Mikes Melons (Cuttwood Monster Melon Clone) 

Gravatar - by gsxrmike04, Mar 29. 2015, 16:19


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

Add sweetener to liking, i use 1 drop per 5Ml, Let steep approx 2 weeks

#1 by NMLS, Apr 18. 2015, 08:57
just simple, delicious, identical to the original monstrer melon, congratulations
#2 by nlonano, Apr 27. 2015, 20:56
nailed it my friend
#3 by Konstanty, Jun 21. 2015, 03:25
Well, i have to say that this is horribly great.. It's smooth, great flavor, really "melony". But i didn't steeped it for 2 weeks, vaped it right away after mixing. Does flavor really changes much after steeping in this case?
#4 by Mitch2651, Jul 24. 2015, 16:19
Excellent! And a fellow Rider? Gsxr great bikes!
#5 by gsxrmike04, Aug 13. 2015, 22:53
Thanks, Glad everyone is enjoying @Mitch2651 yes i ride i have a 2013 gsxr 750
#6 by Mrkool, Aug 28. 2015, 03:53
can i replace mango with capella version?
#7 by WhiteClouds, Sep 10. 2015, 08:55
I made this with %5 FW cantaloupe, %5 FW papaya, 5% CAP Sweet mango and %3 Ethyl Maltol 10% PG TPA. It actually came out great. The Ethyl Maltol helped smooth it out. Yes Mrkool CAP sweet mango is awsome!
#8 by Clonemaster, Sep 30. 2015, 06:22
Love it! Added 5% EM t blend flavors!! Nailed it!
#9 by SilentAngel, Oct 17. 2015, 02:13
I made this and it is great! I used Dx Sweet cream 1 drop per 5 ml.....came out wonderful! Steeped it for 2 weeks.
#10 by Jan, Oct 23. 2015, 15:23
The sweetener did it. SPOT ON
#11 by srgaudio, Oct 27. 2015, 05:03
What Sweetener? EM, Sucralose, or Stevia?
#12 by shreduhsoreus, Nov 3. 2015, 04:07
1 drop per 5ml is basically 0.5%. For those who want to make a big batch and don't feel like adding 24 drops.
#13 by Jan, Nov 3. 2015, 13:11
I did tutti frutti as a sweet and its awesome....
#14 by shreduhsoreus, Nov 3. 2015, 15:44
Made a batch 10 hours ago. Used .25% sucralose and .25% ethyl maltol for sweeteners. As a shake and vape, it's perfumey, as to be expected because of the TFA Mango(and possibly the other 2 as well, this is my first experience with those). Perfume taste was mild, but definitely noticeable. After an hour of leaving the bottle open, dripping it, and shaking it, the perfume taste died down a bit. Right now, the perfume taste is almost entirely gone, and if it's not, I don't notice it. I have been dripping it off and on the past hour since I woke up and leave the bottle open in between drips. Used 100mg PG based nic at 2mg, max VG base. At 82.5% VG, it's super smooth, amazing vapor production, and the flavor is pretty good. I can see aging this recipe only making it even better. Will eventually report back if I can manage to make a bottle and let it sit for a week or 2. Good job though.
#15 by diketone, Nov 18. 2015, 16:42
4% Sucralose plus 1% EM bammm yummy!
#16 by Mmh1972 , Dec 5. 2015, 23:38
EM seems to mute flavors if using 1 drop per 5 mls
#17 by melagodo, Dec 12. 2015, 14:12
I'm a little confused, here.
0.5% or 5% of Ethyl Maltol 10%?
Should I consider the % in the recipe with eliquid calculator, or just add EM to whatever mls I get?
Thanks guys
#18 by Mmh1972 , Dec 12. 2015, 18:41
melagodo i honestly imo don't reccomend using marshmallow or EM in this recipe. i would try 1.6ml cantaloupe 1.6 mango and 1.0 ml papaya for a 30ml batch and try...not bad for a shake n vape...it would be a 5.3, 5.3, 3.3 percentages i think...someone on fb suggested me trying this and its great
#19 by shreduhsoreus, Dec 13. 2015, 08:29
I have a small vial that's half and half sucralose/EM, I use that at .5%(1 drop per 5ml) and it works great. The recipe as is plus that sweetener is amazing after a 10-14 day steep. Any less than that and you get a lot of ethanol taste from the mango and papaya. This is definitely not a shake and vape recipe because of the specific ingredients' ethanol content.
#20 by Kitsune, Dec 14. 2015, 02:40
Mixed up a batch of this yesterday and tossed it in the ultrasonic for about 30 minutes. Tried today and this stuff is AMAZING! I've never had Monster Melons, so I can't comment on how close this is...but I gotta say that the flavor of this juice is top notch. I didn't add any form of sweetener, and I don't think it needs it at all. Great vape and I'll be making a very large batch as soon as I get more VG. Thanks!
#21 by miron, Dec 14. 2015, 18:09
like it more than original
#22 by gazz, Dec 24. 2015, 00:20
@gsxrmike04 NAILED!
great job, I put it together.

trying to understand:
"Add sweetener to liking, i use 1 drop per 5Ml, Let steep approx 2 weeks"

I need to add it on top of the 30ml? 1 drop is how many ml?
witch sweetener I should use?
#23 by Coffee4meplz, Jan 9. 2016, 21:39
I made this last week and added 1% Capella's Sweet Cream. 30ml bottle is now gone and I just made my second batch. Really nice refreshing vape!
#24 by aaaps, Jan 18. 2016, 09:28
Слишком фруктово и кисло. Ощущение холодка которого там нет. Вырвиглазный скитлс на любителя.
#25 by jojobang, Feb 1. 2016, 14:53
very nice...the papaya is a bit strong (for me) but yes, simple and delicious ejuice.. thanks ...
#26 by Dankasaurus, Feb 1. 2016, 17:08
Never had monster melon before, but I like this flavor. Tried it after a week of steeping and enjoyed it. Can't wait to see what its like after 2 weeks like you suggested. Thanks for the recipe
#27 by _Yodai, Feb 3. 2016, 00:26
rather than add in EM/Sweetener I pop'ed in a bit of dragon fruit (1%) and bit of cactus (0.5%) and it's killer. After reading comments, I'm going to try a bit of creams in some experimental batches.
#28 by apollo, Feb 16. 2016, 02:17
i tried this, but the papaya is overpowering. Is it just me or does the TFA papaya smells like baby poo.
#29 by Bane213, Feb 16. 2016, 06:00
@apollo, I agree. The smell on the exhale stinks up the whole room. I only have cap sweet mango, will that make much of a difference?
#30 by _Yodai, Feb 16. 2016, 07:42
@apollo & @Bane213: The papaya I think is the key flavor here, maybe back it off a bit and let it breath some. I love this combination of flavors, and a few tweaks for my own preference, and it's for sure an ADV for me. YMMV. As for papaya smelling like poo, I don't know about that, smells a lot like a fresh papaya cut open.
#31 by rsimmy, Feb 19. 2016, 20:24
This is the first recipe I've rated, 5 stars. And I've made a lot of the recipes on the first and second page when sorted by rating.

This has been the only juice I've made and was instantly vapable, and I imagine when it settles after all the shaking, and then after a day or two of sitting it'll be even better.

Although did follow the advice above where they suggested 1.6, 1.6, and 1.0. The papaya smelled a little potent and I didn't want it to stand out too much.
#32 by paper_boat, Feb 26. 2016, 00:06
Delicious fruity goodness! Hot damn, been a while since I had a 5/5 delicious fruit vape.
#33 by iKON, Feb 26. 2016, 07:40
This is good stuff!
#34 by Mmh1972 , Feb 27. 2016, 08:12
@rsimmy yes the percentages are actually 5.3% 5.3% and use 3.3 for the papaya...I think the volume you mixed is what I had posted above. yes imo it's better than all 5% for each and no EM or marshmallow
#35 by Ilovevaping2097, Mar 7. 2016, 04:10
nice and refreshing
#36 by Juicy Jade, Mar 13. 2016, 21:07
@Mmh1972 I only have the Cantaloupe and Mango in FA. Would the %'s be the same as your suggestion above? 5.3, 5.3, 3.3?
#37 by Juicy Jade, Mar 13. 2016, 21:10
I'm asking because I've seen FA's Cantaloupe suggested in the 1 to 2% range as well as 3 to 4%. I don't want to overdo it by adding the 5.3% if FA is that strong in their flavors.
#38 by OrganicCloudz, Mar 16. 2016, 14:52
Boy oh boy I don't know how to go about this mix after reading all these comments... Should I make it as it says with 1 drop sweetener per 5ml? Also it not quite harsh on the throat at 40PG?
#39 by iavp, Mar 17. 2016, 18:00
This is a great fruit recipe, there are not enough fruit/candy recipes on the first 2 pages of the rankings, usually have to go to reddit just to find decent ones. This is also similar to Mr. Miyagi by alpha vapes, although I think there is plum in that one. Either way its great.
#40 by lechevn, Mar 26. 2016, 15:14
Just made a batch of this: 70% VG - 5% Sweet Mango (CAP), 4% Papaya (TPA), 5% Cantaloupe (TPA) and 2% Marshmallow (TPA), have to say this is spot on to the original, even with only a day of steeping.

I imagine it will get even better in a week. I think the marshmallow as a sweetener is perfect.
#41 by ZainVapes, Mar 26. 2016, 21:53
so i've been 1 year in DIY. Only read how people make Ejuice in this website. Today i finally make an account just wanted to say this:


even for shake and vape its a mega melon juice!! but still not 100%, will be 100% same if u steep it. and dont forget to use sucralose.. everytime u see Cantaloupe flavor use sucralose. use 6 drops if u making 30ml and VOILA!!
#42 by heliontide, Mar 29. 2016, 09:05
This is a great recipe, especially if you add around 2% sweetener. (I have a bit of a sweet tooth with e-juice from vaping One Hit Wonder's stuff for so long before venturing into DIY). Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a nice, simple fruit vape. Best fruit blend I've tried to date.
#43 by GSL44, Mar 29. 2016, 14:00
Hi, sounds great. I'm a novice and looking to make this as a first attempt. Could anyone please tell me a uk site where I can get all the flavours and starter kit as websites I've looked at don't have all 3 concentrates. Many thanks in advance.
#44 by Childz, Mar 29. 2016, 14:02
Mixed this up with no EM. Not a fan of sweeteners, they're just too inconsistent in my experience. As far as the original recipe? It's absolutely wonderful. Simple. Not that medicine/candy taste. Pure melony joy.
#45 by OrganicCloudz, Mar 29. 2016, 14:10
@GSL44 I got my concentrates for this from valiant2vape. They do starter kits as well, although I would source the bits independently to save money!
#46 by GSL44, Mar 29. 2016, 14:16
Organiccloudz thanks for that, I'll have a butchers now.
#47 by OrganicCloudz, Mar 29. 2016, 14:55
No sweat buddy.
#48 by Fauziherman , Mar 30. 2016, 16:17
Max vg 5 drops of sucralose,3 mg pg nicotine all the same flavours added and I love it after shake and vape
#49 by OrganicCloudz, Mar 30. 2016, 16:42
It is a good one, I knocked up another 200ml of this last night. I've found it really comes together at 2 weeks, definitely worth being patient for this one!
#50 by hivemind, Mar 31. 2016, 07:17
are there any good adaptions that sub out the papaya? Maybe with watermelon or something? I took a long look but didn't find anything.
anybody have suggestions or know of recipes?
#51 by Junior, Apr 2. 2016, 00:21
I did all 3 at 4% and 1 drop of sweetener per 5ml and 24 hours later I love it. It will get better with steeping but I don't think 2 weeks is required - more like a 24 hour steep
#52 by Junior, Apr 2. 2016, 00:25
@hive I think papaya makes this recipe tbh
#53 by Jessejames106, Apr 7. 2016, 11:57
Such a good clone, everyone has to try this.
#54 by noshadowkick, Apr 11. 2016, 17:33
After 7 days this is really really good, but still a little perfumey. Going to make a bigger batch today even though I haven't tasted the finished product. My percentages were 5.3 Cantaloupe, 5.3 Mange, 3.3 Papaya. No sweetener.
#55 by ElimiNathan, Apr 20. 2016, 09:07
Would Koolada work nicely with this recipe ?
#56 by HZ_VAPE, Apr 22. 2016, 12:11
Very good for melon lovers, delicious and strong.
#57 by Marsellus, Apr 29. 2016, 16:36
I used only 4,5% Papaya, added 1% Cap Sweet Cream and a bit less sweetener. It's exactly like Cuttwoods one, fucking tasty.
#58 by stylesuxx, May 1. 2016, 15:22
IMHO better than the original, did not use sweetener at all. Already went through 60ml of this. Thank you for the recipe.
#59 by VapeOn, May 4. 2016, 00:58
Iam trynna make this, i cant find the cantaloupe and papaya flavot by TPA, where did you all get it from!
#60 by OrganicCloudz, May 4. 2016, 14:20
I got all mine for this from valiant2vape!
#61 by N, May 4. 2016, 18:40
ill place it in favorites too
#62 by Bwaters27, May 5. 2016, 23:29
All I have is capellas sweet mango. Would that work to replace tfa mango? And any percentage change suggestions if I did so?
#63 by OrganicCloudz, May 6. 2016, 10:09
I have no previous experience with capellas sweet mango, so can't comment on that one.
#64 by VapeyMama, May 8. 2016, 00:59
Making this right now with CAP cantaloupe and 1 drop EM/5ml. It smells AMAZING. I can't wait to try it!
#65 by Mema, May 12. 2016, 13:10
I never tried Monster Melon but I love this recipe! I don't use any sweetener and it's good as a shake and vape recipe. Thank you!!!
#66 by 🎅 SANTA714MIXER 🎅, May 13. 2016, 21:18
After a week of steeping and without ethol maltol i was getting a very strong taste of papya and a wierd after taste. After another week and adding 4 drops of EM i got a very pleasent smooth fruity taste from this mix . I WOULD RECOMMEND A 2 WEEK STEEP AND ADDING ETHOL MALTOL.
#67 by scottyh512, May 14. 2016, 01:03
where can I find the dilutant? Trying to make and beginner
#68 by scottyh512, May 14. 2016, 01:14
I think I figured it out. You buy the nicotine level you want and get it 50/50. Buy PG VA and flavorings to add.
#69 by Bane213, May 14. 2016, 14:21
@santa, same here. I also tuned down the papaya to 3% because it was so overpowering. Not just I taste, but it was smelling up the whole room. @scottyh512, please make sure you do research and learn all the safety precautions before starting DIY. There's more to it than just mixing a few liquids together.
#70 by scottyh512, May 16. 2016, 00:22
I am having trouble finding 100th nicotine. I would like to make this 12 MG nicotine. Can I just get the 12 MG 50/50 nicotine and add the PG and VG dilutant to that?
#71 by VapeyMama, May 17. 2016, 22:40
Vaping this right now. After an 8 day steep this stuff is AMAZING. If I wasn't out of mango at the moment I'd be making up a huge batch immediately. 5 stars!
#72 by *Vaporizer*, May 18. 2016, 12:11
Going try this one maybe something my lads looking for will try two 30 ml one for him and of course one for me looks a goodin YNWA.
#73 by *Vaporizer*, May 19. 2016, 10:44
Only made it yesterday and bang, I have had the original but I can say wo'h it's good shizola me and my lad thank you can't believe that it cost me about £2 to make each thirty ml including the bottle 😎😁😍👊🏼
#74 by VaporAlchemist, May 19. 2016, 15:57
I mixed this at 5/5/4-papaya and added sweetener. I let it steep for 2 weeks. It has a pleasant ripe sweet melon flavor to it. The flavor of this recipe is ruined by a strange and potent bitter chemical aftertaste on the exhale that can be described as green rind and toxic waste. Either the papaya is causing this and needs to be lowered, or somehow this juice mixed with and melted the inside of my PET bottle, and now I am vaping plastic.
#75 by VapeyMama, May 19. 2016, 18:55
Scottyh512, if you use 12mg nicotine and add anything else to it your final mix will be less than 12mg. You don't have to use 100mg nic, but it needs to be higher than your final desired strength. Whatever you use you can plug into the calculator and it will figure out the ratios for you. Just click the little blue wrench button, select "adapt" and edit it with the strength of nic you have.
#76 by Linksdad, May 21. 2016, 18:51
Mixed this up a few weeks ago, tastes great, but it very cloudy still and not clear like the rest of the batches I made the same-day. It's had 12 hours without the top on and about 3 weeks in a dark cupboard. Anyone else have this clouding issue and should I be concerned?
#77 by spykraft, May 25. 2016, 04:49
I have all these flavours but in CAP. Anyone tried it?
#78 by VapeOn, May 25. 2016, 05:53
Should i use ethyl maltol or sucralose as a sweetener? And at whats percentage should i use either one?
#79 by paper_boat, May 26. 2016, 00:51
Love love love this recipe. Gunks coils with the sweetener. This is best as a shake-n-vape. I think it actually loses some of its complexity as it steeps.
#80 by Jay, Jun 2. 2016, 00:01
After spending several hundred dollars on flavor concentrates in the last few months this has to be my number one vape so far.
#81 by JohnnyRampage, Jun 3. 2016, 14:31
Made it yestarday! It needs long time to steep. I can't imaging how to vape it after mix (shake-n-vape), to chemical taste for me :D I use RDA Tsunami for test. Smells nice, but mango is muted. I add 2 drop's sweetener, made 10 ml. Nicotin 3 mg. Good job @gsxrmike04, thx for sharing! I will be back after 1-2 weeks
#82 by illitirit, Jun 12. 2016, 01:42
love the recipe, its amazing. However, the smell that comes off this liquid is seriously gross.

I think I wont vape this in public, only my bathroom while im pooping, cause thats what it smells like lol.
#83 by Mmh1972 , Jun 13. 2016, 08:12
coffee4meplease and Marcellus I tried your suggestion and added 1% cap sweet cream tonight...I guess we will see how that works in a few weeks...interesting add and I pondered it for awhile before saying heck with it..5.3, 5.3 and papaya at 3.3% as usual for my percentages with the 1% sweet cream
#84 by oooNaSuGamisooo, Jun 30. 2016, 01:55
mixed it last night and i vaped it today the whole day!!!
it's a 7/10 juice for me!
i like it a lot... and i have to say that I'm not a fruity vapes fan!
also i gave it in a friend to try who owns the original MM and
he sayd that it is not close to the original. "to strong melon taste" he sayd.
anyway i liked it and im gonna mix it again if i run out of it!
#85 by Mmh1972 , Jun 30. 2016, 07:41
I've made this recipe several times and it needs 2 weeks minimum to steep imo, btw try 1% sweet cream and lowering the papaya 2% less than cantaloupe and mango
#86 by Eravelle, Jul 4. 2016, 17:31
Just mixed this up and I love it already. I'm bummed I only made 15ml. Going to mix 100ml so I'll be able to see what it tastes like steeped. Thanks so much for this!
#87 by Marko, Jul 5. 2016, 08:43
Amazing juice. Favorite I've tried so far and I've tried a lot! Great job man!
#88 by Shlendle, Jul 8. 2016, 21:18
Today I finally got my concentrates in and I mixed up 30ml as soon as I got home. It really is fantastic! I read through all the comments and decided to reduce the cantaloupe from the start (as recommended by user Mmh1972 in comment #18 .
So to make 30ml I used 1.5ml Mango TFA, 1.5ml Papaya TFA and 1ml Cantaloupe TFA (and 26ml 80VG/20PG 3mg base). Not had the need to add Ethyl Maltol as the higher VG is sweet enough.
I shook it and then vaped it at 30-35watts with 0.5ohm and it's the bomb! This is a rare and simple recipe that is instantly satisfying!
Another thing - no scratchy throat hit!

Thank you gsxrmike04 for your inspiration!
#89 by Lebowski, Jul 13. 2016, 23:42
So, im a little lost here... should i stick to the recipe, or lower de papaya? 0.5 of sweetener, or 0.5 EM? Or both at 0.25? Suggestions?
#90 by dansus, Jul 15. 2016, 02:04
5% Cantaloupe (TPA) 5% Mango (TPA) 4% Papaya (TPA) 1% Sweetner. 3 days steep.

#91 by Mmh1972 , Jul 16. 2016, 23:36
5.3% cantaloupe 5.3% mango 3.3% papaya 1% sweet cream...delicious
#92 by Mr Steeps, Jul 20. 2016, 12:47
This is an incredible recipe, even better than the original juice in my opinion! 5 stars for sure
#93 by gsxrmike04, Jul 20. 2016, 16:33
Glade to see all the reviews on this! It awesome to see everyone is enjoying it! Never thought my recipe would be under top ten first page!!
#94 by daisychainvaper, Jul 21. 2016, 20:08
as a shake and vape, I am with Mmh1972 here, the papaya is a bit too dominating. Maybe this mellows out, otherwise I'd tend to 5/5/4%
#95 by thebiscuitninja, Jul 22. 2016, 16:07
Made this as my first venture into DIY, adapted it to make 30mls @4mg and my oh my. Tastes delicious, dead easy and a fantastic vape. Top stuff!
#96 by Shlendle, Jul 22. 2016, 18:54
I made 100ml using 5/5/4% (4% papaya) just under 2 weeks ago and it does mellow (could also be in part due to the warm weather). In my opinion for a shake and vape of lower the papaya to 4% but when making a larger batch I'll stick to the recipe by the op. No need for sweetener with high VG base for my taste.

I found that even as an all day vape, my coils and wick keep very clean after 4-5 days, adding sweetener or cream may make their life a little shorter, but it's all down to preference ;)

Lovely vape, fresh for the summer :)
#97 by Lebowski, Jul 22. 2016, 19:31
I tried it with Cap Sweet mango and at 5.3 the mango muted all the other flavor leaving a strong chemical taste. I'll try again lowering the Cap Sweet mango to 3.3. Any suggestion?
#98 by b[84], Aug 2. 2016, 16:13
Thank you! Very simple and fresh mix!
#99 by Grubby, Aug 6. 2016, 09:49
Thanks Mike your melons are delicious! 10/10 lovely fresh melon taste that is an adv for me.
#100 by Cassub, Aug 13. 2016, 04:49
I made like original recipe but papaya is too strong and I cant feel cantaloup.
#101 by igor, Aug 16. 2016, 19:49
5% cantaloupe
5% mango
3.5% papaya
1% sweetner. 2 week steep.
#102 by Vergissmeinnicht, Aug 16. 2016, 20:25
too many mango and no cantaloupe.... don't like it...
#103 by WiskerusMaximus, Aug 19. 2016, 10:49
Not a bad recipe, far too perfumey though. I've discovered the Papaya is quite potent.
#104 by marra, Aug 22. 2016, 19:42
I love this, I Had it for one hour in ultrasonic cleaner and left it for a week and I'm really happy with the results, I think I'll be making a bigger bottle of this one.
#105 by MixMasterMatt, Aug 24. 2016, 15:40
any idea how to get rid of the perfumy taste?
#106 by Character, Aug 25. 2016, 02:58
@mixmastermatt have you tried breathing ?
#107 by szhk, Aug 25. 2016, 03:37
Great recipe
#108 by LTC.Awesome, Aug 27. 2016, 17:08
A friend of mine made a batch of this and added Koolada. I'm not a huge melon fan and have never had the original, but wow this is tasty. Made my first batch yesterday. 2mg nic, 80/20 vg/pg. 5% mango 5% cantaloupe 3.5% papaya. 30 minute hot water bath, some vigorous shaking and a four hour breath. Vapable, but a tad harsh. Went to bed, and filled up my rda this morning for some quick errands. WOW. One night steep and this recipe is awesome, no sweetener needed. I can imagine it'll only get better with time. Nice job OP, and nice work to all that recommended cutting the papaya down.
#109 by SKYLiNED, Aug 29. 2016, 22:33
I did Max VG, 3mg/ml, 3% Cantaloupe (TPA), 2% Mango (Concentrated Flavor), 1.5% Papaya (CAP).

Delicious, perfectly rounded, and awesome right away. No need for sweetener. Nothing but tasty fruity goodness! :)
#110 by Captain_Vapor, Sep 2. 2016, 11:27
This tasted a bit perfumery to me lol, it's TPA fruits I think, I may leave the juice top of for 12 hours and try again, I had some TPA Cantaloup in another recipe I normally make with TPA Cantaloup and that tasted perfumery, once I left lid off overnight it actually tasted better, but all this trouble lol
#111 by meow, Sep 7. 2016, 08:33
original recipe is way too strong, even after one month of steeping, still unvapable
#112 by Captain_Vapor, Sep 7. 2016, 12:11
Well I used 5% Capella cantaloupe, 4% TPA Papya, 5% TPA mango, 1% TPA marshmallow, left the lid off overnight & steeped 1 week, left lid off another 24 hours then vaped, much much nicer than original recipe IMO, I also have another batch the same with 2% FA cream fresh in, & also another batch with 5% cap cantaloupe, 5% cap Papya 5% cap mango, I recon it will rule as Capella fruits are just unbeatable, TPA have some nice ones though like honeydew, blueberry extra, blueberry Wilde, strawberry, strawberry ripe, and some more, but some just taste so perfumery lol, they need to sort that shit out lol, when you leave the lid off overnight it takes it away though and they taste fruitier than Capella, but capellas are more consistent
#113 by Salsawy, Sep 16. 2016, 15:00
Very Good Flavor, thanks. But i recommend decreasing the Mango to 3% .... cause the mando flavor is overcoming the liquid. thanks :)
#114 by Fogger1989, Sep 22. 2016, 23:33
Great mix. I've never had Monster Melons before to compare but as a shake and vape, this taste exactly like a juice i had gotten at a vape expo but cant think of the company or name but loved it. Made a 70/30 bottled and tried one at max vg but so far think the 70/30 is going to be the winner. Can't wait to see what time will do to it. Thanks for sharing!
#115 by christophe1982, Sep 25. 2016, 08:28
How can you guys vape that cantaloupe? I tested An eppie and that cantaloupe tastes tonme like paper or bad tobacco or something .. U think they gave me something wrong? I see everybody mailing the cantaloupe nut it tastes awfull to me. I really need some nice melons. Please help :) ?
#116 by Character, Sep 25. 2016, 08:35
How long have you steeped this ? To be honest with you this requires a longer time to blossom ... i almost forgot i have this recipe due to it is not to my taste but after 2 months or more it blossomed and become my adv ...
#117 by christophe1982, Sep 25. 2016, 09:33
its steeping for 13 days now. mixed 10% cantaloupe with pure vg(10/90) in griffin with dual coil SS 26 ga 5 wraps and japanese cotton. also tried in mutation v4s with dual kanthal 0.2 ohm.
i always test my flavors single first and dont use it in recipes if its not ok.
maybe cantaloupe is only vapable as a subtaste with others? arent there better melons out there? tx in advance
#118 by christophe1982, Sep 25. 2016, 09:40
just tasted it again and ill throw in the : "see ya later bag" for a time. tx ;)
#119 by Character, Sep 25. 2016, 10:01
Yup its like that ... for a fruit its rare to give a long steeping time this one is included in my opinion
#120 by Khan, Sep 25. 2016, 13:43
I can't get enough of this. Wish I made a larger batch. Not really a shake and vape for me but only required a couple of days to homogenise. The throat hit is a bit harsh for me so next batch probably make it at max VG.

I prefer fruity menthol mix, do you reckon 2% menthol (tpa) will suit or will it mute the sweetness and flavour?

All in all a good vape
#121 by LTC.Awesome, Sep 26. 2016, 15:34
I wouldn't add menthol to this recipe unless you really like mint. I've tried it with a few drops of Koolada added and it adds a nice, chilled, crispy pop to it that's quite enjoyable...until I realized that I'm allergic to Koolada and had a sore throat for almost a week.
#122 by mart292, Oct 4. 2016, 15:26
Excellent recipe gone through 30ml so far in 2 days , great flavour
#123 by christophe1982, Oct 5. 2016, 09:19
eureka, the cantaloupe is vapable now :) next order i m trying this recipe :)
#124 by Dwhoneil, Oct 20. 2016, 00:12
Try subbing the cantaloupe for peach juicy, same percentages. Better than the original in my opinion.
#125 by Kk_hz, Oct 21. 2016, 06:49
This isnt just for me. Followed the exact recipe.
The papaya is very overpowering from day 3 to day 20 of testing.
Smooth and cold vape, thats my impression of vaping this juice.
Fruity aroma is good, but the papaya taste just ruin this for me.
I have also tried lowering the papaya to 3%, and still too much.

Maybe i have to lower the papaya even more and add sucralose to it now. Gonna tweak this again, havent given up just yet.
#126 by christophe1982, Oct 21. 2016, 09:29
made mine yesterday but switched the mango for juicy peach (i think mango has to little taste). let you know how it works out after steeping ;)
#127 by RusUSA, Oct 24. 2016, 00:00
The wife's favorite vape. She likes sweet and fruity and we tried this for her. BINGO!
#128 by strat, Oct 24. 2016, 04:21
but mixed this up with 3% papaya instead of the 5%, added a drop per 10 mil. menthol. I have always vaped creams and custards, didn't think this would be good, it's not good, it's great. mixing 100 mls today, this is always great to have on hand. thanks mike
#129 by Paulo, Oct 26. 2016, 12:15
Will this recipe ork with capella, I have all needed but capela not TPA, the mango I hav is sweet mango.
#130 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 13:07
too much papaya for me
#131 by Paulo, Oct 26. 2016, 15:26
niki did you let it steep 2 weeks at least?
#132 by strat, Oct 26. 2016, 16:48
I accidently mixed 100 mls with honeydew instead of cantaloupe but it tastes great to me. I also have the original recipe steeping but I only put in 3% papaya. I love this mix.
#133 by RusUSA, Oct 26. 2016, 17:25
Yes Niki, you NEED to let this one steep. Once the flavors b lend, you won't get such a strong papaya
#134 by Paulo, Oct 26. 2016, 22:54
Strat with the 3% papaya does it after step tast good too?
#135 by Flipper7 , Nov 2. 2016, 04:38
All I have are capella versions as well as natural papaya by FW will capella melons and feel papaya work IDK please get back to me
#136 by christophe1982, Nov 2. 2016, 11:28
everyone loves it with the peach too ;) flavor bomb
#137 by strat, Nov 2. 2016, 14:57
paulo. Yes 3% papaya is good, it's strong at 3%
#138 by Paulo, Nov 3. 2016, 11:23
Thank you Star for that information.
#139 by Flipper7 , Nov 3. 2016, 14:11
Is TPA essential or can I use capella????
#140 by strat, Nov 3. 2016, 15:01
I don't think you can go wrong with capella flipper, try it.
#141 by iliketohideincloset, Nov 3. 2016, 19:47
Thank you for sharing this recipe! For those mixing it the first time, this is by no means a shake and vape! It needs at least 5 days of steeping.

I did a few variations with great success. My favourite is:

5% Mango
5% Cantaloupe
4% Papaya
1% DX Sweet Cream
#142 by Duchesst, Nov 10. 2016, 08:03
very good clone and a favorite off me and my friends
#143 by hacked, Nov 10. 2016, 09:13
Cantaloupe (TPA) 5%
Papaya (TPA) 3%
Phillipine Mango (TPA) 2.5%
Mango (TPA) 2.5%
Marshmallow (TPA) 2%

Lets steep two week minimum. Tasty.
#144 by dj, Nov 12. 2016, 23:10
Is this a joke? I don't know, maybe I did something wrong but this is absolutely garbage, makes me want to puke. It's like I'm vaping a fucking windshield cleaner or a toilet duck or some shit. Terrible.
#145 by DDrama, Nov 13. 2016, 14:59
I made a 60ml bottle of this per the recipe and loved it, made several more bottles for friends and co-workers to try.

My experience and their experience is the same.....tastes amazing at first but after an hour or so you cant really taste anything and have a bad taste left in your mouth.

I bought large 4oz bottles of these flavors so hope I can figure something out. I didnt let them steep so maybe thats part of it.
I stay away from artificial sweeteners but have creams and stevia.

Should I try it with papaya backed off to 3% and add stevia or marshmallow and let it steep?
#146 by Duchesst, Nov 13. 2016, 21:18
@DDrama my version is 5.5% on cantaloupe and mango, 3.5 papaya ,1%marshmallow and 0.5% sweetner.

So i would back off one the papaya if i where you and add 1 to 1.5 marshmallow. It does need the 2 week steep before the true flavor comes out and stays that way, to chemical for me before that period
#147 by Iskren87, Nov 16. 2016, 17:04
Tastes like a plastic for me. Idk why...
#148 by debug, Nov 19. 2016, 12:47
Really nice recipe. I've made 200ml 2 months ago and it's almost empty for now. Thanks!
#149 by matp75, Dec 4. 2016, 06:30
I must have done something wrong I tried it after a week and my batch tastes horendous I think it tastes like what i imagine fungus to taste like. its almost sour .. clearly with all the great reviews I must have done something to ass this up.
TPA Cantaloupe1.5g 5.0%
TPA Mango 1.5g 5.0 %
TPA Papaya 1.5g 5.0 %
VG 32.16g
30.0 ml

Did I miss something here? I did not add any sweetener though
#150 by MaxVape, Dec 4. 2016, 18:50
Can i use Capella or Flavor Art. I can't find TPA in my country.
#151 by Kraken, Dec 9. 2016, 02:05
I made this with Phillipine Mango TPA. Do not do that! This mango is bad.
#152 by christophe1982, Dec 9. 2016, 07:39
you can use white peach flavor art in stead of mango, but you need the cantaloupe. not the same whitout it..
#153 by Ahmed Sharaf, Dec 23. 2016, 13:41
Tried this as it is with the sweetener note . After a week steeping . Delicious .
#154 by Ensae, Dec 29. 2016, 13:26
i think it's to sweet with 1,5 ml of each.
i will try to 1-1.25
anyway, good taste
#155 by Ensae, Dec 30. 2016, 21:36
Papaya (TPA) - 3% - PERFECT!!!!!!
#156 by shel, Dec 30. 2016, 22:32
Ive have a batch of this made just yesterday I love it thanks for the share, percentages are perfect :D
#157 by Kk_hz, Jan 5, 05:34
I can now say that this is 99% similar to the original cutwood's mega melon.
Tried the original yesterday.
Even though i dont like the flavor profile, but good job at cloning the original.
#158 by Kinchouka, Jan 11, 18:11
I did it with CAP Sweet Mango... DON'T DO iT.
CAP Sweet Mango is just too powerful, I wasted my first bash.
#159 by cooper, saturday, 03:09
I've never tried the original but I like this. Thanks.

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