Flawless: Aftermath clone by DUNKNDRIP 

Gravatar - by Dunkndrip, Feb 27. 2016, 22:28


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
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Simple recipe, yet soooo SPOT ON that if i tried this and the real thing while i was blindfolded, I wouldn't be able to tell! Hahaha!! Enjoy!

Flavor Profile: A Creamy Glazed Donut filled with juicy blueberry bites served with a side of vanilla bean ice cream and finished off with a touch of crunch berries.

#1 by vapedudde, Apr 15. 2016, 23:40
subed Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Cap) in place of F.W
#2 by Dunkndrip, Apr 16. 2016, 01:02
How's it taste? @vapedudde
#3 by cloudsandflavour, Apr 20. 2016, 21:17
shiiiit, its the most delicious juice I ever tried, will make a litre batch soon, thank you sooo much
#4 by masterstephenvapesologies, May 20. 2016, 18:37
i use wild BB TFA, and CAP Vanilla bean ice cream. i really like it TY. my second batch and more to come!
i wouldnt have known what to do with my glazed doughnut flavor if not for your recipe.
i gave it 5 stars. ive never tried Aftermath.
#5 by vapedudde, May 26. 2016, 16:20
sry for late reply this is one of my fav vapes thankyou
#6 by W0WZA, Jun 6. 2016, 02:42
I dont have BB Extra. What would be a better sub - TFA reg. BB or TFA BB Candy?
#7 by Dunkndrip, Jun 6. 2016, 13:09
I've never tried either of those subs, but I'd assume they would be fine. You tell me what you think.

Glad you guys are enjoying it!
#8 by Mashugina71, Jun 9. 2016, 18:03
Amazing. Spot on. Well Done my man
#9 by Pete, Jul 9. 2016, 01:19
I made this with FA Blueberry, but followed everything else... it's AWESOME! tastes just like a blueberry crumb doughnut from dunkin...I've never had aftermath, so I'm not sure how close it is to it... but this is legit a blueberry filled crumb doughnut and all day vape for sure! Great work!
#10 by leej, Jul 17. 2016, 21:47
could i use tpa VBIC and what % would i adjust it to. looking forward to trying this one
#11 by Tank0341, Jul 18. 2016, 12:23
Whats the steep time on this ?
#12 by yence, Jul 23. 2016, 20:03
is the 20/80 essential for the mix... would it still taste the same with 30/70 ratio
#13 by Dunkndrip, Jul 29. 2016, 06:18
Sorry for the late response guys! Leej, tpa VBIC should be fine at the same percent. Tank0341, the steep time is roughly a week. But you can vape it after 1-2 days once the blueberry pops through the donut. Takes a few days to balance out. Yence, 70/30 shouldn't be an issue, but try it out and let us know your feedback! Glad everybody's enjoying this! 😤✌🏻️
#14 by Matidimmu, Aug 1. 2016, 21:35
Any chance I could sub vanilla bean for something else? I mean something diketone free. I'm sensitive to it. Maybe gelato? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
#15 by WalterWhite, Aug 5. 2016, 10:30
Hey, i was just wondering if you could up the nicotine to 3mg?
#16 by yence, Aug 14. 2016, 13:01
@dunkndrip at 70vg tastes great. been looking for another adv for myself. Cant seem to taste strawberry anymore for some reason. This is my personal fave for a blueberry vape.
#17 by leej, Aug 15. 2016, 23:13
could i sub blueberry for strawberry ripe, dont really like blueberry
#18 by Generic Vape name, Aug 17. 2016, 17:00
Can I sub vanilla ice cream? not really a fan of icecream but enjoy the look of everything else?
#19 by Keso, Aug 18. 2016, 21:32
Done this one and followed the recipe to the letter. I Have the original to compare with. The smell is spot on, and the taste is aslo extremely close. But the vape is weird. And it's HARSH. I mean, my throat cries. Made three bottles around two weeks ago. Still no good. Normal dark cool steeping with shaking. Had one bottle breath for 12 hours aswell. No dice. I use my bases / nic in my other mixes and they taste great. Anyone else experienced this? I'll have it steep more and see, but comments suggest 1-2 days to a week steep should be enough. Mine have been sitting for 14 days so far. Will leave them and see if they improve.
#20 by yence, Aug 18. 2016, 21:56
@keso my mix never had what you're experiencing... even as a shake and vape... sorry to hear that bud
#21 by Captain_Vapor, Aug 23. 2016, 19:15
Nice recipes, looking forward to more
#22 by The_Rookie, Aug 27. 2016, 03:56
i have Sweetner from TFA will it work to sub for the sucralose and keeping the same %?? also, i will be using harvest berry CAP instead of bluberry since is what i have, and vanilla bean ice cream from TFA, should i up the % for the vanilla?
#23 by yence, Sep 3. 2016, 07:30
@The_Rookie sweetner from tfa is what i have as well it is sucralose
#24 by PhemonVapo, Sep 4. 2016, 06:33
I made 60 ml. Steeped for 2 weeks. Taste exactly as described . Not experiencing any harsh or ass taste . Must have a spoiled flavor.
#25 by Wilkybob69, Sep 10. 2016, 14:38
I thought that this was very close to the original but something was slightly missing so died to go 2% glazed donut and 1.5% frosted donut dropped the sweetener to 1% and added in 1.5% cap vanilla custard v1 so smooth it's lovely after a 2wk age
#26 by Wilkybob69, Sep 10. 2016, 14:39
Decided not died oh dear predictive text
#27 by milzy, Sep 14. 2016, 16:22
even as a SNV
#28 by The_Rookie, Sep 15. 2016, 16:37
I did it with harvest berry from CAP instead of BB and after 1 day no berry come thru yet, also 2% sweetner is way too much for me, will lower it next bottle i mix, so far so good, cant really comment yet as is not steeped yet.
#29 by milzy, Sep 15. 2016, 16:38
next day cant really taste anything? other then sweetners.
#30 by Terratek, Sep 18. 2016, 12:35
Yo what % sucralose is the sucralose base you have??? I have CAP super sweet. So is your base 10% sucralose???
#31 by milzy, Sep 18. 2016, 13:11
Tfa sweetener I believe I used.
#32 by hivemind, Oct 7. 2016, 00:16
would TPA frosted donut be a decent sub for the CAP glazed doughnut? Think I might go for it anyway since it's all I have ATM.
#33 by Wilkybob69, Oct 7. 2016, 00:49
Update on tweets of recipe it's been nearly 6wks ageing with the subs thought the blueberry had died completely so I've done another batch with blueberry extra blueberry wild and fw blueberry all at 2% each taken a 10ml sample out and put a few drops of bilberry in will update in a couple of wks, my original tweeks worked out very nice indeed really smooth just trying to get that blueberry 2 pop is proving elusive
#34 by Fugaziman, Oct 11. 2016, 21:06
I've got add my heartfelt thanks for this recipe, it's spot on, just tanked up after finishing a bottle of the real thing and I can't tell the difference.
I've omitted the Sucralose, doesn't need any extra sweetness after steeping.
#35 by penny, Oct 13. 2016, 11:47
Increase (CAP) Glazed Doughnut to 4% and change VBIC (FW) with (TFA).

The taste is awesome!

Thanks for sharing dude :)
#36 by r0guez0mbie, Oct 15. 2016, 15:37
Does this need a 2 week steep?
Mixed a week ago and dying to taste
#37 by milzy, Oct 16. 2016, 02:03
This was good as a snv but next day couldn't taste much. Like the opportunity said just give this a week and then it became an ADV worthy Bar the sweetness. A+ one of the best recipes on here well done.
#38 by The_Rookie, Oct 16. 2016, 02:28
I tried increasing the Glazed doughnut to 4% and lowered the VBIC the same percentage and it was good but preferred the original, and by original i mean these 2 flavors since after all, i am making it with harvest berry instead of blueberry, i have made over 300ml already by simply replacing the BB with Harvest Berry and it has been my ADV so far. also, its good as SNV but the fruits are missing, expected, to me a week is the sweet spot for this recipe.
#39 by Steveooo, Oct 23. 2016, 22:17
U think i could sub the vinella ice cream with cap vinella custard?tia
#40 by Locnar, Oct 24. 2016, 00:21
This recipe is AWESOME! I have tried about 20 so far on this site, and I gotta say this is the best one! About a month steep on the batch I am using now, and starting a 120 ml batch so I don't run out! I have to say this is in the top 3 of any eliquid I have tried so far, DIY or name brand. Great job Dunkndrip!
#41 by Das Good Good, Oct 25. 2016, 04:37
What's the steep plz? Sounds awesome!
#42 by Fugaziman, Oct 25. 2016, 21:41
This is great as a shake and vape but leaving it for a minimum of a week really makes it shine
#43 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 12:20
another dangerous flavour
#44 by linki78, Nov 8. 2016, 13:27
really amazing, but only in an RTA. When I vape this in my RDAs its way way too harsh. But all in all its a spot on recipe. 5 Stars!
#45 by alleyoopsy, Nov 9. 2016, 20:23
Fantastic! Super smooth and so tasty. 130ml in and ready to make more. Good after a few days steep, my 100ml batch just hit 2 weeks and its amazing. Great work thank you!
#46 by PhemonVapo, Nov 9. 2016, 20:55
Dunkndrip. You did good on this one man. Hats off to you. Keep working hard and release some more great recipes
#47 by The_Rookie, Nov 9. 2016, 20:58
Im jealous cause i dont have the blue berry, i have been vaping this with harvest berry and i encourage anyone to try it, is awesome
#48 by DrChud, Nov 11. 2016, 14:03
This stuff is delicious. I'm so glad I tried this one out, 5 star recipe :)
#49 by Ghost, Nov 11. 2016, 16:39
When i saw how much sweetener i almost didn't make it. I do think it's a little much (for my taste) but it almost works. It almost drowns out everything else, maybe i have to let it steep
#50 by The_Rookie, Nov 11. 2016, 17:59
I tried %1 sweetner and it was too low, ended up settling for %1.5 and i find is perfect.
#51 by DrChud, Nov 11. 2016, 18:15
I halved the sweetener and it was spot on
#52 by estranged, Nov 17. 2016, 11:49
i can't get Blueberry Extra in my country, can i subtitute with others? any recommendation?
#53 by The_Rookie, Nov 17. 2016, 13:50
Harvest berry, i think u coul sub the fruit with anything
#54 by r0guez0mbie, Nov 17. 2016, 21:40
This is a great recipe. Thanks for sharing. I had given up on donuts before this.
#55 by r0guez0mbie, Nov 17. 2016, 21:44
@estranged can you get TFA Blueberry Wild? I used that first, it worked, but the Blueberry fades. Also heard CAP Blueberry works
#56 by estranged, Nov 18. 2016, 05:50
@r0guez0mbie, yes i can get TFA B wild. thanks for your input.
#57 by diydave86, Nov 19. 2016, 00:13
I made a version of this recipe with cap straw sweet in place of the blueberry xtra. Smells amazing. Back of the hand test tastes great. Gonna let it steep for 2 weeks. If its good ill post it. Your version is delicious. Mmmmm
#58 by Lostmarbles, Nov 22. 2016, 11:32
Great recipe! Finally a good recipe for berry crunch. Thanks for posting this.
#59 by RaGCaR, Nov 25. 2016, 18:22
I just ordered all the flavs for this one. Looks good and great reviews.
#60 by wolvesmarc, Dec 1. 2016, 01:56
Best mix on ELR this will be top rated some day
#61 by RaGCaR, Dec 1. 2016, 08:09
I've have to sub the sucrose with EM, what would be a % to start with so I don't mess up this recipe too badly?
#62 by estranged, Dec 1. 2016, 08:16
hear! hear!
#63 by PhemonVapo, Dec 1. 2016, 14:18
@RaGCaR. Try 1%. If not sweet enough then try 2%.
#64 by RaGCaR, Dec 1. 2016, 14:29
@PhemonVapo - Thank you. This is my first time ever using Ethyl Maltol in a recipe, so I'm especially nervous. Thanks for the tip.
#65 by Dephillips1977, Dec 4. 2016, 06:38
I mixed this up and let it sit for four days. This is so damn good! Great job, and thank you for sharing it.
#66 by pmvART, Dec 4. 2016, 18:01
This is so good! The only thing I had to change was the Vanilla B Ice C (I had CAP) and I used EM instead of the Sucralose...all at same % After a 2 month steep it's one of my favorites now!! Thank you for sharing!
#67 by Drppnsauce, Dec 4. 2016, 19:37
Thank you for posting this! Just mixed my third 120ml!
#68 by Drppnsauce, Dec 4. 2016, 19:50
Thank you for posting this! Just mixed my third 120ml!
#69 by RaGCaR, Dec 5. 2016, 00:18
Mine is going on day 3 of steeping. I already notice a difference between todays test tank from the 1st tank on mixing day. Coming along nicely, and the Blueberry Extra is really beginning to shine.
#70 by Error989, Dec 12. 2016, 12:45
does anyone know if TPA Blueberry is the same as TPA Blueberry extra? My bottle says Blueberry (without extra) BUT tpa site has only blueberry extra and wild blueberry. The same is with Berry (Crunch) Cereal, I have Berry Crunch and TPA site says Berry Cereal tho that is obviously all the same... I just dont know about Blueberry :/
I order my stuff from a local suplier and last time I got Blueberry it had Extra on it even tho the site said only Blueberry. Now it's without Extra.
#71 by pmvART, Dec 12. 2016, 18:41
I get what you mean @Error989...I have TPA "Berry Cereal" (so says the label) and I think it used to be called "Berry Crunch"...that's why it's listed as such in these recipes. As far as BBX & just Blueberry TPA...not sure if they are one of the same too. I don't think TPA has just "Blueberry" though just "Wild", "Extra" and I think "Candy"....but please correct me if I'm wrong
#72 by RaGCaR, Dec 12. 2016, 19:39
So I've finished my first 120ml of this and really enjoyed it. When I ordered everything for it, I screwed up on the quantities, I meant to order 60ml of BB Extra and just 10ml of Berry Cereal/Crunch whatever they call it now, but I overlooked that I accidentally reversed the quantities in the end and I now have a shitload of BC and not enough BB Extra to make another batch. SOOOO, what are your thoughts (anybody), on trying a strawberry filled doughnut instead of Blueberry, becuz I've got a ton of CAP Sweet Strawberry. Any thoughts and suggestions on a sub ratio that may turn out not too bad? I won't be able to order anymore BBE til after xmas, so this is kind of a big deal, lol. Thanks.
#73 by Error989, Dec 13. 2016, 07:29
I used TPA Blueberry (without extra) and I can harly taste it... I mixed a batch of 300ml, had 20ml of TPA Blueberry so I used 18ml of it. Should I just add those 2ml that I have left? Or does blueberry pop out when it steeps a bit?
TPA Blueberry (without extra) doesnt exist on TPA site as I already mentioned before... It MIGHT be extra but it also might be diluted TPA Blueberry Extra...
When I drop a drop of it onto my finger and taste it it hardly has any taste. Is TPA Blueberry Extra the same way?
#74 by RD, Dec 13. 2016, 12:20
Can i use fa bilberry? What percent? No avail bb extra...thanks guys
#75 by PhemonVapo, Dec 13. 2016, 16:18
You can use it at lower percentages. But it won't be the same.
#76 by vapedudde, Dec 16. 2016, 03:57
@Dunkndrip sorry for took so long to reply this recipe is on of my fav I like it with cap v.b.i.c dont have fw thank you for shareing
#77 by iNTRiCaTe, Dec 17. 2016, 09:54
Tried it with the sweetner and it gunked up my coils, dropped it and added 1.5% yellow cake and liked it much better. But awesome recipe man, has become my ADV
#78 by estranged, Dec 18. 2016, 12:23
@iNTRiCaTe Yellow Cake FW right? i never use yellow cake, hows the flavour in your experience that yellow cake?
#79 by iNTRiCaTe, Dec 18. 2016, 13:03
Yes FW yellow cake, awesome flavor that has a sweetness to it. Works really well in donut and bakery mixes. It was good with the sweetener I just don't like using it unless I have to, especially if I'm running the mix on a prebuilt coils.
#80 by iNTRiCaTe, Dec 18. 2016, 13:15
Its worth mentioning though that Yellow cake does contain like 20% fructose so it does have some sweetener to it, probably why it works so well when subbing it. It also adds that nice doughy cake flavor with a hint of vanilla that blends well with the other flavors
#81 by Ciginix, Dec 18. 2016, 17:14
How to make this recipe without Blueberry (EXTRA)?
Will Blueberry WILD fit?
#82 by king_dude, Dec 23. 2016, 03:04
Wow!! Amazing! So glad I whipped this up. Shake and vape. Keep up the good work!
#83 by estranged, Dec 23. 2016, 11:46
done making this today 30/70 3mg, but without sweetener, its lil bit bitter. maybe i should add some sweetner anyway.

btw how long should i steep this recipe?
#84 by king_dude, Dec 24. 2016, 03:07
shake and vape for me.
#85 by GDesigns, Dec 25. 2016, 14:28
I mixed 30mls, tastes great from the go, lowered the sweetener to 0.3%, i may add 0.1% blackcurrant (fa) after steep to make the BB pop. Thank you, the doughnut % is perfect in this mix..
#86 by Ensae, Dec 30. 2016, 13:56
i made 30 ml
good taste
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (FW) changed to (CAP)
#87 by Wilkybob69, Dec 30. 2016, 14:53
Get some erythritol powder they sell it at holland and Barratt and make some 5mg per 100ml of vg use it at double % of sweetener
#88 by kev, Dec 31. 2016, 02:02
Whipped up 50ml first time trying this...so good thank you!! Another adv to add to the list.
#89 by ClintVapes, Jan 8, 21:54
I see no reason to steep this as it's awesome as a shake and vape. Thanks for this! Another added to my ADV
#90 by Coldmantis, Jan 9, 05:30
I absolutely hate donut vapes, tried all the retail version of it and didn't like any. Tried a few recipe online and didn't like it. I have no idea why I wanted to make whip this up when I know I won't like it. I think I liked your avatar lol. Subbed VBIC FW with CAP waited two weeks. Amazing, the donut flavour is lite which I like, made a big batch.
#91 by mrgee, Jan 13, 21:42
have to say ive only made a few recipes of here 4 at most and usually in 100 mil batches but going of the reviews i just thought sod it and made 500 mil batch, its been steeping 1 day and I already love this its fantastic as it is, gonna have to put it away now though and let it steep and get the full flavour of this, thanks for sharing dunkndrip
#92 by Sammy0800, sunday, 23:44
So... I finally got in the remaining flavors I was missing for this recipe. Having never tasted the original I took a chance and mixed up a 120ml bottle because of all the positive reviews and... holy sh*t this is recipe is AMAZING! I finally have a use for my cap glazed doughnut. I've been looking for a good doughnut recipe that I can call my ADV and this is definitely it. Thanks for sharing this.

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