Mother's Unicorn Milk 

Gravatar - by apwroblewski, Mar 20. 2015, 12:41


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

#1 by Poyn2Ohmyvayp, Apr 16. 2015, 04:08
Hi apwroblewski, I used this recipe to make a 30ml bottle of juice. It's fantastic and it was gone in two days, so I made more and let this dude that buys all his juice from me try it and he loves it so I've been churning this stuff out like it was liquid gold! Thanks for your contribution. I have both regular and Belgium Waffle flavoring that I don't know what to do with. I was happy to see you have a recipe for Cina-waffles... I'm going to try that one next. Thanks again.
#2 by Tripod, Jun 1. 2015, 14:16
If i try to adapt this to 40/60 PG/VG, and use FA strawberry instead of TPA strawberry ripe, what percentage do you think i should use?
#3 by Tripod, Jun 1. 2015, 14:18
It's not that it's not good as it is, in fact it's awesome. I just ran out of TFA strawberry ripe, and only have FA red touch (strawberry). TIA.
#4 by apwroblewski, Jun 1. 2015, 14:33
@Tripod - IMO, FA is not as good. I try to stock up on as much of straw ripe as possible.
@VapinDave - rock on. Thank you.
#5 by Tripod, Jun 1. 2015, 22:01
@apwroblewski well i did order some straw ripe today, should be here soon. Thanks for a great recipe!!
#6 by The Vaping Goat , Jun 22. 2015, 21:51
I'm going to make this but I'll have to use Capella Vanilla custard V1 and a different cream (I have a few to choose from)

How would you compare %'s of the custard? I've never used TPA VC but I think 3%, maybe will be enough for it to be present without overpowering the Bavarian Cream which I adore!
#7 by toleary1988, Jul 3. 2015, 04:30
Wow just mixed up 2 30 mls of this and just shake and vaped and its very good stuff!! Thank you for your contributions to thus great community
#8 by nineball, Jul 13. 2015, 01:57
Tried this recipe 3 times so far and its amazing. I didn't have cheesecake graham crust the first time so I used newyork cheesecake and graham cracker together. Tried it the other times using the recommended flavors and still tasted good. Thank you for the awesome recipe I love this flavor!
#9 by Elektrovenik, Aug 10. 2015, 21:37
Awesome mix, but I like it more with original cheesecake(tpa)
#10 by babayaga, Aug 22. 2015, 22:12
Awesome recipe! This has easily become my favorite recipe, my ADV TOP SPOT! Thank you for this, can't get enough folks this recipe is amazing, must try!! I've made 3 yes three 120 ml batch so far. Well really 4 but dropped and broke one once :( Usually a hot bath and 3 day steep is all this needs. I found flavor (for me) doesn't change much over 3 days. Have steeped 3, 7, and 14 days and all tasted the same.
#11 by armyscents, Sep 7. 2015, 06:59
I make this often for my bro in law who likes the mothers milk and says it's even better than the premium store bought juice. Well done on this recipe!
#12 by enfield, Sep 14. 2015, 05:58
has anyone tried it with more vg?
#13 by armyscents, Sep 14. 2015, 06:03
I mix this recipe at max vg (26%pg / 74%vg). Brother in law says it's spot on but better!
#14 by VapinVan, Sep 25. 2015, 20:22
Made 50 ml max vg per recipe 6 hour slow cooker steep and it's great to vape. Definitely going to make this again. Great recipe thank you very much.
#15 by cracker_jaxx, Oct 14. 2015, 10:02
Love the stuff, have already made about 200ml of it. my go to adv at the moment ! pretty good straight out of the bottle but after 2 week steep its absolutely awesome
#16 by clocKwize, Oct 14. 2015, 10:47
This is lovely. Good job
#17 by Eric, Oct 15. 2015, 04:22
This is the best I mixed it at 40/60 30ml and it is good thank you going to make 30ml more to steep .
#18 by Billy_Jean, Oct 16. 2015, 08:02
this is a good strawberry cheesecake vape indeed. but nothing like Unicorn/ Mothers milk..I made this with exact recipe stated at 1.5 months steeping
#19 by Duddits, Oct 20. 2015, 00:52
This was very good. Better, in my opinion, than that other recipe. Did use VC V2 CAP because I did not have TPA. Still excellent :)
#20 by HC2S, Oct 23. 2015, 06:01
Love this juice, a nice twist on two greats. Kudos to you! The BV really makes it shine. Sweet creamy Strawberry cheesecake with a graham cracker crust.
#21 by WillowJuice, Nov 20. 2015, 17:18
What sort of average steep time on this recipe please?
#22 by HC2S, Nov 20. 2015, 20:52
#WillowJuice anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. Creams usually take about 2 weeks minimum, Custards don't even start to really shine until after a month IMHO. So at least 2 weeks. I tested my batch every week, it was good out of the gate, but by week 3 it is a very nice vape.
#23 by WillowJuice, Nov 21. 2015, 10:55
^^^ HC that's great advice...many thanks.
#24 by Melodycd, Nov 29. 2015, 08:03
Can i change Vanilla custard for Vanilla Bean Ice Cream? I don't have Vanilla Custurd, what is the difference between them?
#25 by Daour, Dec 3. 2015, 16:30
can i use 0 nic?
#26 by VapinVan, Dec 9. 2015, 05:50
melody it wouldn't be the same recipe but give it a try, might be something amazing, take notes and if good post it. Daour all recipes can be 0 nic just use the amount of pg or vg instead of nic in this case 0.9 mls of either.
#27 by v8taz, Dec 13. 2015, 11:27
just have to say thanks for the recipe. after a 2week steep it is a good ADV and I am picky, wind up pouring a lot of juice down the drain. This is a keeper tanks
#28 by Disco Devil, Dec 27. 2015, 00:31
Just tried this recepie works great! Thanks. I just tried it after a day I can only imagine how it will taste after 2-3 weeks. The only difference is I tried a 30pg/70vg mix.
#29 by Wassabi, Jan 1. 2016, 02:07
I got dx bavarian cream tpa what should be the percentage or drops on this recipe?
#30 by VapinVan, Jan 2. 2016, 07:26
dx bavarian is same as normal just without diactyl, from what i understand.
#31 by Wassabi, Jan 2. 2016, 16:12
Thanks a lot !
#32 by Awayze, Jan 6. 2016, 20:31
Tried it after a shake and vape, think it needs steeping for a few weeks.
#33 by v8taz, Jan 11. 2016, 23:51
I made 60ml gave it a hot bath and tried liked it. On the 2nd day I put it into my home made shaker for around 8 hours (heating it up once in awhile) tried it again and loved it. I have made 4oz for myself and 2 for a friend. Thank you for posting
#34 by discoboyminimal, Jan 13. 2016, 21:08
just did 200ml batch.
had made 2 more times.30+100+100. i cant fucking stop vaping!!! :D
#35 by aaaps, Jan 18. 2016, 17:28
Сгущенное молоко и карамель и ещё что то, но не клубника. Очень вкусно.
#36 by Andreas4463, Jan 19. 2016, 20:28
I made this yesterday and its really nice! reminds me of Milk by Glass!
#37 by Awayze, Jan 24. 2016, 15:50
Two weeks on, its much nicer. Not as rough but next time I'll lower the PG content as I'm not a fan of the throat hit.
#38 by molotovgod, Jan 28. 2016, 00:00
Wow this is amazing! great recipe. For everyone for easy shopping go to (im not promoting but I am lol) instead of buying from all these places buy from there they had all these ingredients, I also got all the ingredients for strawberry shortcake bar see how that one goes, but this one is amazing. thanks again ~molotovgod
#39 by Vapourwest, Feb 3. 2016, 10:08
Just made a batch of this shit and it smells amazing!
I also used a milk frother to mix the ingredients
#40 by Geffen, Feb 3. 2016, 18:30
Very very good!
#41 by Awayze, Feb 5. 2016, 01:22
Came back to it and 20ml I made has gone in 2 days. It's that nice. I've made it more accurately this time. Needs a couple of weeks steeping to get the best though
#42 by alter3g0, Feb 7. 2016, 19:35
Very good ! I mix it at 70/30 and after 1 week of steeping tastes great.
#43 by Hea1er, Feb 11. 2016, 20:29
very nice, steep 1 week minimum
#44 by Paul, Feb 13. 2016, 10:32
5 stars!
#45 by Briggs, Feb 15. 2016, 20:44
Can I use vanilla custard v2 instead of just vanilla custard or is there a big difference?
#46 by leirbag23, Feb 17. 2016, 05:24
Absolutely the best recipe I ever tried. Congrats! This is my "make a huge batch" ADV.
#47 by Oleg, Feb 17. 2016, 14:48
Verry good, 5 stars.
False PG/VG-ratio: 50/50 , true - 30/70.
#48 by laura, Feb 18. 2016, 02:25
кто нибудь мешал с 20 на 80?
#49 by triki, Feb 18. 2016, 05:01
5 Star ! Tastes and smells amazing !!
#50 by valerymoroz, Feb 19. 2016, 00:34
20 на 80 никак не получается. Аром в рецепте 26%. Я мешаю 30 на 70. Отлично!!!
#51 by tlc221981, Feb 20. 2016, 04:34
Just made a 30ml bottle and Man you got this spot on I love it thanks
#52 by leirbag23, Feb 20. 2016, 04:53
Didn't have any more Strawberry Ripe (I used it all on a huge batch of this recipe), so I tried it with TPA Dragonfruit, and it's also pretty good. Not as good as this, but quite nice!
#53 by noshadowkick, Feb 24. 2016, 00:06
Going to try this out at 30/70 PG/VG and see how it works. I want to drip this!
#54 by Gap, Mar 4. 2016, 01:48
Все кому дал попробовать - в восторге!
#55 by bgsgfan, Mar 5. 2016, 12:53
Amazing shake n vape! I am new to DIY and this recipe is the first definite hit that will keep me going. Thanks!!!
#56 by 4 rings of fury, Mar 5. 2016, 14:20
I bought all the flavorings from the top 8 recipes here on ELR as a kick start to DIY and I have to say - after leaving this to steep for about a week or slightly longer- it's the best one from ELR I've mixed up!! Smelled/vapes decent when first mixed but it became soooo well balanced and delicious after a steep. I think this will be my new ADV that'll tie me down so I can experiment with the flavorings I have and be able to let hem steep. Prior to trying this steeped I was SnV'ing everything since I was looking for an ADV. Thos should keep me happy for quite some time. Thank you for this delicious, creamy and perfectly balanced recipe!!! 5 stars from me👍🏻
#57 by Awayze, Mar 6. 2016, 23:28
I've made it at 50/50 and 65/35, better taste with 50/50 and no extra roughness on a 1 ohm Atlantis 2 coil. One of the better recipes.
#58 by aaaps, Mar 7. 2016, 16:17
Лучший самозамес из кучи мною попробованных. Не надоедает, но иногда пробую что то новое.
#59 by Jake The Brake, Mar 8. 2016, 19:15
After 2 weeks steeping its not bad, but still tastes very cakey and I don't get much of a strawberry flavour even at those high percentages. Do enjoy it in the Nautilus, a bit too cakey for sub ohming for my taste though. Will let it steep a bit longer and hope for the best.
#60 by siege, Mar 10. 2016, 14:52
i made this recipe but after 3 weeks of steeping it has a chemical taste. is that natural? should i let it steep more?
#61 by tlc221981, Mar 10. 2016, 16:54
What brand name of flavoring did you use???? I used all TFA and I don't have that.... And I can shake and vape this!!!!
#62 by Jake The Brake, Mar 10. 2016, 17:15
I used these exact ingredients and yes I could shake & vape too, but then the cakeyness came after steeping.
#63 by tlc221981, Mar 10. 2016, 17:24
Then I don't know that's weird I have a bottle that has been sitting for 2 weeks so I tried it and it is fine too....
#64 by Jake The Brake, Mar 10. 2016, 17:57
I've even played around with the strawberry, adding tpa strawberry, changing percentages and so on, to no avail. Going to try again reducing the cheesecake and possibly the custard. I do like the recipe overall, but as I said, a bit too cakey for my taste.
#65 by tlc221981, Mar 10. 2016, 18:54
Okay I just looked at my recipe and this is what I used....
My Nictone is 100%PG 100MG @ a 3 0.9ml
VG 21.3ml only no PG
DX Bavarian Cream TFA 4% 1.2ml
Cheesecake Graham Crust TFA 5% 1.5ml
Ripe Strawberry TFA 10% 3ml
DX Sweet Cream TFA 4% 1.2ml
Vanilla Custard TFA 3% 0.9ml
I got the DX flavoring because it says that it is a (diketone Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl free version....)
#66 by siege, Mar 10. 2016, 18:54
I used tpa. If i let it breathe a bit more should it tone down that chemical taste?
#67 by tlc221981, Mar 10. 2016, 19:14
I would put it in a dark cold area with the lid off for a max 4 Hours only
#68 by Jake The Brake, Mar 11. 2016, 03:58
Well finally got around to rewicking my dripper and tried this liquid again. What can I say, love it! Shame it doesn't taste that great in my tanks.
#69 by Young Vapes, Mar 14. 2016, 03:54
would it be great if I add 1% ethyl maltol?
#70 by 4 rings of fury, Mar 17. 2016, 03:20
I hate to say this since it was my favorite of all the highest rated recipes on the first page but after 2 weeks the flavors muted a LOT. Bummed since I made 120 because I loved my 30 ml sample so much. Now that I look at te flavorings I realize it's the straw ripe that's wel known to mute and not steep well. I'm gonna make this with a combo of sb ripe and another sb like maybe FA, cap or even reg TFA straw. Good thing is at this point all I have to do is add enough sb to taste to my remaining 120 ml and I should be fine. Just FYI, this doesn't steep so great due to the sb ripe being the only sb used her. You'd be better off with a combo of at least 2 sb's to combat the muting. IMHO of course
#71 by Bobby_Turkalino87, Mar 17. 2016, 20:07
@4ringsoffury I made this with 5% ripe and 5% strawberry both TFA and I am letting it breathe at the moment before I do a test on it but am hoping this helps the muting of the strawberry after it has steeped for a few weeks.
#72 by 4 rings of fury, Mar 18. 2016, 13:45
@Bobby Turkalino Ya my next batch I'll either do a mix of TFA sb', sb ripe TFA and sweet sb cap or a combo of INW Shisha sb (become my favorite sb to date) and maybe ripe or sweet sb. Either way it's a great recipe...possibly the best sb and cream I've had and I know the ultimate sb and cream is hugely debatable and subjective but this juice (along with fresh' sb milkshake is what helped me stop buying my premium ADV juice (that juice was Boosted btw which t me was king of sb and creams - albeit it was marketed as sb milkshake).

Anyhow, thanks for the recommendation. I'll report back when I do experiment. Cheers.
#73 by 4 rings of fury, Mar 18. 2016, 13:45
@Bobby Turkalino Ya my next batch I'll either do a mix of TFA sb', sb ripe TFA and sweet sb cap or a combo of INW Shisha sb (become my favorite sb to date) and maybe ripe or sweet sb. Either way it's a great recipe...possibly the best sb and cream I've had and I know the ultimate sb and cream is hugely debatable and subjective but this juice (along with fresh' sb milkshake is what helped me stop buying my premium ADV juice (that juice was Boosted btw which t me was king of sb and creams - albeit it was marketed as sb milkshake).

Anyhow, thanks for the recommendation. I'll report back when I do experiment. Cheers.
#74 by Robking89, Mar 18. 2016, 15:36
Made this today and it's awesome I tweaked it takes make 60vg/40vg but still awesome my question is do you think banana would also work instead of the strawberry to make banana milk?
#75 by Danimal, Mar 25. 2016, 19:13
Very good recipe. I made this in a 70/30. I didn't have the custard so I used sweet cream instead and also added 1% brown sugar. It sat for three days started vaping it today and I am out after 3 hours. The guy at work kept steeling my vape cause he liked it so much and he doesn't even vape. I can't imagine how it would taste after a week steeping. Thanks for the recipe.
#76 by greymatter352, Mar 29. 2016, 04:44
So much flavoring in this recipe, usually stay away from that. But can't stop vaping this!
#77 by Briggs, Mar 29. 2016, 15:19
this is my favorite recipe of all time its my adv for sure
#78 by Bobby_Turkalino87, Mar 30. 2016, 18:03
@4_rings_of_fury Boosted is such a good vape!! i hope to concoct something close to that. You have me wanting to go purchase a bottle now
#79 by enwake, Mar 31. 2016, 20:44
Замешал эту хуйню. Мамкиного молока тут точно нет. Но есть бабкины труханы. А еще эта арома очень напомнила мне поездку к любимым друзьям. Коле и Але. Запах электрички из 10. Спасибо за проебанные аромы!
#80 by igottasrt8, Mar 31. 2016, 21:00
Really enjoying this. Thanks!
#81 by apwroblewski, Mar 31. 2016, 21:49
Wow, when I first made this flavor, i was really just using this site to help me with the different %'s of flavor / nicotine / PG / VG. Had no clue it would be so popular! Thanks everyone!
#82 by Awayze, Apr 6. 2016, 21:40
It's unusual but this recipe, only this one out of all the ones I've made, seems to tone down the headaches I get, they started years before vaping so its not the vaping. Could be the high PG in this, should give it a test with others i think.
#83 by noshadowkick, Apr 7. 2016, 20:16
I've noticed this recipe has several different flavor profiles as it ages and have found the sweetspot to be about 4 weeks+. Right away it's a bit of a jumble, then it gets really funny between 1-3 weeks. Almost sickly sweet in a weird way. Right around 4 weeks (maybe a little less) for me is when it really comes together. And it REALLY comes together. It's one of my fav recipes and I pretty much always have 120 ml steeping.
#84 by SirMixALot, Apr 8. 2016, 21:13
Very nice recipe! Well done! I would note that I find this is great for shake and vape, even though creams and custard bases usually need steeping time. After just 3 days, 4 hours open cap, and 2 45 minute hot water bath sessions, the strawberry is almost completely background. I imagine it will only get more mild for the berry. Any thoughts?
#85 by Madancient, Apr 8. 2016, 23:15
Без шуток, настоялась через полтора месяца, реально огонь получилась, Сотками мешаю теперь)
#86 by GingerBeardMan, Apr 9. 2016, 23:14
Great recipe tyvm
#87 by Treachery, Apr 10. 2016, 06:21
Made about 90ml of this so far. It's a really good Strawberries and Custard/Cream mix. Steeped about a week or more it's delicious. Has a great creamy tone.
#88 by calebthemaniacal, Apr 12. 2016, 22:41
ok so good recipe, it pisses me off tho. i have a 16oz of strawberry ripe and have experimented many times at many different percentages with it and everytime it is extremely harsh. why the hell is it not harsh in this recipe? its blowing my mind. its my favorite strawberry flavor so its extremely infuriating.
#89 by GingerBeardMan, Apr 12. 2016, 23:43
My strawberry ripe taste smooth and delicious at shake and vape regardless of % let alone steeped
#90 by ads, Apr 13. 2016, 14:44
Hey folks - what is the ideal steep time for this please? I made it up 5 days ago and, whilst it's vapable, it's incredibly muted and not particularly enjoyable...
#91 by GingerBeardMan, Apr 13. 2016, 16:02
Mine was great right away, I found the strawberry ripe flavour strong for the first couple days now it's milder but still yummy. The longer you steep it the weaker the strawberry will get because of the creams getting stronger with steeping
#92 by ads, Apr 13. 2016, 16:06
Thank you!
#93 by Artos, Apr 20. 2016, 22:43
I made 50ml of this, waited 4 hours and.. AMAZING! I absolutely love this taste. I will definitely come back.
#94 by skineedog, Apr 21. 2016, 02:44
This is one of my all time favorites. I make this as a blueberry version and love it. One of my ADVs. Quick and simple.... I agree with other commenters that the main flavor tends to weeken after a few days but still very good.
#95 by Will, Apr 21. 2016, 06:06
the vanilla custard was pretty overpowering for me... should i have gave it a warm water bath with the cap off, or should i jus let it sit now?
#96 by Sanchez, Apr 23. 2016, 00:50
Can I use strawberry (TPA) instead of strawberry RIPE (TPA)?
#97 by Artos, Apr 24. 2016, 18:12
Yes. Next time I will add less strawberry because it's to strong for me.
#98 by Raga_15, Apr 29. 2016, 11:30
Hy apwroblewski,i mixed up some tester and let it steep for 10 was soooo goood recipe!! i make 50:50 combination between strawberry regular (TFA) and Strawberry Ripe (TFA) it really boosted the strawberry flavor! thanks man!!
#99 by HydroCrisp, Apr 30. 2016, 12:41
Just mixed this up. Replaced vanilla custard tpa with vanilla custard v1 cap at the same percent and its already a decent shake n vape. At the moment i recommend aging but if you dont wanna wait it is for sure vapable. Will let it sit for a few days and come back and update.
Atm i get vanilla on inhale and strawberry on exhale with a vanilla creamy after taste. Im a beginner so i say dont trust my buds too much :P
Thanks apwroblewski!
#100 by The vaper, Apr 30. 2016, 16:02
I just made 20 ml and added banana instead of strawberry really nice vape
#101 by Timbo, May 1. 2016, 11:16
Outstanding! Made this with 100&VG premixed base instead of PG and Nicotine. Fabulous just shaked and vaped. When I can afford, will make with Natures Flavours rather than TPA, which I'm sure will be even better. Interestingly, after a days steep, the juice has gone a lovely clear orange color. For those deliberating, this tastes like a creamy, strawberry, custard milkshake. It's DELICIOUS. :-)
#102 by AfroSy, May 1. 2016, 15:53
This is freaking awesome.
#103 by N, May 4. 2016, 16:45
these vlavours are dangerous
#104 by Flying Nimbus, May 6. 2016, 03:54
I made one 30 ml bottle of this and it turned out really odd, almost taste like it has alcohol in it or something, pretty much unvapeable, ive tried it weekly since making it, its steeped now for about a month and a half in a dark cool cabinet. My nic is good, my flavors arent old, the only thing i could think of that may have effected it is i made it at max VG, so like 73.4% VG. Anyone have a similar experience?
#105 by artutot, May 8. 2016, 05:32
This recipe is ADV i have tried Cuttwood unicorn milk and this one blows that one away this one belongs in the DIY E-juice recipe of hall of fame.
Great Job apwroblewski,
#106 by SamehCena, May 9. 2016, 02:55
can i use Strawberry and Cream instead of (Ripe) ? and how much gonna be the prec. ??? thanks
#107 by SamehCena, May 9. 2016, 02:57
and my flavors is TFA AND FA u can see them in my stash ??
#108 by artutot, May 9. 2016, 03:12
SemehCena you can try but it wont be ass good because strawberry ripe is very important for this recipe "This recipe kicks some ass". In my flavor arsenal strawberry ripe is one of the largest bottles of all my flavors i have. Would be happy to send you some at no charge.
#109 by SamehCena, May 9. 2016, 05:50
oh that's would be very nice Art6969
#110 by SamehCena, May 9. 2016, 05:51
Text me 713-340-9808
#111 by Mike, May 10. 2016, 14:54
#112 by daimonios, May 10. 2016, 23:29
Mind-blowing ADV . thank you!
#113 by HydroCrisp, May 12. 2016, 06:46
Back here to update. Check my post above. Lazy to rewrite what i did..
After 13 days of aging this juice, the strawberry is almost non-exsistant. I recommend trying to switch up the strawberry flavor. Maybe mix strawberry flavors like cap sweet srawberry and tfa strawberry. Ill try that soon. Im getting somewhat of a dry/flat feeling/taste when vaping this also. The smell of this juice almost takes me to heaven tbh but too bad it doent taste like it smells.
*i used cap vc v1 at 3%*
#114 by Having fun, May 13. 2016, 04:16
This is my first try at mixing my own juice but can't find tpa Bavarian Cream can I use flavor west and don't have any tpa Vanilla Custard can I use Capella
#115 by ann7999, May 16. 2016, 22:42
Made this last night. Had to use Capella Vanilla Custard. It's very good! Bet it gets better with some steep time, but I can't seem to leave it alone. Thanks for sharing this!
#116 by EdgeKrusher187, May 17. 2016, 16:48
I'm hooked. I mixed up a 30 ml bottle 3 weeks ago, cracked it open last week, and it was gone in three days. This time I mixed up 60ml of just the base flavor, hopefully I won't have to mix up another batch from scratch anytime soon.
#117 by Tofi2g, May 18. 2016, 13:22
One of the best recipes I've tried. I mix it 70/30 vg/pg and let it steep for a week. Delicious :)
#118 by pongraczsoma, May 20. 2016, 16:04
capella new vanilla custard instead of tpa vanilla custard?
#119 by Franky, May 22. 2016, 13:59
My first DIY e-juice and I'm so happy with it, had to try it right away and made an extra 60ml to let it steep. After one evening my first 10ml is gone...excellent recipe for a novice like me and it encourages me to try out more recipes. Thank you Apwroblewski ..thumbs up.
#120 by Chad, May 23. 2016, 01:02
I think I have everything except cheesecake graham cracker. Think graham cracker (fa) could be used in its place?
#121 by HydroCrisp, May 24. 2016, 07:09
Final update: so i re-mixed this again on 5/2/16 because i gave my small 10ml to a friend. Same as last time i used CAP Vanilla Custard V1 @ 3% to replace tfa vanilla custard and it has come together very nicely. Great sweet vanilla cream vape. Very thick on the palette. Im not picking up much strawberry ripe at all. I still stand on switching strawberries or throwing in another strawberry to have the strawberry flavor stay strong.
Overall nice vape! Definately worth mixing this up!
Thanks Apwroblewski!
#122 by COFMixture, May 24. 2016, 17:12
After a 10 day steep this stuff is amazing! The first week or so the flavours are a bit meddled, but it really comes together after that - rich creamy inhale and buttery biscuit exhale.

My one gripe is that it completely loses it's strawberry/sweet note (if it was ever there to begin with), so I made up a new batch where I dropped the strawberry 2 % and replaced it with 2% raspberry. Also dropped CGC 1% and added 1% marshmallow to add a little more sweetness. Added 1% koolada too because I love a cool vape.

I'll report back with the results.
#123 by scottyh512, May 26. 2016, 19:42
I am getting error message trying to adapt this. I want to make 240ml @ 12mg 70 vg 30 pg.Going to use 50/50 nic? any assistance would be appreciated.
#124 by scottyh512, May 26. 2016, 19:43
I am getting error message trying to adapt this. I want to make 240ml @ 12mg 70 vg 30 pg.Going to use 50/50 nic? any assistance would be appreciated.
#125 by Paddy, May 26. 2016, 23:34
This is amazing stuff thank you for the recipe!
#126 by COFMixture, May 26. 2016, 23:39
@scottyh512 Hi. Your PG % is too high due to the flavourings and 50/50 nicotine. You'll have to settle for a slightly lower vp/pg ratio.
#127 by noisemaker, May 27. 2016, 00:38
#128 by FlipWagon, May 27. 2016, 21:06
Hello Everybody, Hi apwroblewski,

5 days ago I made 52 ml of flavor base. Followed this recipe to the letter. I have been mixing with 48 mg/ml 50/50 nicotine juice and VG and PG because I connot help myself, this is my first DIY mix.

Here are my notes so far:
Stengh: PG/VG Notes
12 mg/ml 50/50: spot on. Sweet and smooth. A tad too sweet.
18 mg/ml 40/60 too harsh
18 mg/ml 50/50 still too harsh
15 mg/ml 50/50 less harsh, vapable, but flavor loss.
13 mg/ml 50/50 spot on. max nicotine level found.

lowering the nicotine level can only improve this juice. I don't think the VG/VG ratio has a great influence.

Steeping plan:
Flavor mix: 30 min open open bottle venting then 1 week steep with a daily shake.
Final mix: Add nicotine VG and PG and steep another 3 days with a daily shake.
Mixed method: Syringes.
#129 by Franky, May 28. 2016, 00:35
#120 by Chad, monday, 01:02
I think I have everything except cheesecake graham cracker. Think graham cracker (fa) could be used in its place?

Hi Chad, yes you can use graham cracker, I used it also (by mistake) and it turned out great. Made 3 x 30ml, and already burned 60ml of it in the past few days, just cant let it steep like it should :-)

Made a new 3 x 30ml today like it should be made, and another 3 x 30ml with graham cracker (FA) ..just in case...
#130 by aphela, May 28. 2016, 15:44
Cheesecake is too high for me, tastes like sweaty socks. Lowered it to 2,5% and found it to be my sweet spot. Favourite strawberry milk so far!
#131 by doodlebob, May 28. 2016, 19:02
any chance i could swap tpa vanilla custard with capellas?
#132 by aphela, May 28. 2016, 19:06
Doodlebob, yeah that's perfectly ok. Might need a tad lower percentage though.
#133 by Fuzzy, May 28. 2016, 20:36
very good made it last night couldnt wait for it to steep and vaped it up. Thanks
#134 by MintyMods, May 28. 2016, 22:34
Very nice, made a 5ml tester bottle last night and after I had smoked that I ordered 100ml bottles of each ingredient. I could only get Capella Bavarian Cream and Capella Custard so any recommendations on percentage adjustments would be appreciated.
#135 by 3lo00osh, May 29. 2016, 01:15
the flavor is muted !! i dont know why ?
using griffin rta. so dont say try another tank :)
#136 by cloudy particle, May 29. 2016, 20:13
sub'd golden pineapple for strawberry. think it tastes way better
#137 by WiLD32, May 30. 2016, 12:31
я хз как вы замешиваете, отличная подлива, если подержать недельки 3
#138 by Bignoogz, May 30. 2016, 16:19
I'm sure this has been asked and probably answered already but there is a lot of comments on this juice. I've only been vaping for a month now, I jumped into it with both feet was a pack and a half menthol smoker prior to the change. After I went to vaping I haven't had a cigarette since. I enjoy the variety u can get and the customization there is in vaping. So I bought an RTA the first week I started, bought the griffin 25 which I must say I love. I use the SMOK r80tc mod at 56watts. Anyways enough about me I ordered these flavors yesterday and the excitement is unreal lol, but I don't enjoy pg it's not that I can't vape it I just don't enjoy the throat hit. With that being said this recipe sounds delicious but I was wondering if I should change the ratios at all for a max vg, or jus increase steep time? My flavorings are all pg and I mix at 6mg nic 100%vg. So with the flavoring in this recipe I would be aiming for a 26/74 pg/vg. Any suggestions would be amazing thank you.
#139 by HydroCrisp, May 30. 2016, 16:26
In my opinion your ratio 26/74 will be fine. It wont be a problem. The thing is higher vg i think requires a longer steep and also less flavor. But i wouldnt worry about it. Im nowhere near being a pro mixer so you could wait for another reaponse.
Just so you know it took 3 weeks of steeping for me to really enjoy this juice. I mixed it at 30/70 pg/vg.
#140 by HydroCrisp, May 30. 2016, 16:27
#141 by Bignoogz, May 30. 2016, 16:34
@HydroCrisp thank you for the input. I'm really new to diy as well less flavoring for higher vg hmm I jus figured since pg is a flavor carrier that the high vg would require more. Have you tried quick steeping? Like I said I'm a major newbie but I tried crock pot method on a watermelon chill recipe which is the only thing I've ever mixed and the flavor didn't seem to change at all so idk, lol. But thank you non the less.
#142 by HydroCrisp, May 30. 2016, 17:07
Sorry i must of confused you. I mean higher vg has less flavor when you vape it which means you might need more flavoring. Yes, you are right about the PG being a flavor carrier.
In this case i didnt change any flavor %'s and it still tasted great. So i say give it a shot at your preferred vg/pg ratio and dont change any flavor %'s.
I hear speed steeping is a myth. Best thing for ejuice is time and a dark cool place. I forget exactly, but basically at a certain temperature certain chemicals are affected in a negative way in the ejuice. As you can see i did great in chemistry class haha! Hope this helped!
#143 by Bignoogz, May 30. 2016, 17:11
It does and thanks again. And the myth saddens me I'm not a very patient person lol.
#144 by EdgeKrusher187, May 31. 2016, 15:01
@HydroCrisp @Bignoogz The main chemical that breaks down when "speed" steeping, or heating the juice is the Nicotine. Which in turn can give you that harsh taste. Like HydroCrisp said the more VG the more flavor you need at a longer steep. I've made this recipe at Max VG, 70/30, and 60/40. I do prefer it at Max VG, on an 8 day steep. I couldn't finish my 60/40 bottle because it was just too overpowering of a flavor.
With that said, it is a good recipe you just need to find the proper balance for you.
#145 by Bignoogz, May 31. 2016, 15:05
@EdgeKrusher187 thank you for the info..and yes I agree I believe the big problem I'm having right now is no peppermint and using spearmint in its place...I'll have to get peppermint and keep playing around with it.
#146 by Bignoogz, May 31. 2016, 15:15
Lol @EdgeKrusher187 thought this another post lol that's what u get for responding half asleep :P. Nevermind the mint, lol.
#147 by EdgeKrusher187, May 31. 2016, 15:58
@Bignoogz, lol, I was like "Did I respond in the wrong recipe. :) Good luck with the DIY, once you get the bug it doesn't let go.
#148 by SirMixALot, May 31. 2016, 16:05
I have used this recipe for at least a 250mls production with different modifications due to the fact that the strawberry ripe mutes quickly. Here is what I have found. 1) The base of this recipe without the strawberry provides a very decent template for a milk/cheesecake/custard (reduce cheesecake graham crust for milk and increase custard and reduce crust for custard). 2) Adding 5-10% oatmeal cookie instead of strawberry makes for a sugary cereal that is really nice to vape. 3) MOST IMPORTANT FOR THIS RECIPE - steeping all the ingredients without the strawberry until the creamy custard develops (maybe 8-14 days with 70VG or more and 5-10 days with 50VG) and THEN adding the strawberry gives an awesome flavour. I call this method "Layering". At times, I add drops of strawberry to the custard base directly into my tank. This is amazing to me.
#149 by EdgeKrusher187, May 31. 2016, 16:08
@SirMixALot - I was just thinking about trying that process. The Ripe Strawberry does mute rather quickly.
#150 by SirMixALot, May 31. 2016, 16:35
Lots of people have suggested switching the ripe strawberry for another, sure that should work. But I really like the RIPE. So layering works. @EdgeKrusher187 add it to the tank if you make more than 30 ml of base (flavour minus Ripe) so that you don't have a lot of muted juice left over. With a 30 ml bottle or less, the strawberry will hold until you finish it. Well that's at my consumption rate at least.
#151 by O.o.JamMasterJuice.o.O, Jun 1. 2016, 18:31
can anyone help? i let this steep for 2 days so far and I'm getting a kinda spicy taste off the bat. is it because more steeping? i gave it a small water bath let it breathe for 10 hours then its been in the dark steeping with the lid on
#152 by Bignoogz, Jun 1. 2016, 18:42
@juicylove69 I've yet to mix this myself still waiting for the arrival of flavors but reading through most the comments...a lot of ppl are suggesting at least 1 week steep maybe try letting it steep Lil longer. And I'm no expert by any means but if the aroma coming out of the bottle smells anything like the spice u taste maybe give it another few hrs without the cap.
#153 by O.o.JamMasterJuice.o.O, Jun 1. 2016, 19:07
thanks for the input I'm going to make another while thats steeping and try a bit longer breathing and see which is better i just smelled my flavors and I'm pretty sure its the sweet cream coming through very heavy so unless i mixed wrong which o don't think i did it may just need more time like you said to steep. I'm sure it does. but that sweet cream definitely will cut through the mix if anyone tries taste testing this before hand. i was just trying to see if it was good. I'm sure it will be. thanks again
#154 by Awayze, Jun 1. 2016, 22:13
You gotta let it steep for a couple of weeks. It was bad and stuttery when I vaped after a shake. When it goes yellow, then you know it's time to vape.
#155 by HydroCrisp, Jun 2. 2016, 02:04
I had to let this steep for 3 weeks. Be patient.
#156 by loudawg, Jun 2. 2016, 22:34
This is great!
#157 by jamie31, Jun 3. 2016, 06:57
I made 120 ml of this with TPA vanilla bean ice cream instead of vanilla custard and it was AMAZE BALLS. I lowered the cheesecake to 3% (don't personally like a strong cheesecake flavor.) YUMMMMY!!
#158 by mario, Jun 3. 2016, 09:46
чем можно заменить Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA)?
#159 by Bignoogz, Jun 3. 2016, 22:09
Finally got to mix this. Kept the flavor % the same but made it max vg. I haven't been able to test the steep yet but the shake and vape is rather nice. I mixed 30ml and gave 2 hot water baths while mixing other recipes and replacing coil/wick on my griffin 25. The cheesecake flavor is dominant strawberry is very very mute. But overall very pleasurable, and so much I mixed a 120ml batch to test various steep lengths. I mixed the 120 batch without the strawberry I plan to layer it by the 30ml of the cheesecake base. I will post more info as it comes available very nice recipe all around.
#160 by ripnik, Jun 6. 2016, 16:03
Guyz can i use TFA Vanilla Swirl instead of Vanilla custard..Also can u guyz please recommend me an alternative to custard as i dun wanna experiment with flavours containing acetoin.
#161 by FlipWagon, Jun 8. 2016, 14:04

- I get a lot of oxidation/hydrolazation (yellow color)
- Strawberry fades.

Solution: This is a good shake & vape

#162 by COFMixture, Jun 8. 2016, 19:18
Has anyone tried this with another fruit/berry flavour? I just cannot taste strawberry ripe no matter how much/little I use. Maybe a raspberry or bilberry
#163 by COFMixture, Jun 8. 2016, 19:20
Because all I'm getting is just cream and cheesecake, though nice, it just feels very one dimensional and as if it's missing something. Like it's just the base flavour and nothing else
#164 by Bignoogz, Jun 8. 2016, 19:27
The strawberry is subtle jus like a nesquik strawberry milk. Adding a Lil strawberry directly in the tank helps a lil.
#165 by Addikt, Jun 10. 2016, 02:26
Has anyone tried substituting ALL of the flavours for CAP brand? I have all of these in CAP as they're confirmed AP&D free.

I'll try a mix using the CAP equivalents tomorrow and say how it goes in case anyone else is curious :)
#166 by Addikt, Jun 10. 2016, 13:38
Haven't had time to make the batch yet but I did see people in the comments discussing the effects of speed steeping. I do it myself but figured I'd research some more. Found 2 interesting articles!

Speed steeping DOES work:

But high temps (>125f) degrade nicotine:

I hope that helps people get the best out of their juice :)
#167 by Captain_Vapor, Jun 11. 2016, 13:58
I made this, but only used 6% strawberry ripe, as I find anything over 6% is a waste and I do t notice any difference between 6% and 10%
#168 by O.o.JamMasterJuice.o.O, Jun 12. 2016, 10:17
honestly this is an ok recipe. but its too buttery. down each of the cream percenteges by 1 and the ripe to 8% then add fw strawberry at 6 percent. water bath and 2 week steep. the best S/C iv ever tasted in my life
#169 by O.o.JamMasterJuice.o.O, Jun 12. 2016, 10:17
i have a version on my page if anyone wants to try it.
#170 by COFMixture, Jun 12. 2016, 19:30
I might try that Jam, as I agree this recipe is a bit too rich. I do have FA strawberry - does it hold its flavour better than SR? I genuinely cannot taste sweet strawberry or strawberry ripe no matter how much I use. Although, I can taste strawberry no problem in commercial juices.
#171 by Addikt, Jun 13. 2016, 14:39
Ok, so I made it using Capella concentrates instead (where possible).
I ended up doubling the amount of custard in it as CAP V2 is so much weaker.
For the first week, it tasted like ice cream. Really fluffy and sweet with no custard or strawberry notes. Boring and meh.
After a week of steeping, it tastes great! This definitely isn't a shake n vape with CAP concentrates.
So yeah, 8% CAP VC V2 is the ratio I think I went for, maybe 10%. I'll make another batch and tweek it slightly for anyone that's interested.
#172 by Having fun, Jun 14. 2016, 02:28
When making your juices do you guys set the weight in grams per ml for the flavoring or just leave it defult?
#173 by VaporAlchemist, Jun 14. 2016, 10:24
Steeped all ingredients for 2 weeks, but added Nic and Straw Ripe 4 days prior to testing. This recipe just tastes like a sweet cheesecake. Cheese everywhere! Why add all these other flavorings? Just go 8% Cheesecake and 2% Sucralose. I'll update my review if this tastes better after further steeping. May the Cheese be with you!
#174 by djc, Jun 14. 2016, 21:51
Had really high hopes for this recipe due to the reviews. Personally I think the creamyness is perfect for what I want however the strawberry is just lacking so much. I've had various other people try it without telling them its a DIY mix and they have replied with 'It tastes like a cakey kind of mix'. Going to stick at it though and try adding half the % of the creams, if that fails then I will buy some inawera strawberry and throw that in. Before ordering all the extra concentrates that I needed, I did try this with just the strawberry, bav cream and van custard and it was a really nice vape and the strawberry came through ok after a few days.
#175 by Hubbe, Jun 16. 2016, 13:55
hi can i use capella sweet cream insteed? and can i use vanilla custard v2? what would the recipe be then?
#176 by daisychainvaper, Jun 16. 2016, 14:15
Good out of the box! Strawberry is a bit overpowered, I hope the custardy stuff come through in the next days. Will let it steep for a while now.
#177 by Richdurhm, Jun 16. 2016, 19:21
Not bad!... I hate cuttwoods unicorn milk and never wanted to make this.. I was bored and made 10 mil and its not bad at all. I'd give it 4 stars (I used Capellas sweet cream)
#178 by Edwinmenten, Jun 17. 2016, 12:03
Great recipe. Best after 4 weeks steep!

Try it with TPA Sweet cream, a lot better :D
#179 by cresypelter, Jun 18. 2016, 18:23
a minimum of weeks for stepping? how to steeping right?
#180 by Ggrhauling, Jun 18. 2016, 19:48
Finally made this recipe and works great, taste great. Would recommend to a fellow Vaper.
Followed recipe, steeped 4 weeks, shaking twice weekly. Been vaping for a week and will keep this recipe in my monthly mixing routine.
Great job on flavor, thanks for posting.
#181 by Captain_Vapor, Jun 18. 2016, 23:20
I have to agree on the cream front, 8% cream in any recipe is insanity for so many reasons, 4% is more than enough in any recipe period, so take the ripe down to 6%, drop the custard, drop either the sweet dream or the Bavarian and you have a decent recipe, I would make two batches, one with sweet dream and one with Bavarian and see how they compaire, personally I would use 4% ripe and 4% TPA strawberry, and you could keep the custard if u like but my preference in this would be to take it out, anything over 20% flavour will probably start to mute flavours to be honest, well it will lol
#182 by Cid6.7, Jun 19. 2016, 17:52
Can I use INA Biscuit instead of TPA Graham Crust you think..?
#183 by VaporAlchemist, Jun 19. 2016, 18:18
Either my flavorings are bad, I'm crazy, or everyone else is nuts. This recipe still tastes like 2 spoons of sugar dissolved in hot melted cheese. After 4 weeks steep now, I have no hope that it will get any better.
#184 by Bignoogz, Jun 20. 2016, 01:45
@Captain_Vapor I made a batch of what u suggested went with 5% of both tpa strawberry ripe and strawberry, 4% sweet cream and cheesecake graham cracker crust, and 2% vanilla custard. I also made a batch of same % jus bavarian cream instead of sweet cream. The sweet cream mix is very pleasurable shake and vape the strawberry is actually there and nothing is pure over powering. I haven't tried the bavarian cream one yet but I'm sure it's similar
#185 by Bignoogz, Jun 20. 2016, 02:22
I jus now tried the bavarian cream version and to me it's too over powering the strawberry isn't there. I'll give both a few weeks to steep and try them again.
#186 by sublimesed, Jun 20. 2016, 20:42
Can someone tell me how to make this at 70/30? I don't know how to lower the Flavor Percentages to ensure it doesn't affect the taste.
#187 by Bignoogz, Jun 20. 2016, 20:46
@sublimesed need to know a bit more bout ur materials. R u using exactly what he has here on the recipe? For instance ur nicotine the mg and % of that base if ur using pg flavors etcetera.
#188 by sublimesed, Jun 20. 2016, 20:53
@Bignoogz I have 36mg Nic (100% PG) and I am using the same ingredients, except I'm using the DX versions of Bavarian Cream and Sweet Cream & CAP Vanilla Custard v2. Thanks!
#189 by Bignoogz, Jun 20. 2016, 20:55
@sublimesed sorry I forgot another ur mixing for a 3mg nic result?
#190 by sublimesed, Jun 20. 2016, 20:57
@bignoogz Sorry, yes you are correct.
#191 by Bignoogz, Jun 20. 2016, 21:09
@sublimesed I hope this works I've never linked like this before if it doesn't please feel free to say so.
#192 by sublimesed, Jun 20. 2016, 21:22
That worked! Thanks @bignoogz. I replied on your recipe, so we can abandon talking on here. :)
#193 by leej, Jun 20. 2016, 22:27
could i use (CAP) Bavarian Cream, instead thats the only thing that's only flavor i don't have?
#194 by Bignoogz, Jun 20. 2016, 23:14
@leej I don't see why not I've never tried it jus make a small batch to make sure it's not over or under powering
#195 by Captain_Vapor, Jun 21. 2016, 01:04
Bignoogz, sweet cream is lighter than Bavarian and that's why you will get the results you did, but after a steep the Bavarian should even out, Bavarian is more custard like and a much thicker cream, sweet cream would definatly be my choice for a strawberry mix, Bavarian cream I tend to use for peanut butter mixes or coffee or even custard, I do use it in fruit also but normally a more potent fruit like dragon fruit or pineapple, works good in apple pies to especially with Fuji FA, strawberry is one of the milder fruits when it comes to e juice so I tend to use a lighter cream, or if I'm using custard I tend to use around 6% Capella custard max other wise it drowns out the strawberry, I am working with some new strawberrys myself and one of them is potent, it's INW shisha strawberry, it's steeping as I type so looking forward to that
#196 by leej, Jun 21. 2016, 02:59
Do do you think it would be better with sweet cream rather then Bavarian cream?!
#197 by Bignoogz, Jun 21. 2016, 03:06
@leej I made both with one or the other and the sweet cream is really enjoyable shake and vape and as Captain vapor stated the bavarian is over powering without the steep.
#198 by Bignoogz, Jun 21. 2016, 03:06
@leej I made both with one or the other and the sweet cream is really enjoyable shake and vape and as Captain vapor stated the bavarian is over powering without the steep.
#199 by leej, Jun 21. 2016, 03:11
I might make a mix of both aswell. Did u use the same % for the sweet cream as the Bavarian cream. Also what percent do u think I should drop it to for the cap version of Bavarian cream
#200 by Bignoogz, Jun 21. 2016, 03:27
I wouldn't drop it at all at first I used 4% sweet cream and the same for the bavarian.
#201 by Addikt, Jun 21. 2016, 14:39
Hi all,

I've been working on making a Diketone-free version using mostly Capella flavours and this recipe seems to work for me:

CAP Bavarian Cream - 3%
CAP Sweet Cream - 3%
CAP NY Cheesecake V2 - 4%
TPA Strawberry (Ripe) - 6%
CAP Vanilla Custard v2 - 10%
VG - Whatever's left (All mine are MAX VG)

After a week or two steeping, seems very smooth and creamy with the strawberry just peeking through. You may want to add your strawberry later in the steeping process or maybe up the VCv2 as it's not crushingly-custardy but it's all about experimenting :)
#202 by VaporAlchemist, Jun 21. 2016, 18:31
Try Diacetyl at 5%, Cheese Wiz at 10%, Splenda at 2%, and Barely There Noberry at 6%.
#203 by jasonx80, Jun 24. 2016, 21:52
I really enjoy this recipe. Thank you for posting it.
#204 by Having fun, Jun 25. 2016, 18:28
I mixed this up last week and had a try after one week steep and it's good but I find the the strawberry is weak. The creams over power it a little. Gonna mix another batch and drop the strawberry ripe to 5% and add different strawberry at 5%. Let you know what happens
#205 by Psykosonik, Jun 30. 2016, 13:41
This was my first time mixing concentrates and couldnt belive how amazing this tasted as a shake and vape mix. I will make another batch and let it steep. Thanks for sharing this recepie!
#206 by oooNaSuGamisooo, Jul 4. 2016, 00:19
MEGA tasty.
#207 by Ruddy, Jul 5. 2016, 14:41
if i change this recipe to 70/30 with no nicotine do i still keep all the flavour percentages the same ? so it will be 26% flavouring ? also any opinions on if it will change the tatste ?
#208 by trebor, Jul 6. 2016, 02:39
I didn't have any of the flavors so I subbed them , awfully nasty. Just kidding very very nice recipe.
#209 by Vaper60's, Jul 7. 2016, 14:58
#210 by Roly1uk, Jul 7. 2016, 20:30
Best Flavour by a mile and my mates at work love it
Thanks Apwroblewski
#211 by novaln, Jul 8. 2016, 06:41
some of you seem very adept at this stuff, So, I have a Q. What is your opinion on quick steeping methods, and on using one of those little milk frothers to mix ejuice, I've never had patience for steeping too long. I think I've nuked it also, to get it to mix faster and whip air into it, I know it's Heresy and probably against some vapereligions moral code, but there it is. I would like and enjoy any creative criticism, maybe even a few nasty critiques just to get me in line. all in the name of diy learning. Thanks guys
#212 by Bignoogz, Jul 8. 2016, 11:55
@novaln I haven't tried speed steeping much first of all but this is what I've gathered from what I have tried. I have tried crockpot steeping, water bath, and microwave. The crock and Water bath are extremely similar and I've noticed doing it allows the liquid to become very thin which helps mix it, but flavor wise I've never noticed a huge difference. The microwave did the same but much faster. The crockpot is by far the slowest it's like 2hrs for each week of steep time. The water bath is the medium efficient one long cool down stages but requires more baths. The microwave is short heat times hard shake then cooling. The microwave u see results faster in my opinion I believe all work in their own way no expert tho by any means.
#213 by yuriev, Jul 11. 2016, 21:18
guys,only thing you need to do for success , let it steep for a month . then you will see how is it . first 2 weeks was strange. 3.week was acceptable but still not best. now i am vaping 1month old juice.and thats it !
(steep method is really cool and dark place,daily shake. no heating , no extra . just time... )
(and when you prepare recipe ,dont forget to shake well each of your flavours,vg,pg,nicotine before use.this is one of the key point that may cause bad result if you forget it)
#214 by Storm Crow, Jul 13. 2016, 16:28
I have made 3 versions of this..the one posted and 2 with these variations
on both I added .75% pink lemonade to make the strawberry shine.. the Strawberry is just bursting!! That puts the voting down to 2!!!

One was made with Cheesecake (Graham Crust) and the other
One was made with 3.5% Caps NY cheesecake and 1.5% FW Graham Cracker. As of now 3 weeks in. The pink Lemonade is really keeping the strawberry on top. and the creams all around it.... I'll do A final side by side in the upcoming week and announce a "winner" lmao. and my take on the Graham cracker thing..there will be a panal of 3 judges using various tanks and having way too much fun now... Cheers...Vape on
#215 by Storm Crow, Jul 14. 2016, 04:21
Verdict is in...075% pink lemonade and that's it. Tasting too much Graham Cracker. It's gotta go.. so..let's try without the graham cracker and mess wit the creams and Strawberries a It's a great recipe
#216 by Ampstar, Jul 14. 2016, 17:11
Simply wonderful. I added a little (.5%) EM, and it worked out very nicely. Thanks for posting this recipe!
#217 by bumer, Jul 14. 2016, 19:48
the taste is particular well, I rate it with 3 stars
#218 by 🎅 SANTA714MIXER 🎅, Jul 16. 2016, 21:53
@bumer This mix gets better after a week of steeping. Definitely worth 4 to 5 stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ give it a chance. ✌️
#219 by D.M.Turner, Jul 17. 2016, 18:14
Tasty recipe mang. While it is possible to shake n vape this, a few days for the aromas to marry is definitely recommended. The strawberry diminishes a bit after 2-3 weeks but that seems to be a "feature" of strawripe.
#220 by Storm Crow, Jul 17. 2016, 22:52
D.M. If you read my post..a little bit of citrus will stop that mellowing of the strawberry Ripe. . I have used pink lemonade..but in the past dragonfruit has worked well.. I haven't tried anything other than those 2.. but it really does work.. I made the recipe and 3 other minor variations.. the pink lemonade at 75%.. worked wonders
#221 by D.M.Turner, Jul 17. 2016, 23:00
Cheers man, I'll have to give that a try. If I'm honest, no I hadn't read all the posts on this ejuice ;-)
You say citrus does the trick, have you tried it with just straight up citric acid (i.e. lemon or lime juice)?
#222 by Storm Crow, Jul 18. 2016, 03:19
D.M. I haven't tried that..but I'm guessing its the citric acid thats keeping the the strawberry shining tbrough..separating the fruits from the creams. I cant taste any pink lemonade. .but it's a week flavor anyway..kinda why I picked it. I guess the trick is to use something that won't show up but help the other flavors. Cheers
#223 by kyle_redbull, Jul 18. 2016, 20:07
Would this recipe be the same if i excluded sweet cream
#224 by Storm Crow, Jul 19. 2016, 00:12
Kyle...I'm pretty sure it would take on a more of a custard taste. It's not going to ruin it.. it's sounds like a good idea..I might make a batch up without it as well.. Sweet cream..isn't really that sweet. And the flavor % on this recipe is really high.
#225 by kyle_redbull, Jul 19. 2016, 12:42
Storm Crow thanks that is exactly what i thought. I also dropped the strawberry ripe down and bumbed the custard up slightly as i want more of a custard flavour
#226 by leej, Jul 19. 2016, 13:30
could i use TFA citrus punch as the citrus but still at 0.75%
#227 by Storm Crow, Jul 19. 2016, 18:57
Leej As I was saying earlier.. prob any citrus will do.. I just don't know how strong citrus ipunch is.. if it really stands out on your mixes at a low level..or if it's weak...and your always adding more to get the taste you want....I found 75 worked great.. check the notes on pink lemonade and citrus punch and make an informed guess.... it takes me forever to come up with a I'm always reading the notes and altering the numbers before I start mixing . I'm just a bit if a perfectionist... kinda why I love DIY..cheers
#228 by JayCee79, Jul 20. 2016, 19:51
Just done this ejuice and I couldn't rate it less than 5 stars. Done 3 batches of 30ml which one I am already vaping. I will test the others next week to see any difference in flavour. Many thanks and please keep it up the good work!
#229 by JamesD, Jul 23. 2016, 13:59
My first attempt at DIY in prep for TPD in the UK... I'll be back in two weeks once steeped! Thanks for the recipe, and also the comments throughout for mixing 70/30.
#230 by leej, Jul 25. 2016, 17:48
Storm Crow.. i put 2 drops of citrus punch in to my 30ml mix and seems to have muted the taste and dosent feel like a heavy vape as it did without it. maybe has something to do with using tpa bev cream rather then cap that i used in my last mix. just feels like a empty vape if you know what i mean
#231 by Storm Crow, Jul 25. 2016, 22:54
I do .. pink lemonade has a tart taste . Maybe it not the citrus.. but the sour... I would still give it 4 weeks for things to come together...I have tried speed steeping..Crick pot..thermos. .blender..nothing beats mother nature...
#232 by leej, Jul 25. 2016, 23:38
Thing is when I made it without the citrus punch and cap bev cream the mix was amazing after 3 days turned a nice dark colour. This next one I Made after 7 days it's clear clear. Do you think cap flavours steel quicker then tpa
#233 by Storm Crow, Jul 26. 2016, 00:03
Wow. .I have a recipe with cap and tfa stuff that turned and stayed yellow..but didn't turn the gold color I was expecting.. I had a touch sour in was a strawberry milkshake recipe... Let's just say.. I made 120ml bottle of it yesterday. I was really not expecting an
#234 by Marco, Jul 26. 2016, 21:40
boah...I love it! Thanks for sharing!
#235 by Pieter, Jul 26. 2016, 23:43
made my own version of this, and to be honest even compared to the original its pretty amazing!!! hats of to you for composing this recipe!
#236 by 5v4n, Jul 30. 2016, 21:51
#237 by TinInToGold, Aug 1. 2016, 00:54
Thought I'd see what all the hype was about and give this mix a try. Did two batches, one as above, and one with exactly the same ratios, but at 75%. (19.5% flavour total). Both are absolutely delicious after a two week steep, but the slightly toned down mix is nicer to my pallette. Top marks to @apwroblewski for making a great flavour. Thanks for sharing!
#238 by mck_my, Aug 1. 2016, 06:50
I try it only on capella flavors, and nice, like it very much, TQ
#239 by Ampstar, Aug 1. 2016, 11:50
I added 1% dragonfruit (TPA) and it worked out nicely.
#240 by DougC, Aug 2. 2016, 04:50
This stuff is great! Mixed it exactly as described. Didn't touch it for a month. It's first strawberry mix I've made where I can actually taste the strawberry. Thanks so much for sharing this.
#241 by b[84], Aug 2. 2016, 16:06
My first mix and it's awesome! Thank you!
#242 by RonnieM8, Aug 3. 2016, 15:32
Recommended steeping time?
#243 by Synergy, Aug 4. 2016, 00:06
Just tried this recipe at a 70vg/30pg. It is good straight away but a lot of graham taste and some milky tones, not much strawberry at all. I will try this again and lower the creams and graham and up the strawberry and custard percentages. That should give it a great out of the bottle taste. Flavor was a little weak straight away, hope it improves with steeping. If not i will try upping the percentages after adjusting all around by about 3-4%.
#244 by Storm Crow, Aug 4. 2016, 02:28
It really is a great recipe...but it really truely needs steeping for 4 weeks. And adding Dragonfruit at a low % helps bring up the strawberries. .. I think I may have posted a slightly revised version of Fresh03 Strawberry Milkshake... it's a great strawberry vape as well. I made 120ml of that one. ..this one didn't quite make the big bottle shelf. Cheers.
#245 by leej, Aug 4. 2016, 20:39
any reason why ripe strawberry over normal strawberry?
#246 by Kobie , Aug 5. 2016, 00:17
I Love this recipe.. my 2nd Fave all day vape.. thanks for sharing ❤😊
#247 by WalterWhite, Aug 5. 2016, 10:34
Excellent recipe, flavor wise its somewhat funky but it really comes together after 2 weeks and reach its true flavor after 4 weeks. I made 500ml so far. It's dangerously good.
#248 by Zugmaschine, Aug 6. 2016, 20:13
@apwroblewski, @all I just made me a test batch of Strawberry Fog! ( ). Is nearly the same like your Mother's Unicorn Milk ! Here is only 4% Sweet Cream and a little more Bavarian Cream. Make the Sweet Cream tis 2 Recipes so diffrent? Can you explain me the diffrent?
#249 by Saw85, Aug 7. 2016, 17:07
Apwroblewski what's the steep time on this one?
#250 by kingvapes, Aug 10. 2016, 17:15
3 week will be the best steep time ( saw 85 )
#251 by Xantharon, Aug 11. 2016, 09:54
I made this max VG and the cookie was mostly the only thing that came through .... have to try this at the recommended ratio as so many people seem to enjoy the hell out of this.
#252 by Zugmaschine, Aug 11. 2016, 12:36
You talk from that little Graham Crust? Is the only what can make a Cookie-Smell in that recipe ....
#253 by Storm Crow, Aug 11. 2016, 15:51
I tried this with 4 to 1 NY Cheesecake, Graham Cracker.. and the CGC. . Huge difference.. the first one..the Graham Cracker was there..and way too prominent.. the second one with CGC, The Graham Cracker was more of a background note.. Everyone is different...I can see Graham Cracker being the top note for some....It's not just Straw ripe that mutes with time..they all do.. it's part of being a strawberry flavor.. I back mine with dragonfruit...just a hint..or sour.. helps keep the strawberry from fading.. I'm thinking about a touch of Raspberry. I think that gets used alot too...I'm liking Raspberry more than Strawberry... it's easier to work
#254 by Maureeenie, Aug 12. 2016, 16:07
Third day into the steep this stuff is to die for. Thank you thank you thank you. I like it so much I replaced the Strawberry with LA Melon... that's working out ok too I must say!
#255 by keeper18, Aug 12. 2016, 17:39
Excellent flavor:)
#256 by Tom, Aug 19. 2016, 15:58
Hey guys , everytime i make this juice i have no flavour.
I made this several times and everytime taste the same.
Tested on aromamizer rdta ,ud bellus , gemini.
WTF , anyone can help ?
#257 by MintyMods, Aug 20. 2016, 23:38
@Tom - did you make it exactly as posted i.e. same brands, exact percentages and no additives such as Ethyl Maltol? Did you shake & steep or just shake & vape?
#258 by DarthVapor, Aug 24. 2016, 08:37
@Xantharon, max VG in this recipe is still 74/26 VG/PG so not really that high
#259 by Storm Crow, Aug 25. 2016, 04:42
Strawberry Shisha would probably be really nice In this..I'm sure it's been talked about somewhere up above.. @DarthVapor. .your French Smurf recipie is amazing. .. With killer recipies like that I'll have my wife off analogs very soon!!
#260 by Tyler Smith, Aug 25. 2016, 13:18
I made this a week ago. Tried it, but it tastes nothing like the clone. Not sure what's wrong.
#261 by yuki, Aug 26. 2016, 00:15
Muito bom esse juice! fiz logo de cara 500ml!
#262 by Zhukoff, Aug 26. 2016, 02:48
Ебейшая жижа просто улет, сладковата конечно рекомендую добавить больше основы мл 40. А так просто ОГОНЬ рецепт !!!
#263 by Zhukoff, Aug 26. 2016, 02:49
Настаивать от 1 недели. Забыл добавить.
#264 by Storm Crow, Aug 26. 2016, 03:40
4 week steep... you can't hurry good old time
#265 by Shad, Aug 26. 2016, 09:34
Настоял месяц. Спарил 30мл за день. Очень вкусно.
#266 by Smitty's Vapes, Aug 26. 2016, 15:45
Very nice vape! Thanks for sharing! Nice shake n vape and have some steeping as I speak! Thanks!!
#267 by Danish, Aug 26. 2016, 15:54
This is good really enjoying it, thanks. The longer it steeps the better it gets. But I had to cut the % down to the equivalent of 17%, 26% just sounds too high.
#268 by MrJwp08, Aug 27. 2016, 10:58
Wow, great Vape!! After failing massively with my own homemade 'brew' I left it a good few months. Tried this recipe, and glad i'm back to making my own!! Many thanks
#269 by Handy Kharisma, Aug 28. 2016, 16:41
I recently made a 600ml batch. After shake and vape I dont't find the sweet spot. Only throat hit is. Are steeping for few days will change the taste? Currently there is no sweetness at all .
#270 by Tyler Smith, Aug 28. 2016, 17:56
That's how mine is Handy
#271 by Handy Kharisma, Aug 29. 2016, 08:03
Have you trying to add some sweetener Tyler?
#272 by babonji, Aug 29. 2016, 11:13
2 days steeping better than 2 weeks
i'll comeback after 1 month of steeping
deserve 5 stars
#273 by nervousme, Aug 30. 2016, 17:52
hi guys, i make this for 15ml, but after taking hotbath and mixing about 2 hours, its has checmial taste, how can i rid the chemical taste?
#274 by Storm Crow, Aug 30. 2016, 19:37
Let it breathe with the cap off overnight.. and steep it a month.. occasionally letting it breathe.. it needs to oxidize and bond.
#275 by Steve, Sep 1. 2016, 22:43
Delicious vape, can't get enough of this stuff!
#276 by sheep, Sep 2. 2016, 02:32
Just adapted this recipe to banana flavor, let's see what I get! :)
#277 by Lock74, Sep 3. 2016, 04:31
This is a pretty bullet proof recipe. I was out of vanilla custard so I subbed in 2% Vanila bean Ice cream and 1%cake batter. really good, but in hindsight I would have nixed the cake batter.
#278 by norwegianvaper, Sep 3. 2016, 13:43
This is looking real good, although I doubt it's nailed the MM. But it can be delicious anyway, and might even better than the hyped MM. But personally I don`t like recipes with over 20% flavors. Back in early 2014 we where learned never to trespass 20 %,and just think about the improvement in tanks and drippers flavorwise since then! I like to stay in the 12-15% range. If I try this, I will go down to 5% at the Strawberry Ripe as a start. Do you steep your stuff or shake and vape?f? Often less is more when properly steeped. I need to get a hold on Cheesecake (Graham Crust), Sweet cream and Vanilla Custard . I have all three of them in CAP, but that could change the recipe into a hole different thing. Unfortunately I'm on tight budget .I will come back and give you my thoughts after I taste it (Mike apes quote:) if I make it.
#279 by Tyler Smith, Sep 4. 2016, 02:30
Made this this morning. Put it in hot water for awhile and let it breath. Tried it tonight and it's already amazing. I know it'll get better over time too.
#280 by MarkieMark, Sep 5. 2016, 19:54
not sure why 26% total flavor. i use a Cleito tank with a .4 ohm aspire atomizer. after 1 week steep it is mellow smooth and delicious. i basically cut everything in half and added some strawberry (tfa). total flavor mix 16%. i did no make it at 26% so i cannot compare.
#281 by noilian, Sep 6. 2016, 23:54
@MarkieMark - I get exactly what you mean. tried it at recommended flavor and damn! that stuff is like a flowerpott. You can barely taste in what kind of direction it should be going. Wanted to throw it away, instead just put in the double amount of base and within 2 days it came out so good.
Also I think the sweet cream should be dropped to 1% max. It is giving a very floral taste to this mix.
#282 by Kriengsak, Sep 9. 2016, 08:53
TPA Strawberry need to be substituted with Capella or LA. TPA strawberry taste good but smell is gone after steeping and it is big lack when strawberry is main ingredient.
#283 by Tyler Smith, Sep 9. 2016, 12:32
@MarkieMark - Can you share what you did then? You said basically in half but went from 26% to 16% which isn't half. Or put your own up so we can try it.
#284 by Mizer2k, Sep 9. 2016, 13:52
Ok, I had to finally mix this up and see what all the hype is about. Damn! No hype. Mixed, shook, vaped, and fell in love! Winner winner chicken dinner.
#285 by Tyler Smith, Sep 9. 2016, 15:12
@Mizer2k, it is a good shake and Vape. I give it a hot bath, leave the top off about 4 hours, and Vape away
#286 by xlolx, Sep 13. 2016, 14:45
Wonderful Vape
Thanks for sharing
#287 by Bitchin' Liquids, Sep 14. 2016, 22:41
I don't have any strawberry ripe...
Will the original be okay?
#288 by KrisKing84, Sep 16. 2016, 01:05
Awesome!!! mixed up a batch 2 weeks ago and just trying it. gonna let it sit for 2 more weeks. Will definitely be worth the wait.
#289 by Koadog, Sep 16. 2016, 12:40
Bitchin' you can use another strawberry if you like. I have made a ton this recipe so far. I am currently using both CAP Strawberry at 2% and TPA Strawberry Ripe at 3%. Getting the strawberry to pop in this recipe is the issue. Also -This many flavors needs time to come together. For steeping - soak in warm, but not hot water for about 30 minutes...shake like hell, leave the top off overnight, shake like hell, then sit for a minimum 10 days, shaking daily. Then you are ready. It will continue to mature for another week, but I can not keep my hands off that long!!
#290 by Vectïon, Sep 16. 2016, 20:51
I tried this recipe back in May and followed the recipe with my only sub being Vanilla Custard v2 (Cap) and 70/30 vg/pg. The wife and I both loved it so I made a 250mL and forgot all about it until last weekend and it is by far the best recipe I've made to date! I can't get enough! So I decided to buy the Vanilla Custard (TPA) and promptly made a 50mL to enjoy now and 250mL to steep. I'll report back in 4 months time!!

@apwroblewski Thank you so much for this recipe. My hat has been tipped, Sir!
#291 by MarkieMark, Sep 18. 2016, 18:55
Hey Tyler. go to my user page and you can open up this recipe and see my mix quantities. Happy Vaping.
#292 by Craeg, Sep 22. 2016, 07:03
I made the recipe as written. I steeped it for nine days. Truly a phenomenal juice. I will be making this in great quantity. It is full, creamy, and utterly addictive. There is only a hint of the Strawberry Ripe, but I can't imagine it getting much better than this! Great job!
#293 by Charles, Sep 27. 2016, 19:32
Just made a 10ml batch of 60/40 blend 6mg, had to substitute Vanilla Swirl (TPA) for Vanilla Custard, but this stuff is still awesome right after shaking. Going to let it steep for a while, no doubt it'll get better.
#294 by DNation, Sep 28. 2016, 03:54
Could I use Graham Cracker instead of the Graham crust?????
#295 by Bek, Sep 28. 2016, 10:40
I made this with Vanila Custard from Capella, taste is perfect after 3 weeks
#296 by Bin-jip, Sep 28. 2016, 22:32
With high hopes I made the exact recipe except the final PG/VG ratio which is 30/70 by me. I used a hot plated magnetic stirrer at 120F (50C) for 12 hours as I do as my basic routine with my other diy juices. Unfortunately the Ripe Strawberry has been dissapeared and I cannot taste it in the liquid. I use the Ripe SB in other recipes in smaller quantities as well, but never recognized such an absence after stirring. Without the Strawberry Ripe the custard base mix tastes artificial. I guess the Bavarian Cream overpowers the other ingredients.
I'll wait with my final decision a few weeks but for now this recipe seems to be dissapointing.
#297 by Bek, Sep 29. 2016, 12:19
That is common mistake, You need just wait and hope. Main taste of Graham cracker will loose strenth and liquid will be balanced
#298 by Bin-jip, Sep 29. 2016, 14:12
Thanks for your reply Bek! As I emphasized, I'll wait a few weeks with my final decision.
I just cant imagine, how can my tastebuds feel so different than others who says it's a brilliant shake and vape.
#299 by kavasc, Oct 1. 2016, 08:34
I mixed this a couple days ago, and it was very good when I tried it. I made a small sampler batch, but I will definitely be making some more. I didn't have any Ripe Strawberry, I used Organic Strawberry instead, but it still tastes good to me. Not quite a strong strawberry flavor, but I definitely like it.
Thanks for the recipe!
#300 by Vlado, Oct 1. 2016, 16:58
I don't know how poeople like this... it tastes like shit from the start up to 5 weeks steeping ...... waste of flavors grrr...
#301 by romanu, Oct 3. 2016, 12:28
Гавно неимоверное, деньги на ветер.
#302 by Koadog, Oct 9. 2016, 03:32
So i have made this recipe many times now, not changing the percentages, but at various nic levels. Usually 10mg. All have been great and tasty. My latest batch has a peppery tone that I cannot explain. Any ideas how this could have happened. Steep time has been 3 to 4 weeks as per normal time??
#303 by Paul N, Oct 12. 2016, 17:25
@Koadog most likely your nicotine has started to go off.
#304 by Bitchin' Liquids, Oct 12. 2016, 17:43
Paul can concentrates also go off?
#305 by Smook, Oct 14. 2016, 22:05
Просто бомбезный рецепт! Большое спасибо автору! Замешал 30 мл. на попробовать, на свой страх и риск, в 1-й день была химоза дикая, впрочем как и во 2-й, а день на четвертый, открылся такой вкус! Однозначно буду мешать себе 100 мл. и более, жижка получилась ну просто №1 для меня.
#306 by tarjat, Oct 19. 2016, 00:47
HOLY SMOKE! i mixed this morning 30ml, my 1st "complex" recipe ever.
2 hours into the UC
rested all day
just tasted a few drips now... JESUS IT'S FREAKING GOOD and it's only 1 day LOL in 1 week this will taste like heaven.

i mixed a 70/30 vg-pg with 0 nic.
just amazing, thank you so much for sharing this.
#307 by Xoxol1508, Oct 19. 2016, 21:37
One of my favorite
#308 by Ghost, Oct 23. 2016, 18:13
Good stuff, one of my favorites
#309 by Bin-jip, Oct 23. 2016, 23:50
I have to admit that this recipe gets better and better as time goes by. Meanwhile I had to add 2% additional strawberry ripe as this flavor has been muted a bit. I've tried about 20 recipes from here, and it is among the bests for sure. The first batch has gone, so it's time to make a bigger one. :)
A strong 4 stars or maybe 4.5 stars for me. Well done!
#310 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 12:43
would it be good if I add 1% ethylmaltol?
#311 by guz budi, Oct 26. 2016, 13:07
hi all.. i really really need help, frustrated :D
my diy eliquid is dry when exhale, is it because 0 nicotine or i need malted milk to create the wet creamy taste in my mouth??
thx for ur help
#312 by Jaafar , Oct 27. 2016, 23:14
I want to make this liquid. I got all the flavors. But I did not get the flavor of sweet caram. Is there an alternative sweet caram flavor. Please Help?
#313 by vapenvegetate, Nov 3. 2016, 20:50
I really like Unicorn Milk, but it's just stupidly expensive to vape it all the time. Followed this recipe with 3mg 80 VG/PG base, tastes really nice. I shook it and put the bottle in warm water for a couple of hours, because I needed something to vape immediately. Tastes really nice, the graham crust is a bit overpowering at the moment but I suspect it to balance out after steeping. It seems to taste pretty identical to Unicorn Milk from my memory, although I don't have a bottle right now to directly compare the two. I can definitely say it's very good - enough to never have the desire to buy a "real" bottle of the stuff, so I won't be doing this!

Just a heads up, I accidently bought TPA Cheesecake before when I made my first batch. It didn't taste horrible but it tasted very basic. I would heavily recommend actually getting TPA Cheesecake (Graham Crust) to do this recipe as it adds a whole depth of flavour to the end product. I'll edit this if I can after I've tried the fully steeped product.

I'd say you can definitely vape this after giving a couple of hours to let it mix.
#314 by meow, Nov 4. 2016, 14:28
less than half hour of shaking and warming, this is already really awesome, though i used a bit less of creams and also less of strawberry, but the strawberry does pop, usually i cant taste strawberry much, but in this, wow..
used half the bavarian cream, and a toned everything else down also.
cant wait for nex week, might be pure gold, already definetely as good as some premium strawberry creams
#315 by Calikid, Nov 5. 2016, 08:41
Just made a small batch of this tonight and after 16min in a ultrasonic bath all I can say is WWWWWOOOOWWWW .. where has this been hiding at !!! now if the second bottle I made can stay hidden so it can actually steep for a few days all will be good but I did make the mistake of letting the wife taste it so might have to make a couple more bottles to hide in my glovebox or something lol .... Great recipe !
#316 by Gorak1974 , Nov 5. 2016, 16:01
Absolutely brilliant.
#317 by StEaLtH666, Nov 5. 2016, 16:31
I shaked and vaped this right away, and thought it was almost disgusting... i gave it 4X 45 minute hot baths after this and tried again... wow.. almost completely different vape...

i am finding now after 3 days its perfect and i think this will be my everyday vape for the time being
#318 by StEaLtH666, Nov 5. 2016, 16:32
The reason i thought initially it tasted so wrong, was the graham crust was so overpowerering. But this has mellowed out to a really nice taste
#319 by vapenvegetate, Nov 7. 2016, 16:29
Alright guys, I posted a few posts up, gotta say now the graham crust has chilled out, but the strawberry is gone. Completely.

So I wanted to ask, which is better:

1. use 6ml strawberry instead of 3ml


2. add a little to the tank on refill (if so, how much?)
#320 by MthompLMT, Nov 8. 2016, 23:51
This is so very good. I've made several 30ml bottles already and just made a 120ml bottle last night. One of my favorite DIYs so far.
#321 by Tobiume, Nov 10. 2016, 02:20
I made this and the Cheesecake with Graham Cracker completely overpowers everything else, I can smell Strawberry from the liquid, but there is zero strawberry taste to the vape. The cheesecake definitely needs toned down for my tastes. Otherwise decent, can really taste the cream.
#322 by AntonisBt, Nov 13. 2016, 10:34
Its my favorite recipe!I'be already made 250ml of this and i cant stop vaping it!Nice job!!
#323 by DanceOfDoom, Nov 14. 2016, 19:30
amazing amazing amazing. i can't stop vaping :)
#324 by Bibliotecario, Nov 16. 2016, 03:44
Do need much maceration?
#325 by DDrama, Nov 20. 2016, 20:59
Great Recipe!
I substituted van custard with vanilla swirl, am I missing anything by doing this?
Also...after about a week I start to loose the strawberry ripe as it gets muted... Im going to try to add regular tfa strawberry at 6% ontop of 6% ripe
#326 by vapenvegetate, Nov 21. 2016, 21:19
Tried using 3ml of CAP Sweet Strawberry as the TFA Strawberry hasn't been giving me good results.

Will post again when I've left it alone for a while.
#327 by Johnny Law, Nov 24. 2016, 03:26
First off, thank you for sharing your recipe. I've never had the real McCoy, but I can say this recipe is f'n delicious. I've been churning this out for myself every week. Wouldn't change a thing...thanks again!
#328 by Vapechemist, Nov 27. 2016, 03:01
Hey guys, how do yall think this recipe would come out with an adaptation of bilberry instead strawberry ripe?
#329 by Jwan, Nov 28. 2016, 03:26
Hi apwroblewski, is not delicious when vaping mouth to lung by using Aspire Nautilus, could you please tell me what % of flavors i must to change to be delicious when vaping mouth to lung?
#330 by   mr.Willy        , Dec 6. 2016, 04:19
sweet unicorn cloud!, thanks
#331 by nobby, Dec 8. 2016, 22:26
Made 2x10mls, one to steep for a few weeks and one to try right away. After they'd both had 1/2hr in a hot water bath, 0.25 Ni coil at 205 deg C and it's very nice indeed. Not overpowering, well balanced and lovely creamy tail off. Thanks :)
#332 by mufasa, Dec 13. 2016, 11:08
#333 by Skavenger, Dec 16. 2016, 04:04
Great recipe man first recipe to go into my ADV without a doubt, Great Job.
#334 by Dougass, Dec 19. 2016, 21:17
The best of the best. I cannot stop....
#335 by spankster, Dec 20. 2016, 17:06
New to DIY and mixed 200ml of this so that one bottle can steep propperly. Just tried some out as shake and vape and i love it. I can only assume steeping will make it better. Thanks for a great recepie.
#336 by Denbo, Dec 22. 2016, 03:52
I mixed 2 batches of this recipe, VG/PG 70/30 & 60/40.Both @ 3 weeks old, 70/30 ways ok but @ 60/40 I was smacking my lips, at the ripe strawberry. Thanks!

#337 by unknowndataerror, Dec 22. 2016, 14:23
I shook and vaped and it taste wonderful. Can't wait to see how it would taste after a week to two weeks steep. Thank you for the recipe
#338 by Harry, Dec 22. 2016, 19:19
Made the exact recipe 30ml but 70/30 vg/pg 6mg of nicotine strength. I shook and vaped but it didn't blow my mind so I left it on my shelve... week later gave it another try as my adv run out.... it was surprisingly better.... left it another week to steep and now I can't stop vaping it. Thnx for the recipe very good. Adv for sure!!!
#339 by wannaBUT, Dec 25. 2016, 16:40
please help
can i sub Vanilla Custard TFA with Vanilla Custard CAP?
with same %?
#340 by Quentin33, Dec 26. 2016, 00:15
Done 30 ml just to test, i don't have Sweet cream for the moment so tried without.
Just after doing I can smell a sweet strawberry flavour but i can barely taste it. I hope it will come out with steep.
#341 by Vectïon, Dec 26. 2016, 20:58
@wannaBUT, you can sub those but keep in mind that it's going to be a completely different recipe. Post back with your thoughts on the substitution!
#342 by Fuat Abi, Dec 27. 2016, 03:20
%26 looks too much any suggestions?
#343 by spankster, Dec 27. 2016, 10:16
A little update, after 1 week steep this tastes even better, the strawberry tastes just wonderfull. As for steeping ive done a hotbath 40-50ish degrees for about 2h and let it breath for the same amount of time. Shaked it for 5 minutes or so once per day. Definetly my favorite vape so far. (Im rather new tough, coming up on 4 months, so only tried about 15 flavours.)
#344 by rs_s, Dec 27. 2016, 22:44
Yesterday mixed flavors .... get the smell is not like the original
In the foreground - the cream remind warmed butter
In the background biscuits (cheese cake, crackers)
On the exhale - bad disclosed strawberries
Today tried to vape - the situation has not changed
The resulting liquid is not nasty but does not go for me
All of this was?
I hope that the alternation two weeks the situation will change and I will enjoy
#345 by Bin-jip, Dec 28. 2016, 02:56
I've had the same experience at first time. Be patient and let it steep for an additional week. It will change a lot.
Now I use 1/3 less creams and cracker as it is described in this recipe. I like to stay under 20% with the flavourings.
#346 by rs_s, Dec 28. 2016, 09:20
mixed another batch of 1/2 volume of prescription
Added to the volume:
Strawberry + 20%, -20% Cream
The smell of a day much more interesting
Let's see what will happen after two weeks
All delicious vapor ;)
#347 by Nocstar, Dec 30. 2016, 04:22
Hands down TOP 3 Recipes on this site. so delicious. make a lot you will go through it all quick. Also for best, use the exact flavors required.
#348 by Man has no name, Dec 30. 2016, 16:17
I made this n it smelled and tasted like shit. Worst recipe I'd ever made. Left it for 3months to steep n came back. Best juice I've ever made or tasted, absolute winner but gotta let it steep for months.
#349 by adam2343, Dec 30. 2016, 22:57
This is a great shake and vape. Just mixed up 15ml of it just to try as I don't like to mix big amounts and then lot like it lol and it is real good. I lowered the Bavarian cream and cheesecake Graham cracker just by 1% and its still good
#350 by adam2343, Dec 30. 2016, 23:09
I don't see how people let juice steep for no week/months at a time. If it takes that long to steep then its not good or something is wrong. I have a friend that's a pro juice mixer and he mixes his juice to order and it don't steep no more then 2/3 hours max and its the best juice I've ever had. I just wish I knew how he did it lol
#351 by adam2343, Dec 30. 2016, 23:17
The % need to be lowered a little IMO. But that's just my opinion
#352 by Bin-jip, Dec 30. 2016, 23:36
There are really good shake and vape recipes, but many other especially custard or tobacco based liquids need a few days or weeks to reach their full potential.
Easy to test: put 10ml away for a few weeks and check them later. It's even better if you can test it together with a freshly mixed new batch.
#353 by unknowndataerror, Jan 4, 19:50
Some flavors FOR EXAMPLE custards and creams take time to mix/settle/adapt in a recipe and that is why it takes 2 weeks to a month for the best flavor. I can definitely tell you that after steeping two weeks it taste much better and the color has changed to a clear creamy yellow. Some recipes like this you can just shake and vape but for the best flavor, just let it steep for a week or so, its all based on personal opinion. Made (2)120ml bottles and about to make 2 more.
Also just curious has anyone tried replacing strawberry for another flavor? I was thinking raspberry sweet. Should i do the same percentage?
#354 by Mizc, Jan 4, 23:52
Holy shit, I know you need to steep some recipes more than others but when I shook and vaped this one I was soo disapointed, so I did'nt vape on it for a week and all I can say is WOW! This now tops my list of e liquids and I will definitely mix up a big batch of this one.
#355 by Juandastur, Jan 5, 07:10
@unknowndataerror people are subs the sb for Golden Pineapple or Blueberry so yes, go ahead and try. Take a read to the comments to get more info.
#356 by Mizc, Jan 5, 13:16
@unknowndataerror I would definitely use 5% of raspberry sweet at the most, imo it is far more overpowering as a flavor than the ripe strawberry.
#357 by Quentin33, Jan 5, 13:33
+1 for Mizc, i was disapointed also when i tried the two first days after mixing it.
But after 8 days it's defintely going to be something good, but for me it needs some more steep to let everything come out and mix nicely
#358 by CoffeeBeanGaming, Jan 12, 21:28
This was the first juice that I made and let it sit for about a week or two before I fully vaped it. Immediately loved it and finished it fairly quickly. Going to probably buy a bigger bottle so I can make this stuff more often.
#359 by adam2343, Jan 13, 22:52
Thanks for the info on steeping guys!!
#360 by Memphisflash, saturday, 22:05
Found it again in the back of my steeping drawer,it's still delicious even afther 6 months.
#361 by dookable, sunday, 15:52
I have never tried the original but this is absolutely scrummy. Right up my street when it comes to flavour profiles. Certainly one of my ADV's.

Shake and Vape, yup, pretty much good to go, 2 days later, much smoother. Just made up 30ml's and will leave for a week or so :)..

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