This recipe is a copy of: Kreeds Custard

Kreed's Kustard 

Gravatar - by VHM, Feb 1. 2016, 21:49


Nicotine juice ()

PG dilutant

VG dilutant


Total base


Strength: mg
Flavor total: ()
Drops per ml:

Credit: Kevin Reed
Steep: 4-6 weeks but the longer the better!

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#1 by Reefcat, Feb 8. 2016, 17:35
Excellent, rich creamy custard, gets better & better with time. Still maintain great flavour in a dripper at high power.
#2 by Betamax, Feb 11. 2016, 09:16
My go to custard. Tastes great from two weeks but excels after six. I usually mix this at max VG 3mg. Is a great custard stone too.
#3 by car147, Feb 15. 2016, 01:38
One of my ADV, 4 wks + and well worth the wait
#4 by wolvesmarc, Feb 16. 2016, 13:05
Almost identical to my ADV exept i use Marshmallow instead of EM. Tried this also on 3 weeks and it's great just waiting for the rest to steep
#5 by W0WZA, Mar 26. 2016, 11:08
Would I have to increase any flavours if I'd mix at at 70VG 30PG?
#6 by VHM, Mar 26. 2016, 12:58
Probably not, AnthroVapeZ but I have no idea what your tastebuds are like...
I'd guess that it'll definitely need the full six week steep.
#7 by OldGuyVaper (OGV), Apr 14. 2016, 23:59
Can this be used a base -- ie: Add some banana, or strawberry, or Dulche de leche?
#8 by VHM, Apr 15. 2016, 00:03
It certainly can, OGV.
#9 by OldGuyVaper (OGV), Apr 15. 2016, 00:11
OK, Thanx -- Gonna whip something up this weekend... Any recommendation for a banana vape? I've got TPA Ripe Banana & Banana Cream & Baker's Banana...
#10 by kreed, Apr 15. 2016, 07:53
OGV......You can add TPA Ripe Banana or Banana Cream to probs. Both of those I would add at about 4%......5% if you like your flavours a little stronger. Bakers Banana I haven't tried.......but I would think that one is 2% to 3%. It's been used as a base by loads of people successfully, with pretty much any fruit you can imagine......also good with caramel or butterscotch :)

I also have a Thick Banana Milkshake recipe you might want to try too -
#11 by OldGuyVaper (OGV), Apr 15. 2016, 10:10
Thanx for your help! I've already got you Milkshake steeping! LOL -- Feel like I'm going bananas...
#12 by kreed, Apr 15. 2016, 14:03
:D Feel that way myself sometimes!!! LOL
#13 by TheNebulousMind, May 8. 2016, 04:45
Didn't alter this at all. Fucking perfect the way it is!
#14 by kreed, May 18. 2016, 17:03
Thanks TNM :)
#15 by Paul N, May 22. 2016, 13:21
Always have some of this steeping. Has just the right amount of custard IMO
#16 by Adam Boulton , May 22. 2016, 13:37
Lovely subtle custard, flavour is balanced well with out being over powering, definitely a custard lovers mix, long steep time but worth the wait
#17 by Undertow, May 22. 2016, 15:04
Has been my adv for months now, as well as a base for my cruits and caramel. This here is some good shite.
#18 by LeeJ, May 22. 2016, 20:19
Lovely custard recipe. I've always got some of this stashed away. It goes great with a little bit of a fruit flavour mixed with it too!
#19 by Thomas Storey, May 22. 2016, 22:49
This custard is great on its own & also takes to additions very well.

My personal favourite is kreeds Kustard with 3% FA caramel.

I've also tried it with strawberry, blueberry and currently have a lemon custard steeping away.

Bleddy lovely :)
#20 by geo, May 22. 2016, 23:18
Nice custard top job vhm
#21 by Sunshine Coast E-Liquid, May 23. 2016, 00:37
Good stuff!
#22 by Karl, May 23. 2016, 19:14
Best custard out there and I've tried a lot
#23 by Kris, May 24. 2016, 02:45
Good taste but needs long time steep like in description.
#24 by DiscoDes, May 24. 2016, 10:06
Lovely juice!
#25 by Sylvie lola, May 27. 2016, 21:56
After 1 month of steep, very well balanced custard, creamy , subtle.
I will try some other with marshmallow ( 1.5%) and one with strawberry (3 or 4%)
#26 by kreed, Jun 4. 2016, 13:19
Thanks everyone :) Have you guys tried using it as a base with anything very unusual added?
#27 by Red Diamond, Jun 4. 2016, 23:28
I still have about 300ml left from a litre I made on 5th Jan and this stuff is unreal, I really like custards though so I used 8% vc1.
#28 by kreed, Jun 5. 2016, 00:27
wow........6 months.....that's awesome. I don't think I've even had any that old. How rich is it?
#29 by N, Jun 26. 2016, 11:35
6 weeks!? wow, how much cost that?
#30 by krzysztofkris, Jun 29. 2016, 20:55
Terrific vape, some suggested turning it into a base for a fruit custard or adding a bit of VC v1, but I really don't see why. The mix is wonderful as it is. Flavour equally present no matter whether you're vaping MTL or DL. Really benefits from a long steep. 12 weeks is the furthest I managed so far, lol.
#31 by kreed, Jul 8. 2016, 15:22
Thanks krzysztofkris :) - always nice to hear good comments
#32 by Cristyvapejones, Jul 9. 2016, 23:07
Hands down, my favorite custard recipe. Normally I don't like the cheesiness for cap NYCC, but it works perfectly here. Awesome stand alone and as a base for other flavors. I use it to make a chocolate pistachio custard. Fantastic!
#33 by Cristyvapejones, Jul 9. 2016, 23:09
Hands down, my favorite custard recipe. Normally I don't like the cheesiness for cap NYCC, but it works perfectly here. Awesome stand alone and as a base for other flavors. I use it to make a chocolate pistachio custard. Fantastic!
#34 by Charlie, Aug 1. 2016, 01:19
Thank you Mr. Reed for this recipe - it is everything a custard should be and is better than all the famous commercial custard's I've tried. This will become a staple for me. 2 week steep (couldn't wait any longer) 70vg 30pg - absolutely perfect.
#35 by kreed, Aug 1. 2016, 23:24
Thanks everyone....means a lot :)
Charlie........if you can let it get to 6'll go up 2 gears from there!!
#36 by WillemB, Aug 23. 2016, 09:41
Lovely stuff, as a standalone vape, but also a great base to add something fruity to! Mixed it with Nana cream already and love it! Thanks Kreed for creating this one!
#37 by snek, Aug 23. 2016, 18:02
amazing custard has to be the best i have ever mixed, thank you for the recipe
#38 by Ckemist, Aug 29. 2016, 06:06
Now the most popular custard of 2016!
#39 by Clump, Sep 2. 2016, 13:27
6 weeks old today. Filled a tank and sat here grinning like a fool. Best custard I've ever had.
#40 by VaperGlock, Sep 4. 2016, 21:16
Don't have Cap French Vanilla but I do have TPA French Vanilla. I went ahead and mixed it up. How close are those 2 French Vanilla flavors? It smells fantastic. Also used TPA Marshmallow instead of EM.
#41 by spilly1, Sep 4. 2016, 21:53
Could I use this as a base for a custard donut...........maybe add 7% glazed donut...........Thoughts?
#42 by VHM, Sep 8. 2016, 12:19
@VaperGlock - won't be exactly the same.....but not a million miles away either :)
@spilly1 - absolutely you can! My good friend Thomas Storey has already done that - recipe here:
#43 by spilly1, Sep 11. 2016, 21:12
Thank you not even going to do a tester 100ml straight in
#44 by Sickerthanmost , Sep 13. 2016, 01:20
@VHM could you use either tfa french vanilla or tfa french vanilla cream for the caps version? If so what % thanks
#45 by Timmis, Sep 17. 2016, 02:53
Mellow at 2 weeks steep. I'm waiting for it to pop. At this point it's asking for some strawberry or banana or other fruit to compliment it. Seems like the perfect base flavor but as a stand-alone I'm looking for more flavor. Good recipe thanks for sharing.
#46 by WillemB, Sep 18. 2016, 02:27
@timmis , exactly what I did, mixed it with OHW Nana cream( strawberry, banana cream, dragonfruit) which is awesome, and have a mix with cap. sweet strawberry steeping. I'd recommend 2 parts kreeds with one part of something fruity.
#47 by Timmis, Sep 18. 2016, 05:09
Might try some peach, blueberry, banana, all separately. This is a good base note looking for a top note. I will try it again after a 4 week steep to see what happens. Thank you for sharing it. I know creams and custards take a while
#48 by Fallacious Fog , Sep 29. 2016, 21:28
Made a 140ml only had maybe 4% French vanilla left to use in it will wait entire 6 weeks then report back.
#49 by Squirly74, Oct 2. 2016, 23:09
Well I mixed it and made it the 6 weeks. Very very good stuff 👍. Thanks!
#50 by mr.vaper, Oct 4. 2016, 23:17
I made 15ml of this just now as my first DIY. Let's see what happens next month.
#51 by SimonD, Oct 9. 2016, 23:13
Wow!! This is a great custard. I also added 2% raspberry Capella and its absolutely stunning!! Cheers :)
#52 by Andy.T, Oct 13. 2016, 19:16
can i substitute capella with TPA?
#53 by Dashmeister, Oct 22. 2016, 08:51
What about of pie crust like graham cracker , with the banana as well?
#54 by niki, Oct 26. 2016, 13:00
very good
#55 by RuntDastardly, Nov 10. 2016, 05:54
I could bathe in this stuff! Spectacularly delicious and so. Damn. Rich. I'm completely in love. Thanks so much for sharing this decadent treasure.
#56 by MidSouthTrading, Nov 13. 2016, 11:42
I used FA Marshmallow instead of EM...stunning even after 10 days. Good as-is, or add 2% most any flavor to it for variety...I have 600ml steeping
#57 by SwampKittens, Nov 13. 2016, 17:21
Holy fuck. I just found a bottle of this that's been steeping for about 5 months. Amazing...
#58 by cndlwck, Nov 27. 2016, 22:27
I also used FA Marshmallow instead of EM...tastes just like one I buy all the time....absolutely love this recipe - steeping is a must and you will not regret it...thank you for sharing!!!
#59 by Crochetandcookies, Nov 29. 2016, 21:32
Ok this sounds sooo good. I'm gonna have to try this, and add 4% tfa dx banana cream. I'll be trying that banana milkshake next. Thank you for the recipe.
#60 by Tango Charlie, Dec 6. 2016, 08:38
This is absolutely hoofin! Can't rate this highly enough.
#61 by DDrama, Dec 7. 2016, 00:46
Could I sub French Vanilla (CAP) with French Vanilla Deluxe TFA,
New York Cheesecake (CAP) with Cheesecake Graham Crust TFA
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) with Vanilla Swirl TFA

or would this be nowhere close?
#62 by Mystic Biz, Dec 7. 2016, 18:39
I'm also looking for a French Vanilla sub. I have FA vanilla classic,tpa VBIC, cap VBIC & a bazillion fruit flavours. Any ideas?
#63 by KouZa, Dec 9. 2016, 03:21
Anyone tried substituting the French Vanilla with Holy Vanilla ?
#64 by Captain_Vapor, Dec 16. 2016, 13:18
Yes me, but I only used 2.5% holly vanilla, and to me it's much better, I did make the original of this, but I again dropped the French vanilla down to 2.5%, I feel with French vanilla and 3 weeks or more steep u only need 2.5% max, I like this with holly vanilla more than French vanilla, holly vanilla is king of vanilla imo
#65 by Xman85, Dec 16. 2016, 22:16
Has any one added strawberry to this?? I'd like to make a strawberry custard and though if adding some to my current steeping stash. I have cap sweet straw, tpa straw ripe and strawberry shisha, and recommendations on which to use at what percentage?? Thanks
#66 by KouZa, Dec 16. 2016, 23:09
@Captain_Vapor Thanks for the heads up, will give that a try as well as try a mix between the two.. Great to hear it (HV) works for you on this recipe, hoping it works for me too.. Made a bunch of variations and other liquids today so damn tired my back hurts :D Should pay off in a month though hoping my mock ups will be worth the vape..
#67 by KouZa, Dec 16. 2016, 23:19
@Captain_Vapor: Forgot to add, yeah Holy Vanilla does seem amazing in its scent, still waiting for the first batch I used it in to come of age..

@Xman85: Damn I made some variations of this todays and was my intention to add some Shisha Strawberry to it but forgot.. Well guess I can siphon of some tomorrow and give it a try, as the scent on Shisha Stawberry seems so great too, also waiting for some of the stuff I used it in to develop as well before dipping it... But if your gonna use Strawberry I cannot see why shisha would not be atleast a decent if not possibly a great choice.. Experiment, experiment experiment.. thats how its for me as I am quite a beginner and not yet fully immersed in different flavours I have to be able to judge outright what would work and what not, I tend to go with my (scent and taste) gut instinct sometimes.. And also follow and learn from some of the great recipes people have shared here..
#68 by Xman85, Dec 16. 2016, 23:54
@kouZa I've run out of custard concentrate at the moment so I can't do fresh batches I was thinking of doing 3% street strawberry and 2% shisha think that be good mix or maybe just 4% shisha as I think it quite potent.
#69 by KouZa, Dec 17. 2016, 00:28
@Xman85, I think I heard people are letting their custard steep in huge amounts and then successfully add other flavours such as strawberries or something else later, so I think it should not be a problem if you do not have a fresh batch to cook up.. Just let your strawberries mix and steep for a while in the already well-steeped custard and I think (and hope) your will be allright..

As to the percentages, I really cannot say as just was meant to experiment with Kreeds and strawberries myself, maybe divide up the custard and try both ways.. Although I have to say "street strawberry" sounds nice even though I know your meant sweet but it still made me lol :D "watch out that street strawberry can be like crack though" :D
#70 by Xman85, Dec 17. 2016, 00:54
Haha good old predictive text!! I think Im doing a 10ml sample with 4% or 3.5% see how that pans out it's only 2 and half weeks old at the minute so I think it's perfect time to be adding fruits 😀
#71 by Kk_hz, Dec 23. 2016, 02:47
A good vanilla custard vape, very very decent.
I just have to add sucralose to it, i feel its lacking that sugar lips effect.
5/5 for sure.
#72 by puyu, Dec 25. 2016, 19:33
awesome recipes bro!! just made up my 30 ml batch,shake and vape,the flavor its truly amazing,cant imagine what it will taste after steeping for a 3 weeks.... can i put a strawberry flavor,if yes what percentage did you recommended?I had tfa strawberry RIPE,and capella sweet strawberry,i'm a new mixer,sorry for my english... I'm from Malaysia...
#73 by TakeNotes, Dec 26. 2016, 06:02
Made this with french vanilla subbed at same percent. Was so good after 10-12 days steeping I killed the bottle. Will be making another version with tfa custard subbed at same percent and see how it comes out.
#74 by Ashmiester, Dec 27. 2016, 09:54
not the best custard out there
#75 by Danielip12, Dec 28. 2016, 20:35
Can I sub the cotton candy for anything as I don't have it? Thanks :)
#76 by Dick Emery, Dec 29. 2016, 20:36

This is superb! It has those subtle layers of flavoring I crave. Leave it 6 weeks. Preferably more. It just keeps getting better and better!
#77 by MidSouthTrading, Dec 29. 2016, 23:16
I sub Fr vanilla with Vanilla Tahity for fruit mixes, just add 1.5-3% fruit, depending on potency from flavor maker...adding 1% Dulce de Leche makes it God-like
#78 by MidSouthTrading, Dec 29. 2016, 23:21
"Can I sub the cotton candy for anything as I don't have it? Thanks :)"

I always use FA Marshmallow
#79 by Observer Fx, Jan 5, 21:43
Tried this after 12 days steeping, tasts very promising.
I used a max VG base, will this recipe benefit from adding PG next time I mix this up?
Has anyone tried this with vanilla custard v2? I would like to avoid acetoin in the future. Is there a sub for the cheesecake wich also contains acetoin ...?

thx for the recipe!

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