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Secrets to the perfect mix

I've trawled the net, and put together a page with the "secrets" of the experts. Read the new Master Mixer's Tips & Tricks.

Here is a list for flavor starting percentages!

ELR Forums

There are lots of forums out there. Most of them have a DIY-section. Now we have a DIY-centric forum! Just click the link at the top, or go to! If you are not logged in, just click the login on the forum, and it should validate your user against the normal site. It should just work. If it doesn't throw me a message!


If you'd like to chat live with some DIY-folks about anything, you're welcome to join on the channel #ELR. You can use your favorite IRC-client or click here to use Kiwi-IRC in your browser!

The flavor warning list

We began marking flavors that are known to be suspicious. Flavors that are known to crack tanks, and flavors containing ingredients that may be hazardous to inhale.

It is worth noting that the flavors that crack tanks, are not necessarily unhealthy to inhale. You just have to use tanks made of stainless steel, glass or some other material that doesn't react with the liquid.

Click here to see the warning list.

Browse and search in all flavors here.

Vaping Abbreviations

Confused about the lingo? I've collected a few of the vaping abbreviations here

If you know of a flavor, not on the list, please get in touch with me, and I will add it to the list. I can be reached at lars at e-liquid-recipes dot com.


I've created an event in Google+ in the future to make a "permanent" hangout.
It can be accessed here: (through or directly.


Need to adjust a recipe's flavor percentages? Try CosmicTruth's flavor adjustment calculator.



EcigExpress has a HUGE stock many flavor brands! For 10% off most items, use code: ELRECIPES

DIY Vapor Supply has a GIGANTIC selection of DIY supplies! For 10% off use code: ELRECIPES

DIY E-Liquid Supplies has everything for your DIY needs. For 15% off first order use code: ELRECIPES

Bull City Vapor is an American DIY-store with great prices. Discount: 6%, discount code: ELRECIPES

One Stop DIY Shop is an American DIY-store with great prices. Discount: 11% off. Not for specials or artisan mixing kits. Discount code: ELR

Mt Baker Vapor - starting at $3.99 for 15ml

One on One Flavors - American flavoring company. Get 25% off using the code: eliquidrecipes-25

Flavorah - Flavoring company with excellent, strong flavorings. Discount: 20%, discount code: ELRECIPES20 deals:

ChemNic has everything DIY. For 10% off on orders >$15 (except nicotine - nicotine gives you free shipping!). Use: ELR10OFF
For a free sample of their nicotine use the code FREENIC. It will give you app. 4ml of 100mg/ml nicotine., in the USA. Discount: 10%, discount code: ORDO

Flavor West, new customer discount: 15%, discount code: ELRECIPES - A new American premium juice manufacturer. Get 10% OFF + FREE 2-Day Shipping with code: ELRECIPES

Liquid Barn has their own flavorings, nicotine, starter kits and more! For 15% off use discount code: ELRECIPES

Nicotine River sells most things DIY!

Customize the $#@% Out of Your e-Juice with!

ProVape is the maker of the awesome quality tube mods ProVari!

Cathouse Vapor - Premium liquid and DIY-supplies! For a 10% discount use code: ELRECIPES

Gremlin DIY has everything DIY! For 5% discount use code: ELRECIPES

EuroFlavor are flavor manufacturers selling in the USA.

RealFlavors makes VG-based flavorings. Their flavorings are also known as NorthWest Flavoring.

Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers deal in high quality nicotine. For 15% off use code: ELRECIPES

HighClassVapeCo sells their own brand, made in the US. Get 25% off with the code: E25


DarkStar Vapour sells quality nicotine and flavorings. For 12% off flavorings and non-nicotine products use code: ELRECIPES, in the UK. Discount: 10%, discount code: ORDO

Flavour Art, discount: 10%, discount code: FA10

Pink Mule. Discount: 10%, discount code: ELRECIPES Discount: 10%, discount code: RECIPE - A shop based in Ireland with great prices. - polish manufacturer, excellent flavors and nicotine. Registered users get 5% off, if you subscribe to the newsletter it's 7%, and for an additional 5% off use discount code: e-LR

The E-cig Shop - UK vendor that stocks a LOT of DIY stuff! For 12% off most use code: ELR12

8BitVape is a British outfit that lets you make custom juices! For 10% off use code: ELRECIPES is a European shop that sells authentic batteries!

CloudHouse Vapor is a French shop with DIY-stuff, hardware and American juices! is a German shop with DIY-stuff, with an impressive amount of flavors! Both in German and English. a shop in EU with their own flavor line. Discount: 10%, discount code: ELRECIPES

Chef's Vapour a shop in the UK. They have almost all the DIY-supplies you can imagine.

Vapour Depot is a UK-based vendor with hardware, juice and flavorings! 10% discount with: ELRECIPES (excluding Sigelei and Cloudmaker).

Pirates Vape is a UK-based shop with excellent nicotine. No discounts, as the prices are already low!

E-aromashop is a Polish shop that sells Inawera.

DKS eliquid is a German spin-off of an Italian flavoring company. All natural flavorings. For 15% off use: ELRECIPES

Decadent Vapours makes very nice flavors. Their Absinthe is the best there is! For 15% off one time, use code: recipes15

Rainbow Vapes is a UK vendor that has everything Flavor West (and lots of other stuff!).


Wonder Flavours. Canadian manufacturer of flavorings! For a 10% discount use the code: ELR Canadian vape-shop. Discount: 10%, discount code: ELRECIPES Canadian DIY vape-shop. Discount: 10%, discount code: ELR10

SaVapeur is a Canadian shop not only selling flavorings, but they also make their own! Get 10% off with code: ELR10

DIY eJuice. Another Canadian vape-shop

Paragon Flavours is a Canadian DIY-centric shop based in British Columbia! For 15% off your first order use code: ELR15 is a Canadian shop! is a Canadian shop! is a Canadian shop! is a Canadian shop! is a Canadian shop! is a Canadian shop! is a Canadian shop! is a Canadian shop! is a Canadian shop! is a Canadian shop! is a Canadian shop! is a Canadian shop! is a Canadian shop! is a Canadian shop!


Wick & Wire Co. sells all things vaping related!

Vapouroxide an Australian B&M shop!


My Vapologists is a Malaysian site that makes custom e-juice. For 10% off use code: elr-10%

Heaven Gifts is a huge Chinese that has been around since the beginning! For 10% off use: AELRECIPES

focalecig is a big Chinese shop that also does group buys. Discount: 5% (not valid for group buys or promotional items). Discount code: ELRECIPES



FastTech is a Chinese shop that ships all over the world. They have everything you can imagine. Have a look at their batteries and if you're into mod building they have tons of stuff too.

Last time I tried, FastTech wouldn't send batteries. below still would.


GearBest is also a Chinese website, with all sorts of interesting stuff!

Deal Extreme is a wonderful shop in China that ships free everywhere in the world. They have everything you can imagine, and more. They have a lot of batteries, that are excellent in our vaping devices.

Authorities in some countries, such as Denmark, will inspect cargo from China, and make you pay tax and VAT if the goods exceed a certain value. Fortunately a lot of things are cheap on, and since shipping is FREE, you should just order 3 times instead of 1 time with 3 items. Split your order into bits - It doesn't cost extra. I would keep the order amount to around 20-25$ per order.

Worth noting is also, if you need the stuff you are ordering ASAP, you should buy it elsewhere. Though the shortest delivery time I've had from them is 7 days, it can be as much as 4-6 weeks. But if you don't mind that, it's nice and a bit fun to suddenly get presents from China ;) I've spent hundreds of dollars there, over the past few years :P Careful, it's addictive :-D


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