help it, hehe.
#47 by iLVal, Feb 7. 2016, 21:39
Hi, I'm confused about the banana cream, is the colorless one or the concentrated one?
#48 by Ken O'Where, Feb 8. 2016, 07:00
iLVal: Colorless BC, CatHouseVapor has it in stock.
#49 by w00cash666, Feb 9. 2016, 00:39
UK is shit for Lorann flavours and they really hard to get. What about TPA DX Banana Cream? Will it work at the same %?
#50 by Ken O'Where, Feb 9. 2016, 01:04
w00cash666: Sorry that i cant answer that, i havent used any DX flavorings. Regular Banana Cream (TFA) tastes a bit different than LA's. There are a couple people who mixed the recipe with TFA's, might want to check them out.
#51 by Mezzle992, Feb 10. 2016, 07:10
I made 5mls to test and with no steeping i imediatley made 100mls. I also used TPA banana cream and dropped the custard to 6%. Steeping method: 1. Shake like crazy 2: wait to settle and warm water bath (about 40C) and shake like crazy 3 leave to cool shake again and leave top off for an hour and leave in cupboard over night. 4 repeat a second day. 5: then i added the nic gave it a good shake and left overnight and this is my ADV for a while. Its really good. Thanks.
#52 by Ken O'Where, Feb 11. 2016, 23:02
Glad you enjoy, Mezzle992. :)
#53 by Solace71, Mar 11. 2016, 21:44
Thanks for the share. Tried it with tpa banana cream and fa banana. Lovely lovely
#54 by Ken O'Where, Mar 11. 2016, 23:07
Glad you enjoyed, Solace71. Feel free to post your adaptations, i always like to see what others do with my mixes.
#55 by Solace71, Mar 11. 2016, 23:29 Here's the adaptation I made.
#56 by Ken O'Where, Mar 11. 2016, 23:31
Marked as private, hehe.
#57 by w00cash666, Mar 11. 2016, 23:31
@Solace71 it's private, dude
#58 by Solace71, Mar 11. 2016, 23:35
Just changed it. Lol
#59 by Ken O'Where, Mar 11. 2016, 23:38
Thanks, bud. Looks delicious. :)
#60 by Solace71, Mar 11. 2016, 23:45
Yeah it reminds me of strawberry and banana hubba bubba bubble gum.
#61 by Ken O'Where, Mar 11. 2016, 23:55
I started working on a Bluenana version today, i mixed several variations as the curing time is so long. Hopefully one of them will work out.
#62 by Solace71, Mar 13. 2016, 00:35
Look forward to it. Maybe some nonna cake for a bluenananonna.
#63 by Ken O'Where, Mar 13. 2016, 04:03
ROFL! Great tongue twister. I have the nonna cake in my cart but have to wait a bit for another order, got too many new flavors last month and this month.
#64 by pdog88, Mar 14. 2016, 13:39
great recipie. mix 60 ml. on stirhot plate for 2-3 hr. 4 days now tast good.
#65 by Ken O'Where, Mar 14. 2016, 22:46
Happy you enjoyed it, pdog88. Tasty mix for sure.
#66 by Moosiecakes, Mar 21. 2016, 03:56
Same % of Cap Vanilla Custard V2?
#67 by Ken O'Where, Mar 21. 2016, 05:21
Ive never used V2 but no, i would halve it, appx 5%. Definitely going to need to let it age awhile with V2. Hope that helps!
#68 by Nessy4586, Mar 25. 2016, 19:08
Ken I could only get hold of the LA banana cream coloured version as I'm in uk and it's difficult to get hold of and expensive if you do. Do you think it will be ok to use. And is the stuff you use super strength? as mine has super strength on the bottle.
#69 by Ken O'Where, Mar 25. 2016, 23:23
@Nessy, my first mixes of this were with the colored version and I used it until the Reddit group buy on the colorless. If you have any fears I would Google the colorants, that way you can make an informed decision. And yep, same stuff, super strength. I'll do some searching when I get back to my computer and see if I can find you some colorless in the UK.

Hope that helps!
#70 by Nessy4586, Mar 26. 2016, 12:55
Indeed it does, thanks a lot. I'm not too concerned about using the coloured stuff just wanted to make sure it would be OK for getting the same mix/taste really. Cheers Ken! 👍🏻
#71 by Beefy1, Mar 26. 2016, 22:31
I have only ever made this with TPA Banana Cream and it is lovely. On my last run i ran out of banana cream so used TPA Ripe Banana 2% and added 4% TPA Sweet Cream to try and offset the overpowering flavour of the ripe banana. I also add 2 drops per 10ml of sucralose sweetener and 1 drop of Ethyl Maltol per 10ml as i am a sweet junkie and need that extra sweet taste when you lick your lips after a vape lol

I always try to steep for 2 weeks as it has got custard in it and it helps to mellow the banana too. I get like a strawberry custard on the inhale then banana on the exhale.

Thanks for sharing, and for not making it so complicated that you need about 20 ingredients... which is probably why it works so well. When you get past 10 flavourings you are going to start losing flavours and there is no point adding them IMO.
#72 by Ken O'Where, Mar 27. 2016, 00:28
@Nessy4586, Happy to help. :)

@Beefy1, glad you enjoyed it and i agree. A recipe doesnt necessarily have to be complex to be delicious. I keep my complex recipes to myself as they are tailor made to my taste.
#73 by Lars, Apr 3. 2016, 19:52
So delicious! I would go to 6-8% with the VC next time - It's very very good!
#74 by Lars, Apr 3. 2016, 21:12
So delicious! I would go to 6-8% with the VC next time - It's very good!
#75 by Ken O'Where, Apr 3. 2016, 23:49
@Lars: Thank you good sir, glad you liked it! I like it at 5.5%, that way with long curing the VC V1 doesnt take over the mix.
#76 by HC2S, Apr 5. 2016, 03:17
I mixed this a little over 3 weeks ago. It was good as a SnV. After 3 weeks, the fruits have blended perfectly and the custard is starting to do it's thing. I vaped 15 ml of this stuff so far today. Absolutely delicious!
Thanks so much for sharing Ken!
#77 by Ken O'Where, Apr 5. 2016, 05:07
@HC2S Glad you like, bud! If you ever do that adaptation you talked about let me know.
#78 by HC2S, Apr 5. 2016, 05:46
Just mixed it. Pretty tasty as a SnV.
You are a great inspiration!
#79 by Ken O'Where, Apr 6. 2016, 02:04
Thanks, HC2S!
#80 by Eviltoaster, Apr 7. 2016, 08:33
Thank you for sharing, Ken. This is my first time DIY-ing my own juice as I'm a newly converted smoker-to-vaper. I went ahead and did a bit over 200ml due the to massive positive response.
#81 by Ken O'Where, Apr 7. 2016, 08:55
@Eviltoaster, i hope you enjoy! If you ever have any questions feel free to contact me or join us on the forums/chat. We are all pretty friendly and are always happy to help.
#82 by Chad, Apr 9. 2016, 15:34
Could TFA Ripe Banana be substituted for the BC? I know RB is super strong so I doubt mixing it at 4% would be advisable.
#83 by Beefy1, Apr 9. 2016, 15:41
@chad i use TFA Banana Cream instead of LA, if all you have is ripe then i would suggest 1% and 3% sweet cream, or maybe even 2% ripe if you are feeling adventurous lol
#84 by Chad, Apr 9. 2016, 15:42
good suggestion! i'll give that a try
#85 by fluffs_travels, Apr 10. 2016, 00:06
Just got my first order of flavors to start DIY and would love to mix this. Don't have sweet strawberry though :-/

Could I sub FW strawberry?
#86 by Nipple Foliage, Apr 12. 2016, 10:00
This recipe sounds awesome! I'm definitely gonna give it a go.

@Beefy1 Should I use TPA Banana Cream at the 4%?
#87 by Beefy1, Apr 12. 2016, 12:37
@nipple foliage, yeah straight swap, i also add sweetener too, but thats just me. You can always add an extra 1% of ripe banana if you have got it to give it a bit more but too much ripe banana to me tastes like mint has been mixed in for some reason, tried a banana milkshake recipe and it was awful, even after letting it steep for over a month!
#88 by Nipple Foliage, Apr 12. 2016, 12:50
@Beefy1 Awesome, cheers mate. I've just ordered all the concentrates and I'll see how it goes with no sweeteners first.

The first e-juice I made was horrible too lol. It was 6mg nicotine, 7.5% Apple Pie v2 (Cap), 5% Cinnamon Danish Swirl v2 (Cap), max VG, it just tastes of dough, absolutely disgusting! It's been steeping for 3 weeks and I sometimes decide to give it a go and the doughey flavour just gets stronger; I still have 150ml of it left lol.
#89 by Beefy1, Apr 12. 2016, 12:54
@nipple mate we all fail miserably on the first few attempts, i couldn't stop myself from adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that, ruined everything lol i also tried apple pie and custard flavours to start with and none of them were any good lol
#90 by Greg03, Apr 14. 2016, 04:58
you have done it right my friend. Have been looking for a banana based e-juice recipe that i love in forever. Have 500+ mls steeping now and have already vaped 200, thank you for this amazing recipe
#91 by Ken O'Where, Apr 14. 2016, 05:27
@Greg03: Very glad you like it, with some curing the Strawberry will come through lightly on the exhale and the custard mellows a bit.

Happy vaping!
#92 by Nipple Foliage, Apr 15. 2016, 04:58
Is there a specific order that works well when adding all the ingredients together? I usually make 100ml bottles of liquid adding the flavours first and I always get a really harsh taste when vaping the last ~40ml which caramalises on my coils and makes them useless after only a few hits.

I always seem to get the same problem even when I steep my liquid for weeks with vigorous sharing daily.
#93 by Beefy1, Apr 15. 2016, 07:13
@nipple it depends on how much vg you use, if you are using high vg then the coils will clog up no matter what you do after running quite a bit through them, especially with custard or sweet cream type flavours. If you just use fruit type flavourings and higher pg then coils last longer.
#94 by Nipple Foliage, Apr 15. 2016, 07:34
I usually go for 70/30 and vape using my SMOK R80 with the micro TFV4 dual SS316L 0.25Ohm and it was vaping fine with some strawberry cream liquid I made, flavour was awesome, but then I got a nasty taste as I got halfway through my bottle. I thought it was the coil at first, so I banged a new one in and got the same horrible taste, and another, and another lol, they all fouled pretty much instantly.

I'm pretty sure It's flavour concentrate pooling at the bottom of the bottle, just wondering how to prevent that.

I thought I had a pretty good steeping method of leaving bottles in a dark cupboard for atleast 2 weeks and taking them out everyday to shake.
#95 by Beefy1, Apr 15. 2016, 07:39
If you think it is the flavour seperating then just keep shaking it before you add it to the tank. I make 100ml bottles and decant them into smaller bottles but give it a shake before i add it.
#96 by Nipple Foliage, Apr 15. 2016, 07:42
Yeah, I should probably decant it into smaller bottles. I just really want to get this strawnana custard right lol.
#97 by Ken O'Where, Apr 15. 2016, 07:55
@Nipple: Just mix it, shake the holy shit out of it and put it on a shelf for a few weeks. You can shake it a bit in that time if you like and give it another good shaking before you get ready to vape it.

BTW, we have a chat room and forum should you ever have any questions. You can also PM me on the forums if you like.

Hope you enjoy!
#98 by Brian Benham, Apr 17. 2016, 03:03
Ken, I made some of these a couple months ago but used Cap VC2 since it was all I had. It was really good. Ordered VC1 right after that and made a batch. Just sitting down with it now after a two month steep on a dripper. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!! I was starting to lose interest in strawberry mixes. Wish I would've made that first batch with VC1 too. You Da' Man!!
#99 by smok, Apr 17. 2016, 13:28
#100 by Beefy1, Apr 17. 2016, 13:31
@smok what make? Tpa? Capella?
#101 by smok, Apr 17. 2016, 13:33
Lorann makes colorless banana cream. Did u try ??
#102 by Lars, Apr 17. 2016, 13:48
Colorless is the same as the one with color. I made this with colorless banana cream, and it's great!
#103 by Ken O'Where, Apr 17. 2016, 17:49
@Brian Benham: Glad you enjoyed it and try it with V1, soooo much creamier! =)
#104 by Brian Benham, Apr 17. 2016, 18:41
The second batch is V1. SO much better with V1. Didn't realize how much difference it made till I tried it.
#105 by Ken O'Where, Apr 17. 2016, 21:48
Sorry, i meant tried but my freshly woken brain couldnt find the right word, hehe.
#106 by Brian Benham, Apr 18. 2016, 10:22
#107 by Nipple Foliage, Apr 21. 2016, 18:41
Made some of this today with 5.5% custard, it smells soooo good! I have 100mls of it steeping and I made another 50mls to start vaping right away, the strawberry isn't really coming through yet but it's absolutely delicious!
#108 by Ken O'Where, Apr 21. 2016, 21:37
@Nipple Foliage: Glad you are enjoying! The SB will come through on the exhale after some curing. With the lowered VC V1 you may be able to get away with two weeks curing time on a 100ml bottle, three would be ideal. Thanks for giving it a try. =)
#109 by kmpopsicle, Apr 24. 2016, 07:44
Very very nice. The banana cream is just right at this %, not too strong or too light. Thanks for sharing.
#110 by Ken O'Where, Apr 24. 2016, 09:21
@kmpopsicle: Thanks much and im glad you enjoyed it! It is still one of our favorites a couple years later.
#111 by dickowen88, Apr 24. 2016, 18:54
Do you guys use any sweetener in this recipe?
#112 by Beefy1, Apr 24. 2016, 19:07
@dickowen88 yeah i use 2 drops of sweetner per 10ml
#113 by Ken O'Where, Apr 25. 2016, 02:39
@ dickowen88: Try it without first, the flavorings themselves already have quite a bit of ethyl maltol and maltol which make it pretty sweet. If it isnt sweet enough do as Beefy1 suggested, a drop or two per 10ml.
#114 by Beefy1, Apr 25. 2016, 02:44
I'm a sweet junkie so i always add sweetener to my mixes or add a little extra than the recipe says lol
#115 by Ken O'Where, Apr 25. 2016, 02:47
@ Beefy1: I hear ya, my wife is the same way. The first recipe she ever made and one of her ADV is LOADED with Cotton Candy TFA and Marshmallow TFA. Great thing about DIY, its all about what you like, hehe.
#116 by Fiel, Apr 29. 2016, 14:12
This recipe sounds very good, I wonder if could add both sucralose at 1% and EM at .5% together in this recipe?
#117 by Tbsbln, May 2. 2016, 19:36
I made this a few days ago Whit fa:banana Cream DX, cap: sweet strawberry, cap: vanilla custard v2(6%), fa;strawberry ripe and it smells like hell.
#118 by octave nine, May 2. 2016, 19:39
Curious, I'm new to mixing and was wondering about the PG/VG mix percentage. The recipe says 21/79 but there's no PG used so how can it be 21/79??
#119 by dickowen88, May 2. 2016, 19:43
The extracts are PG based.
#120 by Ken O'Where, May 2. 2016, 20:23
@Tbsbln: It should, those substitutes you used contain a lot of butyric acid, there is already some BTA in the original recipe in the Strawberry Ripe. Adding more will just make it smell worse. You are looking at a month to a month and a half of curing time with the subs you used.

Basically you arent vaping/smelling the recipe posted, you created a new one. Maybe creating a recipe, adapted, to share your experience will be helpful to other people looking to use the same subs.
#121 by octave nine, May 2. 2016, 21:33
When I alter the recipe using 5.5% VC the VG/PG ratio changes to 30/70, I take it that don't make the throat hit too harsh, followed the original recipe and loved but now making a 2nd batch taking into account most people's 5.5% adjustment on the VC.
#122 by Ken O'Where, May 2. 2016, 21:34
@ octave nine: Are you using the MaxVG selector?
#123 by octave nine, May 2. 2016, 21:42
Should I tick the max VG tick box?
#124 by dickowen88, May 2. 2016, 21:49
personally I like the VC at 10%
#125 by Ken O'Where, May 2. 2016, 21:56
@octave nine: I would suggest that you do if you dont want any added PG, outside of the flavorings that is.

@ dickowen88: As do most of my customers and family, I switch back and forth. Awesome thing about DIY is that one has that choice.
#126 by octave nine, May 2. 2016, 21:58
Cheers Ken, keep up the good work buddy.
#127 by octave nine, May 2. 2016, 22:05
p.s I'm using 72 mg/ml nicotine in VG should my entry above state 100% vg nicotine cos if I change it to 72% it makes the PG 28% which surely isn't right.
#128 by Ken O'Where, May 2. 2016, 22:08
It depends on the end nicotine concentration. Make sure you check the VG based nic box if you are using VG based nic, or PG if it is PG based. I am VERY poor at mathing so i let the site do it all for me, hehe.
#129 by N, May 4. 2016, 18:33
thank you!!!
#130 by Nipple Foliage, May 4. 2016, 18:46
Absolutely loving this! Had 3 50ml bottles steeping and today I tried it on my Goblin Mini v2 and Theorem and it's just lovely, perfect amount of sweetness and lovely thick creamy vape.

If Ken O'Where made beer... Lol
#131 by Ken O'Where, May 4. 2016, 22:11
@N: You are very welcome.

@Nipple Foliage: So glad you are liking it so much. Ive got a 6 month old batch in my Griffin right now, so much yum, hehe.
#132 by Ogamy, May 16. 2016, 14:15
Well Done Ken, Mimics one of my favourite vendors juices, might even be the exact same recipe. For those saying "Can I sub" No, you can't sub, then it wouldn't be Ken's recipe..
#133 by Ken O'Where, May 16. 2016, 23:20
@ Og: Many thanks and im glad you liked it. Couldnt agree more on the sub thing.
#134 by Ogamy, May 20. 2016, 19:46
My previous message was prior the 5/17/16 update, My current 100ml is with 5.5% VC with a two week steep, the banana cream is dominant, with a faint custard aftertaste.
Will attemp to steep it further, purely to help along the VC, but I can imagine with a 10% VC is would be incredible.
#135 by Ken O'Where, May 25. 2016, 22:44
@Og: Sorry about that, at first i liked the BC being a bit more dominant but then i broke out that bottle and changed my mind. You could add some VC V1 and cure it a bit more.

Again, sorry about that.
#136 by pdog88, May 30. 2016, 15:00
Thanks Ken o'where, What a nice tasting juice. mix as said, 30 day's in the atic and turn out nive wife love's it. I think that a 30 day steep is need. Man you now how to make great stuff. thanks
#137 by Wallstreet, Jun 1. 2016, 15:23
can i replace the sweet strawberry and banana cream for 'banana forster and sweet cream TFA? mmmm
#138 by Ken O'Where, Jun 2. 2016, 21:20
@Wallstreet Sure you can, it wont taste anything like this recipe tho. Create a new recipe or adaptation and give it a go. Who knows, it might turn out fantastic but there is only one way to find out, hehe.

@pdog88: Very glad you liked it and thank you. =)
#139 by SS, Jun 9. 2016, 22:08
This appeals to me by recipe. Curious though if many find Banana by Lorann chemical like? Have tried 2 other recipes using it and i just dont seem to like it but i see this Lorran used often.
Any other banana that might work well for this recipe?
#140 by SS, Jun 9. 2016, 22:11
Guess i can use TFA Banana? Same percentage? T.I.A.
#141 by Ken O'Where, Jun 10. 2016, 01:24
@ShelaghDB: I honestly havent a clue, i have one once used TFA's version and it was for someones recipe. They dont taste the same at all so it would be different. If you search the name of the recipes there are others who have used different banana's, maybe give one of them a try.

Hope that helps. =)
#142 by Ogamy, Jun 11. 2016, 19:57
Finished 100ml of this, great stuff, next batch will be more VC as Ken has said.
Ken question, Are you using colorless BC, as I've used the colorless, but I am only able to order colored right now, which I want to avoid.. but want to know whether if it would change the flavor profile compared to your recipe?
#143 by Ken O'Where, Jun 11. 2016, 22:16
@OG: I have used the colored version in the past, it tastes exactly the same as the colorless. Are you in the US? GremlinDIY has it in stock in all sizes.

Found an 11 month old bottle of the 10% VC V1 in the wifes curing box yesterday, it freaking fantastic. Glad you are enjoying the mix. =)
#144 by Stevelethal, Jun 12. 2016, 00:03
Just knocked 30mm with 8% VCV1 and TPA banana cream. Its had a couple of hot water baths, a night with the cap off and a night in the cupboard with cap on. It's really nice already, can't wait to go back to it after a longer cure. Thanks a million!
#145 by Ken O'Where, Jun 12. 2016, 00:13
@Stevelethal: Glad you enjoyed. If you are going to do a long term curing no need to leave the cap off, there isnt a lot of alcohol in the mix, just a bit from the Sweet Strawberry (CAP). A long term curing will take care of that for you.
#146 by Stevelethal, Jun 12. 2016, 13:04
Thanks for the advice Ken. I've made a few other recipes and they are no where near as vapable at this early stage. I guess that's partly because some of them have more alchol and stuff.
#147 by Ken O'Where, Jun 13. 2016, 03:13
@ Stevelethal: Feel free to holler if you ever have any questions. We have an IRC chat room at the top of the page under Social and i spend a great deal of time there.
#148 by vapeitup619, Jun 13. 2016, 07:07
banana flavor seems to overpower the strawberry..would u recommend a different banana cream flavor instead of LA?
#149 by Ken O'Where, Jun 14. 2016, 01:31
@vapeitup619: How long did you let it cure for? The Banana Cream mellows after a months curing and the strawberry comes through a bit better.

Hope that helps, holler if you have any other questions.
#150 by haggyy, Jun 21. 2016, 19:01
Just mixed 50mls of this up, had to use TPA's Banana Cream as it's pretty hard to get hold of LA flavours here in the UK.
I also added 1% sweetener and used 8% CAP Vanilla Custard, smells great, I will probably leave it for a month of steeping before trying.
#151 by haggyy, Jun 21. 2016, 19:30
@Ken O'Where thanks sharing pal!
#152 by Ken O'Where, Jun 21. 2016, 21:12
@haggyy: Hope you enjoy!
#153 by pocorevo, Jun 22. 2016, 00:35
Thank you for the very tasty recipes!!
With love from Japan
#154 by Ken O'Where, Jun 22. 2016, 00:37
@pocorevo: Glad you liked it! I love the interwebz, the ability to reach out to and connect with people from all over the world is amazing.
#155 by Fuckda, Jun 30. 2016, 17:19
@haggyy: Same problem here. Going to try yours, thanks for the input.
#156 by Som3a, Jul 7. 2016, 00:24
Hello, first of all thanks alot for sharing this delicious recipe buddy.
I am new to DIY and I dont have much flavours right now, I got all except for the banana cream, but I got Fa banana and FA cream fresh and TPA Cheesecake graham crust, I am not sure if they are related or not but is there anyway to replace banana cream with any of these ?
#157 by RandyRotten, Jul 9. 2016, 22:11
Well done Ken!! I've made quite a few strawberry banana E-liquids and haven't liked any of them. This one is very good just after a hot bath.I'm sure after a week or two it will be crazy good. I'm gonna make one to let steep for a couple of months. also I used TPA DX banana cream and CAP vanilla custard V2 ( @ 5.5%). I will be ordering the right ingredients though.
#158 by Ogamy, Jul 9. 2016, 22:49
Steeping for a month or two is a win win, specially for the custard. Have a few brewing as we speak. Some with lowered BC and higher SR and SS. Some with a fair bit more VC than 5.5, really lovely flavours, and always nice to have a variety.
@som3a give it a try with 10ml and let us all know, cream fresh will add body, cant comment on the banana though, and I would avoid graham cracker, itll change too much.
#159 by Ken O'Where, Jul 10. 2016, 00:54
@Som3a: I agree with OG but just as he hasnt tried it with the other flavorings neither have I so i cant really be of any help on that.

@RandyRotten: Hope you enjoy, the 5.5% with V2 would be about right and it will probably need a bit longer curing. I havent tried V2 myself but from what others have said it needs to sit just a bit longer than V1.

Sorry it took so long for replies, was on vacation in a remote area this week.
#160 by Som3a, Jul 10. 2016, 06:03
Thanks alot guys I will give it a try and let ya know how it goes, but if I'll use FA Banana and FA Cream Fresh is there recommended percentage I should follow ? otherwise I will be puttin them from my head with no prior experience =)
#161 by daisychainvaper, Jul 14. 2016, 23:50
big thanks Ken, very delicious recipe even after a week. Mixing this at 3/3/2/6
#162 by Ken O'Where, Jul 15. 2016, 01:28
@daisychainvaper: Very glad you like it! Im waiting on my last batch to finish the curing process, i like to cure it about 2 months as i mix in large batches, 500ml.
#163 by Habeeb706, Jul 15. 2016, 06:50
Shake and Vape. Made 10 ml and couldn't stop vaping .
#164 by Ken O'Where, Jul 16. 2016, 06:33
@Habeeb706: Time to break out the big bottles? hehe. Glad you enjoyed it.
#165 by haggyy, Jul 16. 2016, 13:43
4 weeks into steeping this juice and man it tastes delicious! I gave it a little tester at two weeks, but trust me hold out until you hit 4 weeks and you won't be disappointed. I've ran out of strawberry so I've gone and re-batched up a simple custard and banana cream mix hoping it will turn out just as good. I'm going to 'try' and wait 8 weeks next time around to see what the results are like. Thanks again for the share Ken!
#166 by Ken O'Where, Jul 17. 2016, 05:30
@ haggyy: Glad you enjoyed, haggyy. I made the mix without strawberry before, i added just a bit of Banana Cap to it and knocked down the Banana Cream (LA) just a bit, it was fantastic.
#167 by Ogamy, Jul 17. 2016, 05:50
Got a 30ml bottle steeping as we speak of, 2% BC, Cheesecake Graham crust 2% VC 10% with a dash of whipped cream mixed in, tasted it and its delicious. Going for a good ole Banana creamy custard and a slight biscuity taste, delicious so far!
#168 by Ken O'Where, Jul 17. 2016, 08:53
@Og: That sound fantastic, pop that recipe up so i can vape it, hehe.
#169 by Virj42, Jul 21. 2016, 22:33
I just made this last night. After a quick warm water bath and shake I tasted it and it was SO familiar. One of the best flavors I've had. Today I realized its damn close to Milk of the Poppy by Bluedot.
#170 by Ken O'Where, Jul 21. 2016, 23:36
@Virj42: Interesting, ive wanted to try MotP for quite awhile but i havent bought juice in a very very long time.

Vaping some 5 month old Strawnana right now, its pretty dern yummy. Glad you enjoyed. :)
#171 by COFMixture, Jul 23. 2016, 10:14
I absolutely detested this for the first 2 weeks every time I vaped it. It was actually quite similar to a certain banana flavoured medicine they used to give us as kids in Ireland. So I disdainfully flung it to the deepest darkest recesses of my steeping drawer not caring to ever see, smell, taste nor vape ever again.

But, as the Guinness ad says 'good things come to those that wait' and how right that phrase turned out to be in this instance. As I was looking for some 30ml bottles to reuse I happened across a 3 month old bottle of ol' Strawnana Custard and figured I'd reaffirm my conviction that you people were insane. I opened the cap, had a sniff, made a 'mmm not too shabby' shrug then proceeded to apply it to the dripper. The result? Well let's just say I'm crying tears of heartbreaking sadness as I painstakingly make a 300ml batch and also the fact that I've only got 5ml of the original 30 ml left (since yesterday).

TL;DR It's fucking amazing, BUT tastes like arse for the first couple of months

#172 by Virj42, Jul 23. 2016, 13:39
@Ken how do you make it to 5 months? Lol. My 30ml is gone in 3 days. I need to make a bigger batch.
#173 by Ken O'Where, Jul 24. 2016, 21:59
@COFMixture: Glad you ended up liking it, 3 months is spot on for this stuff because of the heavy custard, 1 month its pretty good, two months its delicious and 3 months its perfect. One of our favorites.

@Virj42: I make REALLY big batches, hehe. This was part of a liter batch that i made a few months ago.
#174 by farenheit, Jul 25. 2016, 21:54
You can get Lorranns Banana Cream Clear in the uk feel
The ECig Shop:
#175 by Grubby, Jul 26. 2016, 19:44
Made this today.. Ken.. Thankyou! It's delicious and after 2 weeks steeping it's gonna be even better! Vaped in a griffin 25 RTA with a single coil Clapton at 30w
#176 by Ken O'Where, Jul 27. 2016, 03:26
@Grubby: Glad you like it, wait until you try some month old + stuff! hehe

See you in chat. :)

@farenheit: Thanks for posting the link.
#177 by Dusty, Aug 5. 2016, 05:59
Hello from India. Perhaps my fav recipe of all time. I have made it with the ingredients mentioned in the recipe as well as TPA substitutes. In both the cases, it's a winner. Thank you so much for this :)
#178 by Ken O'Where, Aug 6. 2016, 00:02
@DiscoKelli: Really glad you like it! So kewl how quickly things spread across the globe these days. When i was a kid i had a pen pal in England, it took a couple weeks to send and receive a letter, hehe.
#179 by Goodkat, Aug 9. 2016, 18:38
Can i use VC v2 instead of v1?
#180 by Ken O'Where, Aug 9. 2016, 20:53
@Goodkat: You can but V2 doesnt taste anything like V1 so it will be a completely different recipe. Personally i have never used V2 but from what i hear you should use less of it and it will require a longer curing time. BTW, the Banana Cream diketones.

This question has been asked in these comments a few times. Perhaps you could hit the blue wrench then Adapt This and change the flavorings to V2, that way the next time someone asks we cant point them to the adapted recipe. Hopefully some others would comment on how it tastes with V2.

Hope that helps! :)
#181 by beram, Aug 11. 2016, 05:11
Delicious! Thanks!
#182 by Ken O'Where, Aug 11. 2016, 20:50
@beram: Glad you enjoyed! :)
#183 by BALATA, Aug 12. 2016, 13:52
This is my first banana recipe and I loving it.
Al tough it needs a steeping time.
Now I want to make it more suitebuil for my K5, would it work as a 40/60 pg/vg base?
#184 by lola, Aug 12. 2016, 20:24
hello (again!!)
made this one too...
wanted to tell you's nice from you to answer at each one , like that ..
much love Ken..
#185 by lola, Aug 12. 2016, 20:29
oh will come back to tell you, (once it's cured enough in 2/3weeks )
thanks again Ken...bisous!!
#186 by Ken O'Where, Aug 13. 2016, 06:21
@BALATA: Glad you like, it really does suck with the long curing times, hehe. Worth the wait tho. It should work fine at that ratio, ive mixed it at 30pg/70vg and it was not really any different, if it was at all.

@lola: I really hope you enjoy, it is one of our favorites. :)
#187 by Cloyce, Aug 13. 2016, 20:31
I made 90ml of this on 4/27/16 and vape it occasionally and it has been very good, but I just broke out the last 30ml's of it and it has turned a golden orange color and it has the most fantastic flavor!

So Ken I think 4 months steep is just about right. LOL
#188 by mlNikon , Aug 15. 2016, 08:07
I just want to say that I thought adv was just a myth for me that I would never find a juice I liked enough to vape all of the time. That being said THIS juice can easily be an adv it is DELICIOUS! Luckily I DIY so I don't have to have an adv but if I did, this would be it. I let it steep the recommended month even though it killed me and I am glad I did. I am Immediately going to make a large batch and let it steep for another month thank you.
#189 by Ken O'Where, Aug 16. 2016, 01:24
@Cloyce: You know, i was thinking about the ridiculous curing time the other day and am going to run some experiments. I first made this for the wife when she still used her Protank Mini and eGo batt, i bet if i made a base and dropped the overall % down to 15% it would take a lot less time to cure. Glad you like it, bud. :)

@mlNikon: Very glad that you enjoyed it. That is a very good point, while i do have one main ADV, my Simple Custard, i have a few others in the rotation and they change quite often. That there is one of the best things about DIY, besides the savings, not being forced to stick with just or two liquids.

I see you on reddit a lot but i dont really comment a lot on the DIY sub anymore, /u/To0nMaN. We have a really good IRC chat with some really good mixers, new mixers and overall great people. You should stop in sometime, Click Social at the top of the page and click Join Chat.

@Everyone, many thanks for all the comments. >:^)
#190 by Obi-Wan, Aug 16. 2016, 23:13
I made 30mls of this 8 days ago and managed to keep my paws off of it for the first 7 days. All I can say is this juice is divine after even after only 7 days. I had to mix another 100mls today so I can have a fighting chance of trying it after a 4-6 week steep. Thanks for sharing this, my hats off to you for this fine mix!!!
#191 by Ken O'Where, Aug 16. 2016, 23:48
@Obi-Wan: Glad you enjoy! And let me tell you, it is worth the wait to let it cure. 1 month is really good and 2 months is fantastic.

You are welcome and thank you for the kind comments. :)
#192 by Ken O'Where, Aug 16. 2016, 23:49
@Obi-Wan: i forgot to tell you how much i love that pic of your Jedi dog!
#193 by podgejeff, Aug 21. 2016, 00:06
Made some of this, let it steep for a month. It tastes great but I really can't taste any strawberry. Banana seems a bit more muted than it did right after mixing as well, the strawberry was strong then. Not sure what happened.

Still a great flavor.
#194 by RuntDastardly, Aug 24. 2016, 18:12
Thanks for this recipe, Ken O'Where, it is DELICIOUS!

VC1 usually tops out at around 6% for me, so that's where I mixed it at, which is perfectly scrumptious after a month-long steep, but I might have to whip up a batch at 10% to crack open 6+ months from now.

Great recipe! Thanks for sharing it!
#195 by Som3a, Aug 24. 2016, 19:06
Mate I only had TPA banana cream but I dont remember at what percentage maybe 4% I dont really remember that was month+ ago, its really awesome and deicious, 5 stars for it and thanks for sharing such nice recipe bud cheers
#196 by Som3a, Aug 24. 2016, 19:07
#197 by fauve, Aug 27. 2016, 13:30
Devine! First test batch did not make it past 2 weeks, tasted so damn good, I have another 150ml just made, going to make a litre of this when the postie brings me more vanilla!
#198 by Ken O'Where, Aug 31. 2016, 06:51
Glad all y'all are enjoying it! Still working on a Bluenana version of it using easy to find flavorings, instead of medicine flower. The blueberry version has been much tougher to nail down, unfortunately.

@podgejeff: Interesting, you didnt leave the cap off at all did ya? Its the only thing that i can think of. The SB and Banana are meant to balance, one not being dominant over the other but they should both have a presence in the mixed after it is cured.

Thanks for all the nice comments and feedback, i really appreciate them.
#199 by norwegianvaper, Sep 1. 2016, 22:10
Here I would lower the VC to nearly half and let it steep for at least 8 weeks. Custard flavors need time to shine. Those high % is maybe good for a shake and vape_
#200 by Timmis, Sep 4. 2016, 19:01
I made this exactly as the recipe says only 70/30 and it's very good as a shake and vape and even better a week later. Especially nice that it's only 4 flavors.
#201 by norwegianvaper, Sep 5. 2016, 01:25
Sure, as a shake and vape or short steep, it will work, but VC tend to use long time to steep, and then less is more.
#202 by Ken O'Where, Sep 5. 2016, 02:22
@norwegianvaper: That depends entirely on your taste preferences and what it is being mixed with. Some people prefer 5% and some people prefer higher. Some mixes i like the VC V1 at higher %'s and some at low, my main ADV is my Simple Custard where i use it at 5% and it is perfect. Totally agree on the curing time, i dont touch my custard mixes before 2 months. MMmmMM

@Timmis: Glad you enjoyed it, sometimes simple is good too. :)
#203 by hamist, Sep 8. 2016, 07:51
Amazing, thank you.
I adapted with 5.5 VC V2
S N V in my opinion.
I think it's premium juice quality.
#204 by Ken O'Where, Sep 8. 2016, 08:39
@hamist: Happy to hear you enjoy it and thank you. :)
#205 by norwegianvaper, Sep 10. 2016, 12:55
I picked up a strawberry stone from this site. I think I am up to mixing it today, and try it in a recipe in these gate I also received a INW Strawberry Shisha, but haven't tried it yet.
#206 by norwegianvaper, Sep 10. 2016, 13:04
Sorry, here are the Strawberry Stone invented by JacktheVapor78 I have only tested Strawberry and Strawberry Ripe, both TFA, and IMO it is huge difference in a positve way over just using one of them.
#207 by Lebowski, Sep 16. 2016, 17:58
Absolutely AMAZING juice! As i cannot wait i SNV and it was amazing right away. But, after a week the strawberries just are perfect balanced with the banana anda the cream. Cant wait to see what it will turn in to over time. Definitely premium! Made it Max VG, with TPA banana cream and VC at 7.3%! Much love from Brasil Ken! Thanks for the recipe!
#208 by artutot, Sep 24. 2016, 21:31
Ken O'Where i must say this is premium juice i let it steep for 2 months and it is so gooooooooooooooooooooooooood. Just wanted to ask you here in Las Vegas NV there is a juice company that makes e juice you should let me introduce your juice to them. I do not doubt it that they will want to start making it and you hit the jackpot. If yes you can send me a letter saying your the one that came up with the juice. Of course you would not give up the recipe until they say what they are willing to pay you. And of course my 3 percent :) Please forgive me for my grammer..
#209 by OldGuyVaper (OGV), Sep 24. 2016, 23:06
Wonderful juice, Ken. Based on all the raves, I made a "tester" of 120 mls... I don't think it'll last 2 weeks! Next batch'll be MUCH bigger LOL Thanx for sharing such a really great recipe!!! (6 out of 5!)
#210 by Ken O'Where, Sep 25. 2016, 00:07
@artutot: Many thanks but there is a problem. With the new regs this juice probably wouldnt be allowed to be sold as Lorann has refused to divulge the information that the FDA requires. Any juice using their flavorings would then be illegal to be sold.

@Lebowski, OldGuyVaper: Thanks much and i am glad that you enjoy the juice!
#211 by hatechoosingusernames, Sep 26. 2016, 22:42
@ken O'Where do I have to use strawberry ripe? every time I use this my vapes seem to become harsh
#212 by Ken O'Where, Sep 27. 2016, 07:50
@hatechoosingusernames: You dont have to but any other SB would make is a very different recipe. I do get what you are saying tho, it is a really good flavoring when used in the correct %'s and balanced with another SB. Ive never been able to use it on its own.
#213 by Hutchy, Sep 30. 2016, 16:59
made this at 40/60 pg/vg with only 6% vc and it is outstanding at 2 weeks, may not be able to stay off it for a month haha
#214 by hamist, Sep 30. 2016, 18:14
I've made this a few times now with some alterations. Mostly using tpa banana cream rather than LA. It's brilliant and my ADV. I made 100ml last night and was short 2ml of Cap VC, so made it up with tpa malted milk. Looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for a great recipe Ken
#215 by Mr.46mm, Oct 2. 2016, 01:48
solid recipe, made it a few times, ive added some sweetner and tried different strawberry's, its a great recipe with some flexibility if your low on something
#216 by Ken O'Where, Oct 4. 2016, 22:45
Glad you guys enjoy! I still havent tried it with BC (TPA), i should as they arent that different. Another alternative would be to split LA/TPA 50:50.
#217 by Timmis, Oct 5. 2016, 05:01
TPA ripe strawberry all the way if you're out of CAP sweet strawberry
#218 by hamist, Oct 5. 2016, 08:19
I make it with TPA BC and is great. The local vape shop owner tried it yesterday and loved it.
#219 by cubsfuture, Oct 8. 2016, 11:13
I finally ordered the Banana Cream (LA) colorless and realized I didn't have Sweet Strawberry(CAP) . So i used 3% red touch and less than 24hrs and I like it already . One more flavor I have to order. Going to have to make a couple bottles more for reserves . Thank Ken for the recipe its really good . HIghly recommend it .
#220 by Ken O'Where, Oct 10. 2016, 23:31
@CUBS: Hey, bud. Shoulda hollered i could have sent down the stuff you didnt have. Ive had my eye on red touch for awhile now, im going to bump it up for the next order i place. Dont hesitate to post your adaptation, i love seeing them.
#221 by FrenchVaper, Oct 17. 2016, 15:19
Can i sub LA banana by TPA banana cream please ?
#222 by Lebowski, Oct 20. 2016, 13:48
I have used TPA banana cream and it still awesome!
#223 by FrenchVaper, Oct 20. 2016, 14:19
thanks lebowsky
i have done with TPA and it's very good !
#224 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 12:57
#225 by strat, Oct 26. 2016, 18:37
Had to mix this up, so many great reviews. I did it with 5% custard but think I'll do another at 10 like you said. Can you taste the strawberry and banana with 10 vanilla custard?
#226 by strat, Oct 26. 2016, 18:50
Had to mix this up, so many great reviews. I did it with 5% custard but think I'll do another at 10 like you said. Can you taste the strawberry and banana with 10 vanilla custard?
#227 by strat, Oct 26. 2016, 18:51
I'll report back after a month of steeping to tell you how it taste
#228 by Jaafar , Oct 27. 2016, 02:16
I want to make this liquid. But without nicotine. How can I delete the ratio of nicotine. I want the proportion of nicotine 0
#229 by OldGuyVaper (OGV), Oct 27. 2016, 02:32
@Jaafar It calls for 0.9 ml (or 1.13 gr) of 100% VG Nicotine base. Just add that amount to the VG amount, and you'll be OK.
#230 by Jaafar , Oct 27. 2016, 19:53
Thank you so much @OldGuyVaper
#231 by CW, Oct 30. 2016, 13:41
Making this in batches of 200ml for my wife. She loves it. Been her ADV since I first made it!
#232 by Hutchy, Nov 1. 2016, 02:31
thanks man super delish!
#233 by Ken O'Where, Nov 2. 2016, 20:55
@strat: You can, @2 months this is a wonderfully creamy, rich, banana/SB custard.

@CW: Tell her thank you and im glad she likes it.

@Hutchy: You are welcome and thanks for the comment. :)
#234 by FrenchVaper, Nov 3. 2016, 10:35
i have noticed than after a week or more, strawberrys start to vanish
I prefer almost without steep :)
#235 by Kpm278, Nov 5. 2016, 16:34
Ken, this is awesome. If I wanted a little more banana, what would you suggest? I'm new to the diy but I am really liking mixing my own juices for me and my wife. Thanks for any info.
#236 by Ken O'Where, Nov 6. 2016, 00:17
@Kpm27: You could bump up the Banana Cream slowly until it is where you want it.

Hope that helps.
#237 by Kpm278, Nov 6. 2016, 00:51
I went up 1% on the banana cream and dropped the strawberries down a 1/2%. It's really good right after mix so I'm thinking with some steep it will be awesome. I don't know if I can leave it alone though lol.
#238 by wetmini, Nov 6. 2016, 17:39
@Kpm278 you could also try 1-2% (INW) Banana Shisha. I do it in a few batches when mixing this and it is wonderful.

@Ken O'Where Great recipe, one of my all time favorite custard recipes. And my second favorite banana recipe.
#239 by Lolly, Nov 6. 2016, 21:33
Have just cracked this open after a month long steep and it is DELICIOUS! The balance of the strawberry and banana is spot on for me, with the creamy smoothness of the custard. Def adding to my adv rotation - thanks @KenO'Where for sharing this beauty!
#240 by Ken O'Where, Nov 9. 2016, 20:09
@Lolly: Glad you liked it and waited the proper amount of time to test it out.

@wetmini: Thank you, happy that you enjoy it. :)
#241 by Kpm278, Nov 11. 2016, 00:26
Ken, how do you think this would be without the strawberry ripe? Also what % would you mix up just the vanilla custard as a stand alone?
#242 by Ken O'Where, Nov 11. 2016, 19:56
@Kpm278: Shot you a message on reddit, bud. Hope it helps!
#243 by JackHack, Nov 17. 2016, 21:50
Needed about a month of steeping but great after that :) After mixing it reminded me a bit of vitamins or medicine, but it got much better after a month in my drawer.
#244 by Ken O'Where, Nov 18. 2016, 22:07
@JackHack: Glad you let it cure, it definitely makes a difference. Happy mixing!
#245 by jimr, Nov 20. 2016, 00:33
I made 200mls of this so far . A few of my work buddies love it too. Please let me know if you ever come up with the Blueberry version. Thank you very much Ken.
#246 by jimr, Nov 20. 2016, 00:37
Oops. I See you already made one. Can't wait to try it.
#247 by Ken O'Where, Nov 21. 2016, 03:25
@ jimr: You are welcome and im glad you and yours enjoy it. Hope the Bluenana version works for you too.
#248 by beables, Nov 21. 2016, 16:34
Great recipe!! Thanks!
#249 by jimr, Nov 22. 2016, 01:52
Got the Blueberry steeping righ t now.
#250 by Shaqun, Dec 5. 2016, 20:43
Stop using banana cream LA immediately. And if you have used it for a long time, see a doctor for your lungs. This flavor contains Yellow 5 which should not be inhaled in any way. FD&C Yellow No.5; known to provoke asthma attacks (though the US FDA** do not recognize this) and linked to thyroid tumors, chromosomal damage, urticaria (hives) and hyperactivity as well as cancer.
#251 by Ken O'Where, Dec 9. 2016, 04:28
Sorry, i accidentally made this private thinking that i had made an adaptation.

@Shaqun: There is a colorless version that the vast majority of us use. I have been meaning to change the flavoring to indicate that, thanks for the reminder.
#252 by HukIt, Dec 9. 2016, 08:35
made this with TFA Banana, swapped the %'s of the strawberry's and this is pretty tasty. I've had this banana sitting here unopened for a year. glad I seen this on the first page. thanks. I also added 2 drops per ML of super sweet.
#253 by JTC, Dec 13. 2016, 19:26
For me this is OK but I'm not as impressed as I thought I would be tbh.
I made it max vg and steeped for 2 months but nah it won't be going into my rotation.
Thanks for sharing anyway.
#254 by BGtam, Dec 20. 2016, 12:06
Hi Ken, i've made this recipe a week ago. it smells like, i don't know, maybe alcohol, smells harsh. do i need to breathe this?
anyway, thanks for sharing, i really appreciate it
#255 by Ken O'Where, Dec 20. 2016, 22:19
@JTC: Sorry that you did not enjoy. Revisit the bottle in a couple months, six months is what i shoot for when i vape it. I know it seems ridiculous but it yummy. But not everyone likes the same stuff, that is the great thing about DIY, you can make things to your own liking.

@BGtam: Never breath a liquid, it releases the good and bad. Instead just let it sit and cure for at least a month. The Sweet Strawberry (CAP) is partly alcohol based and the alcohol will evaporate into the empty space in the bottle so when you open it after a moth or so it will release. My advice would be to smell your concentrates and see which one has the smell that you are not fond of. If it is Banana Cream (LA) it may be the chemicals they use to create that flavoring and it is common to almost all banana flavorings, i cant remember its name right now.

Hope you enjoy.
#256 by BklynGoldie, Jan 2, 03:15
Is there a way to use a straight banana (inawera in my case) and sub in for banana cream using some other flavor like sweet cream or something?
#257 by iRoNiCCHuCK, Jan 7, 08:07
Ken! This is the best recipe on here hands down. This has been my adv for about 2 months. Going to try out some of your other recipes soon
#258 by A.D.V., Jan 10, 03:34
made exact and steeped for 18 days (no heat). and just perfect ken, really! great artificial banana and semi-arrificial strawberry with a rich vanilla custard. love this recipe! it would certainly make my top 5 all time recipies but because if the high amount of CP vanilla custard v1 i probably shouldnt ;) would love to see if V2 would be almost as good at 10% but am worried that the butric acid (i imagine thats what they are using in V2) might taste like vomit that high? 5/5 rating.
#259 by HC2S, Jan 10, 05:43
Cap VC V2...DON'T DO IT! It's yak piss nasty.
#260 by Cheese whizz, Jan 13, 01:58
this is gorgeous stuff. just about to whip up 1 Litre of the stuff so I make it through to the 4 week steep without vaping it all! Well done on this Ken!
#261 by Nipple Foliage, saturday, 22:17
I've tried loads of different recipes on here but this is by an obscenely, ridonculous amount my favorite. Just ordered enough concentrates to make 1l which I'll stash in my basement until I've gone through all my other juice.
#262 by BoyHowdy, monday, 09:22
Can't believe that I waited so long to try this! Great recipe and I no longer fear the nanner!
#263 by Ken O'Where, tuesday, 06:17
Many thanks, y'all. Glad you find it enjoyable. At 6 months cure it is perhaps my favorite mix despite the high % of flavoring.
#264 by Ken O'Where, tuesday, 06:21
@BklynGoldie: You certainly could, create an adaptation and give it a try. I wouldnt know about the %s as i havent ever tried it but i bet you can whip up something fantastic. If you click the blue wrench and check the adaptations id be willing to bet someone has tried something close to what you are asking.

I use Banana Cream (LA) as it is very artificial banana and creamy. Im not a big fan of real banana flavorings so i still with this one.

Best of luck to you!
#265 by BklynGoldie, yesterday, at 04:20
Thanks Ken, experimentation is half the fun. Not rocket surgery after all 😊
#266 by salomoalvin, yesterday, at 17:13
can i change banana cream colorless with banana cream tfa ?
#267 by Ken O'Where, yesterday, at 20:36
@salomoalvin: You certainly can, it wont taste quite the same but it will be close. If you click the blue wrench and choose Show Adaptations someone has probably already made the recipe using TPA's BC. This way you can see how it turned out for them.

As you are new to the site feel free to shoot me a message if you need any help or join us in chat/forums.

Best of luck!

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